North Rim, AZ 86052 ZIP Code Map


North Rim ZIP Codes

North Rim

ZIP Code 86052 is located in Coconino County

86052 Street Addresses

86052 Places and Attractions

Agate Rapids Alarcon Terrace Alsap Butte Anasazi Foot Bridge Anderson Tank Angels Gate Angels Window Apollo Temple Ariel Point Arrowhead Terrace Asbestos Canyon Atoko Point Awatubi Canyon Awatubi Creek Awatubi Crest Banta Point Barbenceta Butte Basalt Canyon Basalt Cliffs Basalt Creek Basin Spring Bass Trail Beale Point Beaman Point Bedivere Point Bedrock Canyon Big Ridge Big Ridge Apron Big Spring Canyon Bill Hall Trail Blacktail Valley Bonita Creek Boundary Ridge Bourke Point Bradley Point Brady Peak Brahma Temple Bridgers Knoll Bright Angel Canyon Bright Angel Creek Bright Angel Point Bright Angel Spring Buck Farm Canyon Buck Farm Tank Buddha Cloister Buddha Temple Buffalo Hill Tank Buffalo Ranch Burn Tank Burro Canyon Burro Tank Butchart Butte Cane Cairn Cane Canyon Cane Corral Cane Springs Cape Final Cape Royal Carbon Butte Carbon Canyon Carbon Creek Castle Canyon Castle Lake Charybdis Butte Cheops Pyramid Cheyava Falls Chiavria Point Chuar Butte Chuar Creek Chuar Lava Hill Chuar Valley Claude Birdseye Point Clear Creek Clear Creek Trail Clement Powell Butte Cliff Dweller Spring Cliff Spring Cochise Butte Cocks Combs Coffee Lake Cogswell Butte Colter Butte Confucius Temple Cottonwood Camp Cougar Spring Crazy Jug Canyon Crazy Jug Point Crazy Jug Spring Crescent Ridge Crystal Creek Crystal Ridge Crystal Spring Crystal Spring Apron Crystal Spring Tank Deer Creek Falls Deer Spring Demaray Point De Vaca Terrace Deva Temple Dog Canyon Dog Canyon Apron Dog Canyon Tank Dog Lake Dog Point Dox Castle Dragon Creek Dragon Head Dunn Butte Duppa Butte Dutton Canyon Dutton Point East Fork Carbon Creek East Rim Viewpoint Ehrenberg Point Eightyfive Mile Rapids Elaine Castle Emerald Canyon Emerald Point Evans Butte Excalibur Explorers Monument Fan Island Fawn Spring Fence Canyon Fence Point Fence Ridge Feroz Terrace Findley Tank Fire Point Fishtail Canyon Fishtail Mesa Fishtail Point Flint Creek Francois Matthes Point Freya Castle Fuller Canyon Galahad Point Galeros Butte Galloway Canyon Garces Terrace Gawain Abyss Grama Point Grand Canyon Lodge Granite Rapids Grapevine Rapids Grass Canyon Greenland Lake Greenland Spring Guinevere Castle Gunther Castle Hades Lake Hakatai Canyon Hall Butte Hance Mine Hance Rapids Hancock Butte Hanging Springs Hartman Natural Bridge Harvey Meadow Hattan Butte Haunted Canyon Hawkins Butte Hermit Rapids Hillers Butte Hindu Amphitheater Holloway Tank Holy Grail Temple Honan Point Horus Temple Hotauta Amphitheater Hotauta Canyon House Rock House Rock Canyon House Rock Trick Tank Hualapai Spring Hubbell Butte Hundred and Thirtythree Mile Creek Hundred and Twentytwo Mile Creek Hutton Butte Ikes Spring Indian Hollow Indian Hollow-Thunder Springs Trail Twenty-three Isis Temple Ives Point Jeffords Point Johnson Point Johns Tank Jones Point Juno Temple Jupiter Temple Kaibab Plateau Kaibab Plateau Division Kaibab Suspension Bridge Kanabownits Canyon Kanabownits Lookout Tower Kanabownits Spring Kane Corral Kane Ranch Kane Trail Kane Trick Tank Kibbey Butte King Arthur Castle King Crest Kolb Arch Komo Point Krishna Shrine Kwagunt Butte Kwagunt Canyon Kwagunt Creek Lancelot Point Lava Butte Lava Canyon Lava Creek Lindbergh Hill Little Dragon Little Mountain Little Nankoweap Canyon Little Nankoweap Creek Little Park Lake Locust Canyon Locust Point Lower Little Park Lower Thompson Spring Lower Two Spring Mackelprang Tank Malgosa Canyon Malgosa Creek Malgosa Crest Manu Temple Manzanita Creek Manzanita Point Marble Flats Marble Sinkhole Marble