Tucson, AZ 85705 ZIP Code Map


85705 Schools


  • Wings On Words Preschool
  • Roskruge Bilingual Magnet Middle School
  • Tucson Magnet High School
  • Roskruge Bilingual Elementary School
  • Richey Elementary School
  • Emily Meschter Early Learning Center
  • Sentinel Peak High School
  • Centennial Elementary School
  • Walter Douglas Elementary School
  • Laguna Elementary School
  • Homer Davis Elementary School
  • Flowing Wells Junior High School
  • Flowing Wells High School
  • Ombudsman - Charter Central
  • Pima Partnership Academy
  • Young Leaders Primary School
  • Pima County Jted At Flowing Wells
  • Pcjted - Flowing Wells High School
  • Pcjted - Amphitheater High School
  • Pcjted - Tucson High School
  • Amphitheater High School
  • Rillito Center
  • L M Prince School
  • Helen Keeling Elementary School
  • E C Nash School
  • Amphitheater Middle School
  • Academy Adventures Primary School
  • Wildcat School
  • Paulo Freire Freedom School
  • Academy Of Math And Science
  • Pima Partnership School The
  • Desert Rose Academy Charter School
  • Transformational Learning Centers
  • Carden Of Tucson
  • Tucson Preparatory School
  • Tucson Academy Of Leadership & Arts
  • Alternative Computerized Education (Ace) Charter H
  • 85705 Hotels

  • Best Western Plus Royal Sun Inn & Suites
  • College Place Tucson
  • Comfort Suites At Tucson Mall
  • Econo Lodge near the University of Arizona
  • Executive Inn & Suites of Tucson
  • Frontier Motel
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tucson
  • Oasis Motel
  • Quality Inn Flamingo
  • Rodeway Inn Tucson
  • Travelodge Tucson Az
  • Tucson Boutique Inn
  • University Inn Tucson
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    ZIP Code 85705 is located in Pima County

    85705 Street Addresses

    Amphitheatre Dr ((3700-3799)) Bel Aire Ct ((1800-1899)) Brittain Dr ((2000-2099)) Cll Arizona ((300-399)) Cll del Arizona ((351-699)) Cll Siglo ((1500-1505)) Cll Sur ((700-899)) Courtney Dr ((4600-4799)) Darius Cir ((5500-5698)) E 10th St ((451-699)) E 1st St ((1-699)) E 2nd St ((1-699)) E 4th St ((1-699)) E 5th St ((1-699)) E 6th St ((1-699)) E 7th St ((100-499)) E 8th St ((200-699)) E 9th St ((300-699)) E Adams St ((1-699)) E Alturas St ((1-699)) E Amaro Pl ((500-599)) E Amphitheater Pl ((400-499)) E Babcock Dr ((600-699)) E Blacklidge Dr ((1-699)) E Cam Villas ((1-199)) E Cll Arizona ((200-699)) E Delano St ((1-699)) E Dorothy Ln ((200-299)) E Drachman St ((1-699)) E Edison St ((600-699)) E Elm St ((1-699)) E Farr St ((200-299)) E Flores Dr ((1-2199)) E Fontana Pl ((300-399)) E Fort Lowell Rd ((1-699)) E Gay St ((500-599)) E Geronimo Bluff Loop ((400-498)) E Glenn St ((1-699)) E Grant Rd ((1-699)) E Hadley St ((200-499)) E Hampton St ((600-699)) E Harvill Dr ((600-699)) E Helen St ((1-699)) E Jacinto St ((1-699)) E Joan St ((500-599)) E Kelso St ((1-699)) E King Rd ((1-299)) E Knox Dr ((400-699)) E Laguna St ((1-699)) E Lee St ((1-699)) E Lester St ((1-699)) E Limberlost Dr ((1-699)) E Linden St ((200-699)) E Mabel St ((1-699)) E Mac Iver Pl ((1-199)) E McMillan Dr ((400-699)) E Mills Dr ((1-199)) E Mohave Rd ((1-699)) E Mojave Rd ((1-299)) E Navajo Rd ((1-699)) E Norma Ln ((200-399)) E North St ((600-699)) E Pastime Rd ((1-699)) E Pla Estrella ((100-199)) E Plata St ((100-199)) E Ponderosa St ((200-299)) E Prince Rd ((1-699)) E Rillito St ((1-599)) E Roger Rd ((1-699)) E Root Way ((200-299)) E Sahuaro St ((1-599)) E Scheibe Way ((200-299)) E Seneca St ((400-699)) E Smoot Dr ((400-599)) E Smoot Pl ((300-399)) E Speedway Blvd ((1-699)) E Stevens Ave ((300-499)) E University Blvd ((1-1099)) E Ventura St ((1-199)) E Villas Ci ((1-99)) E Villas Cir ((1-99)) E Water St ((200-299)) E Waverly St ((200-699)) E Wetmore Rd ((1-699)) E Wilcox Dr ((400-499)) E Windsor St ((300-399)) E Yavapai Rd ((1-699)) Fairview Ave ((701-799)) Ford Pl ((1400-1599)) Furreys Ln ((2000-2099)) Hoff Ave ((1301-1399)) H St N ((3800-3867)) Jade Pl ((3000-3099)) N 10th Ave ((600-2399)) N 11th Ave ((700-2399)) N 13th Ave ((900-2399)) N 14th Ave ((1100-4199)) N 15th Ave ((1200-2999)) N 16th Pl ((4200-4299)) N 2nd Ave ((100-3999)) N 3rd Ave ((100-2399)) N 4th Ave ((1-4399)) N 5th Ave ((200-1899)) N 6th Ave ((1-4099)) N 7th Ave ((300-2399)) N 9th Ave ((400-2529)) N Acuna Ave ((1100-1399)) N Acuna St ((1100-1399)) N Alder Ave ((700-1299)) N Alicia Ave ((4400-4999)) N Amphitheatre High Dr ((3700-3799)) N Anita Ave ((500-1299)) N Arizona Ave ((400-1099)) N Ash Ave ((500-1099)) N Ave de la Ventana ((4100-4147)) N Ave el Capitan ((2100-2399)) N Bailey Ln ((1100-1499)) N Balboa Ave ((2400-3899)) N Beachbrooke Ave ((4600-4699)) N Bean Ave ((100-1099)) N Berni Ave ((4400-4499)) N Brady Ave ((500-699)) N Brightside Dr ((4600-4699)) N Brookeview Dr ((4700-4799)) N Brookline Ct ((4700-4799)) N Business Center Dr ((3700-3999)) N Caballero Pl ((3600-3699)) N Cam Aire Fresco ((4600-4799)) N Cam de la Tierra ((5300-5725)) N Cam Feliz ((4600-4799)) N Carapan Ave ((5200-5299)) N Casa Grande Hwy ((3100-3398)) N Casas Serenas Dr ((4800-4999)) N Castro Ave ((2400-3899)) N Centre Court Dr ((2700-2799)) N Cll Central ((1700-2399)) N Cll Chico ((2100-2199)) N Cll del Arizona ((300-399)) N Cll Harmonia ((4800-4899)) N Columbia Ave ((3600-3798)) N Columbine Ln ((4101-4199)) N Commerce Dr ((3700-3899)) N Confrey Ave ((4600-4699)) N Contzen Ave ((600-1099)) N Cortez Pl ((2700-2799)) N Crowley Ln ((5200-5399)) N Davis Ave ((4800-5299)) N Diamond Pl ((4900-4999)) N Echols Ave ((400-999)) N Edgebrooke Pl ((4600-4799)) N el Burrito Ave ((2800-4399)) N el Tovar Ave ((3200-4399)) N Emerald Ave ((5200-5399)) N Erma Ave ((3200-3399)) N Estrella ((3700-3799)) N Estrella Ave ((2400-3799)) N Estrella la ((3701-3799)) N Estrella Ln ((3700-3899)) N Fairview Ave ((1700-4699)) N Fellows Ave ((4800-4999)) N Ferro Ave ((400-1299)) N Flores Dr ((400-2399)) N Flowing Wells Rd ((2400-4799)) N Fontana Ave ((2400-4099)) N Freeway Industrial Loop ((3000-3299)) N Freeway Rd ((39-3599)) N Freeway St ((600-1098)) N Frey Ave ((4300-4499)) N Fritz Dr ((2700-2799)) N Frontage Rd ((4601-5599)) N Fwy ((39-115)) N Geronimo Ave ((2400-3899)) N Glaris Ave ((2900-2999)) N Gold Ave ((4800-4999)) N Gregorio Cir ((4100-4199)) N Gypsy Ln ((3200-3299)) N Halbert Ave ((4200-4299)) N Hansa Dr ((4400-4599)) N Hansa Pl ((4300-4599)) N Herbert Ave ((300-1099)) N Highway Dr ((3700-5599)) N Hoff Ave ((100-1399)) N Hopi Pl ((2700-2799)) N Howe Pl ((4200-4299)) N Hughes St ((600-699)) N Idaho Ln ((4200-4399)) N Incas Ave ((3200-3299)) N Incas Pl ((2700-2799)) N Iroquois Ave ((3100-4799)) N Isle of View Ln ((5200-5299)) N Jacobus Ave ((100-1099)) N Jay Ave ((4200-4999)) N Jersey Ct ((4800-4999)) N Jusnic Ct ((5500-5599)) N Kain Ave ((4600-65199)) N Kenwood Ct ((4700-4799)) N Kim Pl ((4000-4099)) N Kingsgate Ct ((3100-3199)) N Kitchen St ((600-699)) N la Cholla Blvd ((4100-5599)) N Laird Way ((4600-4799)) N Lake Dr ((4400-4499)) N Lange Ave ((4100-4199)) N la Osa Way ((4300-4399)) N Leah Pl ((2600-2699)) N Leticia Pl ((4700-4799)) N Limberlost Cir ((4200-4299)) N Limberlost Pl ((4200-4299)) N Linda Lee Dr ((4300-4399)) N Los Altos Ave ((2100-3799)) N Main Ave ((700-1399)) N Malibu Dr ((2700-2799)) N Maryvale Ave ((4800-4999)) N Mathews Ave ((4900-5099)) N Melody Ln ((3700-3799)) N Mesquite Pl ((3600-3799)) N Midge Ln ((3900-3999)) N Miller Ave ((3900-4099)) N Mint Ave ((4600-4699)) N Miracle Mile ((1400-1799)) N Myakka Ave ((5000-5299)) N Nidito Pl ((4100-4399)) N Northway Ave ((2201-2399)) N Nufer Pl ((3600-3699)) N Obetka Ave ((4400-4599)) N Old Oracle Rd ((4700-4899)) N Old Romero Rd ((4454-4599)) N Olivas Ln ((2201-2299)) N Oracle Rd ((700-4898)) N Pacific Dr ((2700-2799)) N Palm Grove Dr ((3800-4199)) N Papaya Ave ((5200-5299)) N Parkway Dr ((4700-4799)) N Pasatiempo Pl ((3800-3899)) N Pastime Pl ((3700-3799)) N Perry Ave ((500-1099)) N Plane Ave ((4800-5199)) N Plum Ave ((4200-4399)) N Pocito Dr ((4300-4399)) N Pocito Pl ((4200-4398)) N Pomona Rd ((3600-4899)) N Pso Reforma ((1900-1999)) N Queen Ave ((700-1199)) N Radin Ave ((4300-4399)) N Ray Pl ((4000-4099)) N Record Way ((4300-4399)) N Red Clover Ln ((4100-4199)) N Reno Ave ((3200-4799)) N River Valley Loop ((4800-4999)) N River Vista Dr ((4800-4999)) N Romero Rd ((1670-4453)) N Royal Palm Dr ((2800-5499)) N Runway Dr ((3700-4099)) N Sago Ave ((5200-5299)) N San Patricio Pl ((4100-4399)) N San Rafael Ave ((3900-3999)) N Sardis Way ((4600-4699)) N Shamrock Pl ((4800-4999)) N Shannon Rd ((4800-5599)) N Shawnee Ave ((3100-3199)) N Shorebrooke Ave ((4600-4699)) N Sioux Ave ((3100-4099)) N Southbrooke Pl ((4600-4699)) N Stanley Pl ((4300-4399)) N Stone Ave ((400-4599)) N Stone Cliff Dr ((4101-4199)) N Sullinger Ave ((4200-5099)) N Sunrise Ave ((4800-4999)) N Thurston Ln ((0-4199)) N Tolman Dr ((2800-2899)) N Tovar Ave ((4200-4299)) N Tributary Dr ((5200-5299)) N Tuttle Ave ((2800-4299)) N Valley Park Ave ((4600-4899)) N Van Alstine St ((600-1099)) N Villas Placitas ((4200-4299)) N Walker Pl ((1900-1999)) N Walking Pl ((4500-4599)) N Warner Ter ((4600-4799)) N Wegner Ln ((4300-4399)) N Western Winds Dr ((4100-4199)) N Woodside Dr ((4600-4799)) N York Pl ((2700-2799)) N Yuma St ((1000-1099)) Pomona Rd ((3600-3698)) Record Pl ((4301-4399)) Root Way ((200-299)) S Circle Dr ((1-99)) S Freeway Rd ((401-449)) S Fwy ((401-449)) S Pso Reforma N ((1800-1999)) State Hwy 77 ((500-4898)) W 1st St ((1-399)) W 2nd St ((1-499)) W 4th St ((1-399)) W 5th St ((1-599)) W 6th St ((1-99)) W Adams St ((1-399)) W Allegheny Dr ((1400-1499)) W Allegheny St ((1200-1499)) W Alsis Ln ((1800-4599)) W Alto Pl ((600-699)) W Alturas St ((1-899)) W Amy Dr ((1900-2099)) W Amy Pl ((1900-1999)) W Arcade St ((400-499)) W Auto Mall Dr ((400-999)) W Balboa Ave ((500-699)) W Birdman Dr ((100-199)) W Bitter Orange St ((1500-1699)) W Blacklidge Dr ((1-399)) W Brittain Dr ((1900-2099)) W