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Kirkland ZIP Codes


86332 Schools


  • Yarnell Elementary School
  • Kirkland Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 86332 is located in Yavapai County

    86332 Street Addresses

    Aggie Hodge Rd ((102-18798)) Aggie Hope Rd ((102-18798)) Anna Smith Rd ((18500-18699)) Apache Way ((1-16199)) Azure Dr ((473-739)) Baby Hamiton Rd ((100-18699)) Bagdad Rd ((18601-18799)) Betty Lou Ln ((7200-7499)) Betty Lue Ln ((7200-7499)) Blue Sky Dr ((2-17099)) Buckhorn Dr ((17001-17127)) Buck Horn Dr ((17001-17599)) Carnaby Ln ((8200-8498)) Cedar Cir ((4200-4298)) Center Fire Rd ((15301-15399)) Champion Trl ((8600-8698)) Claridge Ln ((8000-8398)) Cliffs Pkwy ((301-437)) Co Rd 10 ((578-8299)) Country Club Dr ((100-18499)) Country Club Rd ((18001-18499)) Derry Dr ((7600-7699)) Devon Dr ((8301-9098)) Donald Trl ((8700-9399)) Emerson Dr ((2-8399)) E Windmill Rd ((100-12999)) Farrington Ln ((7900-8699)) Gold Dollar Rd ((25225-25237)) Grattan Dr ((7901-7999)) Gratten Rd ((101-199)) Hanshaw St ((300-26983)) Henley Rd ((18300-18499)) Henry Coe Rd ((18100-18499)) Hozoni Ranch Rd ((11101-11199)) Iron Horse Rd ((1400-4198)) Iron Horse Yava Rd ((300-4099)) Iron Springs Rd ((7937-8999)) Jerry Holbrook Rd ((1-18699)) John Fry Ave ((200-18499)) John Frye Rd ((200-18598)) Joseph Hodge Rd ((100-18565)) Juniper Dr ((17500-19799)) Kensington Ln ((301-8498)) Kirkland Rd ((1-12299)) Lava Ridge Rd ((17300-17398)) Leatherman Dr ((3600-3698)) Magby Ln ((101-9098)) Mather Rd ((8201-8499)) Mayo Dr ((7900-8499)) Model Creek Rd ((17100-19099)) Monte Cristo Rd ((16501-17698)) Mountain Cir ((18101-18199)) Mule Shoe Ranch Rd ((500-3150)) Musgrove Rd ((100-6641)) N Ridge Ln ((8200-8399)) Oak Dr ((2-17898)) Old Hwy ((200-3098)) Old Skull Valley Rd ((200-3098)) Peeples Valley Rd ((100-18998)) Pioneer Ave ((18101-18499)) Pioneer Rd ((18101-18499)) Pm Henley Ave ((200-18398)) Polk Ln ((300-398)) Railroad Ave ((101-8898)) Rancho el Oso Rd ((12200-12298)) Ranch Rd ((16901-18198)) Raven Rd ((17401-18299)) Ravens Nook Rd ((17401-17499)) Reeves Rd ((17401-18299)) Rich Hill Rd ((200-18398)) Ruger Ranch Pprd ((14601-14699)) S Azure Dr ((473-534)) S Bantry Dr ((1-8499)) S Bristol Blvd ((101-8399)) S Canterbury Dr ((601-8898)) S Chester Dr ((7700-7898)) S Donald Trl ((9375-9399)) S Donegal Dr ((8401-9299)) Shangrila Rd ((100-12699)) S Kirkland Rd/sq M Ranch Rd Pprd ((9700-9798)) Skull Valley - Kirkland Rd ((7937-8999)) S Middle Ridge Rd ((15700-15798)) Sorrells Ranch Rd ((17201-17399)) S Plymouth Dr ((7700-7798)) Spoon Rd ((18001-18399)) S Shelby Trl ((8800-8898)) S Steven Trl ((8600-9499)) Stafford Rd ((3600-3698)) State Hwy 69 ((9696-9899)) State Hwy 89 ((1-18255)) State Hwy 96 ((100-110)) Sunshine Ln ((15101-15299)) Surefire Rd ((8700-8798)) S Walden Blvd ((7500-8599)) S Walnut Grove Rd ((1501-15598)) Tawney Ln ((17700-17807)) Tawny Ln ((18158-18399)) Terry ((201-299)) Toots Turnout ((7000-7198)) Trafaigar Dr ((9000-9199)) Trapper Trl ((15500-15598)) Trap Rd ((16701-16799)) Unknown Indian Ave ((16600-16698)) Unknown Mexican Ave ((16500-16799)) Veda Dr ((7000-7499)) Veda Ln ((7000-7499)) W Abby Ln ((8300-8498)) Wagoneer Rd ((21500-23598)) W Barrington Rd ((101-8398)) W Clare Island Dr ((7000-7399)) W Deerfield Dr ((7500-7598)) Weaver Mountain Rd ((101-19398)) Wexford Dr ((7000-7599)) W Flint Dr ((8100-8498)) W Framingham Rd ((7901-19999)) W Hampton Rd ((7600-8299)) White Spar Hwy ((101-699)) Wicklow Ln ((7100-7698)) Windmill Rd ((119-199)) W Lowell Dr ((7300-8099)) W Parnell Dr ((7300-7499)) W Putnam Rd ((7500-8198)) W Red Rock Rd ((8200-8499)) W Shelburne Rd ((7500-8499)) W Stevenage Ln ((7200-7899)) W Wagoner Rd ((401-22799)) W Webster Rd ((101-8399)) W Wexford Dr ((7000-7599)) W Wicklow Ln ((7100-7898)) W Wimbledon Dr ((7400-7599)) Yarnell Way ((16101-16199)) Yauapai Rd ((100-16099)) Yavapai Ln ((16001-16099))

