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87801 Street Addresses

2nd St ((77-711)) 5th St ((100-607)) 6th St ((102-1108)) 6th St N ((1200-1298)) A Ave ((301-899)) Abeyta Ave ((101-299)) Ake Ave ((900-999)) Albany St ((1200-1299)) Alice Rd ((1-199)) Allen Ct ((900-999)) Alte Vis ((600-699)) Annette Ave ((900-999)) Apache Dr ((1200-1299)) Arroyo Dr ((100-698)) Aspen ((101-299)) A St ((313-899)) Ave de Adelina ((201-215)) Ave de Chamiso ((1201-1207)) Ave de Paisano ((1200-1218)) Ave de Pajarito ((1300-1306)) Ave Ladera ((1200-1298)) Baca ((100-199)) Baca Ave ((300-399)) Bagley Ave ((300-799)) Barreras Cir ((200-599)) Bart D Rd ((3200-3299)) B Ave ((201-399)) Bee Ct ((900-999)) Bernard ((200-399)) Blue Canyon Rd ((401-798)) Blue Cayon Rd ((1200-1299)) Bosquecito Rd ((55-1698)) Brown Ct ((1300-1399)) B St ((100-1198)) Buena Vis ((501-599)) Buford St ((700-800)) Bullock Blvd ((200-1199)) Bursum Pl ((700-1099)) Butterfly ((700-798)) Caine St ((600-899)) California St ((200-1198)) Calixtro St ((1200-1299)) Calvin St ((800-899)) Camino San Pedro Rd ((1-37)) Cam Luis Lopez ((1-135)) Cam San Pedro ((1-37)) Canyon Dr ((1-99)) Carmen Pl ((500-599)) Cassady Ln ((801-1299)) Cassity Pl ((1000-1199)) Center St ((200-698)) Central Ave ((500-799)) Century Cir ((500-598)) Chaparral Dr ((1-1799)) Chaparral Loop ((1-4098)) Chapparel Loopcchaparral Loop ((400-498)) Charley's Dr ((501-599)) Christian Cir ((1000-1099)) Chunky Rd ((2-98)) Church St ((5-298)) Cll Bonita ((500-599)) Cll de Lago ((1315-1317)) Cll del Sol ((900-1009)) Cll Glorietta ((800-899)) Cll Linda ((800-899)) Co 93 ((31-99)) College Ave ((101-499)) Co Rd 153 ((100-198)) Co Rd 158 ((1-37)) Cottonwood ((1400-1499)) Cottonwood St ((201-299)) Coulson Dr ((605-1099)) Court St ((100-198)) C St ((300-399)) Cuba Rd ((700-1298)) Denchar St ((601-699)) Ditch Rd ((2-98)) Dolores Rd ((500-699)) Douglas Pl ((303-399)) Drake ((1200-1299)) Drake St ((1200-1299)) Duggins Ln ((800-1298)) Eaton Ave ((101-598)) Ebler Rd ((1400-1498)) el Camino Rd ((555-599)) el Camino Real ((901-1714)) el Camino Real St ((1001-1723)) Elias Baca St ((100-199)) Ent Bonita ((1201-1299)) Enterprise ((1701-1799)) Evergreen Dr ((101-2099)) Fairgrounds Rd ((1100-1499)) Farm Market Rd ((101-698)) Fatima Rd ((1401-2399)) Faulkner Rd ((100-498)) Fisher Ave ((201-399)) Fitch St ((400-899)) Fite Ranch Rd ((100-198)) Foster ((800-899)) Fowler ((900-1099)) Franklin St ((602-899)) Frontage Rd ((177-1598)) Gallegos Rd ((500-1799)) Garden ((100-199)) Garfield Ave ((200-399)) Gianera St ((600-699)) Gibson Cir ((1200-1299)) Giles Ln ((700-8398)) Goad St ((1000-1099)) Granada St ((800-1099)) Grant St ((100-1299)) Gwendolyn Ct ((1100-1199)) Halstead St ((500-599)) Hannah Pl ((500-599)) Harold Dr ((500-599)) Harriett ((1101-1199)) Harry ((1000-1098)) Hefner ((600-799)) Hidden Ln ((100-498)) High School Rd ((301-1198)) Hilltop St ((300-399)) Hilton Hill Pl ((1200-1399)) Honeysuckle Ave ((600-699)) Hope Farms ((1-1198)) Hope Farms Rd ((700-1999)) Houghton St ((302-498)) Ivy St ((600-898)) Jim St ((800-999)) J O Gallegos St ((101-199)) J O Torres Rd ((3000-3098)) Judith Ct ((1100-1199)) Juniper Ave ((100-1298)) Kansas ((901-999)) Kathryn