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86047 Schools


  • Seba Dalkai Boarding School
  • Little Singer Community School
  • Dilcon Community School
  • Leupp School Inc
  • Little Colorado River Program
  • Winslow Junior High School
  • Winslow High School
  • Washington School
  • Jefferson Elementary School
  • Bonnie Brennan School
  • Dine Southwest High School
  • Little Singer Community Junior High School
  • Navit - Winslow High School
  • Aspc-Winslow
  • Northern Az Academy For Career Dev. - Winslow
  • 86047 Hotels

  • Americas Best Value Inn
  • Best Western Plus Winslow Inn
  • La Posada Hotel
  • Motel 6 Winslow
  • Oak Tree Inn
  • Quality Inn
  • Rodeway Inn
  • Census


    ZIP Code 86047 is located in Navajo County (66.70%) Coconino County (33.30%)

    86047 Street Addresses

    Aarons Pl ((301-399)) Adams St ((100-799)) Airport Rd ((1-1199)) Alder Ave ((100-299)) Ambush Ave ((1-99)) Antelope Trl ((100-399)) Arrowhead Rd ((400-498)) Augilar Ranch Rd ((1000-1098)) Baca St ((1-722)) Bales Ave ((1000-1199)) Bauerbach Ave ((511-599)) Bauerback Ave ((400-899)) Bell Cow Rd ((3301-3399)) Bread Springs Rd ((646-698)) Bushman Ave ((1600-1999)) Butte View Rd ((100-599)) Bvd Rd ((4601-4699)) Caddyshack Ln ((2200-2299)) Carol Dr ((300-499)) Carrol Dr ((300-699)) Central St ((400-1699)) Cherry Hills Dr ((3900-4699)) Cochise Dr ((100-199)) Comet Dr ((1200-1499)) Coopertown Rd ((4601-4699)) Co Rd 10 ((646-698)) Cornview Dr ((100-104)) Corriente Rd ((701-799)) Davis Ave ((400-499)) Deer Field Blvd ((800-998)) Desert Dr ((1001-1399)) Desert View Dr ((2100-2199)) E 1st St ((100-1399)) E 2nd St ((87-1999)) E 3rd St ((100-1999)) E 4th St ((100-1523)) E Aspinwall St ((100-1399)) Easy St ((2000-2199)) E Bly St ((100-399)) E Cherry St ((100-699)) E Elm St ((100-299)) E Gilmore St ((100-399)) E Hermosa Dr ((1007-1053)) E Hillview St ((100-499)) Eleanor Way ((8200-8599)) E Lee St ((100-199)) E Mahoney St ((100-399)) E Maple St ((100-1399)) E Mulberry St ((100-399)) E Oak St ((100-13099)) Five Mountain Rd ((100-1299)) Flickener Ave ((500-799)) French Rd ((100-1599)) Frontage Rd ((1802-1898)) Front St ((101-1699)) Ghost Rider Trl ((7600-7799)) Gorman Ave ((200-499)) Hale St ((300-399)) Hipkoe Dr ((1-299)) Hopi Blvd ((1-198)) Hunt Rd ((2-98)) I- 40 Bus ((1-4999)) Ichiban Dr ((100-8399)) Indiana Ave ((300-599)) Iron Horse ((1800-2098)) James Ave ((500-1498)) Jefferson St ((200-799)) Jolly Rd ((400-1198)) Jonnie Ln ((1200-1298)) Kathie Dr ((200-299)) Kell Pl ((100-199)) Kelly Ranch Rd ((1000-1599)) Kiva Dr ((2-198)) Leonard Ave ((100-1099)) Madison St ((201-599)) Marauder Rd ((1200-1298)) Maricopi Dr ((100-199)) McGee Rd ((8201-8299)) McHood Rd ((100-1299)) Meadow Ln ((500-998)) Mercury Ln ((3801-4599)) Mesa Dr ((6100-6198)) Mike's Pike St ((400-799)) Montclair Dr ((1100-1798)) Monterey Way ((1201-1399)) Moon Canyon Rd ((100-399)) Moriah Rd ((300-8599)) Mormon Trl ((100-7099)) Mountain Dr ((1900-3399)) Mountain View St ((100-599)) Mount Ararat ((1900-2499)) N Adot Ln ((100-299)) N Alfred Ave ((1-1699)) N Apache Ave ((200-1599)) Navajo Dr ((1-199)) Navajo Svc Rte 74 ((646-698)) N Berry Ave ((100-999)) N Berton Ave ((100-1699)) N Campbell Ave ((200-1599)) N Charlton Ave ((100-599)) N Colorado Ave ((200-1099)) N Cottonwood Ave ((1-699)) N Dent Ave ((101-399)) N Donnelley Ave ((200-699)) N Douglas Ave ((400-1599)) N Edwin Ave ((200-599)) N Francis Ave ((200-499)) N Hicks Ave ((100-1799)) N Kinsley Ave ((100-1599)) North Rd ((100-2199)) N Park Dr ((100-11999)) N Parker Ave ((1-1099)) N Pope Ave ((200-699)) N Prairie Ave ((200-1599)) N Snider Ave ((200-699)) N Taylor Ave ((1-699)) N Warren Ave ((100-1599)) N Williamson Ave ((1-1599)) N Wilson Ave ((700-1699)) N Winslow Ave ((100-1599)) Oak Rd ((1600-1999)) Old Clear Creek Rd ((1-3099)) Old Hwy 66 ((1-1799)) Old W Hwy 66 ((8-23099)) Painted Desert Dr ((1900-3299)) Paiute Pass ((100-298)) Papago Blvd ((1-299)) Paul Ave ((500-899)) Pima Dr ((100-199)) Pinto Rd ((1200-1298)) Pleasant Ln ((1000-9999)) Praire Dr ((8200-8399)) Prosperity Ave ((1600-2399)) Pruneville Rd ((2-98)) Reata Rd ((8600-8799)) Red Dog Rd ((1-199)) Robert Ave ((400-799)) Round House Dr ((1800-2099)) R Rd ((1001-1399)) Sagebrush Dr ((1900-4799)) S Alfred Ave ((300-399)) Sandy Dr ((8301-8399)) Santa Fe Cir ((1901-1999)) Santa Fe Dr ((2000-2999)) S Berton Ave ((300-399)) Scenic View Dr ((1900-3599)) S Charlton Ave ((300-499)) S Dent Ave ((300-499)) S Edwin Ave ((300-598)) S Francis Ave ((400-599)) S Gorman Ave ((300-399)) Shaddox Ln ((100-1799)) Short St ((1200-1599)) Spirits Path ((7601-7699)) Stallion Rd ((6500-6596)) State Hwy 87 ((1-9337)) State Hwy 99 ((8400-8699)) Sunflower Butte Rd ((501-599)) Sunrise St ((3201-3799)) Sunset Rd ((1-7498)) Transcon Ln ((400-899)) Trina Ln ((2100-2199)) Tumbleweed Rd ((8600-8799)) Virginia Ave ((300-899)) W 1st St ((100-1299)) W 2nd St ((1-1799)) W 3rd St ((100-4999)) W 4th St ((100-1701)) Washboard Rd ((500-598)) Washington St ((200-899)) W Aspinwall St ((100-1399)) W Cherry St ((100-599)) W Desmond St ((400-1399)) Well Field Rd ((2-4799)) W Elm St ((100-999)) W Fleming St ((2-1899)) W Gilmore St ((200-1999)) W Henderson St ((200-1199)) W Hillview St ((100-1199)) Williamson Ave ((4800-5299)) Willow Dr ((1101-6199)) W Lee St ((100-1199)) W Mahoney St ((100-1199)) W Maple St ((100-799)) W Mulberry St ((100-399)) W Oak St ((100-1199)) Woodrow Ave ((300-1799)) W Willmae St ((1000-1199)) Yuma Dr ((100-199))

