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10002 Water Well 10003 Water Well 10004 Water Well 10005 Water Well 10006 Water Well 10008 Water Well 10010 Water Well 10016 Water Well 10017 Water Well 10018 Water Well 10021 Water Well 10022 Water Well 10031 Water Well 10044 Water Well 10046 Water Well 10052 Water Well 10059 Water Well 26-15-1 Water Well 26-17-1 Water Well 26-25-1 Water Well 26-25-2 Water Well 26-26-1 Water Well 26-7-1 Water Well 26-9-1 Water Well 27-1-1 Water Well 27-1-1A Water Well 27-12-1 Water Well 27-13-9 Water Well A Strozzi Ranch A-3 Water Well A-4 Water Well A-5 Water Well A-6 Water Well A-7 Water Well A-8 Water Well A-L Peak A-L Spring AT and SF RR Depot Abbe Spring Abbe Spring Canyon Agua Fria Spring Agua Frio Canyon Ake Well Alameda Spring Alamillo Alamillo Ditch Alamito Well Alamo Alamo Band Navajo Indian Reservation Alamo Creek Alamo Day School Alamo Mission Alamo Navajo Airport Alamo Navajo School Alamo School Pueblo Historic Site Alamo Spring Alamo Tank Alamocita Creek Alexander Mountain Alexander Spring Allen Spring Allen Spring Canyon Allen Well Allison Well Alum Spring Ambrosia Ambrosia Mine Anabel Anchor Anchor Canyon Anchor Mine Andrew Tank Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon Antelope Flats Antelope Tank Antelope Water Well Antelope Well Antelope Well Antelope Windmill Apache Kid Grave Site Apache Kid Peak Apache Kid Wilderness Apache Well Apashito Well Aqua Fria Spring Aragon House Historic Site Aragon Well Arrowhead Tank Arrowhead Well Arroyo Alamito Arroyo Chanthe Arroyo Comanche Arroyo Gato Arroyo Landavaso Arroyo Montosa Arroyo Rendija Arroyo Tio Lino Augustine (historical) Augustine Well B Kelly Ranch B and R Group Baca Baca Canyon Baca Homes Water Well Baca Homestead Baca Homestead Water Well Baca Spring Baca Spring Badger Hole Tank Badger Windmill Badger Windmill Water Well Balata Spring Bald Hill Bald Tank Baldy Spring Baney Canyon Baney Park Canyon Baney Park Tank Baney Tank Bar A Canyon Bar A Tank Barnet Tank Barranca Colorada Barranco Spring Barrel Spring Basin Canyon Basin Spring Baxter Peak Bay Buck Peaks Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Group Mine Bear Canyon Group Mine Bear Canyon Spring Bear Mountains Bear Spring Bear Springs Bear Springs Canyon Bear Springs Ranch Bear Trap Canyon Bear Trap Corral Beartrap Spring Beeman Tank Bell Canyon Bell Hill Bell Mine Bell Spring Ben Draw Benevites Tank Benjamin Ranch Bennie Mil Water Well Bern Peak Bianchi Claims Big Basin Big Basin Group-Luis Lopez D Mine Big Pigeon Canyon Big Rosa Canyon Big Rosa Tank Big Tank Bill Dobbs Well Bird Spring Bird Spring Biscuit Knob Bitter Canyon Bitter Creek Tank Black Cat Claims-Luis Lopez Black Cloud Mine Black Cloud and Mistletoe Mine Black Crow and San Juan Claims Black Eagle Mine Black Goose Black Goose Group Black Mountain Black Mountain Blazes Tank Blue Detention Dam Blue Gold-Luis Lopez District Blue Mesa Canyon Blue Mesa Tank Blue Mountain Blue Well Blue Windmill Blue Windmill Water Well Bluff Spring Bobtail Canyon Bobtail Tank Bojo Montoso Bojo Placer Number One Bolander Canyon Bolander Water Well Bolander Windmill Bone Mocho Water Well