Ct ((1000-1199)) Kentucky ((901-999)) Kentucky St ((900-998)) Kimball ((1400-1499)) Kitt Pl ((1300-1399)) la Mesa Rd ((600-620)) la Vega Rd ((95-113)) Lawndale ((900-1199)) Lemitar Ln ((1100-1298)) Leroy Pl ((500-1198)) Lewis Dr ((1200-1299)) Liles St ((700-899)) Lincoln St ((200-399)) Loma Encantada St ((600-1299)) Long Pl ((500-599)) Lopez Pl ((301-399)) Lopezville Rd ((1000-1499)) Lucero ((600-899)) Main St ((1100-1299)) Manzanares St ((201-398)) Manzaneras St ((400-5099)) Manzaneres Ave ((201-399)) Maria Montano Rd ((100-199)) Mariposa ((600-799)) Marshall Ln ((800-899)) Mary Pl ((1000-1099)) Maxwell St ((500-5099)) Mc Cutcheon Ave ((101-399)) Medley St ((600-798)) Meek St ((100-299)) Melody Ln ((405-4011)) Melody Loop ((400-599)) Melrose Rd ((500-599)) Mel's Rd ((1-98)) Memory Ln ((400-799)) Mesa Dr ((400-1298)) Mesquite St ((200-299)) Michigan Ave ((903-1202)) Middle Rd ((501-599)) Midway Rd ((2-98)) Miller Pl ((600-798)) Mineral Way ((1000-1299)) Mitchell Ave ((800-8098)) Mitchell Rd ((2-2198)) Monte Vista Ct ((100-1099)) Montoya ((2-199)) Mount Carmel Ave ((400-498)) Mt Carmel Ave ((200-499)) Mustang Dr ((100-199)) Neal Ave ((100-199)) Neel Ave ((500-898)) Neel St ((103-498)) NE Frontage Rd ((1-3499)) Nelson St ((102-398)) Newberry ((1213-1299)) Newberry Rd ((401-799)) N Flor de Valle Ave ((1200-1299)) Nicholas Ave ((400-699)) North Dr ((1200-1399)) Oak Dr ((100-199)) Oak St ((100-199)) Old US Hwy 85 ((1747-1757)) Olguin Rd ((1-99)) Olive Ln ((1-99)) Otero Ave E ((1-399)) Padilla ((800-1098)) Paisano Dr ((900-2098)) Park City ((400-498)) Park St ((100-1199)) Pena Pl ((200-498)) Peralta Dr ((100-199)) Pinon ((300-1298)) Pinon Dr ((100-1299)) Plaza ((201-299)) Proto Rd ((200-299)) Quigg St ((600-699)) Raychester ((300-399)) Reservoir Rd ((101-1098)) Richardson Ct ((1100-1199)) Riverside Rd ((2-298)) Rocky Rd ((900-1098)) Romero Dr ((0-98)) S 6th St ((300-1798)) Sandstone St ((601-999)) San Miguel Pl ((200-299)) San Miguel St ((100-199)) San Pedro Rd ((1-37)) Santa Fe Ln ((101-11098)) Santeros Rd ((2962-2998)) S California St ((400-699)) Schmittle Rd ((31-99)) School of Mines Rd ((100-999)) Sean Ave ((600-1299)) Severo Vigil St ((4-98)) Sierra Bonita ((500-599)) Silva ((100-299)) Simpson Ave ((501-599)) Skylark Dr ((500-599)) Slaton ((1-99)) Slaton Rd ((1-43)) S Miera St ((100-134)) Smith Rd ((101-199)) South Dr ((1200-1298)) Spanish Trl ((1000-1099)) Spring Ct ((1000-1098)) Spring St ((300-1898)) Stallion Cir ((100-199)) State Hwy 1 ((203-2343)) Sunnyside Dr ((2-98)) Sunset Dr ((700-999)) Tafoya Ln ((600-698)) Tafoya Rd ((1000-1699)) Tamarack St ((200-299)) Tarryall Farm Rd ((1-99)) Tenorio Dr ((1700-1711486399)) Terry Ave ((400-598)) Texas Ave ((700-1198)) Tierra Bonita ((500-599)) Tornillo Ct ((200-299)) Torres ((200-298)) Troy St ((1200-1499)) Tyler St ((1400-1499)) US Hwy 380 ((77-99)) US Hwy 60 ((300-1199)) Vermont Ave ((1000-1199)) Vigil Ave ((100-299)) Vista Dr ((1201-1799)) Walkway ((901-1199)) W Blue Canyon Rd ((1401-3999)) W Church St ((300-399)) Western ((500-699)) West Pl ((0-199)) Westplace St ((101-199)) W Frontage Rd ((1101-1499)) Willow Dr ((100-198)) Willow Ln ((100-199)) Willow St ((200-299)) Windy's Farm Rd ((1-99)) W Liles ((900-999)) W Spring St ((1201-1899))

