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10076 Water Well 27 44 3 Water Well 27-100 3 Water Well 27-24 3 Water Well 27-25 3 Water Well 27-27 3 Water Well 27-28 3 Water Well 27-30 3 Water Well 27-32 3 Water Well 27-33-3 Water Well 27-34 3 Water Well 27-35 3 Water Well 27-44 3 Water Well 27-45 3 Water Well 27-63 3 Water Well 27-64 3 Water Well 27-77 3 Water Well 27-78 3 Water Well 51 Water Well 53 Water Well 54 Water Well Alkali Canyon Alkali Spring Andy Johnson Mine Andy Johnson and Brush Heap Mine Animas Gulch Animas Peak Ant Tank Apache Camp Apache Hill Apache Peak April Tank Armstrong Canyon Artesia Tank Artesia Windmill Bald Hill Bald Hill Spring Barite Hill Number 1 Basin Tank Basin and Cox Ranch Beam Spring Bear Springs Windmill Beardog Mine Bell Mountain Berrenda Mountain Berrenda Spring Big Japanese Mine Big Rocky Canyon Big Rocky Tank Big Spring Bigelow Black Colt Claim - North Kingston Black Colt Mine Black Magic Mine Black Peak Black Peak Black Peak Mine Black Sheep Group Mine Black Sheep-North Kingston D Mine Blackeyed Susan Mine Blackie Number 1 Mine Blackie Number One Mine Bloodgood A and B Group Bloodgood Mine Blue Bell Number Two Board Gate Saddle Bonanza Boone Canyon Booth Booth Ranch Boundary Tank Bridal Chamber Mine Brush Heap Mine Brushy Canyon Brushy Tank Buetecke Mine Bullion Mine C McKinney Ranch CCC Tank Calamity Jane Mine Caledonia Mine Carbonate Creek Carrajel Shaft Casey Canyon Casey Canyon Cave Canyon Cave Creek Cave Creek Mesa Chacon Corral Chacon Park Chance Mine Cincinnati Mine Climax Mine Cold Springs Canyon Comstock Claim Comstock Mine Conley Canyon Conley Spring Copper Flat Copper Flat Copper Flat Bulk Sample Plan Mine Copper Flat Mine Copper King Mine Cotton Well Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Creek Coyote Mountain Crescent Lode Mine Cruise Shaft Curleys Tank Davis Well Deadman Spring Decker Draw Deer Hill Dollar Tank Dove Mine Dove Spring Drummond Canyon Dry Canyon Dry Draw Dude Mine Dumm Canyon Dumm Place Dutch Gulch E Nunn Ranch East Curtis Canyon East Curtis Spring East Myers Tank Eighty-Five Mine El Oro Grande Emory Pass Vista Campground Empire Empire Mine Empire Peak Enterprise Mine Escondida Spring Evans Tank F Latham Ranch Fabian MIne Fish Well Flagpole Mountain Flower Canyon Francisco Rascon Place Franks Ranch Freidberg Fuller Canyon Fullerton Garden Tank Garfield-Butler General Jackson Mine Geronimo Spring Gold Dust Camp Golden Rule Good Luck Gooseberry Granite Peak Grapevine Spring Gray Eagle Gray Eagle Mine Grayback Arroyo Greg Hills Gypsy IV Group Gypsy Mine Hells Canyon Hells Canyon Hells Canyon Well Higgins Well Hillsboro Hillsboro Peak Lookoout Hillsboro-Copper Flat Hilton Corral Holden Prong Homestake Mine Hornet Group Hyler Canyon Illinois Mine Indian Canyon Indian Spring Indian Springs Canyon Ingersoll Mine Iron King Mine Iron King Mine J P Nunn Ranch Jackpot Mine Jalarosa Tank Japanese Mine Jayhawk Group Johnson Windmill Juniper Peak Juniper Tank Kangaroo Mine Katherine Kelsey Place Kingston Kingston Campground Kingston Post Office (historical) Kingston Ranger Station L M Bar Ranch LA 12 Water Well LA 74 Water Well LA 95 Water Well LA-2S Water Well Ladder Ranch Ladron Gulch Lady Franklin Mine Lake Valley Lake Valley Mines Company Lake Valley Mines Company Lake Valley Post Office (historical) Larkins