Albuquerque, NM 87106 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 87106 is located in Bernalillo County

87106 Street Addresses

Academic Pl SE ((2300-2399)) Access Rd C SE ((3500-3799)) Ada Ct NE ((2300-2398)) Ada Pl NE ((2300-2499)) Air Park Rd SE ((2100-2299)) Alamo Ave SE ((1300-2799)) Amherst Dr NE ((100-1999)) Amherst Dr SE ((100-1699)) Anderson Ave SE ((2000-3599)) Apache Ct NE ((1900-1999)) Ash Ct SE ((1800-1899)) Ash St NE ((100-499)) Ash St SE ((100-1899)) Aspen Ave NE ((2900-3699)) Ave Cesar Chavez SE ((900-2199)) Baylor Dr SE ((2401-2699)) Bell Ave SE ((2000-2199)) Berkeley Pl NE ((3000-3699)) Bethel Ave SE ((1300-1499)) Boeing Ct SE ((2400-2499)) Bradbury Dr SE ((800-1199)) Bryn Mawr Dr NE ((100-1999)) Bryn Mawr Dr SE ((100-599)) Bryn Mawr Pl NE ((1801-1999)) Buena Vista Dr NE ((600-999)) Buena Vista Dr SE ((100-2599)) Burton Ave SE ((2700-3899)) Camino Servicio Rd ((1802-1899)) Camino Servicio Rd NE ((1802-1899)) Campus Blvd ((2700-3599)) Campus Blvd NE ((2400-3799)) Carlisle Blvd NE ((100-2299)) Carlisle Blvd SE ((100-1699)) Cedar St NE ((100-699)) Cedar St SE ((100-599)) Central Ave ((1100-3598)) Centre Ave SE ((2200-2499)) Clark Carr Loop SE ((2100-2799)) Clark Carr Rd SE ((2100-2799)) Cll del Monte NE ((3400-3599)) Cll del Ranchero NE ((1100-3599)) Cll del Sol NE ((1100-3599)) Coal Ave SE ((900-4398)) Coal Pl SE ((1700-2199)) Columbia Dr NE ((1000-1599)) Columbia Dr SE ((100-2299)) Constitution Ave NE ((2500-3599)) Copper Ave NE ((1000-1799)) Cornell Dr NE ((200-1699)) Cornell Dr SE ((100-2199)) Crest Ave SE ((3400-3699)) Cutler Ave NE ((2200-3099)) Cutler Ct NE ((2500-2699)) Dakota Ln ((3300-3399)) Dartmouth Dr NE ((100-2199)) Dartmouth Dr SE ((100-599)) Dartmouth Pl SE ((500-699)) Delano Ave NE ((3400-3499)) Delano Pl NE ((3000-3099)) Dickerson Dr SE ((1000-1399)) Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave ((500-599)) Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave NE ((1000-1699)) Duranes Rd NW ((2932-3010)) Eastern Ave SE ((1600-3599)) Edgar Rd ((1700-1899)) Edgar Rd SE ((1700-1899)) Engle Dr NE ((2400-2499)) Eton Ave SE ((2100-2199)) Euclid Ave NE ((2700-3099)) Flightway Ave ((1300-1399)) Frontier Ave NE ((2800-3198)) Garfield Ave SE ((2200-3999)) George Rd SE ((2500-2599)) Gerald Ave SE ((1300-1799)) Ghiradelli St ((2900-2998)) Ghiradelli St NE ((2900-2999)) Gibson Blvd SE ((1300-3599)) Girard Blvd NE ((100-1999)) Girard Blvd SE ((100-2999)) Girard Ct NE ((1500-1599)) Girard Pl NE ((100-2999)) Goddard St SE ((1100-1599)) Gold Ave SE ((401-2199)) Grand Ave NE ((1000-3599)) Haines Ave NE ((2100-3599)) Hannett Ave NE ((2200-3599)) Hardin Dr NE ((5006-12499)) Harold Pl NE ((2500-2599)) Harvard Ct NE ((1500-1599)) Harvard Dr NE ((1400-1799)) Harvard Dr SE ((100-499)) Hastings Dr NE ((3300-3499)) Hazeldine Ave SE ((900-1899)) Hyder Ave SE ((2700-3399)) Indian Plaza Dr NE ((1700-1999)) Indian School Rd NE ((1600-3599)) International Dr SE ((2200-2499)) Kathryn Ave SE ((2000-3599)) Kirtland Dr SE ((2200-2299)) Lafayette Dr NE ((600-1899)) Lafayette Pl NE ((400-599)) la Hacienda Pl NE ((3500-3699)) Las Lomas Rd NE ((900-2399)) Lead Ave ((2101-2199)) Lead Ave SE ((900-3599)) Linda Vista Ave SE ((3100-3399)) Lobo Ct NE ((1400-1499)) Lobo Pl NE ((1200-1399)) Locust St SE ((700-999)) Lomas Blvd NE ((1700-3599)) Loma Vista Dr NE ((700-3299)) Loma Vista Pl NE ((3200-3399)) Lovelace Rd SE ((1700-1899)) Mackland Ave NE ((3000-3599)) Maple St NE ((100-599)) Maple St SE ((100-599)) Marble Ave NE ((2500-3099)) Marmac Ave NE ((3400-3499)) Marquette Ave ((1000-1098)) Marquette Ave NE ((1000-3599)) Marquette Pl NE ((1100-1599)) Marsden Ave ((1600-1899)) Marsden Ave SE ((1600-1899)) Matisse Rd ((2-99)) McCoy Pl NE ((3000-3099)) McEarl Ave SE ((2600-2799)) Mesa Dr ((2600-2698)) Mesa Dr SE ((2600-2698)) Mesa St SE ((100-2699)) Mesa Vista Rd NE ((1500-1899)) Miles Rd SE ((1800-2799)) Miracerros Pl NE ((1700-1899)) Monterey Ave SE ((2700-3299)) Monte Vista Blvd NE ((2900-3699)) Morrow Rd NE ((2300-2799)) Mountain Rd NE ((2300-3399)) Mulberry St NE ((100-599)) Mulberry St SE ((300-2999)) Newton Pl NE ((1800-2399)) Notre Dame Dr NE ((1700-1819)) Oak St NE ((100-799)) Oak St SE ((100-999)) Oxford Ave SE ((2100-2199)) Pershing Ave SE ((3100-3599)) Pine St NE ((100-399)) Pine St SE ((100-599)) Princeton Ct NE ((401-1499)) Princeton Dr NE ((1000-2399)) Princeton Dr SE ((100-1899)) Purdue Pl NE ((3200-3499)) Randolph Ct SE ((1701-1799)) Randolph Rd SE ((1600-2099)) Redondo East Dr NE ((301-399)) Redondo South Dr ((1800-1899)) Redondo South Dr NE ((1800-1899)) Redondo West Dr ((200-699)) Redondo West Dr NE ((200-699)) Renard Pl SE ((2000-2399)) Richmond Dr ((600-799)) Richmond Dr NE ((100-2799)) Richmond Dr SE ((100-1499)) Richmond Pl NE ((400-599)) Ridge Pl NE ((400-699)) Rita Ct NE ((1900-1999)) Rita Dr ((1801-1899)) Rita Dr NE ((1400-1899)) Roma Ave ((3200-3298)) Roma Ave NE ((1000-3499)) Ross Ave SE ((2000-3599)) Ross Ct SE ((1600-1799)) San Diego Ave SE ((2700-2999)) San Joaquin Ave SE ((2700-3199)) San Jose Ave SE ((1300-1599)) San Rafael Ave SE ((2600-3599)) Santa Clara Ave SE ((2200-3599)) Santa Cruz Ave SE ((2700-2999)) Santa Monica Ave SE ((2700-2999)) Schell Ct NE ((2500-2699)) Schell Pl NE ((2600-2699)) Sigma Chi Rd NE ((1100-1899)) Silver Ave SE ((1000-3599)) Smith Ave SE ((2500-3599)) Southern Ave SE ((2000-2199)) Spence Ave SE ((1300-1799)) Spirit Dr SE ((3600-3799)) Spruce St NE ((100-899)) Spruce St SE ((100-2699)) Stadium Blvd SE ((900-1999)) Stanford Dr NE ((100-1899)) Stanford Dr SE ((100-2199)) St Cyr Ave SE ((2100-2199)) Summit Ave NE ((3101-3199)) Summit Dr NE ((800-3199)) Summit Pl NE ((2900-3199)) Sunport Blvd SE ((1200-2699)) Sunshine Ter SE ((1400-2299)) Sycamore St NE ((100-699)) Sycamore St SE ((100-2699)) Terrace SE ((100-399)) Terrace St NE ((100-199)) Terrace St SE ((100-399)) Thaxton Ave SE ((1600-4098)) Tijeras Ave NE ((1000-1799)) Tijeras Ave NW ((801-803)) Transport St ((2900-2998)) Tribal Rd 37 ((1-99)) Tribal Rd 39 ((1-99)) Tulane Dr NE ((100-1099)) Tulane Dr SE ((100-599)) Tulane Pl NE ((300-599)) University Blvd NE ((100-899)) University Blvd SE ((100-4899)) US Hwy 66 ((3200-3298)) Vail Ave SE ((2500-3599)) Vail Ct SE ((1800-1899)) Vail Pl SE ((1600-1899)) Vassar Dr NE ((400-1999)) Vassar Dr SE ((100-1899)) Vista Larga Ave NE ((2200-2799)) Vista Larga Ct NE ((1500-1599)) Wellesley Dr NE ((100-2999)) Wellesley Dr SE ((100-2099)) Wellesley Pl NE ((300-599)) Wells St SE ((2500-2599)) Wheeler Ave SE ((1300-1799)) Wilmoore Dr SE ((800-2099)) Wilson Pl NE ((2800-3099)) Wilway Ave NE ((3300-3499)) Wolters Pl NE ((3500-3599)) Yale Blvd NE ((600-1199)) Yale Blvd SE ((100-3199))

87106 Places and Attractions