87801 Places and Attractions

10 Water Well 10001 Water Well 10023 Water Well 10024 Water Well 10029 Water Well 10030 Water Well 10033 Water Well 10034 Water Well 10035 Water Well 10036 Water Well 10037 Water Well 10038 Water Well 10039 Water Well 10040 Water Well 10041 Water Well 10042 Water Well 10043 Water Well 10045 Water Well 10048 Water Well 10049 Water Well 10050 Water Well 10054 Water Well 10057 Water Well 10058 Water Well 100600 Water Well 10061 Water Well 10062 Water Well 10063 Water Well 12 Water Well 179 United States 380 San Antonio Interchange 6 Water Well 8 Water Well 9 Water Well A D Helm Ranch A F Baca Water Well A G Torres House AXL Water Well 10 Abeytia Aniceto House Historic Site Abo Spring Adobe Post Office (historical) Adobe Ranch Adobe Well Adolpho Tank Aerojet Building Agua de los Torres Agua de los Torres Mill Aguila Canyon Aguila Tank Alamito Arroyo Alvarea Briggs House Historic Site Anastacio Sedillo House Anaya Water Well Anderson Tank Animal Care Facility Antelope Mound Antelope Tank Antelope Well Antelope Wilderness Study Area Anthony Cortsey House Historic Site Aperson Tank Apodaca Well Aqua Tores Water Well Araya Well Array Operations Center Building Arrese Tank Arrieta Ranch Arroyo Matanza Arroyo Milagro Arroyo Seco Arroyo de las Cañas Arroyo los Alamos Assembly A Water Well Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Depot Historic Site August Holver Hilton House Historic Site Axtell Well B Lucero Ranch B-2 Water Well B-6 Water Well Baber Well Babers Tank Baca Hall Baca House Baca Tank Baca Well Baca Well Baumgardner Tank Beck Site Bence Tank Berry Tank Big Tank Billing Smelter Historic Site Bingham Bingham Post Office Bingham Post Office Bingham Weather Station Bingham Well Bishop Ranch Black Hill Black Hills Ranch Black Hills Tank Black Mesa Black Mountain Blackington Hills Blakemore Well Blanchard Mine Blue Canyon Blue Canyon Well Blue Spring Blue Springs Blue Springs Quarry Boarding House Tunnel Bole Russell Tank Booster Windmill Booster Windmill Booster Windmill Bordo Atravesado Bosque Del Apache Refuge Headquarters Bosque Well Bosque del Apache Weather Station Bosque del Apache Wilderness (Indian Well Unit) Bosque del Apache Wilderness (Little San Pascual Unit) Bosquecito Bosquecito Ditch Bossey Boulter Well Bourguignon House Historic Site Box Canyon Brazil Windmill Broken Back Crater Broome Tank Brown Hall Brown Hall Historic Site Brown House Historic Site Brown Interior Drain Brown Lateral Brown Tank Brown Top Brush Tank Brushy Mountain Bruton Ranch Bruton Tank Bruton Tank Bruton Well Bruton Well Bryan Tank Buffalo Water Well Buffalo Well Bug Peak Bull Trap Tank Bulldog Tank Buntn Water Well Burrego Spring Burris HQ Water Well Burris and Nunn Ranch Bursum House Historic Site Bustos Tank Bustos Well Butler Tank Byerts Tunnel C Irrigation Water Well CC Tank CCC Camp Water Well Cain Well Canada Quemada Canyon Mill Canyon Tank Canyon Trail Canyon Well Capitan Michael Cooney House Carthage Carthage Cemetery Carthage Post Office (historical) Carthage Tokay Farley Historical Marker Cat Head Mesa Cat Mesa Cañada Montosa Cañada