Bone Mocho Well Boon Well Bosque del Apache Wilderness (Chupadera Unit) Bottle Hill Boulder Tank Boulder Tank Boulder Tank Boundary Tank Box Canyon Deposit Box Draw Box Draw Canyon Box Spring Boxcar Well Broke Tank Broken Tank Brown Brown Tank Brown Tank Bryce Tank Buck Canyon Buck Peak Buck Well Buckeye Mine Buckhorn Tank Buena Vista Buffalo Tank Bugger Well Bull Canyon Bull Canyon Bull Pasture Corral Bull Pasture Tank Bull Saddle Bull Springs Bull Tank Burnt Canyon Burnt Peaks Burris Claims Burro Spring Burro Spring Buttercup Spring CCC Tank CCC Well Cabin Spring Caliche Tank Canon Casa de Madera Carbon Springs Caronita Canyon Carr Windmill Carrizozo Canyon Carrizozo Spring Casa Grande Casimero Spring Castillo Water Well Cat Mountain Cat Mountain Ranch Cavalier Cave Peaks Cavern Tunnel Cavern and Grand Ledge Mine Cañada Bonita Cañada Colorada Cañada Colorado Cañada Popotosa Cañada Vivorosa Cañada de la Tortola Cañon Barranco Blanco Cañon Cencerro Cañon de Norte Cañon de Ojito Cañon de Ojo Cañon de Quirino Cañon de la Cienaga Cañon de la Ternera Cañon de las Cabras Cañon de los Negros Cañon del Alamito Cañon del Alamito Cañon del Tanque Hondo Cañoncito de la Cabras Cedar Spring Cedar Springs Canyon Cedar Tank Cedar Well Cement Tank Cement Tank Cement Trough Spring Cerra de las Cabras Cerritos de las Minas Cerro Colorado Cerro Pelon Cerro Pelon Chadwick Water Well Charles Ilfield Company Warehouse Historic Site Chavez Canyon Chavez Canyon Chavez Canyon Chavez Canyon Chavez Creek Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Chavez Tank Chavez Water Well Chavez Well Cherryville (historical) Chihuahua Gulch Chimney Canyon Chocle Windmill Chupadera Mountains Chupadera Wilderness Cibola National Forest Cienega Ranch Cienega Springs Cigarette Flats Cimarron Tunnel Cinega Spring Clay Tank Clemens Ranch House Historic Site Clements Lake Clements Well Clequa Tank Click Tank Number 2 Click Tank Number 7 Cloud Camera Station Coal Oil Johnnie Tank Coal Spring Coffee Pot Canyon Cold Canyon Windmill Cold Spring Cold Spring Cold Spring Canyon Cold Spring Dam Combs and Wood Combs and Wood Claims Community Church Connelly Connelly Tunnel Connie Detention Dam Contact Shaft Cooks Cabin Cooney Canyon Cooney Gap Cooney Spring Cooney Windmill Copper Canyon Copper Canyon Copper Canyon Well Corkscrew Canyon Corn Canyon Corner Tank Cottonwood Draw Cottonwood Draw Mesa Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Well Council Rock Council Rock Arroyo Council Rock Post Office (historical) Council Rock Ranch Coupland Tank Coupland Water Well Coupland Well Courtney Ranch Cow Trap Spring Cowboy Trail Cox Ranch Coyote Draw Coyote Spring Coyote Spring Coyote Tank Coyote Tank Crest Trail Crown Mill Cub Spring Cuervo Tank Cuervo Windmill Cyanide Tank Cyclone Saddle D Cross Mountain Dark Canyon Davis Well Deep Canyon Deep Canyon Deep Canyon Tank Deep Water Well Deep Water Well Deep Well Deep Well Deep Well Deep Well Canyon Deep Well Windmill Deep Windmill Deer Plot Tank Deer Spring Deer Spring Deer Spring Canyon Deer Spring Canyon Deer Springs Deer Tank Deer Tank Deer Water Well Devils Backbone Dick Spring Diego Monte Water Well Dobson