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10000 Water Well 10008 Water Well 10212 Water Well Adams Creek Adobe Spring Adobe Spring Adobe Spring Agate Spring Agua Alto Tank Alabama Mine Alexander Canyon Alexander Tank Alexander Tank Alexander Windmill Alhambra (historical) Alhambra Mine Anderson Ranch Anderson Windmill Angelo Windmill Antelope Flat Antelope Ridge Antelope Well Antelope Well Apache Box Apache Box Wilderness Study Area Apache Creek Trick Tank Applegate Mountain Ash Creek Ash Creek Box Ash Creek Camp Ash Spring Canyon B 17 Windmill Back of Pasture Tank Bald Knoll Bald Knoll Tank Ball Park Tank Ball Tank Ball Tank Bank Mine Bar F Ranch Bar Six Corral Bar Six Tank Bar U Windmill Barney Kerr Canyon Barney Kerr Tank Barney Tank Bastard Basin Tank Bathtub Canyon Bathtub Draw Bear Canyon Bear Creek Bear Creek Bear Mountain Bear Tank Bear Tank Bear Valley Bee Tank Bee Tank Bennett Big Burro Mountains Big Canyon Big Dix Windmill Big Pasture Tank Big Pat Canyon Bill Evans Lake Bill Evans Lake Dam Billalli Mine Bircher Tank Bitter Creek Spring Black Eagle Mine Black Hawk (historical) Black Hawk Canyon Black Hawk Canyon Corral Black Hawk Corral and Well Black Hawk Post Office (historical) Black Hawk Tank Black Hawk Windmill Black Hawk Windmill Black Hay Windmill Black Mountain Black Mountain Tank Black Willow Prospect Black Willow Spring Blackhawk Blackhawk Mines Blackmoor Mine Blacksmith Canyon Blakely Blakey Ranch Blakey Windmill Blue Creek Blue Creek Windmill Blue Eagle Prospect Blue Rock Canyon Blue Stone Tank Blue Stone Well Bluebell Windmill Boiling Canyon Boiling Tank Bone Tank Boundary Tank Boundary Tank Bradberry Ranch Bradberry Tank Branding Iron Spring Branding Iron Spring Brock Tank Brock Tank Brown Canyon Brushy Canyon Brushy Canyon Brushy Mountain Brushy Mountain Brushy Mountain Radar Station Brushy Mountain Tank Buck Tank Buckhorn Buckhorn Creek Buckhorn Draw Buckhorn Store Water Well Buckhorn Tank Buckhorn Tank Buckhorn Weather Station Bud Wright Canyon Bullard Peak Bullard Peak Canyon Burnt Stump Canyon Burnt Tank Burro Spring Canyon Burtcher Canyon Burtcher Flats Burtcher Tank Butterfly Seep Buzzard Bay Buzzard Canyon C F Ranch C F Spring CCC Tank CCC Tank Cabin Tank Cactus Flat Cactus Flat Draw Cactus Flat Tanks Cake Canyon Cake Canyon Tank California Tank California Tank Canteen Canyon Canyon Tank Caprock Mountain Caprock Prong Carlisle Mine Cattle Guard Tank Cave Canyon Cedar Breaks Well Chapel Tanks Chapman Place Chapman Place Windmill Charlie Hill Cherokee Canyon Cherry Canyon Cherry Creek Chick Canyon China Tank Church of Christ Clark Canyon Clark Canyon Dam Clark Cemetery Clark Ditch Clark Peak Clark Tank Clark Windmill Clay Bank Tank Cliff Cliff Elementary School Cliff High School Cliff Post Office Cliff Roy Cliff Weather Station Clyde Canyon Coal Creek Tank Coal Creek Tank Condon Tank Consolation Mine Cora Miller Mine Cordell Canyon Corner Tank Corner Tank Corner Tank Corner Tank Corral Canyon Corral Tank Corral Tank Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Ranch Windmill Cottonwood Tank Cottonwood Tank Cottonwood Tank Cottonwood Windmill Cow Camp Coyote Tank Crawford-De Forest Ditch Crookson Peak Croom Ranch Crows Nest Windmill Dale McCauley