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87020 Street Addresses

1st St ((100-1346)) 2nd St ((100-1332)) 3rd St ((100-1504)) 4th St ((100-1314)) 5th St ((100-199)) Acoma St ((102-1498)) Adams Ave ((100-299)) Alamo St ((401-499)) Alcazar St ((800-899)) Alhambra St ((800-899)) Alvarado Ct ((1-99)) Anderman St ((100-10999)) Andrew St ((1-198)) Ann St ((1901-2199)) Archer St ((200-599)) Ash St ((400-1199)) Aspen Ave ((200-599)) Aspen St ((2-499)) Austin Ave ((600-1299)) Badd Rd ((1-99)) Balboa Ct ((1-99)) Balsam St ((300-798)) Beacon ((700-798)) Beacon St ((600-798)) Betty Dr ((200-499)) Betty Rd ((201-299)) Birch Ct ((100-199)) Birch St ((1000-11099)) Black Mesa Dr ((1601-1699)) Black Mesa Rd ((1-99)) Black Mesa St ((100-298)) Blue Spruce Dr ((1700-1999)) Bonita Ave ((100-1299)) Bonita St ((1200-1298)) Bradley St ((901-999)) Bratton St ((700-1299)) Breece Ave ((100-299)) Breeze St ((100-298)) Bridle Ln ((1400-1499)) Buena Vida ((1-1199)) Cactus Dr ((1700-1799)) Candelaria Ln ((90001-100799)) Carrie Ln ((2-98)) Catalina Ave ((1-1099)) Cedar Dr ((1700-1799)) Cementary Rd ((1-96599)) Cemetery Rd ((1-99)) Central Ave ((100-699)) Chaco Ave ((1300-1699)) Charles St ((100-899)) Chavez St ((0-1199)) Chestnut Dr ((901-1099)) Chestnut St ((901-949)) Cibola Ct ((700-898)) Cibola Sands Loop ((2-98)) Clara St ((100-299)) Clay Basin Rd ((1-99)) Clay St ((311-599)) Clovis Ave ((600-1299)) Coke Oven Rd ((100-198)) College Blvd ((700-1599)) Conquistadores Rd ((2-98)) Co Rd 18 ((80000-85099)) Co Rd 18A ((1-99)) Co Rd 19A ((2-8)) Co Rd 27 ((1-1199)) Co Rd 41 ((229-231)) Cordova Court Ave ((1200-1322)) Cordova Ct ((1200-1899)) Coronado Ct ((1-99)) Cortez St ((300-1299)) Cotton Tail Dr ((1-99)) Cottonwood Dr ((100-199)) Crestview ((1-99)) Dale Cornute Rd ((501-599)) David St ((200-299)) Davis Ave ((300-3098)) Davis St ((100-3098)) Deanna Lee St ((400-599)) Deer Trl ((100-1799)) del Norte Ave ((1022-1127)) del Norte Blvd ((1200-1799)) Dennie Lynn St ((400-499)) Devargas Ct ((1-99)) Dixie St ((400-499)) Dona Ave ((401-1599)) Dora St ((100-199)) E High Ave ((100-1199)) Eileen St ((100-299)) el Camino Ct ((91-109)) el Capitan Loop ((101-1146)) Elder St ((400-499)) el Dorado Ct ((62-87)) Elena St ((300-399)) Elkins Hill Rd ((200-298)) Elkins Rd ((2-498)) Elkins St ((1442-1598)) Elko Ave ((600-799)) Elma St ((100-199)) Elm Dr ((300-1199)) el Nido Ct ((900-999)) Enchanted Mesa ((0-1799)) Enchanted Mesa Trl ((1700-1799)) Enchanted Mesa Trl E ((1-99)) Encino Ave ((1000-1799)) Encino Dr ((1001-1199)) E Sage St ((700-799)) E Santa Fe Ave ((100-1399)) E Sargent St ((600-1099)) Estancia Ave ((1200-1599)) E Stephens Ave ((100-999)) E Terrace Dr ((700-1599)) Febco St ((1506-1698)) Felsic Rd ((1-99)) Flagstaff Ave ((600-899)) Forest Park Rd ((1300-1320)) Forest Svc 193 Rd ((80000-80098)) Fortuna Ct ((1-99)) Franciscan Ave ((1100-1898)) Frost Ave ((800-899)) Frost St ((800-899)) Gabaldon Ave ((1200-1699)) Geis St ((100-1099)) George Hanosh Blvd ((301-399)) Georgiana Ave ((1101-1298)) Georgianna St ((1600-1698)) Glenn St ((2-299)) Glynn St ((100-199)) Gold Ave ((100-1299)) Golden Dr ((101-199)) Golden Willow Ct ((100-199)) Golf Coarse Rd ((301-399)) Goloen