    86332 Places and Attractions

    Alkali Wash Ally Wash Antelope Peak Antelope Spring Arizona Highway Maintenance Peeples Valley Yard Arrastra Spring Arrastre Creek Ash Creek Ash Creek Ash Creek Ashe Springs Ash Spring Ash Tank Bain Spring Baldwin Place Baldy Trap Barrel Spring Battleship Butte Berry Spring Big Bug Mountains (historical) Big Chief Mine Big Rebel Mine Big Windmill Bismark Mountain Black Canyon Blackjack Spring Black Jack Spring Black Mountain Blackwater Creek Bland Creek Blind Indian Creek Board Creek Board Creek Spring Bodie Mine Bodie Spring Boulder Dam Spring Boulder Well Box Canyon Box Canyon Box Canyon Tank Box Canyon Windmill Box Spring Buckhorn Mine Buckskin Canyon Burro Wallow Butler Spring Button Mine Buzzard Roost Wash Buzzard Spring Cameron Spring Campbells Flat Campbells Flat Spring Camp Bird Mine Camp Bird Well Carter Ranch Carter Tank Carter Windmill Castle Rock Castle Rock Spring Cedar Spring Cellar Basin Cellar Basin Trail Cellar Springs Cellar Springs Creek Charles Spring Chartz Spring Cherry Creek Cherry Creek Trail Two Hundred Fourteen Cherry Spring Cherry Trap Spring Climax Mine Collins Spring Colorado Spring Condon Tank Cooper Ranch Airport Copper Camp Copper Creek Copper Crown Mine Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Crooks Canyon Crown Point Mine Cuba Mine Dandy Wire Spring Dead Mexican Creek Deer Spring Deer Trick Tank Diamond Two Ranch East Side Windmill East Windmill Eastwood Creek Elmer Tank Elouise Mine Eph Spring Escondido Spring Ferguson Place Windmill Fire Clay Hill Fire Clay Tank Forest Windmill French Gulch Gates Spring Genung Memorial Park Genung Spring Glen Oaks Glen Oaks Spring Goldwater Mine Goodwin Goodwin Spring Grand View Grand View Railroad Station Grapevine Spring Grassy Tank Hackberry Windmill Hassayampa Windmill Hay Flat Tank Hays Ranch Highway Windmill Hodgkins Gulch Hodgkins Windmill Holder Tank Homestead Tank Homestead Windmill Hooper Hooper Saddle Horse Mountain Horse Mountain Spring Horse Mountain Trail Number Two Hundred Twelve Horse Spring House Water Spring Independent Spring Indian Camp Windmill Indian Springs Indian Springs Camp Indian Springs Creek Jakies Pass Jakies Pass Spring Jeffs Windmill Jersey Lily Mine Jesus Canyon Jesus Spring Johnson Flat Spring John Spring Joker Mine Juniper Spring Juniper Spring Kendrick Mountains Kingsbury Mountain Kingsbury Spring Kirkland Kirkland Junction Kirkland Junction Substation Kirkland Railroad Station Lane Spring Laurel Spring Lawrence Spring Lee Spring LF Ridge LF Tank Little Copper Creek Little Joker Spring Log Cabin Spring Lone Pine Spring