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Barrow Windmill Basin and Range Country Historical Marker Baylor Canyon Beacon Hill Bear Grass Hill Ben Hur Mine Bessie Rhoads Mountain Big Box Windmill Big Deeper Well Big Laddie Tank Big Tank Black Mountain Black Mountain Water Well Black Mountain Well Blackman Mine Blacktail Tank Blue Jay Deposit Bonds Four Section Windmill Bounds Ranch Bounds Windmill Brockman Brockman Dirt Tank Brockman Hills Brockman Tank Brockman Well Brown Tank Bruff Deposit Brushy Canyon Brushy Tank Brushy Tank Buena Vista Windmill Bull Windmill Bull canyon Burro Cienga Tank Butterfield Trail Butterfield Trail C Bar Canyon C Bar Ranch C Bar Water Well C C Tank Chapman Turquoise Mine Cherrys Mines Contention Claim Continental Divide Tank Continental Divide Well Cookes Wagon Road Historical Marker Coon Den Tank Coop Mine Coop Windmill Cooper Tank Cooper Water Well Cooper Well Cottonwood Windmill Cox Ranch Coyote Hills Coyote Peak Coyote Tank Crescent Deposit Dave Smith Windmill Deer Mountain Deer Tank Dirt Tank Divide Windmill Dons Tank Double Strike Deposit East Tank Eighty Four Mine Engineers Windmill Eubank Corral First Tank Flat Hill Forced Issue Mine Fourmile Wells Frost Ranch G 940 Water Well G 943 Water Well G 962 Water Well Glaze Ranch Glaze Reservoir Glaze Tank Glaze Well Glaze Windmill Glaze Windmill Gold Hill Gold Hill (historical) Gold Hill Cemetery Gold Hill Ranch Gold Hill Tank Gold Lake Gold Lake Mine Golden Cross Mine Government Tank Guess Place Gunn Canyon Gunn Tank Hachita Hachita Baptist Church Hachita Cemetery Hachita Post Office (historical) Hachita Weather Station Hall Draw Hawkins, Kelly, and Butterworth Mine Hay Meadow Windmill Hideout Windmill Highway Water Well Hinds Well Hines Deposit Hogback Draw Hogback Mountain Hogback Tank Home Ticket Mine Hookedy Tank Hornbrook Mountain Hornet Mine Hornet Mine Horse Canyon Howard Shaft Howells Ridge Hudson Well Hummer Mine Hurley Hurley Cemetery Hurley Elementary School Infant Jesus Parish J P B Mountain J P B Water Well JPB 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Canyon Tank Oak Tank Old Hachita Old Hachita Mine Old Hatchet Mine Historic Site Paddy Ford Shaft Patterson Canyon Patterson Windmill Pendleton Windmill Pete Windmill Peterson Spring Peterson Tank Phillips Well Picnic Canyon Pigeon Hill Pigeon Hills Playas Peak Pothook Powerline Canyon Powerline Canyon Prevost Windmill Puddles Tank Ray Gun Tank Reservation Mine Rincon Tank Ringbone Ranch Road Tank Ruby Mine Ruia Post Office (historical) Russel Ranch Saddle Mountain Sappington Tank Second Tank Seep Tank Sellers Mine Separ Separ Post Office (historical) Separ Ranch Silver Bell Silver City Airport Silver City Draw Skunk Ranch Smith Draw Smith Windmill Smith Windmill Snaky Windmill Soldiers Farewell Hill Soldiers Farewell Stage Station South Cox Well South Drew Tank South Number 1 Tank South Tank South Well Canyon South Windmill Standard Mine Stark Stark 1 Water Well Still Canyon Stone Corral Spring Tank Number One Taylor Canyon Taylor Windmills The Saltys Thorne Ranch Tilch Ranch Tilts Windmill Timmer Mine Trimmer Mine Turkey Knob Turkey Knob Windmill Turquoise Mountain Uncle Sam Mine University Tank Victorio Cattle Company Vista Vista Tank WO Ranch Walker Mountain Walker Tank Walker Windmill Walking X Canyon Walking X Ranch Wamels Pond Warren Ranch Warren West Well Water Canyon Werney Flat Werney Hill Werney Mine West Tank West Water Well West Well West Well West Well Water Well White Rock Canyon White Rock Tank Whitetail Canyon Whitetail Tank Whitetop Hill Whitetop Well Whitetop Windmill Whitewater Reservoir Whitteburg Well Willis Windmill Willow Draw Wilna Yucca Plains Historical Marker Z X Canyon