Buckeye Ln ((1600-1799)) W Budmoore Ter ((700-899)) W Carmen Pl ((700-799)) W Carmen St ((700-799)) W Carnauba St ((2700-3099)) W Chris Oliver Way ((2300-2499)) W Cll Adelanto ((700-899)) W Cll Arizona ((500-1399)) W Cll Comodo ((2200-62299)) W Cll Cusco ((2100-2199)) W Cll Fortunado ((2100-2299)) W Cll Matus ((700-899)) W Cll Narciso ((2100-2299)) W Cll Progreso ((700-899)) W Cll Reina ((1700-1799)) W Cll Retama ((700-899)) W Cll Santa Ana ((0-899)) W Cll Sierra ((700-899)) W Cll Siglo ((500-1599)) W Cll Sur ((700-899)) W Cll Ventura ((700-899)) W Competition Rd ((700-799)) W Cool Dr ((200-518)) W Coralbrooke Dr ((1600-1798)) W Curtis Rd ((2100-3199)) W Curtis St ((2100-3199)) W Cusco Pl ((1900-1999)) W Dahil Rd ((200-299)) W Dairy Pl ((1700-1899)) W Dandelion Ln ((1800-1899)) W Davis Pl ((2800-2899)) W Davis St ((400-599)) W Delano Dr ((1400-1599)) W Delano St ((1-399)) W Delong St ((600-699)) W Desert Broom Ln ((1800-1999)) W Diamond St ((2200-4999)) W Drachman St ((1-399)) W Egle Ln ((1800-1899)) W el Caminito Pl ((600-1399)) W Elm St ((1-499)) W Emerald Cir ((3000-3099)) Weymouth St ((900-1099)) W Farr St ((900-1699)) W Flavia Pl ((200-299)) W Florence St ((101-1399)) W Flores Dr ((1-699)) W Flores St ((1-699)) W Fort Lowell Rd ((1-2099)) W Furreys Ln ((2000-2099)) W Furreys St ((1800-1999)) W Gardner Ln ((1800-2398)) W Gardner St ((1400-1599)) W Garnette St ((900-1399)) W Glenn St ((1-1499)) W Golda Pl ((2400-2799)) W Golda St ((2600-2799)) W Gramada Ave ((700-799)) W Grant Rd ((1-1299)) W Greenlee St ((1500-1699)) W Gretchen Dr ((1500-1599)) W Hadley St ((900-2099)) W Hegel Ln ((1500-1799)) W Helen St ((200-699)) W Higgins Ln ((1600-1799)) W Highway Dr ((1900-2099)) W Jacinto St ((1-899)) W Jade St ((2600-2799)) W Jaguar Ln ((16725-16818)) W Jay Pl ((1900-1999)) W Jim Howard Pl ((2000-2099)) W Jusnic Cir ((3100-3399)) W Katie Ln ((1900-1999)) W Kelso St ((1-899)) W Kessler Pl ((2400-2499)) W Kilburn Rd ((1400-1699)) W Kimberley Pl ((2400-2499)) W Kimberley St ((2600-2799)) W King Pl ((1300-1399)) W King Rd ((1-399)) W Kingsgate St ((1300-1399)) W King St ((900-1099)) W Kleindale Rd ((1200-1399)) W Knox Dr ((1-299)) W Knox Pl ((1100-1299)) W Knox St ((1300-1599)) W Laguna St ((1-899)) W la Osa Dr ((1100-2072)) W la Osa St ((1800-2299)) W la Pasadita Cir ((900-999)) W la Pasadita Pl ((1200-1299)) W la Pasadita St ((600-1599)) W Lee St ((1-399)) W Lester St ((1-699)) W Leticia Ln ((1800-1899)) W Lily Ave ((1400-2599)) W Limberlost Cir ((1-99)) W Limberlost Dr ((1-1399)) W Lind St ((900-1199)) W Lord St ((600-699)) W Mabel St ((200-699)) W Marana Rd ((16201-16962)) W Martell Dr ((1000-1099)) W McFar Dr ((200-299)) W McIver Pl ((400-499)) W McMillan Pl ((1300-1399)) W McMillan St ((1100-2099)) W Miracle Mile ((400-1599)) W Mohave Rd ((1200-1599)) W Mohawk Dr ((1200-1499)) W Mohawk Pl ((1300-1498)) W Monte Vista Dr ((1200-1399)) W Narciso Pl ((1900-1999)) W Navajo Rd ((1-399)) W Navajo St ((900-1399)) W Nidito Pl ((1200-1299)) W Noreen St ((2000-2099)) W North Paseo Reforma Ln ((1800-1999)) W Otilia Dr ((1500-1599)) W Oury St ((400-599)) W Palmetto St ((2800-2899)) W Palm Vista St ((2800-3099)) W Palmyra St ((2700-3099)) W Panama Ln ((1400-1499)) W Paradise Ln ((2100-2299)) W Paris Promenade ((700-899)) W Pastime Rd ((1-1499)) W Paul