Ranch Dam Canyon Dan Neal Tank Dark Thunder Canyon Dark Thunder Spring Dave Tank Dave Tank Davenport Canyon Davenport Mine Davenport Peak Davis Canyon Davis Windmill Dead Buck Tank Dead Buck Tank Deer Peak Dickerson Tank Distill Tank Distill Tank Ditch Tank Ditch Tank Ditch Tank Dix Canyon Double Tanks Doyle Canyon Drew Tank Drift Fence Tank Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Canyon Dripping Spring Tank Dry Section Mountain Dry Section Tank Duck Creek Dud Canyon Duncan Tank Duncan Tank Dutch John Windmill E McMillen Ranch East Camp (historical) East Camp (historical) East Camp Mine East Camp Post Office (historical) East Fork Schoolhouse Canyon East Fork Smith Canyon East Prong Spring East Tank East Walnut Tank East Wilkinson Tank Eccles Windmill Edgal Place Edgar Canyon Eldeberry Canyon Elephant Back Mountain Eliot Canyon Elliot Canyon Estes Place Estes Ranch Estes Well Evening Star Claim Fairground Farm Tank Faucet Canyon Fence Line Tank Fence Tank Fish Pond Tank Fish Spring Fivemile Creek Fleming Canyon Fleming Canyon Prospects Flo Canyon Forest Boundary Corral Forest Boundary Corral Forrest Tank Fort West (historical) Fort West Hill Foster Canyon Foster Draw Foster Tank Four L Bar Ranch Foxtail Creek Foxtail Spring George Clark Tank German Mine German Mine Number 1 German Mine Number 2 Geronimo Draw Geronimo Water Tank Gila Middle Box Goat Camp Spring Goat Canyon Goat Canyon Golden Nugget Mine Golden Nugget Mine Golden Rod Mine Goldenrod Mine Grapevine Spring Grapevine Spring Grapevine Spring Grapevine Spring Grassy Flat Tank Graveyard Canyon Greenwood Canyon Grey Eagle Mine Gunn Place (historical) H Bar M Windmill H Bar Y Ranch HDQ Water Well Hade Spring Tank Hade Springs Tank Hanna Mountain Hap McCauley Ranch Happy Hollow Windmill Harden Cienega Hardluck Tank Harkey Ranch Harper Prospect Harper Windmill Harris Canyon Hatch Spring Haynie Tank Haystack Canyon Hell Hole Wilderness Study Area Hells Hole Hells Hole Tank Henderson Canyon Henry Ranch Hext Place Hidalgo Smelter High Lonesome Canyon High Lonesome Peak High Peak Hill Canyon Hillside Hines Tank Hog Camp Canyon Hope Prospect Horse Camp Peak Horse Lake Horse Lake Canyon Horse Lake Tank Horse Pasture Spring Horse Pasture Tank Horseshoe Tank House Canyon Howard Cienega Hummingbird Mine Hunter Windmill Indian Spring Ira Canyon Ira Canyon Tank Ira Ridge Jack Canyon Jack Steel Tank Jackson (historical) Jackson Seep Corral Jeep Tank Jeffers Tank Jeffers Tank Jennie Mines Jerky Park Jerky Park Pasture Tank Jerky Park Tank Jim Crow Mine Joe Harris Canyon Joe Harris Corral Joes Tank Johnson Ranch Johnson Tank Jug Tank Juniper Peak Juniper Spring Juniper Tank Juniper Tank Juniper Tank Juniper Tank Kelley Spring Kelly Chimney Canyon Kelly Corral Kelly Tank Kemp Corral Kemp Creek Kemp Peak Kwilleyleka Historic Site L C Canyon Larremore Ranch Laura Canyon Laura Mine Laura Mine Leachman Draw Lead Mountain Lebus Recreation Reservoir Dam Lemmons Canyon Leopold Vista Leta Lynn Prospect Lewis Tank Line Tank Little Bear Canyon Little Black Mountain Little Brushy Canyon Little Dix Windmill Little Juniper Peak Little Pat Canyon Little Rough Canyon Little Rough Tank Little Sycamore Creek Little Windmill Lobo Creek Lockler Canyon