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Adams Number One Gonzales A Alamoso Spring Albert Albert Albert Academy Albert P O Albert Post Office (historical) Alexander Amerigas Number Six Mitchell Amerigas Number Sixteen Mitchell Amerigas Number Twenty Mitchell Amoco Number One State F C Amoco Number One State FM Aragon Hill Asperos Canyon Beaver Canyon Big Chicosa Lake Black Lake Bouleware Branding Corral Windmill Branding Corral Windmill Brown Burkes Burks Burks Well CO 2 Well CO 2 Well Cake House Windmill Canon Windmill Carbonic Number Five Mitchell Carbonic Number Seven Mitchell Carbonic Number Thirteen Mitchell Carbonic Number Three Mitchell Carrizo Camp Windmills Carrizo Canyon Carrizo Church Carrizo Creek Cates Ranch Cañon Emplazado Cañon Mesteño Cañon de Cueva Cerro de la Cruz Chicosa Lake Chicosa Lake State Park Circle S Mesa Clavel Clay Number One State Cogo Windmill De Haven Dehaven Dehaven Post Office (historical) Dorhman Lake Dry lake El Mesteño Point El Toro Spring Fluhman Well Gaines Well Garcia Cemetery Garcia Creek Gates Gibson Lake Gonzales Graybill Canyon Harris Harris Health Centers of Northern New Mex Roy Clinic Heimann Hicks Island Lake Ivey Ivey Draw Jackson Windmill Jake Windmill John Snyder Draw Johnson Cemetery Jose Antonio Canyon Kansas Valley Kansas Velley Lake Kidd Lake Windmill Lalo Canyon Las Canelas Las Canelas Creek Las Cuevas Canyon Las Cuevas Creek Leonard Draw Linder Martinez Matilda Roy Draw Mesa Quitaras Mitchell Mofax Cemetery Neill Number One Harris New Goodnight Trail Historical Marker Nugen Windmill Ojitos Draw Old Sabino Camp Pat Le Doux Creek Plum Rincon Canyon Prichard Ramon Lakes Ramon Well Ramon Windmill Reddick Well Reunion Draw Revoal Springs Revoal Springs Rock Lake Rock Well Roy Roy Cemetery Roy Elementary School Roy High School Roy Municipal Airport Roy Post Office Roy Weather Station Sabino Sabino Creek Sanders East Well Schell Shaw Well Shrum Slusher Windmill Spear Draw Spear Tank Spear Windmill Starvation Windmill Steele Windmill Stinebaugh Drilling, Inc Airport Sugarloaf Mountain Tejano Spring Tequesquite Canyon Trujillo Trujillo Cemetery Twin Creek Ranch Ute Creek Mesa Valencia Spring Vigil Canyon Virgin Spring Waldron West Spear Windmill Yates Yates Yates Post Office (historical) Yates Weather Station