Whiteriver, AZ 85941 ZIP Code Map


Whiteriver ZIP Codes


85941 Schools


  • John F Kennedy Day School
  • Seven Mile School
  • Cradleboard School
  • Canyon Day Junior High School
  • Whiteriver Elementary
  • Alchesay High School
  • Navit - Alchesay High School
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    ZIP Code 85941 is located in Gila County (47.90%) Apache County (34.00%) Navajo County (18.10%)

    85941 Street Addresses

    1100 N 2nd Ave ((1100-1198)) 1st R Side Rd ((1201-1299)) 2nd Ave ((1400-1799)) 3rd Ave ((313-319)) Adley St ((200-398)) Amber Ln ((301-399)) Another World Rd ((2-1399)) Antelope Ln ((3100-3298)) Apache Cir ((400-499)) Arrow St ((1027-1130)) A W R ((1300-1399)) B-1A-R-11 ((5300-5398)) Ball Park Rd ((501-599)) Balsalm St ((1-99)) Bengay Rd ((1-99)) Beverly Hills Rd ((1-415)) BIA Rd 55 ((3200-3999)) BIA Rte 46 ((1-3921)) BIA Rte 55 ((4800-6298)) BIA Rte 70 ((2800-3098)) Buffalo St ((1400-1698)) Canyon Day Tank Rd ((1-1099)) Cedar Springs ((6400-6499)) Cedar St ((1-99)) Cemetery Dr ((2-599)) Chainsaw St ((1-99)) Chief Ave ((101-998)) China Town Rd ((300-399)) Choctaw Dr ((500-599)) Cliffrose St ((100-199)) Clover St ((301-599)) Commanche Dr ((500-599)) Co Rd 1320 ((2-98)) Co Rd B33 ((1-99)) Corn on the Cob Rd ((100-4998)) Coyote Springs Rd ((1-99)) Cypress St ((1-99)) Dark Shadows Rd ((800-999)) Dazen ((100-299)) Dove St ((5401-5599)) Dry Springs Rd ((100-498)) East St ((200-398)) E Birch St ((400-498)) E Cedar St ((1-199)) E D1 Rd ((1-198)) Edwards St ((2600-2799)) E Fork Rd ((200-6298)) E Juniper St ((1-99)) Elder St ((1-99)) E Locust St ((2-98)) E Sawdust Ln ((2-398)) E Smokey Ln ((300-399)) E Willow St ((2-198)) E Yacca Flats Ave ((1400-1799)) Falcon Way ((501-599)) Fat Co Hill Rd ((1-99)) Fat Co Housing Rd ((2-399)) Fat County Rd ((1-899)) Fort Apache Rd ((1-3921)) Fs 87 ((2-98)) George St ((2700-2798)) Gloshay St ((2-1198)) Greenwood Dr ((200-299)) Greenwood Rd ((200-299)) Greerview Ln ((2-98)) Hastings St ((201-299)) Holly Grape St ((100-199)) Hopi Dr ((500-599)) Hospital Dr ((200-298)) Indian Rte 55 ((200-999)) Jackrabbit Ln ((300-499)) Jackson Rd ((1-1199)) Johnson St ((2701-2799)) Joker Rd ((1-99)) Jungle Rd ((400-498)) Kessay Dr ((1-99)) Kiowa Dr ((400-499)) Kuper Dr ((300-399)) Life Savers Rd ((1-9799)) Locust St ((2-98)) Lower Canyon Dr ((701-4598)) Lower China Town Rd ((1697-1799)) Marigold ((5210-5298)) Mint Rd ((1600-1799)) Mountain Lion Ln ((3100-3298)) N 1st Ave ((4701-6199)) N 2nd Ave ((1101-1399)) N 4th Ave ((1-398)) N 5th Ave ((1-415)) N Alchesay Ave ((2-1199)) N Alsenay Ave ((301-2899)) N Bluebird Ct ((2400-2499)) N Bridle Dr ((303-1499)) N Chief Ave ((4900-6598)) N Cosen Ave ((901-1099)) N Cradleboard Ave ((7001-7399)) N Culla Dr ((200-498)) N Eagle Ct ((2400-2499)) N Falcon Ave ((2400-2598)) N Fir Ave ((1000-7399)) N Gloshay St ((2-1198)) N Leach St ((1-99)) N Octillo Rd ((300-398)) Northriver