Pl ((1900-1999)) W Pelaar Dr ((400-699)) W Pelaar St ((1108-1299)) W Placita Desierto Morado Ave ((2300-2499)) W Plata St ((1-699)) W Poppy Ave ((2400-2699)) W Price St ((1800-2099)) W Prince Rd ((1-2099)) W Prospect Ln ((900-1099)) W Pso Reforma N ((1800-1999)) W Pso Reforma S ((1800-1999)) W Rau River Rd ((2300-2499)) W Record St ((1800-1999)) W Redondo Dr ((500-699)) W Regina Pl ((2800-2899)) W Reina Cir ((1700-1799)) W Rillito St ((1-1999)) W Roger Rd ((1-1799)) W Root Ln ((1700-1999)) W Royal Palm Dr ((2800-2899)) W Ruth Pl ((1400-1499)) W Ruthrauff Rd ((1600-2899)) W Ruth St ((1400-1799)) W Sago Cir ((2900-2999)) W Sahara St ((2700-3099)) W Sahuaro St ((1-899)) W Schafer Dr ((900-1399)) W Schafer St ((1900-1999)) W Scots Pine St ((1500-1799)) W Seabrooke Dr ((1500-1799)) W Sego Lily Ln ((1800-1998)) W Shaffer Pl ((2000-2099)) W Shibell St ((500-599)) W Siglo Pl ((900-1299)) W Simmons Pl ((1300-1399)) W Simmons St ((400-1099)) W Simpson St ((700-725)) W Smoot Dr ((1-299)) W Smoot Pl ((1100-1299)) W Sol Pl ((1300-1399)) W Southbrooke Ci ((1900-1999)) W Southbrooke Cir ((1800-2099)) W Speedway Blvd ((1-799)) W Sunset Rd ((3201-3651)) W Sweetwater Dr ((2400-2899)) W Talisman St ((1300-1399)) W Thurber Pl ((1300-1399)) W Thurber Rd ((400-899)) W Thurber St ((900-1099)) W Tipton Dr ((600-899)) W Tres Nogales Rd ((3300-3599)) W Trico Marana Rd ((16201-16962)) W Tyler River Rd ((2300-2404)) W University Blvd ((1-499)) W Vanover Rd ((700-899)) W Ventura St ((1-699)) W Verbena Ave ((2600-2699)) W Violet Ave ((2500-2799)) W Wabash St ((1100-1599)) W Waterway Pl ((2400-2499)) W Wave Hill Ct ((2300-2499)) W Wetmore Rd ((1-2599)) W Weymouth St ((1900-2099)) W Williams St ((500-699)) W Windsor St ((1-1699)) W Yavapai Rd ((1-399)) W Zinnia Ave ((1900-2699))

    85705 Places and Attractions

    Acacia Gardens Mobile Home Park Academy Adventures Primary School Academy of Math and Science Alliance Church Northwest Aloha Mobile Home Park Amphitheater Amphitheater Bible Church Amphitheater High School Amphitheater Junior High School Arizonian Mobile Home Park BeLaire Mobile Home Park Bermuda Gardens Trailer Park Cactus Cove Mobile Home Park Carefree Village Mobile Home Park Carousel Ranch Mobile Home Park Catalina Park Centennial Elementary School Church of Christ of Los Altos Avenue Cielo Vista Mobile Home Park Columbia Mobile Home Park Continental West Mobile Home Park Cornerstone Fellowship Church Crescent Manor Mobile Home Community Davis Bilingual Elementary Magnet School Davis School Del Norte Shopping Center Desert Palms Mobile Home Park Desert Rose Academy Desert Shores Mobile Home Park Desert Sun Desert Winds Mobile Home Park Diamond Grove Estates Mobile Home Park Double R Ranch Mobile Home Park Dove Christian School El Frontier Mobile Home Park El Hogar de la Paz Alternative School El Molino Mobile Home Park Esteven Park Evergreen Memorial Park Fairhaven Mobile Home Park Fairview Manor Mobile Home Park First Baptist church of Tucson First Church of God First Southern Baptist Church First Southern Christian School Five Star Mobile Home Park Flowing Wells Flowing Wells Assembly of God Flowing Wells Baptist Church Flowing Wells Census Designated Place Flowing Wells Early Childhood Center Flowing Wells High School Flowing Wells Junior