House Historic Site Dodson Canyon Dog Hole Dog Hole Water Well Dog Springs Dog Springs Canyon Double H Ranch Dove Spring Dove Spring Canyon Drake Drift Fence Canyon Drift Fence Tank Drift Fence Well Drill Draw Canyon Driveway Well Driveway Well Dry Canyon Dry Lake Canyon Dry Mill Corral Dry Mill Well Dry Spring Dry Well Duck Canyon Dugout Spring Durfee Can Water Well Durfee Canyon Durfee Ranch Durfee Tank Dusty Dusty Dusty (historical) Dusty Cemetery Dusty Post Office (historical) Eagle Spring Earth Tank Earth Tank Earth Tank Earth Tank Number One Earth Tank Number Two East Bear Trap Campground East Chavez Windmill East Fork Sawmill Canyon East Mesa Water Well East Mill East New Mill East Red Canyon East Red Well East Tank East Tank East Well East Well East Whitewater Canyon East Windmill Easy Tank Eaton Canyon Eaton Tank Eds Place Eds Windmill El Chupadero Spring Elephant Mountain Elephant Spring Elias Spring Elk Tank Ellis Cabin Ellis Canyon Enterprise Tunnel Enterprise Tunnels Escondido Tank Esperanza Group-Luis Lopez Estafeta Water Well Estafeta Well Estaline Canyon Evans Ranch Exter Canyon Exter Spring Exter Tank Fall Spring Farr Corral Fenceline Spring Field Ranch First Baptist Church Fisher Canyon Flanders Number 1 Detention Dam Flat Tank Flowing Water Well Folsby Water Well Foothill Tank Foster Draw Fowler Spring Fox Well Frank Number 2-Luis Lopez District Frank Tank Frank Well Frenchies Cabin Fretoso Ranch Friday Spring Fullerton Well Gag Mesa Gag Spring Gallegos Creek Gallinas Canyon Gallinas Mountains Gallinas Peak Gallinas Spring Gallinas Spring Dug Well Gallinas Spring Historic Site Gallinas Trick Tank Gap Tank Gap Well Gap Well Garcia Canyon Garcia Canyon Spring Garcia Canyon Spring Garcia Canyon Well Garcia Falls Garcia Falls Spring Garcia Ranch Garcia Water Well Gay Water Tank Germany Germany Mines Geronimo Claims-Luis Lopez District Gianero Ranch Gibson Tank Gibson Well Gibson Well Gloryyana Deposit-Luis Lopez District Goat Spring Gose Well Gosey Well Grand Canyon - Luis Lopez Distict Mine Grand Ledge Tunnel Grand Tower Shaft Grand Tower and Legal Tender Granite Mountain Grapevine Canyon Grapevine Spring Graphic Shaft Graphic Waldo Graphic and Martin Tunnels Grassy Lookout Gray Hill Gray and Ligon Ranch Green Grey Water Well Greyhound Tunnel Griffith Claims-Luis Lopez Gussie Mine Gutierrez House Historic Site Hale Driveway Well Hale Tank Hall Hotel Historic Site Hardscrabble Hardscrabble Camp Hardscrabble Mine Hardscrabble Spring Hardy Canyon Hardy Ridge Hardy Spring Haunted Spring Havill Canyon Hay Ground Draw Headquaters Water Well Headquaters Water Well Headquaters Water Well Heifer Tank Heifer Well Heister Helen Hell Canyon Hell Canyon Spring Hell Canyon Tank Hells Mesa Henderson Ranch Hermit Mine Hickman Ranch Hidden Spring Hidden Spring Hidden Springs Canyon High Lonesome Well High Lonesome Windmill High Well Hijadero Spring Hilton House Historic Site Hipp Creek Holdup Canyon Holdup Mountain Home Water Well Homestead Tank Hook Ranch Hook Ranch Hop Canyon Hop Canyon Well Horse Draw Horse Mountain Horse Mountain Horse Mountain Canyon Horse Mountain Tank Horse Mountain Tank Horse Tank Horseshoe