Rd ((0-98)) N Paxon Ave ((201-299)) N Paxson Ave ((201-299)) N Penrod Ave ((3101-3399)) N Potter St ((3601-4599)) N Powerline ((1000-1098)) N Powerline Rd ((1000-7399)) N Quail Ct ((2400-2499)) N River Rd ((2-98)) N Tenijieth Ave ((2901-3199)) N Timberline Rd ((2801-3199)) N Yellow Brick Rd ((2600-3398)) N Yucca Flats Ave ((1100-1799)) Old Sawmill Rd ((300-3398)) Old Saw Mill Rd ((3601-3699)) One Step Beyond ((300-499)) Paxson Ave ((1-2799)) Penrod Ave ((3101-3399)) Pinion St ((2-98)) Power Line Rd ((2-7998)) Quintero Dr ((1-199)) Quintero Springs Rd ((1-99)) Rainbow Dr ((1-4)) Riley St ((2301-2399)) River Rd ((0-98)) Robin Ln ((3100-3198)) S 1st St ((400-498)) S 4th Ave ((400-498)) S 4th St ((2-599)) S 5th Ave ((207-415)) S 7th St ((701-4598)) S Apache Cir ((400-499)) S Appaloosa Ave ((100-1799)) Sawdust Trl ((2-98)) S Banashley Rd ((1-899)) S Blueberryhill St ((2-98)) S Bronco Ave ((1201-1299)) S Cactus Dr ((700-799)) S Chief Ave ((4901-5399)) S Daisy Ave ((1-99)) S East St ((200-699)) Seven Mile Rd ((2800-3098)) S Indian Pine Dr ((1-99)) S Jackrabbit Ln ((101-499)) S Mesquite Ave ((1000-1099)) S Middle St ((100-498)) S Mustang Ave ((1300-1399)) S North Ave ((5210-5298)) S Palomino Ave ((1301-1799)) Spring Dr ((200-298)) Spruce Ave ((200-298)) Spruce Dr ((200-298)) Spruce St ((100-198)) S Riverside Cir ((1-5799)) S Sage Ave ((901-1011)) S Spur Ave ((1400-1499)) S Sun Devil St ((700-798)) S Sundown St ((3300-3399)) S Sunset St ((2900-3599)) State Hwy 73 ((101-5399)) S Tumbleweed St ((301-698)) Sugarloaf ((1-199)) S West St ((201-798)) S Wild Horse Ave ((1700-1798)) S Yucca Ave ((800-899)) Teacher Rd ((0-599)) Tickle Belly Rd ((300-399)) Timberline Rd ((2801-3199)) Tortice St ((2200-2299)) Tumbleweed St ((301-698)) Turkey Creek Ave ((3600-3799)) Turkey Creek Rd ((1-499)) Turtle St ((2200-2299)) V-31 Canyon Rd ((7300-7398)) W Acorn ((500-6699)) W Barberry Dr ((100-199)) W Bear Grass Dr ((101-298)) W Bridal Dr ((303-399)) W Canyon Day Tank Rd ((301-399)) W Cemetery Rd ((2-199)) W Chinatown St ((300-399)) W China Town Str ((300-399)) W Choctaw Dr ((500-599)) W Commanche Dr ((500-599)) W Cypress St ((400-498)) W Dish Chin Rd ((1-99)) W Dorothy Ct ((800-899)) W Elm St ((101-599)) West St ((500-799)) W Hopi Dr ((500-599)) W Horseshoe Dr ((201-399)) W Kinishiba Rd ((5300-5398)) W Kiowa Dr ((400-499)) W Knotts Landing Dr ((301-499)) W Kuper Dr ((300-399)) W Larzelere Dr ((301-599)) W Maple St ((1-99)) W Mulberry St ((1-99)) W Naseyowma Dr ((301-399)) W Oak St ((2-1899)) W Oz Ct ((800-899)) W Palomino Ave ((1605-1615)) W Palo Verde Dr ((402-406)) W Pinto Dr ((201-299)) W Raptors Rd ((300-498)) W Saddle St ((300-399)) W Saguaro Dr ((401-9799)) W Sumac St ((2-98)) W Sycamore St ((1-399)) W Toto Ct ((800-899)) W Walnut St ((100-1899)) W Willow St ((100-299))

    85941 Places and Attractions