High Flowing Wells Plaza Shopping Center Francisco Elias Esquer Park Freeway Airport Friendly Village Estates Mobile Home Park Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Gardner Estates Gardner Mobile Home Estates Grantstone Shopping Center Greater Mount Olive Church Green Acres Mobile Home Park Helen Keeling School Hinsons Mobile Home Park Holy Family Catholic Church Holy Hope Cemetery and Mausoleum I Am Temple of Tucson Iglesia de Dios Buenas Nuevas Iola Frans School Jacinto Park Jacobs Park Jaynes Jaynes Railroad Station John Spring Junior High KCUB-AM (Tucson) KCUB-FM (Tuscon) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KJYK-FM (Tucson) KLPX-FM (Tucson) KVOI-AM (Tucson) KWFM-FM (Tucson) La Colonia Mobile Home Park Laguna School Lamplighter Mobile Home Park Leisure Village Mobile Home Park Majestic Business Park Mansfield Park Martin School Miracle Mile Exchange Montessori Schoolhouse Nash School Noblesse Oblige Mobile Home Estates Noel Evangelical Methodist Church Northside Fellowship Church North Star Mobile Home Community North Tucson Business Center Northwest Baptist Church Northwest Fire Station 31 Northwest Tucson Industrial Park Oracle Ridge Plaza Shopping Center Oury Park Palm Harbour Estates Mobile Home Park Palm Vista Estates Mobile Home Park Parkway Vista Mobile Home Park Pascua Yaqui Indian Village Paulo Freire Freedom School Petrie Railroad Station Phillips Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Pima Community College Downtown Campus Pima County Cemetery Pima County Public Library Woods Memorial Branch Pima County Wastewater Management Roger Road Wastewater Treatment Plant Pima Friends Meeting House Pima Wash Prince Mall Prince Mobile Home Park Prince School Pueblo Springs Mobile Home Estates Rancho El Sol Mobile Home Park Richey Elementary School Rillito Center Alternative School Romero Trailer Estates Roosevelt School Roskruge Bilingual Elementary School Roskruge Bilingual Magnet School Saint Luke's Home Saint Lukes in the Desert Hospital (historical) Saint Michael Ukranian Catholic Church San Juan Plaza Shopping Center Santa Catalina Mobile Home Park Satori School Sentinel Peak High School Shady Lanes Mobile Home Park Shannon Trees Mobile Home Park Shar I Don Trailer Park Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church Silent Wheels Ranchomes Siloam Freewill Church Silver Cholla Mobile Park Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Estates Spring Junior High School Stockham Stockham Railroad Station Swan Lake Estates Mobile Home Park Temple Baptist Church Terra Vista Estates Mobile Home Park The Oasis at El Corral Assisted Living Center Trinity Life Chapel Pentecostal Church Trinity Presbyterian Church Tucson Chinese Christian Church Tucson Fire Station 8 Tucson High Magnet School Tucson Mall Tucson Mall Shopping Center Tucson Pioneer Cemetery Tucson Place Shopping Center Tucson Post Office Kino Station Tucson Preparatory School Tucson Tabernacle Turning Point School Universal Church University Farms Interchange University of Arizona Experiment Farm Valle Vista Mobile Home Park Victory Assembly of God Villa Capri Mobile Home Park Phase I Vista Del Rey Mobile Home Park Walter Douglas School Wetmore Park Wetmore School Whispering Palms Recreational Vehicle Park