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Ash Fork

86320 Schools


  • Ash Fork Middle School
  • Ash Fork High School
  • Ash Fork Elementary School
  • Mijted - Ashfork High School
  • Ycfa Achieve Academy
  • Census


    ZIP Code 86320 is located in Coconino County (64.50%) Yavapai County (35.50%)

    86320 Street Addresses

    1st St ((301-46898)) 2nd St ((101-46855)) 3rd St ((208-47298)) 4th St ((412-47114)) 5th St ((312-47121)) 6 Powerline Rd ((37350-37398)) 6th St ((201-46828)) 7 Th St ((46800-4706157)) 8 Th St ((700-46871)) 9th St ((601-47024)) Albert Way ((2700-2798)) Ann Cir ((300-399)) Anne Ln ((301-399)) Ann Ln ((1000-2098)) Bernadines Way ((1401-1499)) Berry Ranch Trl ((101-199)) Bixler Trl ((46200-46498)) Bock Rd ((901-999)) Boone Trl ((3201-3498)) Bowling Ln ((39501-39798)) Buck Rd ((901-999)) Bullock Rd ((300-4299)) Camp Rd ((100-198)) Cattle Dr ((400-498)) Cedar Ave ((501-898)) Cedar Ln ((300-398)) Cedar St ((2-3898)) Centerline Biv ((1-99)) Centerline Blvd ((2-4599)) Charm Rd ((700-798)) Cienega Dr ((100-6398)) Cienega Rd ((300-1099)) Coconino Blvd ((5700-5798)) Cone Ln ((400-498)) Cone Rd ((400-498)) Conwaden Rd ((400-498)) Couchman's Trl ((601-899)) County Line Cir ((1100-2399)) Countyline Rd ((47200-47298)) Crookton Rd ((3000-7998)) Cumberland Rd ((100-2099)) Deer End ((301-399)) Delta ((0-99)) Delta Dr ((4001-4099)) Desoto Ln ((301-399)) Dortha Dr ((2201-2299)) Dorthea Cir ((2000-2299)) Double A Ranch ((2400-3299)) Double A Ranch Rd ((2-47499)) E Frontage Rd ((901-999)) el Dorita Ave ((669-916)) Elm St ((500-598)) Fairview Rd ((506-1398)) Falcon View Rd ((3401-3999)) Fire Rd 142 ((5600-5698)) Folkerts Ln ((901-999)) Foothill Rd ((500-598)) Forest Line Cir ((100-799)) Forestline Rd ((100-198)) Fountain Dr ((3900-4298)) Francis Cir ((1900-1998)) Francis Ln ((901-999)) Franklin Ave ((500-798)) Friendship Rd ((400-498)) Gerry Ln ((900-3899)) Gleed Station Rd ((9801-9899)) Grand Blvd ((1-2206199)) Hals Way ((1800-1898)) Happy Rd ((101-199)) Herman Rd ((2000-2098)) Highland St ((2-828)) Highview Dr ((2-3398)) Highview Rd ((4301-4399)) Hillcrest Dr ((1-499)) Hillside Rd ((100-4499)) I- 40 (Bus Loop) ((397-499)) Inez Dr ((700-799)) Jamcat Dr ((3400-3498)) Java ((901-999)) Java Dr ((2-98)) John Charles ((1200-3498)) John Charles Dr ((300-899)) Joseph Dr ((1700-1998)) Joyce Rd ((301-3199)) Joy Rd ((501-599)) Juniper St ((4600-4799)) Kerren Dr ((400-1299)) Knoll Dr ((1301-3699)) Laurel Ave ((200-399)) Lee Dr ((1300-1399)) Lewis Ave ((101-599)) Loma Linda Dr ((1400-1498)) Loma Linda Rd ((1000-1098)) Loma Linot ((1301-1699)) Lore Way ((1200-4299)) Luana Dr ((701-998)) Malvern Dr ((2039-2112)) Maple Ave ((300-498)) Marcia Way ((301-999)) Mark Pl ((200-3798)) Marys Cir ((3400-3498)) Mary Vale Dr ((701-2199)) Mesa Dr ((1-899)) Monty Carlo Rd ((2500-2598)) Moon Glow Rd ((401-1799)) Mount Royal ((900-2499)) Murphy Way ((1200-1298)) N Bolinda Ln ((2200-2298)) N Catalina Ln ((2200-2298)) N Francis ((901-999)) Northview Dr ((2-698)) Noseeum Way ((201-299)) N Vigil Dr ((2401-2499)) Old Rte 66 ((701-998)) Park Ave ((300-899)) Pat Dr ((301-399)) Pearl Ln ((1001-2399)) Phillip Rd ((900-998)) Picacho Dr ((1301-2198)) Pine Ave ((400-47199)) Pineveta Rd ((100-198)) Pinto Dr ((1-1799)) Poppy Rd ((300-398)) Prairie Dog Rd ((2-98)) Quarry Rd ((3601-4399)) Railroad Ave ((202-298)) Ranch Rd ((300-398)) Raney Rd ((3701-3799)) Rattlesnake Rd ((1601-1699)) Rider Rd ((37350-37398)) Ridgeview Dr ((2-4298)) Ridgeview East Dr ((1300-7298)) Rim Country Trl ((500-798)) Rincon Dr ((0-2198)) Roberts Rd ((1000-2698)) Rocky Hill Rd ((101-199)) S 3rd St ((300-325)) S Cattle Drive Rd ((3701-3799)) Scenic Dr ((100-5999)) Scooter Ln ((5801-5899)) Sevens Ranch Rd ((5600-5698)) Shady Glenn Dr ((1-4599)) Shady Ln ((900-1599)) Skyline Dr ((201-2299)) Steve Ln ((1400-1498)) Stockmans Rd ((701-799)) Teddy Ln ((1-99)) Terry Ln ((1-899)) Valle Verde Ln ((100-199)) Valley View Blvd ((1-599)) Verde Rd ((3601-3921)) Wagon Tree Rd ((200-298)) Wall St ((5600-5698)) W Edgewood Rd ((401-1499)) What Rd ((1-99)) Whitehills Ranch Rd ((101-199)) W Isabella Ln ((1200-1398)) Woodland Rd ((1200-1298)) W Rocky Rd ((100-198)) W Zabala Rd ((801-899)) Yavapai Rd ((1601-1699)) Yucca Trl ((100-28998))

