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112R-78 Spring 12-599 Water Well 12A-6 Spring 12GS-33-3 Spring 12GS-34-6 Spring 12GS-34-7 Spring 12K-300A Water Well 12K-309 Water Well 12K-312 Water Well 12K-317 Water Well 12K-320 Water Well 12K-335 Water Well 12K-9 Water Well 12M-1 Spring 12M-27 Water Well 12M-39 Spring 12P-355 Water Well 12R-100 Water Well 12R-126B Water Well 12R-148 Water Well 12R-160 Spring 12R-161 Owl Spring 12R-162 Spring 12R-195 Spring 12R-242 Water Well 12R-57 12R-59 Spring 12R-61 Spring 12R-66 Spring 12R-80 Spring 12R-91 Water Well 12T-121 Water Well 12T-323 Water Well 12T-325 Water Well 12T-329 Water Well 12T-338 Water Well 12T-339 Water Well 12T-340 Water Well 12T-343 Water Well 12T-351 Water Well 12T-354 Water Well 12T-505 Water Well 12T-507 Water5 Well 12T-508 Water Well 12T-511 Water Well 12T-512 Water Well 12T-516 Water Well 12T-517 Water Well 12T-519 Water Well 12T-520 Water Well 12T-525 Water Well 12T-534A Water Well 12T-548 Water Well 12T-551 Water Well 12T-564 Water Well 12T-564 Water Well 12T-565 Water Well 12T-570 Water Well 12T-576 Water Well 12T-580 Water Well 12T-587 Water Well 12T-590 Water Well 12T-601 Water Well 12T-607 Water Well 12T-618A Water Well 12T-628 Water Well 12T-629 Water Well 12T-630 Water Well 12T-631 Water Well 12T-632 Water Well 12T-634 Water Well 12T-635 Water Well 12T-637 Water Well 12T-640 Water Well 12T-643 Water Well 12T-646 Water Well 12T-647 Water Well 12T-649 Water Well 12T-651 Water Well 12T-654 Water Well 13T-513 Water Well 14-5-6 Water Well 14A-33 Water Well 14GS-68-1 Spring 14K-310 Water Well 14K-316 Water Well 14M-108 Spring 14N-1 Spring 14N-2 Spring 14N-85 Water Well 14T-520 Water Well 14T-521 Water Well 14T-535 Water Well 15A-22 Water Well 15K-340 Water Well 18T-553 Water Well 26263-2618 Water Well 300-95 Spring 300-98 Spring 52-16-35 Water Well A-10 Water Well A-11 Water Well A-12 Water Well A-13 Water Well A-14 Water Well A-16 Water Well A-17 Water Well Agency Coal Mine Alluvial Water Well Area Silt Dam Arroyo Del Pajarito Arroyo Medio Baker Arroyo Baker Dome Well Barber Peak Barker Arroyo Barker Arroyo Barker Dome Beautiful Mountain Beclabito Beclabito Chapel Beclabito Dome Historical Marker Beclabito Spring Beclabito Wash Beclabito Wash Bee Sho Shee Mine Bennett Peak Berland Lake Big Gap Dam Big Gap Reservoir Big Horse Trail Draw Big Water Spring Black Cone Black House Black Lake Black Rock Point Black Rock Ridge Black Salt Spring Black Salt Valley Black Water Well Blackrock Wash Blackrock Wash Blackrock Wash Blackrock Wash Blanchard Mine Blue Gap/Four Corners United Methodist Church Blue Hill Blue Lake Borrow Pit Brewster Dam Brimhall Wash Bruised Ridge Burnham 1 Water Well Burnt Squash Draw Cactus Peak Canyon View Captain Tom Dam Captain Tom Reservoir Captain Tom Wash Carl Yazzie Number One Carona de Gigante Carrizo Number One Cathedral Cliff Chaco River Chimney Pond Chimney Rock Cholla Canyon Chuska Mountain Chuska Mountains Coal Creek Coal Mine Creek Cordova Lake Cottonwood Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Water Well Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Wash Coyote Wash Crumbled House Archaeological District Crystal Crystal Creek Crystal Post Office (historical) Cudei Cudei Ditch Day Mesa Dead Mans Wash Dead Mans Wash Deckers Camp Ditch Number Eight Ditch Number Nine Dodge Brothers Eagle Nest Arroyo East Lake Enos Johnson Mine Enos Johnson Mine Exxon Test Water Well Feather Hill First Baptist Church First Gray Wash Flat Top Rock Ford Butte Four Corners Four Corners Monument Fourmile Reservoir Fourmile Wash Foxtail Flats Gray Hills Great Bend Community Archaeological District Green Meadows Grey Hill Spring Grey Mesa Gum Canyon Has-bi-di-to Wash Heifer Point Hidden Spring Hidden Valley Hogback Archaeological District Hogback Canal Hogback Field Hogback Historical Marker Hogback Ruin Historic Site Horse Canyon Horse Canyon Horse Canyon Horse Canyon Horse Mesa Creek Horse Mesa Creek Horse Mesa Creek Horse Mesa Creek Horseshoe Gallup Oil Field Humble Number 1 Water Well Hunter Wash Indian Creek Jones Lake Last Canyon Leh-tso-bii-to Wash Lichii Wash Little Barker