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  • Yucca Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 86438 is located in Mohave County

    86438 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((3813-12373)) 1st St ((12286-12298)) 2nd Ave ((12300-12312)) 2nd St ((12133-12371)) 3rd Ave ((3825-3865)) 3rd St ((12179-12338)) 4th Ave ((12238-12254)) 4th St ((12221-12352)) 6th Ave ((3844-3850)) Adamana Rd ((1-14198)) Akchuk Rd ((17301-17399)) Alamo Crossing Rd ((13501-15499)) Alamo Rd ((13501-15499)) Alan Rd ((13583-13999)) Alichuck Rd ((15900-15998)) Ali Chuck Rd ((15201-15299)) Ali Chuk Rd ((17301-17399)) Ali-Chuk Rd ((10048-14899)) Anegam Rd ((11250-14998)) Angell Rd ((101-14999)) Angel Rd ((101-10365)) Apache Rd ((1-99)) Appaloosa Dr ((7701-7799)) Appaloosa Rd ((20600-21498)) Arlington Rd ((1000-15198)) Ashurst Rd ((14298-14999)) Bat Masterson Rd ((16401-16499)) Bennie Rd ((1100-11360)) Bert Ave ((16201-16399)) Betty Dr ((2101-2199)) Billy the Kid Rd ((901-19498)) Bonanza Rd ((20600-20698)) Boriana Mine Rd ((1-3699)) Boulder Dr ((5801-5899)) Bronco Dr ((1700-3198)) Butch Cassidy Rd ((15100-19298)) Cactus Rd ((14000-14999)) Calabasas Rd ((3001-14299)) Carmen Rd ((15200-15300)) Carrow Rd ((11500-11999)) Cascabel Rd ((12101-13999)) Cass Rd ((12600-12798)) Castle Butte Rd ((3001-10999)) Cattle Crossing Rd ((19800-20699)) Central Rd ((11000-11198)) Cheyenne Rd ((100-21799)) Cholla Dr ((1100-2099)) Cicio Rd ((1301-3599)) Clife Rd ((15300-15399)) Cliff Rd ((14000-14999)) Cochise Rd ((16201-16299)) Co Hwy 133 ((21801-21899)) Co Hwy 15 ((13501-15499)) Co Hwy 231 ((1701-3099)) Co Hwy 253 ((400-3498)) Cortaro Rd ((10700-10999)) Creosote Dr ((1000-6098)) Cresote Dr ((4501-6098)) Crystal Springs Rd ((2700-2798)) Dale Evans Rd ((19701-20298)) Dean Dr ((1-99)) Denise Ln ((16301-16499)) Desert Willow Dr ((4601-4699)) Desierto Rd ((2600-3198)) Desirato ((2600-2698)) Desirto Rd ((2600-2698)) Diamondback ((19501-20398)) Diamond Back Rd ((21000-21098)) Diego Rd ((16600-16898)) Doc Holiday Rd ((19901-20599)) Dorothy Rd ((16900-16998)) Douglas Ln ((16300-16999)) Dutch Flat Rd ((19001-19099)) E Creosote Dr ((1000-1098)) E Crystal Springs Rd ((5201-5299)) E Flattop Dr ((3101-3199)) E Glimpse Dr ((3101-3199)) E Margaret Dr ((1300-1398)) E Mountain View Rd ((3301-3399)) E Rimrock Dr ((4201-4299)) E Shadow Ln ((1901-2099)) Fireside ((5200-5298)) Fireside Dr ((2501-3398)) Flattop Dr ((3101-3199)) Frontage Rd ((12401-12431)) Gene Autry Rd ((17201-19198)) Golden Spr ((15601-15699)) Gold Mine Rd ((19800-19899)) Gunsmoke Rd ((18001-18099)) Hansen Rd ((11500-11999)) Haven Dr ((5600-5799)) Holiday Rd ((3301-3399)) Horseshoe Rd ((300-398)) Javalina ((19400-19498)) Javalina Rd ((21301-21899)) Jenny Rd ((11303-11403)) Jesse James Rd ((16400-16899)) John Wayne Rd ((19201-19398)) Juniper Dr ((1701-1799)) Kinard Rd ((11275-11343)) Kit