    86320 Places and Attractions

    Abshires Tank AGF Trick Tank AGF Trick Tank AGF Trick Tank Antelope Quarries Antelope Spring Antolini Hill Arizona Highway Maintenance Yard Ash Fork Ash Fork Cemetery Ash Fork Census Designated Place Ash Fork Draw Ash Fork Elementary School Ash Fork Fire Station Ash Fork High School Ash Fork Landing Strip Ash Fork Middle School Ash Fork Post Office Ash Fork Public Library Ash Fork Railroad Station Ash Fork Santa Fe Railroad Company Water Tank Ash Fork Substation Barrata Bass Pond Tank Bean Dam Tank Big Aso Tank Big Black Mesa Big Bud Tank Big E Tank Big Freeman Tank Big Sullivan Tank Bishop Lake Bishop Place Black Mountain Tank Black Tank Black Tank Camp Blue Cow Tank Boundary Tank Brown Tank Buck Tank Bullock Tank Buster Brown Tank Butcher Knife Canyon Cable Tank Camp Cotton Cathedral Tank Cave Tank Charcoal Tank Chino Tank Chunin Tank Cinder Tank C Lake Cordes Tank Costello Tank Cotton Dam Cow Crossing Tank Cramer Tank Crookton Interchange Cruice Railroad Station Cruice Siding Daves Tank Dawson Tank Devil Dog Canyon Double A Siding Dry Wash D Tank Duff Brown Tank Eagle Nest Mountain Eagle Nest Railroad Station East Ash Fork Interchange Eightmile Creek End of Line Tank Espee Camp Feed Trough Tank Fence Line Tank Ferno Mesa Ferno Trick Tank Field Dam First Southern Baptist Church Fitzgerald Hill Flagstone Tank Floe Tank Floyd Tank Foley Dam Garden Tank Garrett Tank Gas Line Tank Gleed Tank Goldtrap Ranch Goldtrap Tank Gregoria Tank Grove Tank Hazel Tank Head Tank Heifer Tank Hells Canyon Tank Horse Lake Horseshoe Tank Horse Trap Mesa Howard Spring H Ranch Tank Indian Tank Irishman Dam Jack Stephens Tank Jane Tank Johnson Creek Jones Tank Joy Tank Jumbo Tank Kaibab Estates West Fire Department Keseha Ranch Kesena Dam Limestone Tank Little Aso Tank Little Baldy Tank Little Bill Tank Little Freeman Tank Little Pineveta Tank Little Red Lake Little Water Tank Long Point Long Point Well Lost Tank Lost Tank Lower Cedar Tank Lower Limestone Tank Malpais Tank Manzanita Tank Mayes Tank McCracken Tank McIntyre Canyon McIntyre Tank Meath Dam Meath (historical) Meath Railroad Station Meath Siding Meath Spring Meath Wash Mexican Dam Mexican Tank Middle Tank Mike Tank Montezuma Lake Mount Floyd Mud Tank Murphy Johnson Tank Murray Tank Nelson Tank New Peter Lockett Tank North Buck Tank Number Ten Tank Okie Tank Oliver Tank Partridge Creek Perrin Draw Peter Lockett Canyon Peter Lockett Tank Phil McGill Tank Picacho Butte Pinaveta Pineveta Tank Pineveta Wash Pipeline Tank Pitts Homestead Tank Potts Tank Prairie Siding Prairie Tank Presley Tank Punk Tank Quarry Tank Quarry Tank Rafter M Bar Tank Railroad Fill Tank Rattlesnake Tank Red Lake Red Lake Tank Red Rock Tank Red Tank Rhodes Canyon Dam Rim Rock Rock Butte Rock House Tank Rok Siding Round Mountain Ruin Tank Russell Quarry Russell Tank Salt River Tank Sams Dam Tank Santa Cruz Quarry Santa Fe Tank Santa Fe Well Schafers Tank Seligman Junction Substation Sellers Tank Seven Ranch Tank Sheep Ranch Tank Shell Rock Tank Ship Dam Tank Shucking Tank Sixshooter Tank Smith Butte Smith Tanks South Butte Spring Canyon Tank Stone Lake Storm Seep Strawberry Tank Stringfield Tank Stud Horse Butte Sullivan Tanks Tank J Tank L Tank Number One Tank Number Three Tank Number Two Tank Number Two Thirtysix Tank Tom Lockett Draw Tom Lockett Tank Trinity Mountain Trinity Tank Tucker Canyon Tucker Spring Tule Lake Twin Tank Upper Limestone Tank Wagner Tank Wagon Tire Flat Wash Out Tank Watson Lake West Ash Fork Interchange Westside Tank Wheeler Tank White Tank Williscraft Dam Williscraft Tank Wood Camp Tank Wood Spur Siding Yellow Cow Tank Yellow Cow Tank