Lollipop Tank Long Lost Brother Deposit Lost Grave Canyon Lost Tank Lower Blue Tank Lower Goat Canyon Tank Lower Pasture Tank Lower Slate Creek Tank Lower Winchester Spring Lower Winchester Spring Lydian Peak Malapi Tank Mallet Pond Malpais Tank Malpais Tank Mangas Creek Mangas Lake Mangas Springs Mangas Valley Marsa Tank Martin Ranch Matthew Place Mayo Tank McCarty Windmill McDonald Tank McDonald Tunnel McHaffey Windmill McKelvey Place McMillen Ditch McMullen Peak McNaire Spring Mesa Tank Mesa Tank Middle Bear Canyon Middle Bear Tank Middle Copper Canyon Middle Tank Miller Canyon Miller Spring Mine Shaft Spring Miner Spring Mineral Spring Canyon Minton Canyon Missouri Girl Mine Moon Ranch Moonhull Canyon Moore Place Moore Place Windmill Morning Star Group Mount Owens Tank Mount Royal Mount Royal Mine Mount Royal Windmill Mouth of Cottonwood Windmill Mud Flat Mud Flat Tank Mud Spring Mud Spring Canyon Mud Spring Mesa Mud Spring Mountain Mud Spring Tank Mud Spring Windmill Mud Springs Ranch Mulberry Canyon Mulberry Spring Mule Creek Mule Creek Tank Mule Creek Tank Mule Creek Well Mule Mountains Mule Spring New Seep Windmill Nichols Canyon Nichols Spring Nolen Peak Norman King Mine Norris Ranch North Cherokee Canyon North Copper Canyon North Fork Clark Canyon North Fork Corral Canyon North Fork Ira Canyon North Fork Sycamore Creek North Fork Tennessee Creek North Fork Wild Horse Canyon North Sawmill Canyon North Side Tank North Side Tank North Spring Canyon North Sycamore Mesa Tank O L D Basin O L D Canyon O L D Ranch Oak Canyon Oak Tank Old Big Tank Old Indian Village Old Jackson Ranch Old Maid Canyon Old Man Hext Windmill Old Number Two Tank Old SI Tank Old SI Tank Old Smokey Group Old Tank Oliver Windmill Ontario Mine Orphan Canyon Outlaw Mountain Page Corral Page Corral Pancho Canyon Panther Canyon Park Canyon Park Tank Park Tank Number Two Partnership Tank Partnership Tank Pasture Tank Pasture Tank Pasture Tank Number 1 Pasture Tank Number 2 Pasture Tank Number One Pasture Tank Number Two Patterson Canyon Patterson Windmill Peak Corral Pearson Springs Pennsylvania Canyon Picnic Canyon Pig Tank Pine Canyon Pine Cienega Creek Pine Creek Pine Tank Pine Tank Pine Tank Pinyon Tank Pinyon Tank Pipe Tank Pipeline Tank Pitts Pasture Tank Piñon Mountain Polecat Tank Pope Canyon Porcupine Canyon Porcupine Tank Possum Hollow Pot Hole Windmill Pothole Canyon Pothole Tank Pothole Tank Potholes Country Prong Tank Prong Tank Prospect Hightower, Junior Purple Heart Mine Purple Heart Tank Pyrite Canyon Pyrite Mountain Quien Sabe Tank Racetrack Canyon Racetrack Tank Raeburn Windmill Rain Creek Mesa Rally Tank Ramsey Saddle Ranch Tank Red Hair Canyon Red Kelly Tank Redrock Redrock Basin Redrock Basin Redrock Canyon Redrock Cemetery Redrock Mesa Redrock Mesa Redrock State Wildlife Experimental Area Redrock Tank Redrock Weather Station Reece Canyon Rice Ranch Rice-Graves Mine Rimrock Tank Rimrock Tank Riverside Riverside Ditch Road Canyon Road Canyon Roadside Tank Robertson Tank Rock Bottom Tank Rock Bottom Tank Rock House Canyon Rock House Tank Rock Spring Rock Tank Rocky Tank Rocky Tank Rough Canyon Rough Canyon Tank Rough Canyon Tank Round Mountain Tank Round Mountain Tank Round Mountain Tank SI Flat Tank SI