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Tuba City ZIP Codes

Tuba City

86045 Schools


  • Greyhills Academy High School
  • Moencopi Day School
  • Tuba City Boarding School
  • Tuba City Alternative School
  • Gap Primary School
  • Dzil Libei Elementary School
  • Tuba City Primary School
  • Tuba City Junior High School
  • Eagles Nest Intermediate School
  • Tuba City High School
  • Native - Tuba City High School
  • 86045 Hotels

  • Moenkopi Legacy Inn N Suites
  • Quality Inn Navajo Nation
  • Census



    ZIP Code 86045 is located in Coconino County

    86045 Street Addresses

    Arizona Blvd ((1-7499)) Armigo Pl ((390-393)) Arroyo Dr ((1300-1399)) Bancrof St ((1-99)) Bancroft St ((1-99)) Barboncito Cir ((300-399)) Barboncito Dr ((300-378)) Ben Croft St ((1-99)) Bergen Way ((0-7498)) Bia Rd ((0-98)) Birch Ave ((1000-1098)) Black Mesa St ((1100-1199)) Blue Bird ((1601-1699)) Blue Canyon Dr ((1500-1599)) Blue Ridge Loop ((1100-1199)) Bullhead Cir ((4300-4399)) Butler Dr ((1000-1098)) Cactus Cir ((4200-4299)) Cactus Loop ((4200-4399)) Canyon Ln ((100-199)) Canyon Way ((1200-1298)) Castlebutte Dr ((1-99)) Castle Rock Dr ((1200-1299)) Cherry Ln ((200-299)) Cinnamon Dr ((1-1283)) Coalmine St ((1000-1099)) Coral Sand St ((1-99)) Cul de Sac 1 ((0-7498)) Davis Way ((1100-1199)) Delgado St ((300-399)) Desert Dr ((1-99)) Eagle Point Ln ((1100-1198)) East Dr ((600-799)) E Elm Cir ((401-599)) E Juniper Dr ((1-199)) E Juniper St ((1-199)) Elm Ave ((2-98)) E Tamarack St ((1000-1099)) E Tune Dr ((1-199)) Fir Ave ((216-324)) Goldtooth Circle Rd ((53-99)) Grand View St ((100-199)) Greaswood Dr ((1-99)) Hadley Dr ((0-1098)) Herrera Pl ((395-399)) Hilltop St ((1-99)) Honovi Dr ((500-699)) Horizon St ((1-99)) Howell Mesa Dr ((1600-1698)) Huskey Dr ((1-99)) Indian Rte 101 ((501-1599)) Iris St ((100-199)) Jensen St ((101-1198)) Judy Dr ((600-799)) Kaibab Ln ((1-99)) Kerley Rd ((301-7499)) Kerley St ((301-2999)) Largo Way ((300-399)) Main St ((1-1599)) Maloney Cir ((1-99)) Maloney Rd ((1-7499)) Maloney St ((1-5098)) Manuelito Dr ((300-399)) Maple St ((200-399)) Monave St ((2-7499)) Narbono Pl ((385-389)) Narbono St ((300-399)) Navajo Blvd ((0-8898)) Navajo Trl ((3601-3699)) Oak St ((100-2099)) Old Airport Ln ((1500-1599)) Old Airport Rd ((100-198)) Peach Ln ((200-299)) Peshlakai Ave ((0-3399)) Pine St ((1-2099)) Preston St ((2-98)) Preston Way ((1-7498)) Quarts Cir ((1-99)) Rte 6731 ((7401-7499)) Sandspring St ((1300-1698)) Skyline Ct ((1400-1498)) Skyline Dr ((1400-1499)) Spruce St ((1001-2098)) Sweetwater Dr ((1400-1499)) Tonalea Ln ((2-3298)) Torivio Pl ((400-403)) Tuba City - Gap Trl ((2101-2199)) Tuba City Spr ((501-1599)) Tumbleweed Dr ((0-43298)) Turquoise Dr ((1-99)) Unname Rd ((800-898)) Vine Dr ((300-399)) Warrior Dr ((1-99)) White Mesa Dr ((1700-1798)) Willow Dr ((200-299)) Yucca Dr ((4200-4399))