    Abdoul Canyon A-eightyone Tank A-eighty Tank Agency Tank Airport Tank Alchesay Flat Alchesay High School Alchesay National Fish Hatchery Alchesay Springs Campground Alchesay Tank Amos Spring Amos Tank Amos Wash Anderson Spring A-ninetyone Spring A Ninetysix Spring Apache Butte Apache Pond Dam Number One Apache Pond Dam Number Two Apache Pond Number One Apache Pond Number Two Aspen Ridge Bad Luck Spring Baha Diversion Dam Baha Ranch Baha Spring Baha Spring Number Two Baha Tank Baldy Peak Banana Spring Bat Canyon Battleground Creek Battleground Number One Tank Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Number One Bear Canyon Tank Bear Cienega Bear Cienega Bear Creek Bear Flat Creek Bear Grass Tank Bear Spring Bear Spring Bear Tank Bear Tank Beaver Creek Beaver Dam Beckers Butte Beckers Butte Roadside Table Bee Cienega Big A Mountain Big Bonito Creek Big Canyon Big Canyon Tank Number One Big Canyon Tank Number Two Bill Schroeder Tank Black Canyon Black Canyon Spring Black Grama Tank Black Mesa Black Mesa Tank Black River Black River Number Two Tank Black River Tank Blue Rock Butte Bluff Cienega Creek Bonehead Catchment Bonehead Spring Bonehead Tank Bonito Cienega Bonito Rock Cienega Bourke Canyon Bourke Tank Box Tank Brushy Canyon Tank Number One Brushy Canyon Tank Number Two Brushy Tank Buckhorn Tank Bull Butte Bull Cienega Bull Cienega Creek Bull Creek Bull Creek Tank Bull Spring Bull Tank Bull Tank Burnt Corral Creek Burnt Corral Spring Burnt Mountain Bush Flat Cemetery Butterball Tank Butterfly Cienega Butte Tank Calf Creek Calf Creek Tank Canyon Day Canyon Day Census Designated Place Canyon Day Junior High School Canyon Day Tank Canyon Tank Carlos Moody Tank Carrizo Carrizo Census Designated Place Carrizo Creek Carrizo Tank C-Dart Spring Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Census Designated Place Cedar Creek Crossing Cedar Creek Rodeo Grounds Cedar Drift Fence Tank Cedar Gap Tank Cedar Spring Cedar Spring Cemetery Tank Chalk Tank Charvoidles Spring Chief Alchesay Baha Grave Chino Spring Chino Spring Stockman Station Chino Tank Chino Tank Chipmunk Tank Christmas Tree Dam Christmas Tree Lake CH Tank Church Tank Cliffrose Tank Cliff Tank Clover Tank Columbine Spring Cone Butte Cone Butte Tank Corduroy Creek Corner Tank Cottonwood Canyon County Line Tank Cowboy Butte Cowboy Spring Cowboy Tank Cow Butte Tank Cow Pasture Butte Coyote Butte Coyote Spring Coyote Spring Coyote Spring Coyote Tank Cradleboard Elementary School Crocker Spring Cub Springs Cup Tank Damoff Cabin Dead Cow Tank Deep Cienega Deer Spring Deer Spring Creek Deer Tank D-five Spring D-five Tank Diamond Butte Diamond Creek Diamond Creek Campsite Number Five Diamond Creek Community Center Diamond Creek Junction Campground Diamond Creek Number Two Campground Diamond Tank Divide Tank Drift Fence Tank Dry Creek Duck Lake Earl Park Dam Earl Park Lake East Bonito Prairie Tank East Cedar Creek East Fork East Fork Census Designated Place East Fork Community