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  • Round Valley Primary School
  • 4-Winds Academy
  • Navit - Round Valley High School
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  • Americas Best Value Inn
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    ZIP Code 85938 is located in Apache County

    85938 Street Addresses

    10th St ((201-299)) 11th St ((400-498)) 12th St ((285-399)) 1st Ave ((1473-1527)) 1st Ln ((200-299)) 1st St ((1501-1599)) 2110 ((1-99)) 6th St ((200-499)) 7th Ave ((2-199)) 7th Pl ((1-299)) Aldrice Burk Dr ((1-199)) Alta Vista Dr ((400-799)) Apache Dr ((1801-1817)) Apache St ((1-499)) Becker Lake Rd ((2-598)) Becker Ln ((1501-1799)) Becker Ln Lp ((1700-1798)) Belair Dr ((500-599)) Brant St ((300-399)) Broadway Dr ((5447-5499)) Bronson Blvd ((100-198)) Brown St ((1-299)) Carolyn Way ((1601-1699)) Castillo Dr ((201-299)) Catalina Dr ((500-599)) Central Ave ((600-699)) Chiciahua Rd ((1-99)) Chiricahua Rd ((1-99)) Chiricahua St ((400-498)) Chiricahua Trl ((400-499)) Cochise Dr ((100-299)) Colter Ln ((1401-1998)) Co Rd 2089 ((19-99)) Co Rd 2210 ((1-99)) Co Rd 2266 ((145-199)) Co Rd 4009 ((1-99)) Co Rd 4036 ((1-99)) Co Rd 4365 ((1401-1499)) Crosby St ((1021-1119)) Dale St ((1000-1199)) Dorinda Dr ((801-999)) E 1st Ave ((1-299)) E 1st St ((1-1899)) E 2nd Ave ((1-378)) E 2nd St ((1-1899)) E 3rd Ave ((1-399)) E 3rd St ((1-99)) E 4th Ave ((1-280)) E 4th St ((1-598)) E 5th Ave ((1-399)) E 5th St ((1-399)) E 6th Ave ((1-499)) E 6th St ((1-299)) E 7th Ave ((200-399)) E 7th St ((1-270)) E 8th St ((100-199)) Eagar St ((1-899)) E Apache Dr ((1600-1899)) E Apache St ((601-699)) E Central Ave ((14-2098)) Edith ((1000-1099)) E Emerald Ln ((100-199)) E Fleetwood Ave ((1200-1299)) E Garcia ((2-1199)) E Hopi Dr ((1600-1899)) E Hualapai St ((200-699)) Elm Ln ((700-799)) E Main St ((100-1098)) E Maricopa Dr ((601-1399)) E Mason Dr ((100-899)) E Mohave St ((200-699)) E Yaqui St ((200-699)) Fairlane Dr ((500-599)) Garth ((300-399)) Garth Dr ((700-899)) Harless St ((1-598)) Harmony Ln ((100-199)) Haynes Dr ((1601-1799)) Hidden Valley Dr ((100-199)) Hunt St ((700-998)) Impala Ave ((501-599)) Jason ((1100-1199)) Joy Dr ((2701-2799)) Juniper St ((1-1098)) Lesueur Dr ((1081-1521)) Lower County Rd ((701-799)) Lower Voigt ((700-799)) Lydia Ln ((1700-1798)) Main St ((1-1698)) Maricopa Dr ((237-315)) Merrill St ((600-699)) N2148 ((2-98)) N A St ((1-199)) Navajo St ((300-699)) N Becker Lake Rd ((1-299)) N Becker Ln ((1601-1699)) N B St ((1-99)) N Burk St ((2-399)) N Butler St ((1-3698)) N Chiricahua Trl ((200-392)) N C St ((1-199)) N D St ((100-1598)) N E St ((1-199)) N Gutierrez St ((1-199)) N Hillcrest Dr ((2-98)) N Hopi St ((1-199)) Nicoll St ((300-399)) N Main St ((4-999)) N Papago St ((1-328)) N Pima Dr ((1-299)) N Poverty Flat ((139-298)) N River Rd ((300-398)) N Zuni St ((1-499)) Old Hwy 60 ((1-99)) Papago St ((1-399)) Park Pl ((1900-1998)) Picnic Creek Rd ((500-799)) Pioneer Cir ((300-399)) Potawatomi St ((500-599)) Rencher St ((1000-1199)) Renee St ((100-399)) Rte 285 ((1200-1210)) Safari Dr ((921-1498)) S Burk St ((1-1103)) S Butler Dr ((400-499)) S Butler St ((1-803)) School Bus Rd ((400-498)) S Coconino St ((100-499)) S Cordillia Dr ((400-1499)) S Eagar St ((1-799)) S el Cajon Cir ((400-499)) S Garcia St ((400-1199)) S Gutierrez St ((1-499)) S Hacienda Dr ((400-499)) S Harless St ((1-599)) S Hopi St ((100-299)) Silva Ln ((2-199)) Skyline Dr ((1664-1698)) Slade Dr ((1300-1399)) Slash 4th St ((1300-1699)) S Main St ((300-898)) S Mountain Ave ((4-999)) Snowline Rd ((1600-2098)) South Ave ((500-542)) Spanish Trl ((1293-1598)) S Papago St ((100-398)) S Picnic Creek Rd ((600-799)) S Pima Dr ((1-499)) S Pinal St ((1-399)) S School Bus Rd ((680-898)) S Schuster Dr ((400-499)) S Sheldon Ave ((1-299)) State Hwy 260 Scn ((4-2098)) S Thunderbird Dr ((500-599)) Sunset Dr ((100-198)) Susie Ln ((400-499)) S Voigt St ((2-799)) S Zuni St ((1-299)) Timberline Dr ((1182-12399)) Tori Cir ((700-899)) Tumbling T Dr ((301-1999)) Udall St ((35-399)) US Hwy 180 ((1-42998)) US Hwy 180 Bus ((4-2098)) US Hwy 191 ((109-1532)) US Hwy 60 ((201-1899)) Valley Vis ((1600-1699)) W 1st Ave ((1-199)) W 1st St ((1-99)) W 2nd Ave ((1-199)) W 2nd St ((1-399)) W 3rd Ave ((1-199)) W 3rd St ((1-199)) W 4th Ave ((1-199)) W 4th St ((1-1388)) W 5th St ((100-199)) W 6th St ((1-199)) W 7th Ln ((1094-1198)) W 7th St ((1-99)) W 8th St ((1-199)) W Airport Rd ((1-899)) Water Canyon Rd ((1200-1210)) Water Treatment Rd ((1-99)) W Central Ave ((46-1999)) West Ave ((25-699)) West St ((400-499)) Williams Dr ((2-99)) W Main St ((1-298)) W North Ave ((600-698)) W South Ave ((1-699)) Yavapai ((300-399))

