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10th St NW ((100-399)) 10th St SW ((100-1199)) 11th St NW ((100-999)) 11th St SW ((200-1099)) 12th St NW ((100-999)) 12th St SW ((200-1198)) 13th St NW ((100-999)) 13th St SW ((200-999)) 14th St SW ((100-799)) 1st St NW ((105-2799)) 1st St SW ((200-899)) 2nd St NW ((100-2599)) 2nd St SW ((100-2899)) 3rd St NW ((100-2099)) 3rd St SW ((100-1999)) 4th St ((1400-1498)) 4th St NW ((100-2599)) 4th St SW ((100-2099)) 5th St NW ((100-2099)) 5th St SW ((100-999)) 60th St NW ((101-299)) 64th St NW ((1010-1499)) 6th St NW ((100-2599)) 6th St SW ((100-699)) 7th St NW ((100-11199)) 7th St SW ((100-999)) 8th St NW ((100-2099)) 8th St SW ((100-1599)) 9th St NW ((200-2599)) 9th St SW ((100-1199)) Abajo Rd SE ((200-399)) Abilene Ave SE ((100-199)) Alamo Ave SE ((100-499)) Alcalde Pl SW ((820-899)) Anderson Ave SE ((1-999)) Anko Ln ((1-100)) Apache Ave NW ((400-899)) Arno St NE ((100-1499)) Arno St SE ((100-2999)) Arvada Ave NE ((200-399)) Arvada Ave NW ((100-399)) Aspen Ave NE ((300-599)) Aspen Ave NW ((100-899)) Atlantic Ave SW ((200-999)) Ave Cesar Chavez SE ((400-1109)) Baca Ln ((100-199)) Barelas Ct ((700-799)) Barelas Ct SW ((700-799)) Barelas Ditch ((232-300)) Barelas St ((1201-1299)) Barelas St SW ((601-1599)) Bazan Ct SW ((400-599)) Bellamah Ave NW ((400-1198)) Bell Ave SE ((100-799)) Bell Ave SW ((400-899)) Bel Vedere Ln NE ((300-399)) Benicia Ln SW ((601-799)) Bethel Ave SE ((100-2799)) Bethel Dr SE ((600-898)) Bezemek Ave NW ((600-699)) Bridge Blvd SE ((100-399)) Bridge Blvd SW ((200-699)) Broadway Blvd NE ((100-2499)) Broadway Blvd SE ((101-5026)) Broadway Pl NE ((1800-1899)) Brother Mathias Pl NW ((800-999)) Caballo Dr ((1-135)) Casaus SW ((700-799)) Central Ave ((200-1399)) Clear Rd ((4400-4499)) Clear Rd SW ((4400-4499)) Clenaga Rd ((1-57)) Clifton Ave SE ((100-199)) Coal Ave SE ((1-899)) Coal Ave SW ((1-1499)) Commercial St NE ((300-2599)) Commercial St SE ((700-2099)) Constitution Ave NW ((1-599)) Copper Ave NE ((400-899)) Copper Ave NW ((100-999)) Cordero Ave NE ((600-799)) Crespin Ave NE ((500-599)) Cromwell Ave SE ((100-799)) Cromwell Ave SW ((200-999)) Cutler Ave NE ((200-499)) Cutler Ave NW ((400-899)) Dan Ave SE ((200-999)) Descanso Rd SE ((200-399)) Don Cipriano Ct NE ((700-799)) Don Tranquilino Ct NE ((700-799)) Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave NE ((300-999)) Edith Blvd NE ((100-2499)) Edith Blvd SE ((100-2899)) Edmund St SE ((3200-3999)) el Bordo Dr SW ((909-999)) Elm St NE ((100-599)) Elm St SE ((100-2299)) Encino Pl ((601-699)) Encino Pl NE ((600-999)) Englewood Dr SE ((200-299)) Eroy St SW ((800-899)) Ethlyn Ave ((500-599)) Ethlyn Ave SE ((500-699)) Euclid Ave NE ((300-399)) First Plaza Center NW ((1-99)) Forrester Ave NW ((800-1099)) Franciscan St NE ((800-2499)) Franklin Ave SE ((100-199)) Fruit Ave ((700-799)) Fruit Ave NE ((400-799)) Fruit Ave NW ((300-1299)) Galena St SE ((1800-2099)) Garfield Ave SE ((100-799)) Gibson Blvd SE ((300-3398)) Gold Ave SE ((100-899)) Gold Ave SW ((100-1399)) Gomez Ave NE ((301-599)) Grand Ave ((126-198)) Grand Ave NE ((126-999)) Grand Ave NW ((100-199)) Granite Ave NE ((300-699)) Granite Ave NW ((100-1299)) Haines Ave NW ((1-799)) Hannett Ave NE ((300-599)) Hannett Ave NW ((200-899)) Hazeldine Ave SE ((200-799)) Hazeldine Ave SW ((100-599)) Highland Park Cir SE ((201-299)) High St NE ((100-1599)) High St SE ((100-2199)) Hill St SW ((2900-2999)) Hinkle St SE ((1900-2799)) Hoshor Ave SE ((100-199)) Hwy 47 ((2180-2599)) Indian School Rd NE ((2-1907)) Indian School Rd NW ((1-699)) Iron Ave SE ((100-899)) Iron Ave SW ((100-1399)) Jesus St SE ((1500-1699)) John St ((2301-2399)) John St NE ((600-799)) John St SE ((100-2999)) Karsten Ct SE ((2500-2899)) Kathryn Ave SE ((200-899)) Keleher Ave NW ((300-799)) Kent Ave NW ((700-1199)) Kinley Ave NE ((400-799)) Kinley Ave NW ((1-899)) Lace Rd SE ((600-699)) Las Lomas Rd NE ((900-1098)) Lead Ave SE ((100-899)) Lead Ave SW ((1-1499)) Legion Rd NE ((1200-1299)) Lena Dr SW ((1700-1704)) Lewis Ave SE ((100-799)) Lewis Ave SW ((600-899)) Lily Ave SE ((200-299)) Locust Pl ((800-899)) Locust St NE ((100-899)) Locust St SE ((200-499)) Lomas Blvd NE ((100-1699)) Lomas Blvd NW ((1-1299)) Los Tomases Dr NW ((1100-1799)) Luna Blvd NW ((400-699)) Luna Cir NW ((700-1099)) Maggies Ave NE ((1000-1099)) Manuel Ave SW ((400-499)) Manzano Ct NW ((1000-1099)) Marble Ave NE ((300-699)) Marble Ave NW ((1-1299)) Maria Ct SE ((400-498)) Marquette Ave NE ((200-499)) Marquette Ave NW ((1-1299)) Marquez Ln SW ((700-899)) Martinez Dr NE ((201-599)) McKnight Ave ((500-599)) Mc Knight Ave NE ((100-399)) Mc Knight Ave NW ((100-599)) McKnight Ave NW ((501-799)) Mechem St SE ((2500-2699)) Medical Arts Ave NE ((900-1199)) Menaul Rd NE ((1600-1999)) Miles Rd SE ((300-499)) Montgomery Blvd NE ((4002-4163)) Mountain Rd NE ((100-1198)) Mountain Rd NW ((1-2199)) North St SW ((117-399)) Nuanes Ln SW ((700-799)) Odelia Rd NE ((200-999)) Ogle Ave SE ((100-199)) Orchard Pl NW ((1000-1299)) Pacific Ave SE ((100-799)) Pacific Ave SW ((200-1099)) Page Ave NE ((600-699)) Park Ave SW ((800-1399)) Peak Ave SW ((600-699)) Placido Martinez Ct NE ((400-499)) Prospect Ave NE ((200-499)) Prospect Ave NW ((100-899)) R Bar Rd ((1-76)) Rio Ave SW ((1300-1499)) Roma Ave NE ((100-699)) Roma Ave NW ((1-1299)) Romana Ave SE ((200-299)) Rosemont Ave NE ((100-599)) Rosemont Ave NW ((1-699)) Ross Ave SE ((800-999)) Salazar Ct SE ((400-498)) San Ignacio Ct NE ((500-599)) San Jose Ave SE ((100-699)) Santa Fe Ave SE ((300-799)) Santa Fe Ave SW ((200-1199)) Silver Ave SE ((100-899)) Silver Ave SW ((200-1399)) Simpier Ln SW ((400-899)) Slate Ave NE ((500-599)) Slate Ave NW ((1-999)) Smith Ave SE ((100-799)) Southern Ave SE ((200-799)) Sprunk Rd NE ((500-599)) Stadium Blvd SE ((100-1109)) State Hwy 14 ((12094-12098)) State Hwy 14 N ((12094-12098)) State Hwy 303 ((1600-2899)) State Hwy 314 ((100-2121)) State Hwy 47 ((100-3099)) State Rte 47 ((100-3099)) Stone St ((1200-1299)) Stone St NE ((1200-1299)) Stover Ave SW ((100-1399)) Summer Ave NW ((1-799)) Thaxton Ave SE ((100-999)) Tijeras Ave NE ((100-499)) Tijeras Ave NW ((1-1399)) Tingley Dr SW ((1500-1599)) Topeka St SE ((2400-3099)) Torreon Ave SE ((600-999)) Towner Ave NE ((400-499)) Towner Ave NW ((400-899)) Tranquilino Ct NE ((700-799)) Trumbull Ave SE ((1-699)) Trumbull Ave SW ((1-199)) Union Square St SE ((100-299)) University Blvd NE ((500-4698)) US Hwy 66 ((801-1399)) Walter St NE ((100-1499)) Walter St SE ((100-2199)) Wesmeco Dr SE ((300-599)) Wheeler Ave SE ((100-899)) William St SE ((800-3099)) Woodward Rd SE ((1-799)) Woodward Rd SW ((1-149)) Wyoming Blvd NE ((5264-5326))