Spring Mountain Latham Iron Mine Lathum Tank Lee Mountain Lightfoot Well Little Bear Springs Little Rocky Canyon Little Rocky Tank Little Wonder Mine Lockwood Well Log Cabin Log Cabin Peak Log Spring Log Springs Mountain Long Canyon Lookout Lost Arrowhead Lost Tank Luxemburg Macho Spring Macho Well Mackey Ranch Magner Park Magnum Spring Mary Richmond Massacre Canyon Matchless Mine Maverick Canyon Maverick Spring McAsh Spring McCann Gulch McClede Mountain McClede Spring McGregor Ranch McKinley Mine McMullen Spring Middle Percha Creek Middle Seco Canyon Middle Seco Spring Mike Tank Milkhouse Draw Milkhouse Mesa Miller Mesa Miller Mesa Tank Mimbres Lake Mimbres Mountains Mineral Creek Mineral Creek Miners Dream Monument Peak Morning Glory Mine Mud Lake Mud Spring Mule Springs Peak Murphy Place Myers Animas Spring Myers Mesa N Latham Ranch Negro Bill Spring New Tank Canyon New York Group North Hollow Creek North Percha Creek North Seco Creek North Seco Spring Number 2 Tank Number 2 Windmill Number 3 Tank Number 3 Windmill Nunn Ranch O Bar O Canyon O Bar O Peak O Bar O Spring O K Mine Oceola Well Old Dude Opportunity P A Canyon P A Mountain Pa Tank Number One Pa Tank Number Two Paige Draw Parks Ranch Patton Creek Percha Bank Historic Site Petaluma Petroglyph Mine Phillips Ranch Picket Spring Picket Springs Mine Pickett Spring Canyon Pierce Canyon Pine Flat Pine Flat Canyon Pine Flat Mountain Pine Spring Pine Spring Canyon Pine Spring Mountain Pollock Creek Pretty Canyon Pride of the Camp and Blackeye Mine Quartzite Ridge Quintana Incline Rattlesnake Rattlesnake Placers Ready Pay Republic Mine Rice Tank Road Canyon Rock Spring Round Mountain Round Mountain Tank Saladone Tank Sally B Number One Mine Samoa 992-B Mine Sand Canyon Sawpit Canyon Schoolhouse Mountain Seco Windmill Seven Brothers Mountain Shane Spring Sherman Sherman Mountain Sherman Tank Sherman Well Sids Prong Sierra Apache Sierra Bella Sierra Grande Mine Signal Peak Silver King Mine Silver Queen Silver Tail Silver Tail Tank Silver Top Silvertail Canyon Silvertail Mine Silvertail Mine Six B Spring Snake Gulch So Mine Number One South Animas Canyon South Fork North Seco Creek South Percha Creek South Seco Creek South Seco Windmill South Taylor Canyon Southwest Canyon Standard Metal Mine Star Peak Starvation Tank Stoner Creek Stoner Mountain Stoner Ridge Spring Stowaway Mine Stowe Mine Superior Mine Superior-North Kingston District Sweetwater T Latham Ranch TR Ranch Tall Pine Claim-N. Kinston D Tall Pine Mine Tank Canyon Taylor Canyon Taylor Canyon Taylor Creek Taylor Spring Taylor Tank Taylor Well The Seep Spring Thompson Cone Tierra Blanca Mountain Toggery Mine Tom Murphy House Town Mountain Tripp Mine Trujillo Park Trujillo Park Canyon Turkey Canyon Turkey Spring Turkey Well Uncle Lewis Well United States Mine United States and Illinois Upper Macho Windmill Upper Trap Corral Victoria Mine Victorio Park Victorio Park Canyon Victorio Park Mountain Victory Viola Mine Viola Mine Virginia Virginia Claim Wagon Wheel and Prospect Wagon Wheel and Prospect Group Walnut Corral Walnut Spring Wanda Canyon Wanda Tank Wanda Well Warm Spring Warm Springs Water Canyon West Curtis Canyon West Myers Tank White Rock Ranch White Tank Whiterock Mountain Wicks Wild Cow Spring Williams Peak Wilson Ranch Wisconsin Mine Yorin-Superior Tunnel