Center East Fork Mission School E B Spring E B Tank Eightyfive Bar Spring Elk Canyon Enders Mine Endfield Tank Ess Creek Ess Spring Feed Box Spring Felton Tank Firebox Canyon Firebox Creek Firebox Tank Fir Spring First Campground Flying V Canyon Flying V Pasture Tank Flying V Spring Flying V Well Fork Spring Fort Apache Division Fort Apache Junction Fort Apache Reservation Freezeout Creek Frog Pond Gaan Be Ti Ye Mesa G-five Farm Spring G-five Farm Tank G-five Tank Ghost Tank Gila Tank Goklish Canyon Gold Butte Gold Gulch G-one Well Gopher Tank Grass Flat Tank Grindstone Mountain Gully Tank G Wash G Wash Tank Hall Cienega Hall Tank Hawkins Canyon Heifer Tank Heifer Tank Hells Hole Hidden Spring Highway Drift Fence Tank Hole Canyon Hoot Owl Tank Horse Bone Flat Horse Mesa Tank Horse Pasture Tank Hughey Creek Hurricane Creek Hurricane Dam Hurricane Lake Hurricane Lake Campground I D Tank I D Tank Number Two I-nineteen Springs I-nineteen Tank Javelina Tank Jimana Inn John F Kennedy Day School John F Kennedy School John Moore Spring John Moore Tank John Moore Tank Johnson Corral Tank Junction Tank Number One Junction Tanks Juniper Tank Kaytoggie Diversion Dam Kelly Butte Kelly Butte Tank Kinishba Tank Kinishba Well KM Mine Lime Spring Limestone Spring Limestone Tank Little Trap Spring Log Tank Lone Pine Creek Lone Pine Spring Lone Tank Louse Flat Louse Flat Tank Louse Tank Number One Lower Firebox Tank Lower Grass Flat Tank Lower Hoot Owl Tank Lower Horse Mesa Tank Number Two Lower Junction Tank Dam Lower Limestone Tank Lower Log Road Campground Lower Mud Tank Macklin Well Main Canyon Tank Mare Springs Maverick Maverick Mountain McDonald Creek McDonald Tank Mescal Pit Catchment Basin Mescal Tank Mesquite Tank Middle Cedar Creek Middle Sevenmile Tank Milk Creek Mine Tank Mine Tank Number Two Moon Creek Mormon Canyon Mount Baldy Mount Ord Mount Thomas Mount Warren Mud Cat Tank Mud Spring Mud Spring Mud Spring Mud Tank Mud Tank Mule Corral Canyon Mule Hoof Bend Nan Dahs Taan Mesa Nash Canyon Navajo Bill Tank Navato Pit Tank New Cedar Drift Fence Tank Norman Spring Norman Spring North Bonito Prairie Tank North Fork Diamond Creek Oak Tank Old Camp Tank Old Road Tank Old R Spring Owl Spring Pacheta Creek Pacheta Dam Pacheta Lake Pacheta Lake Campground Paddy Butte Paddy Cienega Paddy Creek Pair o'Dice Cienega Pair o'Dice Ranch Paradise Butte Pasture Tank Pasture Tank Number One Peach Tank Peasoup Creek Pete Cobb Spring Pettis Ranch Piggie Tank Pine Creek Pine Tank Pinyon Tank Pit Tank Plow Tank Poker Canyon Poker Gap Creek Poker Mountain Poker Mountain Tank Poker Mountain Tank Number Two Porcupine Creek Post Office Canyon Post Office Farms Prairie Pit Tank P S Spring Tank Public Health Services Indian Hospital Whiteriver Service Unit Purcell Cienega Pusher Canyon Quail Tank Race Horse Cienega Ragged Top Mountain Rainbow City Census Designated Place Rattlesnake Point