10056 Water Well Aerospace Studies Building African American Studies Building Air Care 1 International Albuquerque Division Albuquerque Fire Department Station 3 Albuquerque Service Unit Indian Health Service Hospital Albuquerque Sports Stadium Alumni Memorial Chapel Alvarado Hall Dormitory Ambulatory Building Anthropology Annex Anthropology Building Architecture and Planning Annex Architecture and Planning Building Architecture and Planning Design Studios Army ROTC Building Art Annex Art Building Bandelier Elementary School Bandelier Hall East B and H Shopping Center Bataan Park Burton 1 Water Well Burton 4 Water Well Burton Park Carco Air Service Castetter Hall Centennial Library Building Center for Aging Research, Education and Service Building Central New Mexico Community College Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Chemistry Building Circle Six Gun Club Civil Engineering Research Laboratory Clark Hall Communications Building Computer and Information Resources and Technology Building Coronado Hall Dormitory De Vargas Hall Dormitory Development Office Annex Economics Building Education Adminstration Building Education Classrooms Building Education Offices Building Engineering Computer Center Building Es-Yale 2 Water Well Fairview Memorial Park Cemetery Farris Engineering Center Building Fine Arts Center First Congregational Church Ford Utilities Center Building Gazebo Building Geology Museum Girard Church Hodgin Hall Hokona Hall Dormitory Humanities Building Human Resources Annex Human Resources Building Hyder Park Indian Plaza Shopping Center Industrial Arts Building Institute for Applied Research Services Building Jefferson Middle School Johnson Center Building Jonson Gallery Jonson Gallery of the University Art Museum Kaseman Presbyterian Hospital Kirtland Addition Kirtland Air Force Base 2 Water Well Kiva Building Laguna Hall Dormitory La Posada Dining Hall Latin American Institute Building Lifeguard Air Emergency Services Lincoln Junior High School Logan Hall Lowell Elementary School Manzanita Center Marron Hall Masley Hall Math Annex Building Mattox Sculpture Center Building Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Mechanical Engineering Building Mesa Vista Hall Meteorite Museum Miles 1 Water Well Milne Stadium Mitchell Hall Monte Vista Christian Church Monte Vista Elementary School Montezuma Elementary School Museum of Southwestern Biology Native American Studies Building Naval Science Building Netherwood Park New Mexico Union Building Nob Hill Shopping Center Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Onate Hall Ortega Hall Parish Library Payroll Building Peace Corps Building Pi Kappa Alpha Estufa Historic Site Police Administration Building Police Investigations and Victims Assistance Program Building Popejoy Hall Presbyterian Hospital Psychology Clinic Building Public Health services Indian Hospital Purchasing Building Regener Hall Ridepool Building R O Anderson School of Management Building Roma Green Roosevelt Park Saint Charles Borromeo School Saint Marks-on-the-Mesa Episcopal Church Santa Ana Hall Dormitory Santa Clara Hall Dormitory Sara Reynolds Hall Scholes Hall School of Law Library Simpson Hall Social Sciences Building Southwest Hispanic Research Institute and Chicano Studies Spanish History Museum Summit Park United States Forest Service Tanker Base UNIV 3 Water Well University Art Museum University College/Student Health Center Building University Heights School (historical) University House University of New Mexico University of New Mexico Arena University of New Mexico Children's Hospital University of New Mexico Children's Psychiatric Center University of New Mexico Hospital University of New Mexico Press Building University of New Mexico Psychiatric Center University of New Mexico Stadium UNM Childrens Psychiatric Hospital Mimbres School Library Urban Forest Visitor Center Wagner Hall Wellesley Park Woodward Lecture Hall Yale 1 Water Well Yale 2 Water Well Yale 3 Water Well Yale-MW3 Water Well Yale-MW5 Water Well Yale Park Zimmerman Library Building