Fort Defiance, AZ 86504 ZIP Code Map


Fort Defiance ZIP Codes

Fort Defiance

86504 Schools


  • Tse'Hootsooi Elementary School
  • Sawmill Elementary School
  • Dine Bi'Olta (Immersion School)
  • Tse Ho Tso Primary Learning Center
  • Window Rock High School
  • Tsehootsooi Middle School
  • Tse Ho Tso Intermediate Learning Center
  • Integrated Preschool
  • Native - Window Rock High School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 86504 is located in Apache County (87.60%) McKinley County (12.40%)

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    86504 Places and Attractions

    Bat Canyon Beehbito Spring Black Creek Black Creek Valley Black Rock Black Rock Natural Bridge Bonita Trading Post Bonito Canyon Bonito Creek Bonito Spring Bonito Spring Bonito Valley (historical) Buell Mountain Buell Park Cattail Wash Chee Dodge Ranch Cold Spring Cold Spring Wash Cold Water Wash Coyote Wash Crystal Creek Deer Springs Creek Defiance Plateau Falling Iron Cliffs Fort Defiance Fort Defiance Census Designated Place Fort Defiance Chapter Fort Defiance Elementary School Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Fort Defiance Junior High School Fort Defiance Post Office Fort Defiance Presbyterian Church Fort Defiance Trading Post Glofer Spring Good Shepherd Mission Horse Track Canyon Kailcheebito Spring KTNN-AM (Window Rock) Manuelito Plateau Milkwater Mule Canyon Natural Bridge Canyon Navajo Nation Department of Fire and Rescue Services Station 12 Fort Defiance Fire Department Oak Spring Oak Spring Palisade Creek Piney Hill Piney Hill Creek Piney Hill Wash Quartzite Wash Reservoir Red Butte Rodeo Ground Corral Salt Spring Sawmill Sawmill Census Designated Place Sawmill Chapter Sawmill Post Office Sawmill Primary Learning Center Sawmill Trading Post Sawmill Wash (historical) Slick Rock Slick Rock Wash Slick Rock Wash Small Twin Canyon Sonsela Buttes South Fork Bonito Creek Spider Rock Star Peak Springs Sterrett Mesa Sunsela Saddle Talhchoze Tohe Meadow Tohnalchai Spring Tokezje Spring Tsehootsooi Dine Bi'olta Immersion School Tsehootsooi Elementary School Tsehootsooi Middle School Whiskey Creek Whiskey Reservoir White Clay White Clay Spring White Clay Spring Wash White Clay Spring Wash White Clay Windmill Wind around the Rock Well Window Rock High School Yellowhair Spring