Tank Hot Spot Mines House Water Well Hudson Canyon Hudson Spring Hughes Campground Humpfer Tank Hunt Tank Hutchison Branch Hutchison Ranch INM Springs Ida Hill Tunnel Indian Canyon Indian Creek Indian Creek Indian Hills Indian Mesa Indian Spring Indian Spring Indian Spring Canyon Indian Tank Indian Tank Indio Loco Detention Dam Iron Mask Iron Mask Shaft Iron Mountain Detention Dam Italian Canyon Italian Peak Italian Spring JVB Claims Jack Frost Jaralosa Creek Jaramillo Canyon Jeter Prospect Joe Well John Henry Windmill John Padilla Settlement Jolla Tank Jones Spring Jones Tanks Jones Well Jordan Canyon Jornado Tank Juan De Dios Tank Juan Tank Juanita Tunnel Junction Spring Juniper Tank KABR-AM (Alamo Community) KMXQ-FM (Socorro) Karr Windmill Water Well Katherine Kellog Tank Kellog Tank Kellog Well Kelly Kelly Canyon Kelly Gulch Kelly Mine Kelly Post Office (historical) Kelly Ranch Kelly Ranch Weather Station Kelly Tunnel Key Mine Knisely Canyon Knisely Tank Knisely Water Well LIl Slash Water Well La Cabra Windmill La Cienaga La Cruz Peak La Cueva Canyon La Jara Canyon La Jara Peak La Jara Spring La Jencia Creek La Jencia Ranch La Madera Well La Mesa de Victorino La Questa de Trujillo La Rosa Spring Ladron Peak Landavaso Reservoir Lane Prospect Lane Tank Langmuir Laboratory Langmuir Research Site Las Uvas Spring Latta Tanks Lava Spring Lazy C Bar J Ranch Leke Spring Lemitar Mountains Lighting Ridge Lighting Water Well Lightning Windmill Limestone Canyon Linchberg Mine Linchburg Mine Linchburg Tunnel Lion Mountain Little Bear Spring Little Buckhorn Tank Little Knisely Canyon Little Knisley Canyon Little Loella Little Monica Canyon Little Pigeon Canyon Little Rosa Canyon Little Rosa Spring Little Tank Little Well Little Well Little Well Little Well Little West Chavez Windmill Loco Retention Dam Loma Blanca Long Canyon Long Spring Long Tank Long West Windmill Lopez Spring Lorenzo Well Los Cerros Barril Los Pilares Los Pillares Lost Spring Tank Lower Holdup Tank Lower Medley Well Lower Pigeon Tank Lower Pigeon Tank Lower Tank Lower Tank Lower Thompson Well Lower Windmill Lucky Ridge Lucky Strike Number 1-Luis Lopez District Lucky Strike Number 2-Luis Lopez D Mine Lucky Strike and Grand Canyon Mine Luke Canyon Lumber House Spring Number One Lumber House Spring Number Two Lumber Tank Luna Park Luna Park Campground Luna Park Tank M 12 Water Well M and M M and M Group Madera Canyon Mag 1 Magdalena Magdalena Airport Magdalena Bank Building Historic Site Magdalena Elementary School Magdalena Fault Historical Marker Magdalena High School Magdalena Historic District Magdalena Historical Marker Magdalena House Historic Site Magdalena Middle School Magdalena Mountains Magdalena Municipal Water Shed Magdalena Peak Magdalena Post Office Magdalena Ranger District Magdalena Ranger Station Magdalena Stock Driveway Historic Site Magdalena Weather Station Magnum Claims Manganese Chief Manganese Queen Mariano Draw Martin Ranch Martin Ranch Water Well Martin Spring Martin Tunnel Martin Well Maverick Canyon Maverick Draw McDaniel Tank McDonald Spring McGee Canyon McGee Spring Medley Cemetery Medley Well Melton Ranch Mesa Cencerro Mesa Sarca