    86047 Places and Attractions

    Aja Ranch Alley Tank Anderson Canyon Anderson Well Antelope Tank Arizona State Prison Complex - Winslow Arrowhead Butte Babbitt Tank Babbitt Tank Canyon Bad Medicine Butte Battle Tank Beacon Tank Beacon Well Bell Butte Bell Butte Spring Bell Cow Canyon Betony Butte Betony Reservoir Big Bull Canyon Big Kelley Tank Big Tanks Big Windmill Birch Tank Bird Springs Bird Springs Chapter Bird Springs Wash Black Canyon Bobcat Butte Bonnie Brennan Elementary School Bottom Tank Boulder Dam Brigham City (historical) Broken Tank Brown Tanks Buck Tank Buffalo Road Interchange Bull Tank Bull Tank Bull Tank Bumpy Road Well Burro Basin Bushman Acres Buzzard Spring Canyon Diablo Dam Canyon Diablo Reservoir Canyon Diablo Well Castle Butte Castle Butte Cave Mountain Cedar Springs Cement Tank Chandler Springs Chaucey Tank Chevelon Canyon Chevelon Tank Chezhin Chotah Butte Chilson Landing Strip Chilson Tank Chimney Butte Chimney Butte Spring Chimney Canyon City of Winslow City of Winslow Wastewater Treatment Plant Clear Creek Clear Creek Bridge Clear Creek Dam Number One Clear Creek Lake Clear Creek Number Two Dam Clear Creek Reservoir Clounch Well Cockscomb Butte Comar Spring Corbet Tank Corner Lake Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Wash Cottonwood Wash Bridge Cow Canyon Coyote Spring Coyote Springs Coyote Tank Coyote Wash Coyote Wash Crown Point Well Dalkai Spring Dance Tank Deer Canyon Dennison Dennison Interchange Dennison Well Desert View Baptist Church Dewey Tank Dilcon Chapter Dilkon Dilkon Census Designated Place Dilkon Community School Dilkon Hill Dilkon Indian Mission School Durant Tank Eagle Nest Point East Sunset Mountain Echinique Draw Echinique Tank Echo Spring Echo Spring Mountain Eckles Tank Elephant Butte Elk Tank Elk Tank Fannin Tank Fidel Windmill First Assembly of God First Baptist Church of Winslow First Christian Church First United Methodist Church Flat Butte French Butte Garlic Well Gods Pocket Gravel Dug Well Hatchet Canyon Hauke Mesa Haystack Butte Hidden Tank Honey Spring Hopi Industrial Park Hopi-Winslow District Horse Butte Horse Canyon Horse Pasture Tank Horse Spring Indian Wells Division Ives Mesa Jacks Canyon Jacks Canyon Bridge Jeddito Wash Jefferson Elementary School Johns Draw Kalbito Springs KINO-AM (Winslow) KRIM-FM (Winslow) LeChee Leupp Corner Leupp Traffic Interchange Lewis Well Lincoln Elementary School Little Antelope Tank Little Bull Canyon Little Chevelon Tank Little Colorado Medical Center Little Kelley Tank Little Mormon Tank Little Water Lone Cottonwood Butte Lone Cottonwood Spring Long Butte L Tank Lukai Spring Lukai Wash Mackelprang Spring McCamant Hills McCauley Sinks McHood Park Mesita Knoll Meteor City Meteor Crater Meteor Crater Interchange Meteor Crater Ranch Meteor Crater Rest Area Mexican Rest Peak Mexican Rest Spring Mitchell Windmill Montezumas Chair Moonlight Bay Reservoir Moqui Mormon Tank Mountainside Spring Mud Lake Na Ah Tee Canyon Spring Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Area (historical) Nest Well New Tank Nina Well Nipple Butte Northern Arizona Academy For Career Development Winslow Northland Pioneer College Little Colorado Campus Blunk Health Sciences Center Northland Pioneer College Little Colorado Campus Learning Center Northland Pioneer College Little Colorado Campus Ruby Hall Building North Park Plaza Shopping Center Ogilvie Well Old Two Guns Ruin Oraibi Wash Pablo Canyon Phone Line Tank Pillow Ridge Polacca Wash Pony Canyon Potato Wash Prosperity Tank Pruneville Well Pump Ranch Tank Pyramid Butte Ram Spring Red Cheek Butte Red Cheek Spring Red Hill Red Hills Red Hill Tank Red Tank Red Tanks Relic Point Reservation Well Rimmy Jims Rincon Tank Rock Creek Rock Station Rock Tank Canyon Rock Tank Dam Roosevelt Elementary School Round Top RU559 Saddle Butte Saint Josephs Catholic School Saint Joseph's Church Saint Joseph's Church Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Sand Draw Seba Dalkai Seba Dalkai Seba Dalkai Census Designated Place Seba Dalkai School Second Mesa Campground Shanetoh Spring Sharp Butte Sheep Butte Sheep Spring Shipolovi Community Building Shonto Butte Shonto Spring Sims Tank Sixteenmile Tank Standing Horse Mesa Standing Rocks Stewart Tank Sunflower Butte Sunflower Butte Well Sunset Cemetery Sunset City (historical) Sunset Crossing Sunset Crossing (historical) Sunset Pass Sunshine Sunshine Microwave Relay Station Sunshine Overpass Sunshine Railroad Station Table Mountain Teesto Chapter Tees Toh Tees Toh Census Designated Place Tees Toh Spring Tees Toh Wash The Rock House Tobenayoli Pond Tode Baho Tsiquini Toh Cathlie Cod Tolani Lake Tolani Lake Census Designated Place Tolani Lake Day School Tolani Lake Elementary School Academy Toltec Divide Trap Tank Tsi Na Jinnie Spring Tucker Flat Tucker Flat Wash Tucker Mesa Tucker Spring Turquoise Butte Twentieth Street School Twentyeight Mile Tank Twentymile Hill Twin Buttes Twin Tanks Two Guns Two Guns Interchange Wagon Box Draw Wallace Canyon Wallace Tank Warren Avenue Church of Christ Washington Elementary School Well Number Four Well Number Three West Winslow Whe-yol-da-sah Wash Whipple Memorial Park White Tank Whitted Place Wide Butte Willy Canyon Window Rock Winslow Winslow Air Force Station (historical) Winslow City Hall Winslow City Park Winslow Civic Center Winslow Fire Department Winslow High School Winslow Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center Winslow Junior High School Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport Winslow Municipal Well Field Winslow Police Department Winslow Post Office Winslow Public Library Winslow Railroad Station Winslow Residential Hall Winslow West Winslow West Census Designated Place Wolf Pass Well Yaeger Canyon Yellow Butte Zion Baptist Church