Carson Rd ((3700-19798)) Knox Dr ((1701-3099)) Lawton Rd ((16501-16998)) Lebarron Rd ((2600-2798)) Lone Ranger Rd ((16300-21698)) Lost Loot Rd ((20601-21899)) Mandin Dr ((3700-3798)) Mary Beth Dr ((1300-1398)) Mary Dr ((2300-2645)) Melissa Ln ((5000-5499)) Melissa Rd ((5000-5499)) Mesquite Dr ((3400-7498)) Mesquite Rd ((3400-3498)) Milta Way ((16801-16899)) Mohave Rd ((15200-15301)) Mountain View Dr ((6301-6399)) Mountain View Rd ((3900-3999)) Nolan Rd ((11601-11693)) Pearl Hart Rd ((15100-15198)) Pipeline Rd ((18300-18398)) Planet Ranch Rd ((21801-21899)) Rainbow Rd ((11301-11399)) Ray Rd ((11700-11898)) Red Lake Rd ((11700-20826199)) Red Rock Rd ((1200-10457)) Richard Rd ((15100-15298)) Rillito Rd ((11000-11198)) Roadrunner Rd ((20300-20398)) Robles Rd ((11400-11498)) Rock Ledge Dr ((1-6599)) Rosewell Rd ((2-4)) Rubles Rd ((1-99)) Rutz Rd ((13616-13727)) S Alamo Rd ((15401-15499)) Santa Fe Ranch Rd ((1000-2798)) S Bert Ave ((16300-16398)) S Billy the Kid Rd ((19200-19498)) S Butch Cassidy Rd ((18301-18399)) S Calamity Jane Rd ((2201-19498)) S Carmen Rd ((15200-15300)) S Cattle Crossing Rd ((19800-19898)) S Cherry Rd ((15200-15386)) S Cheyenne Rd ((20800-20999)) S Cisco Kid Rd ((18701-19599)) S Cocopaw ((13600-13698)) S Dale Evans Rd ((19701-20298)) S Dateland Rd ((11700-11998)) S Denise Ave ((16301-16499)) S Doc Holiday Rd ((19001-19099)) S Douglas Ln ((16300-16498)) S Douglass Ln ((16300-16498)) S Faye Ave ((16201-16399)) S Gabby Hayes Rd ((21301-21399)) S Gene Autry Rd ((18601-18699)) Shadow Ln ((5801-5899)) Shadow Ridge Rd ((7701-7799)) S Hillery Ave ((16200-16498)) S Johnson Ln ((16200-16499)) S Loma Linda Ave ((16200-16498)) S Loma Linda Ln ((16300-16499)) S Lone Ranger Rd ((18401-21698)) S Lynn Ave ((16201-16499)) Southview Dr ((5501-5699)) S Rillito Rd ((11700-11898)) S Shep Ln ((16200-16498)) S Tom Mix Rd ((19701-19799)) Strait Rd ((3200-3271)) Sundance Kid Rd ((700-21499)) Sundance Rd ((18701-18799)) Sundown Dr ((5300-6099)) Sunvalley Dr ((3001-3099)) S Via Montoya Rd ((17300-17398)) S Wyatt Earp Rd ((16401-16499)) Thelma Dr ((1701-2698)) Tom Mix Rd ((18000-19799)) Tortoise ((19000-20499)) Tortoise Rd ((21600-21698)) Via Linda Dr ((3300-3398)) Via Linda Rd ((3300-3398)) Voss Rd ((2600-3221)) W Dieserto Rd ((2600-2698)) Wild Bill Rd ((14700-19599)) W Santa Fe Ranch Rd ((2600-2798)) Wyatt Earp Rd ((16401-19898)) Yellow Bird Dr ((2100-2198)) Yellow Bird Rd ((2100-3698)) Yucca Rd ((15200-15387))

    86438 Places and Attractions

