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    ZIP Code 85911 is located in Navajo County

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    Airport Tank Apache Mission School Bear Canyon Bear Playground Spring Bear Ridge Bear Wallow Canyon Beaver Canyon Big Pine Tank Bird Spring Canyon Black Bear Spring Blackie Trap Canyon Blue Lake Campground Blue Spring Blue Spring Canyon Borrow Pit Tank Box Spring Box Spring Buckskin Canyon Buckskin Lookout Tower Bull Canyon Bull Pasture Tank Bureau of Indian Affairs Ranger Station Burke Mountain Caddo Canyon Caddo Point Caddo Point Tank Carrizo Ridge Cattail Rush CC Canyon Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Tank Cedar Mesa Tanks Cement Trough Canyon Tank Cement Trough Spring Charco Tank Chediski Peak Chediski Ridge Chuck Box Fire Station Cibecue Cibecue Airport Cibecue Census Designated Place Cibecue Chapter House Cibecue Community School Cibecue Creek Cibecue Health Center White River Service Unit Cibecue Ridge Cibecue Ridge Tank Cibecue Trading Post Clay Spring Clearwater Spring Cliff Rose Tank Clino Tank C One Wash Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Ridge Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Tank C T Spring Cub Canyon Day School Wash Dazen Canyon Deer Spring Deer Springs Canyon Deer Springs Guard Station DeHose Spring Donkey Lake Dove Tank Dripping Spring Dry Canyon Dry Valley East Burn Tank East Fork Phoenix Park Canyon Faught Ridge Faught Ridge Lookout Fish Tank Foot Canyon Foot Canyon Trail Forestdale Canyon Forestdale Canyon Tank Forestdale Creek Forestdale Spring Forestdale Tank Forestdale Trading Post Fort Apache Division Gobbler Tank Grape Spring Grasshopper Grasshopper Butte Grasshopper Tank Number Two Hardscrabble Spring Heavy Burn Tank Henry Spring Hidden Lake Highway Sixty Tank Hog Spring Canyon Hog Spring Tank Holding Pen Tank Honeymoon Canyon Hop Canyon Hop Canyon Tank Hop Canyon Tank Dam Hop Mountain Hop Spring Horse Tank Ice Cream Cone Tank Indian Spring Ivins Canyon Jack Amos Spring John Hall Tank Johnnie Tank Jumpoff Canyon Jumpoff Ridge Jumpoff Spring Jumpoff Tank Juniper Tank K P Spring Lake Tank Limestone Canyon Limestone Fire Station Limestone Ridge Limestone Ridge Tank Number One Limestone Ridge Tank Number Two Limestone Spring Little Spring Locust Spring Log Road Tank Lonely Mountain Lonely Mountain Tank Lone Pine Tank Long Tom Canyon Long Tom Spring Lost Tank Louse Lake Lower Cottonwood Tank Lower Martinez Tank Lucy Canyon Martinez Ranch M H Tank Middle Canyon Middle Cottonwood Tank Mud Creek Mud Spring Mud Tank Mud Tank N Five Spring North Boundary Tank N Tank Nyce Lake Oak Spring Tanks One Mile Tanks Pepper Canyon Pepper Lake Pepper Ridge Petrified Creek Phoenix Park Canyon Pine Spring Poison Ivy Spring Pot Hole Tank Pryce Canyon Pryce Lake Pumpkin Lake Red Canyon Tank Red Canyon Tank Red Rock Spring Red Top Mountain Rhine Canyon Rhine Ridge Rock Point Spring Rotten Spring Ruin Springs Salt Creek Salt Creek Tank Sand Tank Scott Cabin Seep Spring Skiddy Canyon Skiddy Ridge Skiddy Tank Skunk Canyon Snake Ridge Spring Ridge Spring Tank Steer Spring Canyon Steer Spring Canyon Telephone Canyon Telephone Line Ridge Telephone Ridge Telephone Ridge Telephone Spring Trail Canyon Tran Tank Truax Canyon Turkey Canyon Turkey Spring Twin Lakes Twin Oak Canyon Twin Springs Twin Tree Canyon Upper Martinez Tank Valley View Canyon Valley View Point Valley View Tank V Eighteen Wash V Fortytwo Spring V Spring Wagon Wheel Lake Walnut Canyon Walnut Spring Walnut Tank Water Bag Spring West Blue Lake West Buckskin Trail West Burn Tank West Forestdale Tank West Fork Phoenix Park Canyon West Ranch Whiskey Canyon White Mountain Apache Tribal Fire and Rescue Department Station 820 Cibecue White Mountains White Spring Whitetail Lake Whitetail Ridge Wildhorse Tank Willow Creek Yellowstone Canyon Yellowstone Tank