Acers ((1-99)) Goltz Dr ((100-199)) Green Ash Ct ((100-199)) Greenleaf Ct ((100-199)) Grey St ((400-599)) Gunnison Ave ((600-1198)) Hackberry Ct ((100-199)) Hamilton Rd ((1-399)) Harrison Ave ((100-299)) Haystack Pl ((500-598)) Hermosa Ct ((100-199)) Hernosa Ct ((100-199)) High St ((200-1198)) Hill St ((701-898)) Horace Rd ((101-199)) Houston Ave ((700-1199)) Hst Rte 66 ((100-2599)) Ice Cave Rd ((1500-9598)) Ice Caves Rd ((400-9598)) Inwood Ave ((600-1199)) Inwood Ct ((800-899)) Iron Ave ((100-1099)) Jackson Ave ((600-1099)) Jamie St ((501-599)) Jefferson Ave ((200-899)) Jefferson Dr ((401-499)) Jelso Ave ((1200-12299)) Jemez Ave ((1000-1099)) Jensen St ((400-499)) Johnson St ((100-1399)) Juniper Ct ((1700-1799)) Juniper Dr ((1700-1799)) Kabrico Dr ((1000-1098)) Kingman Ave ((600-1099)) K Kids Loop ((101-199)) Laguna Ave ((500-598)) Laguna St ((500-898)) Laurie Lee Dr ((700-799)) Lava Pl ((300-1799)) Lava Rd ((100-398)) Lawrence Rd ((1-198)) Leach Ave ((100-599)) Lead Ave ((201-299)) Leon Dr ((1000-1199)) Lincoln Ave ((101-299)) Little Mountain Rd ((2-299)) Lobo Camp ((80004-80098)) Lobo Canyon Creek Rd ((85001-85099)) Lobo Canyon Rd ((200-2098)) Lobo Creek Rd ((1-85099)) Los Pinos Dr ((1700-1799)) Lubbock Ave ((800-898)) Main St ((138-528)) Marquez Ave ((1200-1299)) Martinez Ave ((1200-1299)) McArthur St ((100-299)) Melvin St ((600-999)) Mesa Blvd ((801-1298)) Michael St ((2-199)) Monroe Ave ((100-299)) Moore St ((201-299)) Mountain Rd ((200-499)) Mount Taylor Ave ((800-899)) Mount Taylor Dr ((1100-1399)) Mt Taylor Ave ((1101-1199)) Mt Taylor Blvd ((1224-1298)) Mulber St ((1-99)) Nancy Ct ((100-199)) N Breece St ((100-198)) N Breeze St ((100-299)) N Hills Blvd ((1500-2098)) Nimitz Ave ((201-399)) Nimitz Dr ((100-499)) N Iron Ave ((1001-1099)) North Dr ((800-898)) Orion St ((2000-2098)) Oso Ridge Rte ((300-698)) Otto St ((800-899)) Panorama Dr ((1-99)) Paseu del Maribal ((6-1899)) Patton St ((100-198)) Peek St ((700-799)) Peel St ((800-1598)) Pena Dr ((401-499)) Pine Hurst Ct ((100-199)) Pine St ((113-199)) Pinon St ((2-198)) Ponderosa ((1-1098)) Ponderosa Ln ((301-399)) Prewitt St ((1500-1799)) Radio St ((200-299)) Ralph Card Rd ((1900-2099)) Ravenwood Rd ((1405-1499)) Red Mountain Rd ((229-231)) Redondo Ln ((300-399)) Reid St ((800-899)) Ridge Runner Rd ((1-99)) Rio Ln ((1-99)) River Ln ((500-598)) Robbie Ln ((300-399)) Roberta Rd ((1101-1199)) Robert's Rd ((2-199)) Rodeo Ground Rd ((1000-1099)) Rodeo Grounds Rd ((1000-1098)) Rodeo Rd ((1000-1098)) Roosevelt Ave ((100-1699)) Rose Ct ((101-199)) Ross St ((800-899)) Rouse Ave ((100-199)) Russell Ave ((500-599)) Saddlehorn Trl ((1300-1399)) Sage Ave ((501-999)) Sage St ((400-10398)) Sakelares ((1001-1099)) Sanchez Dr ((1-2098)) Sanchez Tracks ((1-99)) Sand St ((101-798)) San Jose Ave ((700-798)) San Jose Dr ((300-1599)) San Mated Lake Rd ((2-98)) San Mated Main St ((1-90599)) San Mateo Rd ((1-90598)) Santa Marina St ((800-899)) Sargent Ave ((200-1099)) Second St ((418-499)) Seville ((1001-1099)) Seville Loop ((800-1299)) Seville St ((1001-1099)) Short St ((800-1098)) Silver Ave ((100-298)) S Lawrence Rd ((1-99)) Smith St ((200-1099)) Smokey Cir ((200-299)) South St ((201-498)) Squawbush Ct ((100-199)) Squirrel Rd ((1-99)) State Rte 122 ((2001-2599)) State Rte 547 ((700-799)) State Rte 606 ((138-196)) Stephens Ave ((500-504)) Stewart St ((700-799)) Stirrup Ct ((1200-1299)) St Peter Dr ((700-799)) Sunflower Ln ((1-99)) Sunny Dale Rd ((500-598)) Teresa St ((100-699)) Terrace Loop ((1500-1699)) Third St ((300-398)) Thunderbird Rd ((2-199)) Tietjen St ((1500-1599)) Trinity Rd ((1400-1499)) Trotter Rd SW ((8400-8798)) Truman Ave ((201-1199)) Tumbleweed Rd ((200-4299)) Uranium Ave ((201-1099)) Valencia Rd ((401-599)) Valley Dr ((100-1599)) Vernon Ave ((201-499)) Vernon St ((300-399)) Wagon Wheel Rd ((1-498)) Warren St ((600-1498)) Washington Ave ((101-12298)) Watertank Hill Ave ((2-98)) Wayne Ave ((100-199)) Well Site Rd ((2-98)) Westbrook Rd ((1601-1699)) Westbrook St ((1600-1698)) West St ((500-599)) W High St ((200-1299)) W Hwy 66 ((2001-2599)) Willow Dr ((300-399)) W Roosevelt Ave ((300-499)) W Santa Fe Ave ((100-2599)) W Stephens Ave ((100-399)) W Terrace Dr ((1500-1699)) Yokum St ((200-399)) Zuni Canyon Rd ((1800-6099))

87020 Places and Attractions

10010 Water Well 10011 Water Well 10012 Water Well 10062 Water Well 10063 Water Well 10064 Water Well 10066 Water Well 10067 Water Well 16T-552 Water Well Acoma Pueblo Indian Land Ambrosia Lake Anaconda Section Nine Mine Ann Lee Mine Number One Arroyo del Puerto Baca Number 6 Water Well Baca Siding Baca Tank Bajar Quemazon Bajios Largo Bajios Redondos Barbara J Number 1 Mine Basalt Quarry Baties Shopping Center Berryhill Ranch Bible Baptist Church Bibos Station Water Well Big Spring Black Hawk Mine Boone Mine Bosque Spring Bridge Spring Buck Tank Buckey Number 1 Mine Buckhorn Spring Bull Pasture Tank Burro Canyon Campbell Tank Carter Well Castillo Canyon Castillo One Water Well Cañon Seco Cañovitas Spring Cedar Number 1 Cerro Colorado Cerro Venada Christmas Day Group Chute Mesa Cibola General Hospital Cienaga Spring Cliff Spring Cliffside Mine Coal Mine Canyon Picnic Area Colorado Spring Corner Spring Cubero Airport Dakota Mine Dalco Mine De Armand Spring De Armand Spring Dead Cow Canyon Don Andres Hill Dos Lomas Double Jerry Dry Canyon Duck Tank Dysart Mine Number 1 East Grants Ridge East Lobo Spring El Cañoncito El Puertecito El Rito Canyon El Rito Spring El Rito Tank El Tintero Elizabeth Group Elkins Prewitt Pit Faith Mine Farris Mine Febco Tunnel Number 1 Federal Mine Fernandez First United Methodist Church Flat Mesa Flat Top Mine Flea Doris Extension Flea Mine Gay Eagle Mine George Tank Goat Mountain Golden P Roundy Mine Gooseberry Spring Gossett Grants Grants Canyon Grants Chamber of Commerce and Mining Museum Grants Christian Academy Grants District Ranger Station Grants High School Grants Historical Marker Grants Mission Grants Perlite Mine Grants Post Office Grants Ridge Grants Weather Station Green Pick Twenty Uranium Deposit Griego Pit Guadalupe Canyon Hanosh Mine Havre Point Haystack Archaeological District Haystack Mine Haystack Mountain Haystack Open Pit Haystack Underground Mine Hijinio Draw Hill Number Seven Mine Hogan Mine Holly Homestake F-33 Mine Homestake-New Mexico Partners Mine Homestake-Sapin Mine Number 15 Homestake-Sapin