de el Medio Cañon Agua Buena Cañon Arado Cañon Quemado Cañon Saladito Cañon Salado Cañon Tank Cañon Torcido Cañon Trigo Cañon de la Rosa Cañoncito Colorado Cañoncito de Puertecito del Lemitar Cañoncito de la Uva Cedar Pass Cerro Montoso Cerro Pardo Cerro Pelon Cerro Venado Cerro de la Colorado Cerro del Viboro Chama House Historic Site Chamise Well Chavez Windmill Chicken Spring Chihuahua Historic District Chupadera Chupadera Arroyo Chupadera Mesa Chupadera Spring Chupadera Spring Church of Christ Church of San Miguel Historic Site Church of the Epiphany Historic Site Church-McCutcheon Historic District Cibola Spring Claunch Claunch Post Office (historical) Coane Conqueror Mine Contrers 2 Water Well Cook Gallery Cook Spring Cooper Canyon Cooper Tank Cooper Tanks Copeland Cornet Tank Cottonwood Tank Council Spring Coyote Spring Crabtree Building Historic Site Craig (historical) Cramer Hall Crater Well Crater Well Crawford Hollow Crespin Tank Cuate Canyon Cuate Tank Cuesta de la McBride Dawson Tank Dean Ranch Dean Well Deer Spring Del Curto Ranch Desert Rose Mine Dewey Lode Mine Dillard-Whitmore Well Domingo Spring Donnis Tank Double Tank Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Dripping Springs Driscoll Hall Duffy Windmill Duncan Farms E 9 Water Well East Well East Well East Well Tank Eaton House Historic Site Edward E Torres Elementary School El Torreon Historic Site El Valle de la Joya Elaina Elaine Barite Prospect Elephant Butte Lake State Park Elmendorf Ditch Elmendorf Post Office (historical) Elmendorf Siding Entraniosa Draw Escondida Escondida Post Office Escondido Cemetery Espaejos Expedition on the Camino Real Historical Marker Eutimio Montoyo House F 5 Water Well F Thurman Ranch (historical) FS 4 Water Well Family Christian Center Farris Pit Number 1 Fernandez Ranch Fernandez Ranch Fernandez Tank Field Well First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church Fisher Tank Fitch Building Historic Site Fitch Hall Fite Ranch Fite Tank Fite Tank Water Well Flat Tank Flat Top Flat Well Florida Florida Lateral Florida Post Office (historical) Forest Tank Forest Well Forest Well Forest Well Forest Well Tank Fort Craig (historical) Fort Craig Cemetery Fort Craig Historical Marker Fort Craig Post Office (historical) Fort Craig Rest Area Historical Marker Fortune Property Historic Site Foster Ranch Headquarters Foster Tank Foster Well Four Section Well Francisco Well Freds Water Well Frenchman Tank Friendship Baptist Church Frog Tank G Coupland Ranch G Lucero Well Gaines Well Galcher Ranch Gallegos Ranch Gallegos Well Gallina Well Garden Spring Gate Tank George Birner Ranch Gibbs Place Gilmore Coal Mine Gleeson Mine Glover Tank Glover Well Goat Draw Goat Ranch Gonzales Well Gonzales Windmill Gran Quivira National Monument Granjean Water Well Granjean Well Green Ditch Green Ranch Green Tank Green Well Greens Baber Well Grefco Socorro Perlite Grey Montosa Ridge Grey Ridge Griffin Tank Grumble Gulch Grumble Tank Gwinn Tank Gyp Tank Gyp Tank H B Helm Ranch Hackberry Well Hale Well Hannah Well Hansenburg Ranch Hard Luck Crossing Hard Luck Well Hariet West Water Well Harless Harriet Ranch Headquarters Harriet Well