Arroyo Little Barker Arroyo Little Barker Arroyo Little Barker Arroyo Little Barker Arroyo Little Barker Arroyo Little Shiprock Wash Little Water Little Water Trading Post Little Whiskey Creek Little White Cone Little White Cone Lake Little Whitecone Lake Dam Long Lake Lost Lake Reservoir Malpais Arroyo Mancos River Mancos River Many Devils Wash Many Rocks Gallup Oil Field Meadows Reservoir Mesa Elementary School Mesa Verde Mesa View Assembly Church Middle Canyon Mike Spring Missionary Springs Mitten Rock Mitten Rock Archaeological District Mokie Indian Ruin Monument Rocks Mormon Spring NA-79-204 Water Well NM000023 Water Well Narbona Pass Naschitti Naschitti Elementary School Naschitti Wash Natanni Nez Elementary School Navajo Community College Navajo Community College Library Navajo Indian Reservation Navajo Spring Nelson Pit and Shady Side Newcomb Newcomb Assembly of God Newcomb Elementary School Newcomb High School Newcomb Junior High School Newcomb Post Office (historical) Nizhoni Elementary School North Salt Canyon North Salt Canyon North Salt Canyon North Salt Canyon North Water Well OT-1 Water Well Oak Spring Oak Spring Oak Spring Wash Oak Spring Wash Oak Spring Wash Oak Spring Wash Old Mormon Trail Old Pine Spring Old Sawmill Spring Owl Spring PM-1 Water Well PM2 Water Well Pajarito Creek Palmer Mesa Peña Blanca Arroyo Picket Canyon Pictured Cliffs Historic Site Pinabete Arroyo Popping Rock Porcupine Canyon Porcupine Canyon Pouch Spring Prairie Dog Valley Purgatory Canyon Rattlesnake Rattlesnake Oil Field Rattlesnake Wash Red Valley Red Wash Red Wash Red Wash Red Wash Rock Mesa Rock Pile Mesa Rock Ridge Rocky Canyon Rocky Canyon Rocky Point SJ-511 Water Well SJ-520 Water Well SJ-525 Water Well SJ-743 Water Well Sage Lake Salt Canyon Salt Canyon Salt Canyon Salt Canyon Salt Creek Wash Salt Creek Wash Salt Creek Wash Salt Spring Salt Springs Wash Salt Wash Salt Wash San Juan River Bridge Historic Site Sand Hills Sand Spring Sand Spring Sand Springs Sanostee Sanostee Airport Sanostee PM3 Water Well Sanostee Prospect Sanostee Trading Post Sanostee Wash Sanostee Wash Sanostee Wash Sanostee Wash Second Gray Wash Shallow Well Sheep Sp N Water Well Sheep Springs Sheep Springs Sheep Springs Pit Sheep Springs Wash Ship Rock Ship Rock Campground Shiprock Shiprock Airstrip Shiprock Alternative Kindergarten School Shiprock Alternative School Shiprock Cemetery Shiprock Community Health Center Shiprock Community Health Center Library Shiprock Gallup Oil Field Shiprock High School Shiprock Historical Marker Shiprock Pit Shiprock Post Office Shiprock United Methodist Church Shiprock Wash Shiprock Weather Station Shoe Game Wash Shoe Game Wash Shoe Game Wash Shoe Game Wash Sinks Spring Skinney Rock Skunk Springs Archaeological District Skunk Springs-Crumbled House Archaeological District Snake Bridge Southern Naschitti Dam Squaw Spring Standing Rock Standing Tree Canyon Stinking Springs Straight Canyon Sul Spring 03 Water Well Sulphur Spring Sulphur Spring Sulphur Spring Campground Sunshine Spring Sunshine Spring Draw T26R19s5 Water Well Table Mesa Table Mesa Dam Table Mesa Oil Field Tanner Canyon Teec-ni-di-tso Wash The Hogback The Narrows The Thumb Thieving Rock To-bil-hask-idi Wash To-bil-hask-idi Wash To-dil-hil Wash To-nil-choni Wash Toadlena Toadlena Lake Toadlena Post Office Tocito Tocito Dome Tocito Dome Oil Field Tocito Lake Tocito Trading Post (historical) Tocito Wash Tocito Wash Todacheene Lake Toh-Ni-Tsa Lookout Tse' Bit' ai Mid School Tse-clani-to Wash Tse-nas-chii Wash Tse-ni-cha Tse-yaa-tohi Wash Tseanazti Creek Tsin-nas-kid Tunicha Valley Tuntsa Wash Two Grey Hills Two Grey Hills Two Grey Hills Archaeological District Two Grey Hills Trading Post Historic Site USIS Water Well Ute Canyon Ute Dome Vicenti Spring Volcano Peak WS-2 Water Well WS-4 Water Well WS-5 Water Well Washington Pass Radar Site Weekley Canyon Weekley Canyon Oil Field West Fork Fourmile Wash West Gum Canyon Whirlwind Lake Archaeological District White Bridge White Flat White Hill White Rock Windmill Number A-11 Windmill Number A-12 Yellow Adobe Historic Site Yellow Arroyo Yellow Butte Yellow Hill Yellow Valley