    86045 Places and Attractions

    Adeii Eechii Cliffs Appaloosa Ridge Badger Spring Bahe Adakai Well Balanced Rock Basin Well Bat Canyon Bat Spring Begashibito Canyon Begashibito Wash Behihlih Benally Well Bidaaii To Haali Big Wash Billy Spring Bitter Spring Bitter Spring Wash Black Falls Bible Church Black Peak Blue Canyon Blue Canyon Trading Post Blue Canyon Well Blue Point Blue Point Bug Tanks Castle Buttes Castle Rocks Cattail Spring Cattail Well Charley Day Well Charlie Secody Well Chiehazhahi Wash Cliff Spring Coal Mine Canyon Coalmine Canyon Campground Coal Mine Mesa Coal Mine Mesa Coalmine Mesa Chapter Coal Mine Mesa School Coal Mine Rodeo Grounds Coal Mine Well Coal Spring Canyon Coldwater Spring Cottonwood Spring Cow Tank Crater Well Crevis Well Dinosaur Tracks Dogwater Well Dotson Spring Dynamite Hill Eagles Nest Intermediate School Edgewater Well Flat Rock Gadii Ahi Tank Gold Spring Gold Spring Wash Goldtooth Goldtooth Spring Government Spring Greasewood Lake Greasewood Place Ha Ho No Geh Canyon Hamblin Ridge Hamblin Wash Hidden Spring Hidden Springs Mission Hogan Ridge Hollow Place Hopi Division Hopi Indian Nation Upper Village of Moenkopi Wastewater Treatment Facility Hopi Reservoir Horse Corral Point Horse Water Tanks Howell Mesa Hulchee Well Ironwood Spring Jack Homer Spring Joe Lee Well John Etsitty Spring Juanita Begay Spring Kai Si Kato Kerley Valley KGHR-FM (Tuba City) Klage Toh KTBA-AM (Tuba City) Lechee Da Si Kaid Spring Lice Hill Lii Haaditiih Hill Lii Haditiih Tank Little Black Hill Tank Little Cowboy Windmill Little Gray Hill Little Hogan Well Little Hollow Place Little Mexican Spring Little Wash Little Water Well Lower Badger Spring Many Owl Canyon Mesa Spring Middle Mesa Moa Ave Spring (historical) Moenave Moenave Canyon Moencopi Day School Moenkopi Moenkopi Administrative Area Moenkopi Census Designated Place Moenkopi District Moenkopi Plateau Mori Mesa Muddy Tank Narrow Wash Natanabah Well Natoni Well Navajo John Well Navajo Nation Department of Fire and Rescue Services Station 40 Tuba City Fire Department Nee De Mise Betoh Nez Spring No Water Tank OK Well Owls Cap Painted Cave Ranch Paiute Trail Point Pasture Canyon Pasture Canyon Dam Pasture Canyon Reservoir Pauitue Well Perea Canyon Pillars of Hercules Pottery Hill Preston Mesa Preston Well Rabbit Brush Well Rare Metals Red Point Hills Red Rock Cliffs Rock Head Rose Spring Rough Point Wells Round Rock RU251 RU252 RU253 RU255 RU256 Saddle Ridge Salty Water Windmill Sand Spring Sand Springs Mesa San Juan Southern Paiute Southern Area Secody Well Sei Be Toh Seller Spring Sheep Pelt Well Shonto Well Sitting Coyote Hill Sitting Coyote Windmill Sleepy Hill Windmill Smoke Hole Tank Spring on the Rock Standing Rock Standing Rock Well Tamrock Well Tapaha Well The Big Lake The Big Ridge The Ghost The Landmark The Little Ridge The Narrows Three Wise Men Tiis Holoni Tohnali Tohnali Mesa Toh Nee Di Kishi To Kla Daa Aakee Pond Trail Well Tsinnie Well Tuba Butte Tuba City Tuba City Airport Tuba City Airport Tuba City Boarding School Tuba City Census Designated Place Tuba City Chapter Tuba City Division Tuba City High School Tuba City Junior High School Tuba City Primary School Tuba City Public Library Tuba City Regional Health Care Center Tuba City Substation View Point Well Ward Terrace Water Thief Canyon Water under the Rock Pond Well under the Rock Where the Hills End Windmill White Point White Sand Well White Water Tank Wild Horse Spring Wild Rose Spring Willow Creek Willow Spring Willow Spring Willow Springs Willow Springs Windy Tank Wolf Point Yellow Butte Yellow Butte Wash Yellowstone Point