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Teec Nos Pos ZIP Codes

Teec Nos Pos

86514 Schools


  • T'Iis Nazbas Community School
  • Red Mesa Junior High School
  • Red Mesa High School
  • Red Mesa Elementary School
  • Native - Red Valley/Cove High School
  • Native - Red Mesa High School
  • Census



    ZIP Code 86514 is located in Apache County (81.60%) San Juan County (18.40%)

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    Alcove Canyon Alcove Mesa Altar Mesa Bear Trail Canyon Between the Rocks Black Hill Black Rock Black Rock Canyon Black Rock Canyon Spring Black Rock Point Black Rock Ridge Carrizo Mission School Carrizo Mountains Chezhindeza Mesa Copper Mine Cove Mesa Cowboy Wash Cowboy Wash Cow Butte Dry Farm Wash Dry Mesa Eagle Nest Canyon Emmanuel Mission Female Point Female Rock Flat Mesa Floating House Ruins Forst Spring Goat Spring Gothic Mesa Greyhouse Well Hogansaani Spring Hosteen Tso Wash Immanuel Mission School Kinusta Mesa Kit Sili Wash Marble Wash Martin Mine Massacre Point Mexican Cry Mine Mexican Spring Mexican Water Mexican Water Recreation Area Mexican Water Trading Post Mildred Mine Morans Camp Navajo Lutheran Missions Nokaito Bench Pastora Peak Potato Rock Rattlesnake Mine Red Mesa Red Mesa Red Mesa Red Mesa Canyon Red Mesa Census Designated Place Red Mesa Day School Red Mesa Elementary and Junior High School Red Mesa High School Red Mesa Pumping Station Red Shirt Reservoir Rescue Rock Mesa Rock Pointing West Rockwell Flat Sah Tah Mine Salt Spring Segi Ho Cho Mesa Short Grass Canyon Shorthair Well Sidehill Spring Small Canyon Splashing Water Canyon Stop Trail Spring Sunnyside Mesa Sweetwater Chapter Sweetwater Division Sweetwater Wash Teec Nos Pos Teec Nos Pos Ambulance Service Teec Nos Pos Boarding School Teec Nos Pos Canyon Teec Nos Pos Census Designated Place Teec Nos Pos Chapter Teec Nos Pos Chapter House Teec Nos Pos Landing Strip Teec Nos Pos Wash Tes Nez Iah Three Gray Hills Tohache Recreation Area Toh Atin Mesa Toh Chin Lini Canyon Toh Chin Lini Mesa Toh Dahstini Spring Totacon Tsa Yah Das Iahi Spring Tseh Any Tse Ligai Tseligaideeza Canyon Tsitah Valley Tso Tsosic Wash Twin Falls Two Red Rocks Tzelena Canyon Walker Butte Walker Creek Walker Creek Arch Walker Creek Reservoir Waterfall Spring West Mesa Whitebelly Wash White Mesa White Rock Wash Willow Spring Willow Spring Wash Window Rock Yellow Rock Point Zilbetod Peak