Harriet Well Hart Coal Mine Hart Mine Harvey Draw Harvey Ranch Harvey Tank Hefner Tank Helm Tank Herrick House Historic Site Hickey Number 1 Mine Hidden Tank Hidden Waterhole Canyon Hidden Waterhole Tank Highway Tank Highway Well Hill Water Well Hill Well Hills Home Ranch Hinkle Ranch Hobbs Tank Hoot Owl Canyon Hunter Long Well Illinois Brewery Independence Indian Spring Indian Tank Indian Well Indian Well Indian Well Wilderness Iron Horse Iron Mine Ridge J Henry Jacobo Sedillo House Historic Site Jacobo Sedillo Ranch Jaral Ditch Jenkins Well Jerrett Well Jesus Tank John Renlods Tank Johnson Park Johnson Tank Jones Magnatite Jones Ranch Jornada Detention Dam Jornada del Muerto Jornada del Muerto Wilderness Study Area Juan Gurden Fitch House Historic Site Juan Jose Baca House Historic Site Juan Nepomuceno House Historic Site Juan Nepomuceno Opera House Historic Site Julian Tanks Julie Tank KMXQ-FM (Socorro) KSRC-AM (Socorro) Keith House Historic Site Kelly Petroleum Building Kessler Tank Kiloore Ranch Kingdom Hall Kinney Wells Kittrel Park Kittrel Park-Manzanares Avenue Historic District Knights of Pythias Hall La Caida La Cebolla La May Tank La Montonera La Parida Laborcita Lake Tank Lake Tank Lake Tank Lake Tank Lake Tank Lambing Lake Lambing Tank Largo Canyon Larimore Tank Lava Lava Gate Lava Station Law Mine Lee Well Lemons Tank Leo Windmill Lewis Tank Line Tank Line Tanks Line Water Well Line Well Little Burro Little Burro Mountain Little Burro Mountains Little Hefner Tank Little Jug Tank Little Red Tank Little Red Tank Little San Pascual Mountain Little San Pascual Wilderness Little Well Llano Spring Lobo Canyon Lobo Tank Loma de la Cañas Long Ranch Lonnie Moon Peak Lonnie Moon Tank Lopez Lateral Lopezville Drain Lorenzo Tunnel Los Pinos Mountains Lovelace Mesa Lower Marr Tank Lower Montosa Well Lower Windmill Lucero Tank Luis Lopez Luis Lopez Ditch Luis Lopez Drain Luis Lopez and Drain B Lumbre Canyon Lupe Tank Lupe Torres House Historic Site Lutz Canyon Mac Tank Mac Water Well Malina Windmill Malpais Tank Manuel Tank Manuel Water Well Manuel Well Marcos Gonzales House Historic Site Marr Well Marsh Overlook Trail Martin Tank Martos Tank Maxwell May Day Number 1 Claim Mayday Number 2 Mayday Number 3 McAllister Drain McDaniel Ranch McDonald Ranch McDonald Ranch Headquarters McDonald Tank McDonald Windmill Water Well McDonald-2 Water Well McDougal Tank Merritt Mine Mesa Camp Mesa Peak Mesa Redonda Mesa Tank Mesa Tank Mesa Tank Mesa Tank Mesa Well Mesa Well Canyon Mesa Windmill Mesa de Contadero Historical Marker Mesa del Contadero Mesa del Yeso Mex Tex Mine Mex-Tex Group Miera Prospect Miera Well Miera-Baca House Historic Site Mike Well Milagro Well Millars Watch Site Milligan Gulch Mine Shaft Mill Mockingbird Gap Mockingbird Gap Well Mockingbird Mountains Mockingbird Mountains Mockingbird Spring Monk Tank Monte Prieto Ranch Monte Prieto Ranch Airport Montezuma Well Montosa Canyon Montosa Draw Morton Tank Morton Well Mountain Canyon Mine Mountain Tank Mountain Tanks Moya Spring Moya Tank Muncy Ranch Muncy Ranch Murray Well Murray-1 Water Well Murry Tank Myer Well Nabors Tank National Radio Astronomy Observatory Naulda Nep Chaves