Flat Tank SI Mountain Tank SI Mountain Tank Sacaton Creek Sacaton Landing Strip Sacaton South Tank Saddle Corral Saddle Rock Saddle Rock Canyon Saddle Tank Saddle Tank Saddleback Mountain Saint Peters Rock Sandrock Tank Sandy Canyon Sandy Canyon Tank Sawmill Creek Sawmill Well Schale School Canyon Tank School Canyon Tank Schoolhouse Canyon Schoolhouse Mountain Schoolhouse Windmill Scorpion Tank Section Three Tank Seep Spring Draw Sheeley Tank Sheep Corral Draw Sheridan Gulch Sherman Tank Shields Canyon Sid Place Silver Bar Canyon Silver Dale Corral Silver Dale Spring Silver Dale Tank Silver Dale Windmill Silver King Mine Skating Rink Canyon Slate Creek Slate Creek Camp Slate Creek Canyon Deposits Slayback Ditch Smith Canyon Smith Canyon Smith Mountain Smith Mountain Tank Smith Ranch Smith Spring Snow Gap Snow Peak Soldier Hill South Black Spring South Copper Canyon South End Tank South Fork Buzzard Canyon South Fork Clark Canyon South Fork Corral Canyon South Fork Road Canyon South Fork Sycamore Creek South Fork Tank South Side Tank South Side Tank South Sycamore Mesa Tank Sparaque Tank Spencer Windmill Sprague Canyon Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Tank Starvation Canyon Stateline Corral Stateline Tank Stateline Tank Steep Hollow Steep Hollow Spring Canyon Steep Hollow Tank Steeple Rock Steeplerock (historical) Steer Pasture Tank Stein Canyon Stevens Ranch Stevenson Stout Cemetery Summer Resort Tank Summit Mine Summit Mountains Summit Peak Sunflower Mesa Swan Canyon Sycamore Camp Sycamore Creek Sycamore Spring Sycamore Tank T Bar T Camp Tadpole Tank Tampico Peak Tank Draw Taylor Ranch Telegraph (historical) Telegraph Mine Telegraph Mountain Telephone Ridge Tennessee Creek Tennessee Spring Tennessee Tank Tennessee Tank Thanksgiving Spring The Box The Dike Thompson Canyon Thompson Tank Thygerson Ranch Tillie Hall Peak Tinsley Tank Tom O'Shea Springs Tom Osher Springs Toney Canyon Tony Corral Trail Canyon Tanks Trail Tank Trail Tank Trail Tank Trap Tank Trinity Presbyterian Troffer Canyon Trusdale Canyon Tub Spring Tub Spring Turkey Basin Tank Turner Tank Turner Windmill Turquoise Tank Twin Peaks Twin Peaks Mine Tyrone Tank Upper Alexander Canyon Upper Drift Fence Tank Upper Gila Ditchy Upper Gila Site Number 10 Dam Upper Gila Site Number 11 Dam Upper Gila Site Number Eight Dam Upper Gila Site Number Nine Dam Upper Gila Valley Site Number 12 Dam Upper Goat Canyon Tank Utah Bill Spring Utah Bill Well Vanderbilt Peak Walker Canyon Walker Tank Walking H Windmill Wallace Ranch Wallace Ranch Perlite Deposit Walnut Canyon Walnut Spring Ward Tank Ward Tank Warm Spring Water Development Tank Water Haul Spring West Fork Schoolhouse Canyon West Masonary Tank West Prong Ash Creek West Prong Windmill West Tank Whiskey Creek White Oak Spring White Rock Canyon White Rock Canyon Wild Antelope Tank Wild Antelope Tank Wild Horse Canyon Wild Horse Mesa Wild Horse Mesa Wild Horse Spring Wilkinson Ranch Wilkinson Tank Willis Dickerson Tank Willmeth Tank Willmeth Windmill Willow Draw Wilson Mine Wilson Mountain Wilson Mountain Wilson Spring Winchester Peak Winchester Tank Winchester Tank Wire Corral Tank Wood Canyon Wood Yard Windmill Y Six Ranch Yellowjacket Peak Zelma Prospect Zumwalt Ranch