Albuquerque, NM 87107 ZIP Code Map


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87107 Street Addresses

10th Ct NW ((5300-5399)) 10th St NW ((2800-4699)) 11th St NW ((3000-4699)) 12th Ct NW ((4301-4399)) 12th St NW ((2600-5199)) 13th St NW ((3700-3899)) 14th Ct NW ((4400-4498)) 14th St NW ((3400-4999)) 15th Ct NW ((4500-4598)) 15th St NW ((1300-3999)) 16th Ct NW ((4500-4598)) 17th Ct NW ((4500-4598)) 1st St NW ((2700-8099)) 2nd St NW ((2100-10116)) 3rd St NW ((2500-4699)) 4th St NW ((2600-7898)) 5th Ct NW ((5300-5399)) 5th St ((5400-5499)) 5th St NW ((501-6899)) 6th Ct NW ((5300-5499)) 6th St NW ((2600-6499)) 7th Ct NW ((5300-5399)) 7th St NW ((3500-4199)) 8th Ct NW ((5300-5399)) 8th St ((4501-4699)) 8th St NW ((2600-6899)) 9th St NW ((2900-5599)) Acequia Trl ((1000-1099)) Adobe Rd NW ((600-1013)) Alamosa Rd NW ((200-399)) Alamosa Way NW ((6000-6199)) Alexander Blvd NE ((4300-5999)) Alexander Rd NW ((1800-1899)) Alfredo Garcia Ct NW ((1500-1599)) Allegro Way ((1500-1599)) Alta Monte Ave NE ((3200-3499)) Alta Monte Ave NW ((500-3899)) Alta Monte Ct NE ((3200-3299)) Alta Monte Pl NW ((3800-3899)) Amber Dr NW ((3600-3699)) Amherst Dr NE ((3000-4399)) Amherst Pl NE ((3500-4298)) Amy Kay Ct NW ((4000-4099)) Applewood Ln NW ((1-99)) Arbordale Ln NW ((4100-4199)) Arbor Pl NE ((400-499)) Arbor Rd NW ((2400-2499)) Arcadian Trl NW ((1300-1699)) Arno St NE ((2900-6799)) Artesanos Ct NW ((2200-2399)) Arvilla Ave NW ((1100-1399)) Ave Charada NW ((3400-3599)) Ave Cristo Rey NW ((1300-1799)) Ave Curvatura NW ((3300-3599)) Ave la Cuchilla NW ((6400-6599)) Ave Las Campanas NW ((1700-4099)) Ave Los Griegos NW ((1501-1799)) Avon St NW ((4100-4199)) Aztec Rd ((3000-3098)) Aztec Rd NE ((2001-3599)) Aztec Rd NW ((1-1499)) Barlane Pl NW ((500-599)) Bayita Ln NW ((1600-1699)) Bellrose Ave NW ((100-1499)) Berry Rd NW ((400-599)) Bledsoe Rd NW ((400-699)) Bonita Rosas Dr NW ((900-999)) Bonito Suenos Ct NW ((1400-1499)) Broadbent Pkwy NE ((2500-2899)) Broadview Pl ((4000-4099)) Broadview Pl NW ((4000-4099)) Broadway Blvd NE ((1840-6799)) Bryn Mawr Dr ((4200-4399)) Bryn Mawr Dr NE ((2100-4399)) Caballero Pkwy NW ((6400-6599)) Cacy Ave NW ((100-199)) Cam Amparo NW ((1300-1599)) Cam Aplauso NW ((3500-3599)) Cam Caballete NW ((3100-3199)) Cam Cepillo NW ((3100-3199)) Cam de Amador NW ((100-199)) Cam de Compania NW ((1900-1999)) Cam del Los Artesano NW ((2200-2999)) Cam Ecuestre NW ((1300-1599)) Cameo Dr SE ((3600-3698)) Cam Espanol NW ((400-799)) Cam Floretta NW ((500-799)) Cam Gallo NW ((1700-1799)) Cam Gusto NW ((1700-1799)) Campbell Rd NW ((2604-2799)) Cam Raso NW ((1800-1899)) Cam Real ((9-20)) Cam Rosario NW ((1600-1699)) Candelaria Rd NE ((100-5299)) Candelaria Rd NW ((100-2999)) Candelarias Ln NW ((3700-3798)) Candelaria West Rd NE ((1601-1699)) Carlisle Blvd NE ((3800-4499)) Carlito Rd NW ((100-199)) Carlton St NW ((200-6499)) Carmony Rd NE ((400-799)) Casa Linda NW ((1600-1799)) Castaneda Rd NW ((2700-2799)) Century Ave NE ((3800-3899)) Century Dr ((3800-3899)) Chamisal Rd NW ((600-999)) Chamiso Ln NW ((500-599)) Chappel Dr NE ((4800-5999)) Chappell Rd NE ((4800-5999)) Charles Pl NW ((500-899)) Chavez Rd ((701-799)) Chavez Rd NW ((400-1099)) Cherokee Ct NW ((1300-1399)) Cherokee Rd NE ((3300-3499)) Cherokee Rd NW ((400-2499)) Cherrydale Ct NW ((4100-4199)) Cimino Rd NW ((2100-3998)) Cír Floretta NW ((500-599)) Cír Gallegos NW ((500-598)) Claremont Ave NE ((1-3599)) Claremont Ave NW ((1-899)) Claveles St NW ((2300-2398)) Cll Barbarita NW ((1800-1899)) Cll Candela NW ((6400-6599)) Cll Diez NW ((6000-6099)) Cll Los Vecinos NW ((1700-1899)) Cll Nueve NW ((6000-6199)) Cll Ocho NW ((6001-6199)) Cll Pequeno ((1801-1899)) Cll San Angel NW ((3001-3099)) Cll San Ysidro NW ((3001-3099)) Clyde St NW ((4100-4199)) Colonnade Ct NW ((3000-3099)) Columbia Dr NE ((3200-3499)) Comanche Rd NE ((500-3599)) Commerce Dr NE ((4600-4699)) Commercial St NE ((2600-6499)) Compound North Ct NW ((4500-4699)) Conder Ln NW ((3300-3399)) Conrado Ln ((3600-3699)) Co Rd 419 ((2-16)) Corder Ln NW ((500-599)) Cordova Ave NW ((400-1399)) Cordova Pl NW ((700-799)) Cottonwood Ct NW ((200-299)) Cottonwood Dr ((1000-1099)) Cottonwood Ln ((1001-1099)) Cottonwood Pl ((1001-1099)) Cuervo Ct NW ((3600-3799)) Culture Dr NE ((3800-3899)) Cutter Rd NE ((1800-2099)) Daniel Cir ((7400-7498)) Daniel Cir NW ((100-7899)) Daniel Rd NW ((100-7799)) Datura Trl NE ((9800-9908)) David Ct NW ((5800-5899)) Decker Ave NW ((2600-2899)) de la Cruz NW ((4300-4499)) del Aker Rd NW ((200-399)) Delamar Ave NE ((3300-3699)) Delamar Ave NW ((200-1499)) Delamar Loop NW ((200-399)) Delamar Pl NW ((5200-5299)) Desert Lily Ln NE ((8211-8299)) Desert Surf Cir NE ((1500-1799)) Devon Ln ((900-998)) Dietz Ct ((4100-4199)) Dietz Farm Cir NW ((4034-4198)) Dietz Farm Rd NW ((2100-2499)) Dietz Loop NW ((1700-4199)) Dietz Pl NW ((1700-2399)) Diomedea Ln NW ((2500-4499)) Diomedia Ln NW ((4400-4498)) Don Francisco Pl NW ((1200-1299)) Don Isidro Ln NW ((3700-3799)) Don Juan Ct NW ((1900-3899)) Don Onofre Trl NW ((2300-2599)) Douglas Macarthur Rd NW ((400-1799)) Eakes Bates Rd ((5401-5599)) Eakes Ct NW ((5700-5799)) Eakes Rd ((5401-5499)) Eakes Rd NW ((5000-5699)) Edgewood Dr NW ((6600-6799)) Edith Blvd NE ((2900-6599)) Edmon Rd NE ((300-499)) Edwardo Y Juanita Ct NW ((1700-1799)) el Alahambra Cir ((6600-6699)) el Alhambra Cir NW ((700-6606)) el Caminito NW ((200-221)) el Ensueno Cir NE ((100-299)) el Ensueno Rd NE ((400-599)) Elfego Rd NW ((2300-3999)) el Llano Ln NW ((400-599)) el Paraiso Rd NW ((400-699)) el Paseo Dr NW ((5000-5099)) el Portal Rd NW ((1200-1499)) el Prado Rd NW ((5700-6099)) Elwood Dr NW ((6600-6799)) Enchanted Valley Cir NW ((302-399)) Enchanted Valley Pl NW ((300-398)) Enchanted Valley Rd NW ((302-6799)) Ensenada Pl NW ((4900-5199)) Fairfield Pl NW ((600-699)) Fairway Rd NW ((600-999)) Fitzgerald Rd NW ((400-899)) Floretta Dr NW ((800-899)) Foraker Ct NW ((2900-2999)) Foraker Pl NW ((2900-3099)) Franciscan St NE ((2900-6499)) Francisca Rd NW ((1600-1699)) Freeman Ave NW ((200-1499)) Garden Park Cir NW ((1-99)) Garden Park Rd NW ((1-99)) Gavilan Pl NW ((400-499)) Gene Ave ((201-299)) Gene Ave NW ((200-699)) Gene Ct NW ((500-598)) Girard Blvd NE ((2600-3699)) Glenarbor Ct NW ((4200-4299)) Glenda Ct NW ((5800-5899)) Glenwood Ct NW ((2400-2499)) Glenwood Dr NW ((2800-3199)) Globus Ct NW ((4900-4998)) Goliad Ct NW ((500-698)) Goliad St NW ((5700-5899)) Gomez Dr NW ((100-6599)) Gorry Ct NW ((500-599)) Grande Dr NW ((3900-5599)) Grecian Ave NW ((400-999)) Grecian Dr NW ((400-999)) Grecian Ln NW ((600-699)) Green Valley Ct NW ((500-898)) Green Valley Pl ((6700-6799)) Green Valley Rd ((200-299)) Green Valley Rd NW ((1-1199)) Griegos Pl NW ((2500-2699)) Griegos Rd NE ((100-299)) Griegos Rd NW ((1-3999)) Gruber Ave NE ((6801-6999)) Guadalupe del Prado St NW ((1000-1099)) Guadalupe Pl N ((6400-6499)) Guadalupe Trl NW ((4700-7899)) Hanalei Ave NE ((10900-10998)) Harmony Ln ((6000-6098)) Harmony Ln NW ((743-6399)) Headingly Ave NW ((1-2499)) Hendrix Rd NE ((3500-3699)) Hendrix Rd NW ((200-399)) High St NE ((3600-3799)) Hilton Ave NW ((100-199)) Hudson Ave NW ((400-599)) Hudson Cir NW ((3000-3099)) Hwy 47 ((2100-10116)) I- 25 ((2000-4599)) Indian Farm Ln NW ((2700-3099)) Industrial Ave NE ((100-899)) Ivylawn Ct NW ((4000-4099)) Jacobson Ln ((100-199)) Jacobson Ln NW ((100-199)) James Ave NW ((600-699)) Joem Ln NW ((4800-4899)) Juanita Ln NW ((600-1398)) Jupiter St NW ((4400-4699)) Kensington Dr NW ((6000-6199)) Kenyan Pl NW ((100-199)) Kestrel Ct NW ((2400-2499)) Kirks Ct NW ((3200-3399)) la Chamisal Ln NW ((300-399)) la Cienega Ln NW ((200-299)) la Cienega St NW ((4800-5199)) Lafayette Dr NE ((3200-4199)) la Luz Dr NW ((800-1199)) Lamberton Pl NE ((1000-1299)) Lane Ct NW ((5700-5799)) Lane NW ((5700-5799)) la Plata Rd NW ((100-399)) la Plaza Dr NW ((3700-3899)) la Poblana Rd NW ((1-1799)) Largo Ct ((700-799)) Largo Ct NW ((700-799)) la Rueda Ct NW ((500-599)) la Rueda NW ((500-599)) Las Casitas Ct NW ((6600-6699)) la Senda Ln NW ((800-999)) Las Golondrinas Ct NW ((900-1199)) Las Hermanas St NW ((4400-4699)) Lee Ct NW ((5900-5999)) Leon Ct NW ((1900-1999)) Leta Rd ((5800-5899)) Leta Rd NE ((5800-5899)) Lindgren Rd NW ((500-599)) Llano Ct NW ((1800-1899)) Lora Ct NW ((5900-5999)) Los Arboles Ave NE ((2500-3399)) Los Arboles Ave NW ((400-1699)) Los Golondrinas Ct NW ((900-1199)) Los Nietos Ct NW ((1500-1599)) Los Poblanos Cir ((4500-4699)) Los Poblanos Cir NW ((4600-4699)) Los Poblanos Ct NW ((5501-5599)) Los Poblanos Ln ((5300-5499)) Los Poblanos Ln NW ((5000-5399)) Los Poblanos Pl NW ((2000-5399)) Los Poblanos Ranch Ln NW ((700-1099)) Los Poblanos Ranch Rd NW ((700-1099)) Los Prados de Guadalupe NW ((700-999)) Los Ranchos Rd NW ((100-599)) Los Tomases Dr NW ((2600-4199)) Los Viejos Dr SW ((700-798)) Louisiana Blvd SE ((1200-1599)) Luke Cir NW ((3500-3699)) Major Ave NW ((900-1199)) Manchester Ct NW ((3200-3299)) Manchester Dr NW ((3700-3899)) Manchester Pl NW ((2100-3799)) Manuel Torres Ln NW ((2400-2498)) Mars Rd NE ((3300-3599)) Martinez Ln ((410-799)) Martinez Ln NE ((400-799)) Mary's Way Ln ((500-999)) Mateo Prado Ct ((3400-3698)) Mateo Prado NW ((3300-3699)) Matthew Ave NE ((3100-3399)) Matthew Ave NW ((400-1599)) McDonald Rd NW ((1600-1699)) McMullen Ave ((1000-1198)) McMullen Ave NW ((900-1199)) Menaul Blvd NE ((200-3599)) Menaul Blvd NW ((1-1799)) Menaul Blvd NW Exn ((1200-1299)) Meoqui Ct ((6500-6599)) Mercantile Ave NE ((1400-1599)) Mescalero Rd NW ((100-399)) Michelle Pl NW ((4600-4699)) Mildred Ave ((1000-1098)) Mildred Ave NW ((100-1199)) Miller Cir NW ((1800-3799)) Mission Ave NE ((400-1599)) Monk Ct NW ((2700-2799)) Montano Rd NE ((100-2999)) Montano Rd NW ((100-1899)) Montbel Pl NE ((4400-4699)) Montgomery Blvd NE ((3200-3598)) Montoya St NW ((807-949)) Mullen Ct NW ((816-898)) Mullen Rd NE ((100-399)) Mullen Rd NW ((400-899)) Muscatel Ave NE ((300-699)) Nabor Rd NW ((6201-6299)) Nara Visa Ct ((300-399)) Nara Visa Ct NW ((300-399)) Nara Visa Rd NW ((100-399)) Narcisa Ct NW ((1600-1699)) Natalie Ave NW ((200-399)) Nikanda Rd NE ((800-899)) Noble Dr NE ((6000-6099)) Noble Pl NE ((600-6098)) Northfield Ct NW ((3400-3599)) Northwood Ct NW ((2400-2499)) N Renaissance Blvd NE ((1200-1599)) Nuevo Hacienda Ln NW ((300-399)) Orchards Ct NW ((4600-4699)) Oro Vista Rd NW ((2400-2699)) Osuna Rd NE ((100-499)) Osuna Rd NW ((100-399)) Otra Vez Ct NW ((3700-3799)) Padre Roberto Rd NW ((1600-5999)) Palacio del Rio Grande NW ((3700-3899)) Palo Duro Ave NW ((400-1399)) Pan American Frwy NE Svc Rd ((2601-4999)) Pan American Fwy ((2000-4599)) Pan American West Frwy NE Svc Rd ((2601-4999)) Paragon Ct NW ((1800-1899)) Pastura Pl NW ((4900-5199)) Patrick Pl NW ((1600-1899)) Pauline St NW ((3900-5999)) Pedroncelli Ct NW ((4401-4699)) Pedroncelli Rd ((2500-3899)) Pedroncelli Rd NW ((2500-3999)) Pequeno Rd NW ((1-199)) Phoenix Ave NE ((2200-2699)) Phoenix Ave NW ((1-2999)) Phoenix Pl NW ((2900-2999)) Pinon Ct NW ((5900-5999)) Placitas Rd NE ((100-299)) Placitas Rd NW ((100-399)) Pleasant Ave NW ((100-199)) Plz Encantada NW ((1500-5598)) Plz Sonada NW ((1400-5599)) Poblanos Ct ((5500-5599)) Poblanos Ct NW ((5500-5599)) Ponderosa Ave NW ((500-1499)) Pope Ave NE ((400-799)) Poza Rica Ct ((6500-6599)) Princeton Dr NE ((2300-3799)) Prospect Ave ((2600-2699)) Prospect Ave NE ((2600-3599)) Pueblo Luna Dr NW ((100-199)) Pueblo Solano Rd NW ((100-1099)) Rael Ct ((5500-5598)) Ranchitos Rd NW ((630-1099)) Rancho Guadalupe Trl ((1500-1699)) Rancho Guadalupe Trl NW ((1500-1699)) Rancho Rd ((301-399)) Rankin Ln NE ((4300-4399)) Rankin Rd NE ((400-999)) Ravenwood Ct NW ((4100-4199)) Ravenwood Ln NW ((2200-2299)) Ravenwood Pl NW ((4100-4199)) Redondo Ct NW ((6000-6099)) Reese St NE ((100-399)) Richmond Dr NE ((2400-3599)) Rincon del Rio Ct NW ((2600-2799)) Rio Encanrado Ct NW ((2700-2799)) Rio Grande Blvd NW ((106-9255)) Rio Grande Ct NW ((2200-4799)) Rio Grande del Sol Ct NW ((2300-2499)) Rio Grande Ln NW ((2201-8099)) Rio Grande Pl NW ((2000-2299)) Roadrunner Ln NW ((1001-1199)) Roehl Ct NW ((7500-7599)) Roehl Rd NE ((100-199)) Roehl Rd NW ((2-1298)) Rosalee Rd NW ((1400-1499)) Rutherford Ln NE ((100-299)) Ryan Pl NW ((2100-2199)) Sabre Ct ((6200-6299)) Salamanca Ct NW ((6400-6499)) Salamanca NW ((800-6409)) San Andres Ave NE ((3500-3799)) San Andres Ave NW ((200-1499)) Sanchez Rd ((200-299)) Sanchez Rd NW ((200-599)) San Clemente Ave NW ((200-1599)) Sandia Ct NW ((5700-5799)) Sandia Rd NW ((100-5899)) Sandia View Rd ((631-699)) Sandia View Rd NW ((100-699)) San Fidel Rd NW ((100-199)) San Isidro Ct NW ((3800-3999)) San Isidro St ((4200-4299)) San Isidro St NW ((3000-4799)) San Juan Pl ((700-899)) San Lorenzo Ave NW ((200-2099)) San Lorenzo Pl NW ((1500-1599)) San Luis Pl NW ((4900-5199)) San Martin Pl NW ((1900-1999)) San Patricia Dr NW ((3000-3099)) San Rio Ct ((1900-1999)) San Rio Pl NW ((3600-3699)) Sarah Ln NW ((103-199)) Schulte Rd NW ((300-699)) Shangri la Ct NW ((200-999)) Shannon Pl NW ((200-399)) Shropshire Pl NW ((200-399)) Sierra Vista St NW ((2800-2999)) Sioux St NW ((2200-4098)) Solar Rd NW ((400-1299)) Sol Rio Ct NW ((1900-1999)) Sombra del Rio NW ((3000-3099)) Southwood Ct ((4000-4099)) Southwood Ct NW ((4000-4199)) Speronelli Rd NW ((1600-1699)) S Renaissance Blvd NE ((1200-1299)) Stanford Dr NE ((2800-3599)) State Hwy 47 ((2600-8099)) State Hwy 96 ((1401-1885)) State Rte 2471 NE ((4801-5199)) State Rte 47 ((2600-8099)) Sunland Cir NW ((4100-4199)) S Wood Ct ((4100-4199)) Sydney Ln NW ((2000-2099)) Tahoe Pl NE ((400-599)) Tascosa Ln NW ((500-699)) Teodocio Rd NW ((4800-4899)) Teodoro Ct NW ((2601-2699)) Teodoro Rd NW ((2000-2699)) Tierra del Rio ((1600-1699)) Tierra del Rio NW ((1600-5599)) Tierra Dr NW ((6600-6899)) Tierra Vida Pl NW ((1800-1999)) Tierra Viva Pl NW ((1000-5999)) Tinnin Rd NW ((1501-5998)) Tiovivo Cir NW ((1800-3799)) Tokay Rd NE ((5600-5998)) Tokay St NE ((5800-5999)) Tomas Ct NW ((6000-6099)) Trail Ct NW ((5800-5899)) Trail NW ((5800-5899)) Trellis Dr NW ((2800-3699)) Tres Pinos Ln NW ((3800-3899)) Tribal Rd 43 ((2-98)) Trinity Pl NW ((4200-4299)) Tulane