Water Well Nestor P Eaton House Historic Site New Chavez Windmill New East Windmill New Flat Well New Forest Windmill New Mexico Bureau of Mines Mineral Museum New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources Building New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology New Mexico State Bank Building Historic Site New Tank New Well New Well New Well New Well Windmill No Name Draw Nogal Canyon Nogal Canyon Nolda Tank Number 1 North Fork Lobo Canyon North Oscura Peak North Oscura Range Center North Pothole North Sloan Well North Tank North Water Well North Water Well North Well North Well North Well North Well North Windmill Number 11 Water Well Number 4 Water Well Number 9 Water Well O Six Windmill O'Neal Tank Oak Spring Ojo de la Cañas Ojo de la Parida Ojo de las Cañas Ojo de las Cañas Ojo del Rancho de Lopez Old Carthage Old Stapleton Ranch Old Well Olguin Water Well Olquin Well Oney Tank Optics Ora Mine Oracio Tank Orndorff Ranch Oscura Gap Over the Mountain Well Ozane Well Padilla Ranch Padilla Ranch Padilla Ranch Padilla Well Paraje (historical) Paraje Post Office (historical) Paraje Well Parker Ranch Parker Water Well Partition Well Patterson Draw Patterson Tank Pearson Ranch Pedia Windmill Pelon Canyon Petross Pino Water Well Pino Well Pinon Canyon Pinto Tank Piñon Tank Polecat Draw Polvadera Drain Ponciana Water Well Poodle Tank Pope Siding Pot Hole Tank Pothole Tank Powder River Tank Powell Well Prairie Spring Presidents Hall Price-Loewenstein Mercantile Priest Canyon Public Information and Print Shop Pueblito Point Quates Canyon R C Withers Tanks RG 10949 Water Well RG 12961 Water Well RG 14247 Water Well RG 14530 Water Well RG 14652 Water Well RG 1518 Water Well RG 1937 Water Well RG 1938 Water Well RG 1940 Water Well RG 205 Water Well RG 227 Water Well RG 2369 Water Well RG 26558 Water Well RG 26726 Water Well RG 32240 Water Well RG 34050 Water Well RG 36261 Water Well RG 38235 Water Well RG 41296 Water Well RG 4642 Water Well RG 5398 Water Well RG 5484 Water Well RG11293 Water Well RG19374054 Water Well RG39526 Water Well RG42085 Water Well Rabbit Spring Ranchito Windmill Rancho Grande Well Rancho Ojo del Llano Rancho Viejo Arroyo Rancho Viejo Well Ratliff Ranch Ray Hunter Ranch Raymond S Sarracino Middle School Rayo Hills Red Butte Red Canyon Red Canyon Range Camp Red Canyon Spring Red Canyon Spring Red Eagle Red Mesa Red Mill Red Tank Red Tank Red Tank Red Tank Well Red Tanks Canyon Rentfro Junior Tank Rentfro Well Rio Grande Main Conveyance Channel Rish Well Rock Creek Rock Tank Rock Tank Rock Tank Well Rock Tank Well Roebuck Tank Roman Tank Romero Ranch Romero Ranch Water Well Romero Well Romero Well Romero Wind Mill Round Tank Well Royal Flush Mine Rufina Vigil House Rysinger Well Sacate Draw Sacate Well Saint Paul Church Sais Tank Saladito Springs Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument San Antonio San Antonio Ditch San Antonio Post Office (historical) San Antonio Spring San Antonio de Acuinas Mission San Antonio on the Camino Real Historic Marker San Antonito San Felipe Pueblo Ruin San Marcial San Marcial Cemetery San Marcial Lake San Marcial Post Office (historical) San