Longfellow Ridge Longfellow Ridge Spring Lower French Gulch Windmill Lower Oak Creek Windmill Lower Tank Lucky Spring Mahoney Ridge Maidenhead Canyon Malipai Windmill Martin Spring McAllister Range McAllister Spring McCrea Windmill McKinzie Mine McNary Place McNelty Spring Meadow Windmill Mesa Tank Mescal Creek Middlewater Creek Middlewater Windmill Milk Creek Miller Creek Miners Tank Mine Tank Minnehaha Creek Minnehaha Spring Minnehaha Waters Minoto Ranch Mint Shaft ML Windmill Mocho Canyon Model Creek Model Creek School Monte Cristo Mine Moonshiner Spring Moores Spring Mud Spring New Windmill North Fork Blind Indian Creek North Fork Cellar Springs Creek North Fork Spring North Pine Creek North Tank Oak Creek Oak Creek Spring Oak Creek Well Orejano Spring Orofino Tank Orofino Wash Orofino Wash Well Orofino Windmill Orr Spring Orr Trap Corral Orr Trap Tank Park Creek Parker Mesa Parker Mesa Windmill Paxton Place Pay Dirt Spring P Bar Camp Peeples Valley Peeples Valley Peeples Valley Census Designated Place Peeples Valley School Peter Spring Pine Creek Pine Mountain Pine Spring Pine Spring Pine Spring Placerita Placerita Gulch Pole Camp Canyon Pole Spring Poplar Wash Purebred Spring Quail Spring Quartz Mountain Rabbit Spring Ralphs Spring Red Bank Spring Red Hills Canyon Ridges Spring Riggle Tank River Pasture Road Camp Windmill Rock Spring Rocky Boy Peak Ross Spring Ross Spring Rush Place Windmill Sadies Peak Seal Mountain Seal Mountain Trail Seep Spring Shady Dell Shaw Tank Shelley-Pearce Ranch Shelley Place Sheppard Wash Sheppard Windmill Shipley Well Silver Crown Mine Skull Valley Wash Slate Creek Slate Spring Sourgrass Flat Sourgrass Flat Windmill Southern Yavapai Fire Department South Fork Cellar Springs Creek South Fork Spring Creek South Tank South Trick Tank Spring Creek Steamboat Spring Sugarloaf Mountain TB Spring Telegraph Spring Telegraph Spring Windmill Tetterman Spring The Cements The Hole The Park Thompson Butte Thompson Peak Thompson Valley Tin Can Tank Tin Trough Spring T K Bar Ranch Towers Creek Trails End Mine Trap Corral Spring Upper French Gulch Windmill Upper Oak Creek Windmill Upper Tank Wades Butte Wagoner Wagoner Trail Number Two Hundred Thirteen Walker Place Windmill Walnut Grove Walnut Grove Cemetery Walnut Grove School Walnut Spring Weaver Peak West Trick Tank Whitehead Ranch White Rock Water White Rock Water White Spar Mine White Spar Windmill Wild Hog Basin Wilhoit Wilhoit Census Designated Place Wilhoit Southern Baptist Church Wilhoit Spring Wilhoit Tank Willow Spring Willow Spring Wood Creek Yankee Boy Mine Yava Young Windmill Y Spring Zonia Mine