87102 Places and Attractions

10027 Water Well 10028 Water Well 10029 Water Well Access Innovations Incorporated Library Access Inovations Incorporated Air Force Weapons Laboratory Library Alameda Baptist Church Library Albuquerque Albuquerque High School Albuquerque Post Office Albuquerque Publishing Company Journal-Tribune Library Albuquerque Regional Medical Center Albuquerque Techinical Vocational Institute Academic Library Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute Academic Library Albuquerque Temple Albuquerque Weather Station Albuquerque on the Camino Real Historical Marker Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Library Aquinas Newman Center Library Asbury United Methodist Church Library BDM Corporation Information Services Center Library BDM Corporation Information Services Center Library BIA Water Well Barelas Barelas Ditch Barrios for Jesus Church Bernalillo United Methodist Church Blake Road Baptist Church Bright Star Church of God in Christ Brik Ross Memorial Childrens Library Care Unit Hospital of Albuquerque Carrie Tingley Hospital Center for Anthropological Studies Library Christ is Lord Church Incorporated Church of Christ-Inglesia de Cristo Church of God in Christ Mennonite Mission Church of Our Savior Church of the Ascension City OBS 1 Water Well Community Bible Church Convention Center Water Well Coronado Park Coronado School Cougar Club Athletic Field Cristo del Valle Church Dominican Retreat East San Jose Elementary School Eleher Executive Center Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John Erna Fergusson Branch Library Ernie Pyle Branch Library Esperanza Branch Library Faith Tabernacle First Plaza First United Methodist Church Five Points Community Church Foothill Congregation Church Franciscan Provincial House Friendship Baptist Church Grace Apostolic Bible Center Graves Park Harwood Girls School Heights General Hospital Library Helene Fuld Health Occupations Library Highland Park Holy Family Church I-25 Water Well Iglesia De El Nazareno Inglesia Congregational Unida Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute Library JM-2 Water Well John Marshall School Joseph M Montoya Campus Library Juan Tabo Branch Library KGGM Heliport KXKS-AM (Albuquerque) Kaseman Presbyterian Hospital Library Kimo Theater Historic Site Kirtland Air Force Base Library Kirtland Air Force Base West Library Kirtland Medical Library Lew Wallace Elementary School Living Word Christian Outreach Church Lomas Tramway Branch Library Longfellow Elementary School Los Griegos Branch Library Lovelace Medical Library Main Plant 16 Water Well Main Plant Water Well Mainfield 1 ABD Water Well Mainfield 10 Water Well Mainfield 12 Water Well Mainfield 13 Water Well Mainfield 14 Water Well Mainfield 15 Water Well Mainfield 17 Water Well Mainfield 18 Water Well Mainfield 19 Water Well Mainfield 2 ABD