Viewpoint Marcos Terrace Marion Point Masonic Temple Mencius Temple Merlin Abyss Milk Creek Modred Abyss Monadnock Amphitheater Monument Point Mount Hayden Muav Canyon Muav Saddle Murray Tank Murray Trick Tank Naji Point Nankoweap Butte Nankoweap Canyon Nankoweap Creek Nankoweap Mesa Natch Canyon Natural Bridge Nautiloid Creek Navajo Tank Neal Spring Nevills Rapids Newberry Butte Newberry Point Ninetyfour Mile Creek Ninetyone Mile Creek North Canyon North Canyon Spring North Canyon Trail Four North Fork Rock Canyon North Kaibab Trail North Rim North Rim Entrance Station North Rim Inn North Rim Lookout Tower North Rim Post Office (historical) North Timp Point Novinger Butte Obi Canyon Obi Point Ochoa Point Old Kaibab Trail Osiris Temple Ottoman Amphitheater Outlet Canyon Outlet Spring Oza Butte Papago Creek Parissawampitts Canyon Parissawampitts Point Parissawampitts Spring Pasture Canyon Pasture Spring Phantom Canyon Phantom Creek Phantom Ranch Phantom Ranger Station Pigeon Pockets Pleasant Valley Outlet Point Hansbrough Point Imperial Point Sublime Point Sublime Trail Poston Butte Powell Plateau Powell Spring Quaking Aspen Quaking Aspen Canyon Racetrack Knoll Rainbow Plateau Rama Shrine Red Point Red Point Tank Redwall Canyon Ribbon Falls Roaring Springs Roaring Springs Campground Roaring Springs Canyon Robbers Roost Spring Rock Canyon Trick Tank Rock Spring Roosevelt Point Rose Point Saddle Canyon Saddle Canyon Saddle Canyon Tank Saddle Mountain Saddle Mountain Wilderness Saffron Valley Sagittarius Ridge Salt Creek Rapids Schellbach Butte Scorpion Ridge Seegmiller Canyon Seegmiller Point Seegmiller Trick Tank Seiber Point Seventy-Five Mile Rapids Sheba Temple Shinumo Amphitheater Shinumo Camp Shiva Temple Showerbath Spring Siegfried Pyre Silver Bridge Sixtymile Canyon Sixtymile Creek Sixtymile Rapids Sixty Seven Apron Solomon Temple Sourdough Well South Big Saddle Point South Big Spring South Canyon South Canyon Point South Canyon Spring South Fork Big Spring Canyon South Fork Rock Canyon South House Rock Trick Tank South Kaibab Trail South Rock Tank South Rock Tank Spare Tank Specter Terrace Steamboat Mountain Stina Canyon Stina Point Stone Creek Sturdevant Point Sullivan Peak Sumner Butte Sumner Point Surprise Valley Suspension Bridge Campground Swamp Lake Swamp Point Swamp Ridge Swilling Butte Tank Number Eight Tank Number Five Tank Number Four Tank Number Seven Tank Number Six Tank Number Three Tanner Canyon Rapids Tapeats Amphitheater Tapeats Creek Tapeats Spring Tapeats Terrace Tater Canyon Tater Canyon Springs Tater Point Tater Ridge Tater Tank Telephone Hill Tank Temple Butte The Basin The Box The Bridge of Sighs The Colonnade The Dragon The Howlands Butte The Tabernacle The Transept Thompson Canyon Thompson Point Thor Temple Three Lakes Corral Three Lakes Tank Thunder River Thunder Spring Tilted Mesa Timp Canyon Timp Point Tipover Canyon Tipover Spring Tiyo Point Tiyo Point Trail Tobar Terrace Tower of Ra Tower of Set Transept Trail Transept Trail Campgrounds Trap Tank Trinity Creek Triple Alcoves Tritle Peak Tuna Creek Twin Buttes Two Springs Ridge Uncle Jim Point Unkar Creek Unkar Creek Rapids Upper Little Park Upper North Canyon Upper Tater Canyon Upper Thompson Spring Upper Two Spring Valley Tank Vaseys Paradise Vaughn Spring Vaughn Tank Venus Temple Violet Point Vishnu Creek Vishnu Temple Vista Encantada Walhalla Glades Walhalla Plateau Walla Valley Wall Creek Walthenberg Canyon West Fork Carbon Creek Wheeler Point White Creek Widforss Point Wildcat Canyon Willies Necktie Rapids Woolsey Butte Woolsey Point Woolsey Point Recreation Site (historical) Wotans Throne Zoroaster Canyon Zoroaster Temple