Dr NE ((3200-4499)) Tyler Rd ((300-399)) Tyler Rd NW ((100-899)) Tyrone Ave NW ((100-199)) Tyson Pl NE ((3500-3699)) Union Way NE ((4900-4998)) University Blvd NE ((2500-4499)) Valle Alto Ct NW ((1200-1599)) Valle Ln NW ((1301-1399)) Valley Haven Ct NW ((3200-3399)) Van Cleave Rd NW ((1300-1699)) Vassar Dr NE ((2300-4098)) Velarde Ct NW ((6800-6899)) Velarde Rd NW ((100-199)) Veranda Rd NW ((1-2799)) Vermejo Dr NW ((6700-6899)) Villa Canela Ct NW ((5500-5599)) Villa Canela NW ((5500-5599)) Vineyard Rd NE ((538-622)) Vineyard Rd NW ((100-399)) Vista Faisan Trl NW ((800-999)) Wellesley Ave NE ((2400-2499)) Wellesley Ct NE ((3200-3399)) Wellesley Dr NE ((2400-4399)) Willow Rd NW ((100-399)) Woodland Ave NE ((2200-2299)) Woodland Ave NW ((1-1699)) Yale Blvd NE ((4100-4499)) Zapateco St NW ((6400-6499))

87107 Places and Attractions

10024 Water Well Agape-Faith Ministries Church Alameda Baptist Church Alameda Bible Church Alameda Drain Alameda Lateral Albuq Indian Assembly of God Church Albuquerque Bible Church Albuquerque Church Albuquerque Friends Meeting Church Alive Ministries Church All Faiths Counciling Center All Saints Lutheran Church-ELCA Alvarado Elementary School American Square Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic Center Arroyo del Embudo Balduini Park Berthold Spitz Bethany Spanish Baptist Church Bible Holiness Church Boulevard Baptist Church Calvary Baptist Westside Fellowship Calvary Temple Assembly of God Church Candelaria 21 Water Well Candelaria 22 Water Well Candelaria 23 Water Well Carmony Road Pit Central Seventh Day Adventist Church Charles Ilfeld Company Building Charles LaFeber House Historic Site Church of Christ Avalon Road Church of Christ-Riverside Church of God Prophecy Church of the Living God City OBS 2 Water Well City OBS 3 Water Well Cochiti Elementary School Cross of Hope Lutheran Church ELCA Cuatro Y Montano Shopping Center Dial-A-Blessing-Unity Center Douglas MacArthur School Duranes Lateral Duranes Pumping Station El Buen Samaritano United Methodist Church First Free Will Baptist Church First Indian Church of the Nazarene Friends Meeting House Fruit Avenue Baptist Church Gallegos Ditch Gallegos Lateral Garfield Middle School Gonzales Pumping Station Gonzales Reservoir Griegos 1 Water Well Griegos 2 Water Well Griegos 3 Water Well Griegos 4 Water Well Griegos 5 Water Well Griegos Drain Griegos Elementary School Griegos Lateral Griegos Pumping Station Griegos Reservoir Griegos School Guadlupe Plaza Hahn Harwood Church Harwood Lateral Harwood United Methodist Church Holy Apostles Episcopal Church Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Immaculate Coception Church Jehovah Witnesses West Congregation John F Simms House KKIM-AM (Albuquerque) KZKL-AM (Albuquerque) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses North Congregation LA 717 La Luz Elementary School La Luz del Oeste Historic Site La Quinta Las Imagines Lee Acres Los Candelarias Los Candelarias Chapel Historic Site Los Duranes Chapel Historic Site Los Griegos Los Griegos Historic District Los Griegos Post Office (historical) Los Poblanos Historic District Los Poblanos Ranch Los Ranchos Archaeological District Los Ranchos de Albuquerque Los Tomases Chapel Historic Site Louis A McRae House Manuel Sanchez Y Aranda House Manzano Day School Historic Site Maranatha Chapel Marantha Missions Maxwell Museum Menual School Mesa View United Methodist Church Metropolitan Temple Church of God in Christ Mission Avenue Elementary School Montano 3 Medium Water Well Montano Plaza Montaño 2 Deep Water Well Montaño 2 Medium Water Well Montaño 2 Shallow Water Well Montaño 3 Deep Water Well Montaño 3 Shallow Water Well Montaño 4 Deep Water Well Montaño 4 Medium Water Well Montaño 4 Shallow Water Well Montaño-5A Water Well Montgomery Pit Mount Calvary Baptist Church Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary New Life Foursquare Church New Mexico Girls Welfare Home North Edith Casa Corral Historic Site North Valley Church of God North Valley Gospel Church North Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church Northdale Baptist Church Northdale Shopping Center Northwest Apostolic Mission Northwest Mesa Baptist Church Oestriech House Old Time Gospel Church Orilla de la Acequia Historic District Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Our Lady of the Angels School Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Church Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Chapel Our Savior Lutheran Church Paradise Hills United Methodist Church Pentecostal Assembly Church Pueblo Calabacillas Historic Site Pueblo Lateral Pure-e Tu-ay Queen of Angels Indian Chapel Ranchers Water Well Ranchos Albuquerque School Rio Grande Presbyterian Church Rio Vista Church of the Nazarene Robert Nordhaus House Saint Anthony Church Saint Joseph on the Rio Grande Church Saint Jude Thaddeus Shrine Church Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church Saint Pauls United Church Saint Therese Church Saint Therese Little Flower Church Saint Therese School San Felipe de Neri Church Santa Barbara 1 Water Well Shepherd of the Valley Church Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church Simms-Anderson House Stadium Boulevard Church of Christ Stronghurst Alternative School Tabernacle of Praise Taft Middle School Trinity Baptist Church Trinity Lutheran-Mo Synod Trinity School Trinity Temple True Vine Baptist Church Unity Church of Christianity Valley High School Volandia 3 Water Well Watson Historic District Watson House West Mesa Pumping Station West Mesa Reservoir Westside Baptist Church