Miguel Cemetery San Miguel Church San Miguel Historic District San Miguel School San Pedro San Pedro Arroyo Sanchez Well Sanchez Well (historical) Sand Draw Sand Mountain Sand Tank Sand Tank Sand Windmill Sandy Tank Sandy Tank Santa Fe Well Savedra Wells Schalle Spring Scholle Scholle Post Office (historical) Scholle Siding School Section Draw School Section Tank School Section Tank School Section Tank School Section Windmill Scotts Tanks Script Tank Section Twenty-one Well Sedillo Spring Sedillo Spring Selso Mortinez Tank Sepultura Canyon Sepultura Flat Seventh Day Adventist Church Severo Baca House Historic Site Shaw Well Sheep Canyon Shivers Headquaters Water Well Shores Tank Shorty Tank Shorty Tank Sierra Larga Sierra de Las Cañas Wilderness Study Area Sierra de la Cruz Silver Bar Mine Silver Canyon Simon Canyon Sixmile Canyon Smith Tank Smith Tank Smith Well Snow Tank Socorro Socorro Baptist Temple Socorro Canyon Socorro County Courthouse Historic Site Socorro Ditch Socorro Gallery Socorro General Hospital Socorro General Hospital Heliport Socorro High School Socorro Historic District Socorro Historical Marker Socorro Main Canal Socorro Mountains Socorro Municipal Airport Socorro North Interchange Socorro Peak Socorro Plaza Socorro Post Office Socorro Riverside Drain Socorro Riverside Sub Drain Socorro Spring Socorro Thermal Known Geothermal Resource Area Socorro Weather Station South Hall South Pasture Tanks South Pothole South Tank South Tank South Well South Well South Well Speare Building Spikey Arroyo Split Tank Spring Well Stalion 2A Water Well Stallion Range Center Stallion Wilderness Study Area Stapleton Brothers Mercantile Historic Site Stapleton Well Stark Tank State Tank Stevens Tank Stock Pen Windmill Stone Well Story East Tank Story Ranch Story Tank Story Well Student Activities Center Student Union Building Sullivan Well Table MMountain Tank Tafoya Well Taylor Canyon Taylor Tank Taylor Tank Taylor Well Taylor Well Tecolote Draw Test Water Well 2 Test Well Tank Teypama Piro Site The Capitol The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Tiffany Tiffany Canyon Tokay Tokay Post Office (historical) Tom Wright Mill Tomas Baca Well Tomasino Mill Tony Torrance Mine Torres Tank Torres Well Trail Canyon Trail Canyon Well Trinity Site Trinity Site Historical Marker Triple A Tank Turkey Ridge Turkey Ruins Tank Turner Well Twin Tank Two Butte U-Butte US Bureau of Land Management Socorro Library Upper Marr Tank Upper Montosa Well Upper Ranch Upper Ranch Canyon Val Verde Val Verde Water Well Valle de Adrian Tank Valverde Battlefield Historical Marker Vasquez de Coronados Route Historical Marker Vega Spring Victor Tank Vigil Brothers Well Wagon Canyon Walker Tank Walnut Creek Wash Hale Canyon Washtub Tank Water Well 2 Weir Hall Wells Hall West Hall West Well White Lake White Lake Cemetery White Store White Tank White Well Whiteface Mountain Whitmore Canyon Widen Well Widen Well Wieland Ranch Williams Ranch Headquarters Wilson Ranch Wilson Well Withers Ranch Withers Tank Woods Tunnel Workman Center Workman Ridge Wrye Peak Wyre Ranch Yates Spring Yates Tank Yates Tanks Yellow Dog Canyon Zimmerly School Zingerle House