Red Canyon Red Canyon Spring Red Canyon Tank Number Two Red Hill Tank Red Knoll Red Knoll Tank Red Point Spring Red Spring Red Tank Red Tank Red Tank Number One Red Willow Spring Reservation Dam Reservation Lake Reservation Lake Campgrounds Reservation Ranch Reservation Ranch R-fourteen Ranch Ridge Tank Number One Right Hand Canyon Rim Pit Tank Rim Tank Rip Rap Tank Roadside Table Milepost Three Hundred Twentyseven Road Tank Roberts Ranch Rock Canyon Spring Rock Ledge Spring Rocky Tank Round Top Mountain Round Top Mountain Lookout Round Top Wash R-seven Spring Ruins Tank Ruins Tank Number Two Saddle Tank Saint Francis Church Salt River Recreation Area Salt River Rim Tank Salt Springs Salt Trap Tank Sam Green Tank Sawmill Canyon Sawtooth Mountain Sawtooth Tank Sawtooth Tank Number Two Seasonal Springs Second Campground Sevenmile Sevenmile Canyon Seven Mile Census Designated Place Sevenmile Spring Sevenmile Tank Sevenmile Tank Sevenmile Tank Dam Seven Up Tank Shale Tank Sharp Creek Shower Spring Side Oat Tank Silted Tank Silver Butte Silver Butte Spring Skeleton Tank Smith Cienega Snowshoe Creek Snow Stake Creek Soda Spring Sore Spring South Goodwin Tank Spear-R Spring Spoon Tank Spruce Mountain Spud Creek Squaw Dress Ridge Stago Canyon Stake Tank Standing Rock Tank Star Creek Steer Pasture Spring Stinking Spring Stinking Spring Tank Stockman Spring Stockman Station Stockman Station Sugarloaf Butte Sugarloaf Tank Sun Creek Sunrise Lake Sunrise Park Sunrise Peak Sunrise Peak Ski Area Sunrise Ski Lodge Sunset Pass Spring Sunset Pass Tank Sweater Creek Sweater Tank Tank Canyon Ten of Diamonds Creek Ten of Diamonds Ranch Tiger Butte Toggie Canyon Trailer House Spring Trail Spring Trail Tank Tsay-se-zhin Butte Turkey Creek Census Designated Place Turkey Track Flat Tank Turkey Track Flat Tank Dam Two Bit Tank Upper Calf Creek Tank Upper Earl Park Upper Hole Tank Upper Pacheta Cienega Upper Sevenmile Tank Upper Sweater Tank Upper Walnut Spring V Thirtyseven Spring Wagon Road Tank Walker Tank Walnut Canyon Walnut Spring Walton Spring Ward Tank Warm Spring Waterfall Spring Water Trough Canyon Water Trough Spring Well Canyon West Cedar Creek West Poker Mountain West Sevenmile Tank West Tank Wheat Field Cienega Whirley Basin Tank Number One Whirley Basin Tank Number Two White Mountain Apache Tribal Fire and Rescue Department Station 810 Whiteriver White Mountains Whiteriver White River Whiteriver Airport Whiteriver Cemetery Whiteriver Census Designated Place Whiteriver City Hall Whiteriver Elementary School Whiteriver Fire Station Whiteriver Lutheran Church Whiteriver Post Office Whiteriver Public Library Whitespot Tank Whitetail Tank Wigwam Spring Wild Bull Spring Wild Dove Butte Wild Ox Spring Willow Creek Willow Spring Willow Tank Willow Tank Dam Willow Trap Willow Trap Springs Willow Trap Tank Yellow Jacket Spring Yellow Jacket Spring Y-thirtyone Canyon Y-thirtyone Tank