    85938 Places and Attractions

    Abouve Tank Antelope Mountain Apache and Sitgraves Forest Supervisor Office Atascacita Springs Atascacita Tank Atascocita Draw Atcheson Dam Atcheson Reservoir Baca Spring Basin Tank Becker Lake Becker Reservoir Dam Benton Creek Bluff Tank Bog Tank Browns Park Butler Cemetery Canvasback Sink Canyon Dam Canyon Tank Carnero Creek Casa Malpais Site CB Tank Number Two Cerro Trigo Cerro Trigo Tank Cheney Lake Cheyney Lake Chimney Spring City Dump Tank Corral Spring Correjo Crossing Coyote Hills Coyote Ranch Coyote Spring Curve Tank Dead Horse Tank Division Tank Driveway Tank Duker Spring Eagar-Slade Dam Eldeberry Spring Elderberry Spring Campground Ellis Wiltbank Dam Ellis Wiltbank Reservoir First Assembly of God Fish Creek Fish Creek Corral Fran Day Spring Gibbons Spring Grandview Overlook Grapevine Spring Green Spot Green Spot Well Halls Ranch Halls Tank Number One Halls Tank Number Three Halls Tank Number Two Hall Tank Number 3 Head Spring Henry Slade Spring Herchede Ranch Heron Marsh Hidden Spring Highway Tank Hill Tank Horseshoe Spring Immanuel Lutheran Church Jesus First Community Church Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Eager Congregation KQAZ-FM (Springerville) KRVZ-AM (Springerville) KTHQ-FM (Eagar) Little George Reservoir Little Giant Spring Little Giant Tank Little Halls Tank Little Valley Spring Lost Spring Mallory Draw Mallory Spring Miller Spring Milligan Creek Milligan Knoll Milligan Saddle Spring Milligan Valley Milligan Valley Creek Spring Number 1 Milligan Valley Tank Number 1 Milligan Valley Tank Number 2 Murray Basin Nelson Dam Nelson Reservoir Nelson Reservoir Campground Northland Pioneer College Springerville - Eagar Center Number Four Tank Nutrioso Creek Old Tanks Pat Knoll Pat Knoll Guard Station Pat Knoll Pit Springs Patterson Spring Perm Tank Pete Tank Picnic Creek Picnic Hill Picnic Spring Picnic Tank Picnic Tank Point Mountain Tank Point of Mountain Spring Point of the Mountain Point of the Mountain Spring Powerline Tank Push Tank Rim Creek Spring Rim Spring Rosebud Rosebud Cienega Rose Tank Round Valley Primary School Rudd Creek Rudd Knoll Pit Number Three Rudd Knoll Pit Tank Number 1 Rudd Knoll Pit Tank Number 114 Rudd Knoll Spring Rudd Knoll Spring Rudd Reservoir Russell Reservoir Saffell Canyon Saffell Knoll Saffell Spring Saffell tank Saint Josephs Reservoir Saint Marys Dam Saint Marys Lake Saint Marys Lake Spring Saint Marys Tank Saint Peter's Catholic Church Saint Peters Dome San Salvador Dam San Salvador Reservoir Sattell Knoll Substation Sawmill Spring Sawmill Tank Schuster Spring Scraper Knoll Section Ten Tank Slade Reservoir South Fork Little Colorado River Springerville Springerville Forest Service Facility Springerville Municipal Airport Springerville Police Department Springerville Ranger District Office Springerville Seventh Day Adventist Church Springerville Town Hall Springfield Elementary School Stock Dam Number Two Stock Tank Number Three Straddling Lake Straddling Spring Ted Spring Town of Springerville T T Tank Number Three T T Tank Number Two Twentyfour Ranch United States Forest Service Fire Department Apache - Sitgreaves National Forest Water Canyon Ranger Station Water Canyon Reservoir White Mountain Regional Medical Center Wiregrass Lake Woods Lake