Water Well Mainfield 20 Water Well Mainfield 2A Water Well Mainfield 3 Water Well Mainfield 3A Water Well Mainfield 3H Water Well Mainfield 4 ABD Water Well Mainfield 5 ABD Water Well Mainfield 6 Water Well Mainfield 7 Water Well Mainfield 8 ABD Water Well Mainfield 9 Water Well Martinez Town Medical Art Center Memorial Psychiatric Hospital Menaul Historical Library of the Southwest Michalek Brother Bruce J OFM Mount Calvary Cemetery Mountain View Baptist Church Museum of Albuquerque Library NM Youth Diagnostic and Development Center Library Nazarene Indian Bible College New Albuquerque Post Office (historical) New Life Church-South Valley New Mexico Youth Diagnostic and Develpment Center Library Old Albuquerque Post Office (historical) Old San Jose 7 Water Well Old San Jose 8 Water Well Plains Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative Library Rio Grande Baptist Church Rio Grande Park Rio Grande Zoological Park Riverside Baptist Church Robinson Park Rosenwald Building Historic Site Sacred Heart Church Saint Andrews United Methodist Church Saint Edwin Church Saint Francis Xavier School Saint Johns Episcopal Cathedral Saint Joseph Hospital Medical Library Saint Joseph Rehabilitation Hospital Saint Josephs Hospital-West Mesa Medical Library Saint Lukes Baptist Church Saint Mary School Saint Vincent Academy San Ignacio School San Jose San Jose 3 OBS Water Well San Jose 9 Water Well San Jose Cemetery San Jose School San Pedro Branch Library Sandia National Laboratories D3140 Technical Library Sandia National Laboratories D6321 Library Santa Barbara Cemetery Santa Barbara School Santuario De San Martin South Valley Apostolic Church South Valley Branch Library Southside Hispanic Church of God Southwest Assembly Rev Southwestern Indian Polytech Institute Library Spanish Assembly of God Church Special Collections Library Sunset Memorial Park Taylor Ranch Branch Library Telephone Pioneer Museum The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Full Gospel Lighthouse The Light and Life Community Church Tingley Field UNM Childrens Psychiatric Hospital Mimbres School Library UNM Childrens Psychiatric Hospital Mimbres School Library UNM-MHC Partial Hospital Division Library UNM/MHC Partial Hospital Division United States Army Corps of Engineers Albuquerque District Library United States Bureau of Land Management Library United States Department of Energy National Atomic Museum Library United States Geological Survey Water Resources Division Library United States Indian School University of New Mexico Bureau of Business and Economic Research Data B University of New Mexico Bureau of Business and Economic Research Data Bank Library University of New Mexico Centennial Science and Engineering Library University of New Mexico Fine Arts Library University of New Mexico General Library University of New Mexico Medical Center Library University of New Mexico Parish Memorial Library University of New Mexico School of Law Library Valley Gospel Tabernacle Washington Middle School Well 8 Water Well Wells Park West San Jose School Western Heights Assembly of God Church Westgate Baptist Church Wyoming Regional Branch Library