Mine Number 23 Homestake-Sapin Mine Number 25 Hope Mine Horace Mesa Horace and Quemazon Deposit Hoskins and Robinson Pit Ike Number 1 Isabella Jesus Mesa Jim Point Jim Tank Johnny M Mine Julian Hill June Mine June Mine Junior Mine KLLT-FM (Grants) KMIN-AM (Grants) Kermac Mine Number 22 Kermac Mine Number 30 Kermac Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant Kermac Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant Kermac Number 10 Mine Kerr McGee Pit 31-13-9 Kerr McGee Storage Dam Kerr-Mac Water Well Kerr-McGee Tailings Dam Pond Number One Kin Nizhoni Archaeological District La Jara Mesa La Mosca Canyon La Mosca Spring La Mosca Tank Laguna del Monte Lane Ranch Lane Spring Last Chance Mine Lee Lee Ranch Lee Stock Tank Limestone Quarry Little Haystack Mountain Little Turkey Spring Lobo Canyon Lobo Creek Lobo Picnic Ground Lobo Springs Lobo Stock Tank Loma de la Gloria Lone Pine Number Three Los Alamitos Middle School Lower American Spring Lower Lillies Spring Malpais Manuel Spring Marcus Mine Marcus Ranch Marinelli Pit Marquez Canyon Marquez Mine Martin Draw Martinez Mine Melrich Group Mesa Montanosa Mesa Montanosa Mesa Tank Mesa Top Mine Mesa Top Seven Mesa View Elementary School Mesa de Ortega Mimes Tank Mine Number 17 Mine Number 24 Mirabel Spring Mormon Tank Morrow Mine Mother Whiteside Memorial Library Mount Taylor Mount Taylor Historical Marker Mount Taylor Mine Mount Taylor Ranger Station Muggy Point Mule Tank New Mexico State University Grants Branch New Mexico State University-Grants Library Nite Group Ojo Piedra Palo Verde Group Parsons Ranch Pentecostal School Phillips Petroleum Ambrosia Mill Phillips Water Well Phillips Water Well Pine Spring Poison Canyon Poison Canyon Mine Prewitt Post Office Pumice Spring Rafael Canyon Rancho Del Puerto Raton Spring Revis Spring Rinconada Canyon Rinconada Mine Rock Spring Rock Tank Roman Hill Round Butte Roundy Mine Roundy Ranch Roundy Stock Tank Saint Joseph Elementary School Saint Theresa of Avila School Saint Theresas Avila Church Salazar Spring Salazar Tank San Fidel San Fidel Cemetery San Fidel Parish House Belfrey San Fidel Post Office (historical) San Fidel Weather Station San Jose San Mateo San Mateo Canyon San Mateo Church San Mateo Elementary San Mateo Lake Dam San Mateo Mesa San Mateo Mine San Mateo Mountains San Mateo Post Office San Mateo Reservoir San Mateo Spring San Mateo Tank Sandoval Spring Sandstone Mine Scojohn Group Seco Spring Section Thirty-three Mine Silver Spur Mine Smokey Circle Spruce Tank Spud Patch Taffy Tafoya Canyon Telephone Spring Test Well 79-1 Water Well Thirteenth Judicial District Law Library Three Jacks Mine Tiet jen Ranch Timber Canyon Todilto Mine Number Two Tom 13 Trough Spring Tso-Dzil Ranch Turkey Spring Turkey Springs Pit Twin Spring Two Fault Butte UDC-1 UDC-5 United Western Mine Upper Lillies Spring Uran Deposit Uranium Deposit Uranium Deposit Uranium Deposit Uranium Deposit Uranium Deposit Uranium Prospects Uranium Prospects Vallejo Mine Vanadium Number 1 Vanadium Prospect Voght Tank WX Lobo Pit Western New Mexico Correctional Facility Library Western Section Twenty One Mine Westvaco Mine Youngs Tank Zia Zia Mines