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10005 Water Well 10006 Water Well 10007 Water Well 10008 Water Well 10009 Water Well 10011 Water Well 10013 Water Well 10014 Water Well 10070 Water Well 10071 Water Well 10072 Water Well 10073 Water Well 10074 Water Well 10075 Water Well 10076 Water Well 10077 Water Well 10078 Water Well 10079 Water Well 10080 Water Well 10081 Water Well 10082 Water Well 10083 Water Well 10084 Water Well 10086 Water Well 10159 Water Well 10160 Water Well 10161 Water Well 10162 Water Well 10166 Water Well 10176 Water Well 10177 Water Well 10178 Water Well 10270 Water Well 10271 Water Well 10461 Water Well 10464 Water Well 10465 Water Well 10466 Water Well 10467 Water Well 10471 Water Well 10472 Water Well 10582 Water Well 10585 Water Well 10595 Water Well 10618 Water Well 10833 Water Well 10848 Water Well 10849 Water Well 10874 Water Well 10875 Water Well 10878 Water Well 10879 Water Well 10881 Water Well 10890 Water Well 10891 Water Well 10893 Water Well 10894 Water Well 10897 Water Well 10898 Water Well 10899 Water Well 10900 Water Well 10901 Water Well 10902 Water Well 10903 Water Well 10905 Water Well Agudo Agudo Post Office (historical) Alamito Picnic Area Alamo Ranch Alamogordo Creek Antelope Tank Arenosa Spring Arroyo de Anil Atwood Windmill Automobile Lake Automobile Water Tank Baker Tank Baker Well Bays Windmill Bertie Windmill Berts Well Big Ragland Tank Big Tank Windmill Black Lake Windmill Bone Tank Boney Well Boot Ranch Borrow Pit Breaks Tank Buchanan (historical) Buchanan Post Office (historical) Buck Tank Buck Well Buck Windmill Buffalo Tank Burro Draw Burro Draw Tank Burro Hill Burro Junior Tank Burro Spring Burro Tank Burro Tank C C Camp Windmill Canyon Well Canyon Windmill Cardenas Cardenas Well Ceja Well Charlies Tank Clark Well Cocklebur Tank Cole Tank Colorado Canyon Conejo Basin Conejo Mesa Conejo Spring Cook Ranch Corner Windmill Corona Tank Corral Tank Cortez Pit Coyote Tank Cullen Windmill Dark Canyon Day Tanks Dead Mexican Draw Deep Windmill Devils Well Dipping Vat Draw Dipping Vat Lake Double Windmills Draw Dry Lake Tank Dunlap Dunlap Camp Tank Dunlap Post Office (historical) East Pasture North Well East Pasture South Well East Pasture Tank East Pasture Windmill East Sand Springs Windmill East Well East Windmill El Morro Mesa Electric Wells Engleville Cemetery Evanola Evanola Windmill Field Ranch First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church Fish Pond Ford Tank Fort Sumner Diversion Dam Fort Sumner Lake Weather Station Gibbons Ranch Gillum Windmill Goldberg Windmill Good Ranch Graces Tank Gramma Valley Grasshopper Tank Guadalupe Guadalupe Arroyo Guadalupe Cemetery Guadalupe Post Office Guana Draw Hackberry Tank Hackberry Windmill Hale Windmill Heifer Tank Hendrick Tank High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Highway Tank Hisel Ranch Horney Ranch Horse Pasture Tank Horse Pasture Tank Horse Pasture Windmill Hub Corn Tank Hudson Windmill Hutchinson Windmill Indian Draw James Spring Jasper Ranch Jensen Well Joe Tank Johnson Well Jose Marie Windmill Key Ranch Key Ranch Killo Windmill King Windmill Koontz Ranch Lake Sumner Lake Sumner Largo Law Windmill Lee Haney Windmill Lewis Tank Line Windmill Little Day Tank Little Ragland Tank Little Tank Loco Draw Loco Tank Loma Alta Long Ranch Lower End Windmill Lower Turner Tank Mail Carrier Lake Marlin Windmill Martin Ranch Martinez Windmill McCabe Ranch McClure Windmill McCollum Ranch McMeans Ranch Meadow Pasture Tanks Mexican Lake Wells Miles Windmill Miller Wells Mora Springs Mora Tank Morris Cemetery Morris Well Mum Spring My Windmill New Eclipse Windmill New Tank New Windmill New Windmill North Camp Windmill North Home Draw North Home Lake North King Well North Markel Windmill North Pitts Windmill North Ragland Tank North Salado Windmill North Sandhills Tank North Windmill North Windmill North Windmill North Windmill Northeast Windmill Northeast Windmill Northwest Windmill O'Brian Tank Old Military Road Old Place Windmill Old South Windmill Old Water Hole Orchard Windmill Overton Ranch Overton Ranch Pacheco Bluff Pacheco Tank Panama Martin Tank Peak Tank Pennington Well Perez Ranch Pisnel Tank Polley Well Posie Tank R Perez Ranch Rabbit Windmill Ragland Draw Railroad Windmill Red Lake Red Sand Windmill Red Tank Reed Windmill Reynolds Ranch Ricardo (historical) Ricardo Cemetery Ricardo Post Office (historical) Robertson Fence Tank Robertson Tank Rock Canyon Rock Canyon Tank Rock Lake Rock Lake Tank Rocky Windmill Ryan Tank Salado Salado Cemetery Salado Creek Salado Creek Cemetery Saldo Post Office (historical) Sand Spring Sand Windmill Sand Windmill School Section Tank School Section Windmill School Section Windmill School Section Windmill Sheppard Windmill Shipping Trap Windmill Shorty Windmill Six Windmills Smith Ranch SoRelle Windmill South Markel Windmill South Pitts Windmill South Sandhills Tank South SoRelle Windmill South Windmill Southeast Windmill Star Windmill Star Windmill Stark Windmill Steele Ranch Steele Ranch Stevens Ranch Sulphur Windmill Sumner Dam Sumner Lake State Park Sweet Well The Old Dry Lake Thompson Windmill Tigre Arroyo Tom Haney Windmill Triple Engle Pit Trojillo Ranch Turner Draw Turner Tank Twin Wells Twin Windmills Upper Wagon Windmill Walton Ranch West Gillum Windmill West Peak Tank West River Windmill West Sand Springs Windmill West Well West Windmill Weston Ranch White Rock Tank White Windmill Windmill Draw Windy Ridge Windmill Wire Lake Wright Ranch Yeso Yeso Camp Windmill Yeso Cemetery Yeso Hills Yeso Mesa Yeso Post Office Yeso Weather Station York Ranch