Mesa de la Cienaga Mexican Tank Middle Canyon Middle Mesa Canyon Middle Well Midway Water Well Midway Well Miera Tank Miguel Chavez Canyon Mike Springs Canyon Mill Canyon Mill Canyon Mill Place Milligan Peak Milligan Tank Milo Canyon Mina Tank Mistletoe Gulch Mistletoe Mine Mistletoe Tunnel Mitchell Tunnel Mockingbird Mine Molino Canyon Molino Peak Molino Spring Monica (historical) Monica Cab Water Well Monica Cabin Monica Canyon Monica Post Office (historical) Monica Saddle Monica Spring Monica Spring Monica Tank Montano Flats Monte Negro Monticello Box Montosa Camp Montosas Deep Well Montoya Butte Montoya Spring Montoya Tank Monument Hill Monument Hill Morine Canyon Morine Place Morley Tank Morning Star Mount Withington Mouth of Bear Ranch Mud Tank Mule Canyon Muleshoe Ranch Muncy Headquarters Water Well Murdo Spring Myers Cabin Myers Spring Narrow Spring National Radio Astronomy Observatory VLA Telescope Navajo Community Hall Nave Canyon Nave Spring Negro Diggings Negrohead Property Mine New Augustine Well New Golden Bell Mine New Lava Spring New Mill New Rock Tank New Tank New Well New Well New Well New Well Newaugusti Water Well Newest Water Well Nitt Nitt Shaft Nogal Canyon Ranch Nogal Ranch Nogalita Spring North Baldy North Basin Well North Canyon North Fork Water Canyon North Headquater Water Well North Lake North Lake North Lake Canyon North Lake Windmill North Peak North Pino Water Well North Tank North Well Number 10 Water Well Number 31 Windmill Number Five Tank Number Four Tank Number One Tank Number Three Tank Number Two Tank Oak Peak Oak Spring Oak Spring Oak Spring Oak Springs Tank Ocotillo Tank Ojitos Spring Ojitos Springs Ojo Caliente Ojo Caliente Ojo Caliente Military Post Historic Site Ojo Caliente Spring Ojo Palo Blanco Ojo Saladito Ojo Ternera Old Canyon Old Canyon Old Durfee Water Well Old Garcia Ranch Old Hidden Spring Old Rock Tank Old Tank Old Tank Old Tank Corral Owl Canyon PJ Number 6 Detention Dam PM-2 Water Well Paint Tank Painted Rock Canyon Palo Blanco Spring Palome Tank Pankey Panky Mine Panther Canyon Panther Flats Papa Ranch Park Tank Park Well Paschal Shaft Pat Well Patterson Canyon Patterson Canyon Payne Place Pedro Armendariz Grant Number 34 Phillips Lease Mine Picho Hill Piezomet 1 Water Well Piezomet 2 Water Well Pigeon Cabin Pigeon Tank Pigeon Windmill Pine Cabin Pine Canyon Pine Tank Pine Tank Pine Tree Spring Pine Well Pinnacle Canyon Pino Place Pino Water Well Pino Water Well Pinto Tank Pinyon Corral Pinyon Tank Pipeline Spring Piñon Mountain Piñon Well Plains Water Well Point of Rock Well Point of Rocks Canyon Point of Rocks Tank Pole Canyon Polvadera Mountain Poniente Tank Pony Spring Pony Spring Post Canyon Potato Canyon Pothole Spring Pothole Tank Prairie Dog Tank Pretty Girl Group-Luis Lopez Priest Mine Pueblito Ranch Pueblo Viejo Mesa Puertecito Puertecito Arroyo Puertecito Canyon Puertecito Gap Puertecito Post Office (historical) Puertecito Rim Tank Puertecito Spring Puertecito Tank Puertecito Well Puerto Vaquita Puerto de la Ternera Puerto de los Cavadores Puppy Dog Tank Quail Pot Well Quail Tank Questa Spring Questa Well RG 17110 Water Well RG 28100 Water Well RG 