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Amado Windmill Atarque Atarque Canyon Atarque Cemetery Atarque Lake Atarque Post Office (historical) Atarque Ranch Barelas Water Well Barelas Windmill Barth High Water Well Beggs Cattle Company Blanco Water Well Bob Water Well Cabin Spring Cabin Tank Camp Windmill Water Well Cantaralo Spring Cantaralo Windmill Canyon Springs Carpenter Lake Carter Windmill Cañon Ancho Chalk Windmill Chalk Windmill Water Well Chaparral Lake Circle Butte Crockett Tank Crow Windmill Cullen Tank Dead Forest Tank Deep Well Deep Windmill Deep Windmill Water Well Dent Windmill Dent Windmill Water Well Dog Lake Dominion Water Well Double Tanks Duran Canyon Duran Tank ECW 4 Water Well ECW 7 Water Well ECW Number 7 Windmill East Joe Windmill East Malpais Windmill Fence Lake Fence Lake Fence Lake Post Office Fence Lake Weather Station Flattop Mesa Fort Atarque Ruins Franciscan Water Well Franciscan Windmill Gonzales Windmill Green Tank Guillermo Canyon Hawkins Peak Heffner Tank High Lonesome Windmill Highway Water Well Highway Windmill Hinkson Hi Water Well Hinkson High Lonesome Windmill Hinkson Ranch Pueblo Historic Site Hogan Windmill Horse Canyon Horse Canyon Tank Jacobine Water Well Jaralosa Canyon Jaralosa Pueblo Historic Site Jaralosa Spring Jaralosa Water Well Jaralosa Windmill Jaramie Lake Juanito Well Las Norias Store Lorenzo Arroyo Los Alamos Springs Los Pilares Los Pinitos Lucero Water Well Lucero Windmill Lynch Ranch Lynch Water Well Mares Cemetery Marez Spring Martinez Windmill Mazon Camp Mazon Water Well Medanoso Water Well Medanoso Windmill Mesa Colorado Mesita De Yeso Montano Ranch Montaño Well Moreno Hill Moreno Spring New Windmill New Windmill Water Well Ojo Bonito Water Well Ojo Caliente Ojo Caliente Lake Dam Ojo Caliente Reservoir Ojo Hallado Draw Ojo Pueblo Ojo Pueblo Windmill Padilla Water Well Paz Water Well Paz Well Perry Lake Pine Tank Pine Windmill Pine Windmill Pinitos Draw Plumasano Basin Plumasano Wash Provenger Rincon RWPZ Number 25 Windmill Rainbow Spring Ray Windmill Red Cliffs Red Mesa Red Windmill Rincon Camp Rincon Camp Water Well Rincon Hondo Rincon Hondo Canyon Rincon Hondo Windmill Road Windmill Rock House Windmill Roe Well Ruth Water Well Sacred Spring Sandoval Water Well Sandoval Windmill Santa Rita Mesa Seep Canyon Semi Lonesome Windmill Solomon Water Well Solomon Windmill South Camp Water Well South Camp Windmill Terrero Draw The Dyke Thompson Draw Tingle Tingle Post Office (historical) Trujillo Draw Trujillo Water Well Trujillo Windmill Upper Galestina Number 7 Reservoir Venadito Water Well Venadito Windmill Venado Water Well Venado Well Venedito Camp Well ZS-1 Water Well West Joe Water Well West Joe Windmill White Ranch Willow Wash Windmill 9 Water Well Windmill Number 9 Yellowrock Canyon Zuni Canyon Zuni Spring Zuñi Plateau