    Alamo Crossing (historical) Alamo Spring American Mine Antler Mine Antler Mine Arizona Yucca Mine Arrastra Canyon Arrastra Mountain Arrastra Mountain Wilderness Arrowhead Spring Arrowweed Spring Artillery Mountains Artillery Peak Asa Spring Aubrey Peak Aubrey Peak Wilderness Baker Well Bar I-L Wash Bateman Spring Beecher Canyon Beecher Spring Bee Springs Big Kimble Mine Big Sandy River Black Canyon Spring Black Diamond Mine Black Mesa Black Mesa Blacksmith Canyon Blacksmith Canyon Well Blue Mary Spring Blue Rock Bonanza Mine Boriana Canyon Boriana Mines Boriana Well Buckhorn Tank Buck Mountains Burch Peak Burro and Cottonwood Well Burro Canyon Burro Wash Burro Well Cactus Mountain Cactus Queen Mine Castaneda Hills Castaneda Peak Castaneda Wash Castaneda Well Cattail Spring Cavalliere Ranch Cedar Cedric Tank Cedric Well Centennial Wash Chapin Wash Chappo Spring Chino Spring Cleopatra Mine Colorado Spring Copper Creek Copper World Mine Corral Spring Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cow Creek Coyote Well Creamery Canyon Crozier Tank Crozier Wash Crozier Well Daryls Well Deadman Spring Deer Canyon Deer Canyon Well Deer Trail Mine Desert Tank Dugwell Canyon Dunlap Mine Dutch Flat Eagle Point Eagle Point Well Eagle Rock Well East Yucca Interchange Eaton Tank End Spring Ester Basin Fisher Camp Flattop Flat Top Tank Fools Peak Ford Motor Company Automotive Proving Ground Airstrip Four Hundred Tank Four Hundred Well Gem Acres Interchange Gilroy Canyon Goldbug Mine Government Wash Granite Peak Grapevine Spring Grapevine Spring Graveyard Wash Greenwood Hackberry Canyon Hackberry Spring Happy Jack Underpass Haystack Tank Hibernia Peak Hill Tank Hualapai Mountains Ideal Mine Keenan Camp Kingman South Division (historical) Lake Havasu City Division Lake Mine Lancaster Creek Lead Pill Mine Little Kimble Mine Little Trough Spring Lola Mine Loves Camp Loves Mine Lower Beecher Well Lower Cypress Spring Mackenzie Creek Madril Peak Madril Wash Maggie Canyon Maggie Mine Maggie Tank Maggie Wash McCracken Mine McCracken Mountains McCracken Peak McGuffie Mine Miller Mountain Misery Well Mississippi Wash Mud Spring Neeye Mine New England Mine New Well Number Five Trough Number Four Trough Number Three Trough Number Two Trough Old Ranch Well Olea Ranch Orejano Peak Oz Yoke Spring Palo Verde Mine Pine Peak Pipeline Spring Plancha Mountain Poachie Range Poachie Spring Potts Mountain Potts Tank Priceless Mine Rawhide Mine Rawhide Mountains Rawhide Wash Red Top Mine Roadside Tank Rock Creek Spring Rockhouse Cabin Round Valley Rupley Wash Rupley Well San Francisco Mine Santa Maria River Scotts Well Scotts Well Seven Hundred Well Seventeen Mile Ranch Shannon Mine Sheep Mounts Well Shot Up Tank Shot Up Well Signal Area Cemetery Signal Canyon Signal Mountain Signal Spring Stouts Well Tompkins Canyon Township Tank Tubs Upper Beecher Well Valencia Wash Virginia City (historical) Wabayuma Peak Wabayuma Peak Wilderness West Yucca Interchange White Rock Yucca Yucca Army Air Field (historical) Yucca Cemetery Yucca Census Designated Place Yucca Elementary School Yucca Fire Department Yucca Ford Automotive Proving Grounds Yucca Ford Proving Grounds Control Tower Yucca Post Office Yucca Wash