30314 Water Well RG 30339 Water Well RG 30788 Water Well RG 32328 Water Well RG 33524 Water Well RG 33603 Water Well RG 35744 Water Well RG 42197 Water Well RG 42224 Water Well RG 7783 Water Well RG27571 Water Well RG32616 Water Well RG34609 Water Well RG38248 Water Well RG4690 Water Well Rabbe Well Rabbit Eye Spring Rabbit Eye Water Well Rafael Spring Ramsey Windmill Ramsey Windmill Water Well Ranch Supply Canyon Ranch Supply Spring Ranchito Well Rancho La Rosa Rancho de los Chavez Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Tank Rattlesnake Well Red Bluff Group Red Canyon Red Hill Claims-Luis Lopez District Red Hill Ext.Claim-Luis Lopez Red John Box Red John Well Red Lake Red Lake Ranch Red Mountain Red Rock Spring Red Rock Spring Red Rock Tank Red Tank Reid Spring Rene Tank Rene Tank Rene Tank Rest Area Water Well Rhyolite Mine Richard Spring Ridge Windmill Ridge Windmill Water Well Rienhardt Ranch Riley Riley Post Office (historical) Riley Spring Rincon Madera Rincon Windmill Rincon Windmill Rincon Windmill Water Well Rio Puerco Bridge Rio Salado Group Road Tank Road Well Corral Road Wind Mill Water Well Road Windmill Robb Prospect Roberts Canyon Roberts Place Tank Roberts Tanks Rock Creek Rock Creek Canyon Rock Creek Tank Rock Creek Well Rock Head Dam Tank Rock Header Tank Rock Header Tank Rock Hole Rock House Canyon Rock Slide Spring Rock Spring Rock Spring Tank Rock Spring Water Well Rock Springs Rock Springs Canyon Rock Springs Canyon Rock Springs Canyon Rock Springs Canyon Rock Tank Rock Tank Canyon Rocky Arroyo Romero Romero Rosedale (historical) Rosedale Canyon Rosedale Mine Rowden Tank Rule Ryan Hill Canyon Ryan Hill Spring S O Ranch S Strozzi Ranch SRF 14 Water Well SRF 2 Water Well SRF 26 Water Well SRF 28 Water Well SW Hale Tank Saladito Ranch Salome Store Salome Store Warehouse Sam Draw Sam Hill Canyon Sam Tank Sampson San Jose Cabin San Jose Spring San Juan Canyon San Juan Corral San Juan Peak San Juan Saddle San Juan Spring San Lorenzo San Lorenzo Spring San Marcial Interchange San Mateo Canyon San Mateo Mountain San Mateo Mountains San Mateo Peak San Mateo Spring Sanchez Trough Spring Sand Hills Sand Tank Sandy Claims Santa Rita Sargent Canyon Sargent Tank Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Canyon Windmill Sawmill Spring Sawmill Well Scheelemite Scott Mesa Scott Ranch Scott Spring Scott Spring Canyon Scott Tank Scrapes Windmill Secatero Water Well Section 31 Water Well Section Thirty Tank Sedillo Hill Sedillo Hill Reservoir Selso Well Seven Spring Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge Sevilleta Water Well Sexton Well Shakespeare Canyon Shakespeare Spring Sheep Canyon Shipman Cabin Shipman Canyon Shipman Spring Shipman Tank Shipman Well Shivers 2 Water Well Shoe Tank Shreves Tank Sidewinder Sierra Ladrones Sierra Ladrones Wilderness Study Area Silver Creek Silver Creek Silver Creek Camp Silver Hill Silver Windmill Silver Windmill Water Well Sim Yaten Canyon Sim Yaten Hills Sim Yaten Tank Sixmile Spring Skeleton Ridge Sleeper Sleeper Tunnel Smith Canyon Smith Headquarters Water Well Smith Tunnel Snake Ranch Snake Ranch Spring Snake Tank Socorro South Baldy South Canyon South East Tank South Garcia Well South Juanita South Juanita Shaft South Tank South Tank South Well South Well Spears Ranch Spook Hill Spreen Ranch Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Well Spring Hollow Canyon Springtime Campground Springtime Canyon Spruce Park Squaw Peak Stalling Tank Stallings Tank State Highway District Headquarters Steel Hill Steel Tank Steel Windmill Stendel Stendel Ridge Stone Canyon Stonewall Stonewall Tunnel Strawberry Peak Strozzi Su Spring Sullivans Hole Sullivans Hole Canyon Summit Mine Switch Spring TIp Top Spring Table Mountain Tacho Tank Tadpole Tank Taylor Taylor Canyon Taylor Shaft Taylor Tank Teepee Peak Tenmile Hill Texas Spring Texas Well The Box The Gorge The Lake The Park Thomas Canoda Ranch Three Log Spring Canyon Three Log Well Three Section Windmill Threemile Ranch Threemile Spring Tigner Headquaters Water Well Tigner Ranch Timber Peak Tin Can Water Well Tin Can Well Tin Cup Canyon Tip Top Mine Tip Top Mountain Tip Top Tunnel Tonto Basin Tool Box Spring Torreon Arroyo Torreon Spring Torreon Springs Torres Tank Tortola Spring Tower Peak Trail Spring Traylor Shaft Tres Hermanos Mesa Tres Hermanos Peaks Tres Hermanos Ranch Tres Montosas Tri Bullion Mine Tri Bullon Shaft Trough Spring Tub Spring Tucker Ranch Turkey Creek Turkey Saddle Turkey Spring Turkey Springs Turkey Tank Turner Water Well Twentyfive Yard Spring UP-1 Water Well UP-2 Water Well Unity Tunnel Upper Buck Horn Tank Upper Corral Upper Garcia Canyon Spring Upper Holdup Tank Upper Pigeon Tank Upper Tank Upper Tank VLA Water Well Valle Frutosa Vanadium Friend Vicks Peak Victorino Well Villa Nerce Spring Vindicator Mine Vindicator Shaft W Coupland Ranch Wahoo Canyon Waldo Shaft Waldo Tunnel Walking Beam Windmill Wallace Tank Wallace Trough Canyon Warm Springs Apache Reservation (historical) Warm Well Wasp Tank Wasp Windmill Water Canyon Water Canyon Water Canyon Water Canyon Water Canyon Campground Water Canyon Forest Service Facility Water Canyon Lodge Water Canyon Mesa Water Canyon Post Office (historical) Water Spring Water Well B Waterbury Draw Watson Windmill Watson Windmill Water Well Weir Tank Welty Hill Welty Tank West Blue Mountain West Chavez Windmill West Fork Cold Spring Canyon West Fork Sawmill Canyon West Negrohead Mine West Red Canyon West Red Tank West Tank West Virginia Mine West Virginia Tunnel Weston Ranch Mine Weston Ranch Mine Wet Weather Spring Wet Weather Spring Whiskey Well Whiskey Well Tank White Lake White Lake Well White Mule Canyon White Mule Ridge White Peak White Tank White Well Whitecap Canyon Whitecap Tank Whitetail Canyon Whitetail Spring Whitetail Tank Whitewater Canyon Wild Bull Canyon Wild Horse Canyon Wildcat Peak Wildhorse Canyon Wiley Mesa Wiley Spring Will Tank Wilson Hill Wilson Ranch Wilson Tank Windmill Number 1 Windmill Number 10 Windmill Number 2 Windy Gap Water Well Windy Gap Windmill Winter Spring Withington Wilderness Wolf Wells Wood Canyon Woodbury Ranch Woodland Woodland Mine Woofter Ranch Wylie Spring Yellow Jacket Canyon Yellow Mountain Yeso Springs Yguado Dom Water Well Yguado Irrigation Water Well Young America Young America Mine Zamora