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  • Patagonia Union High School
  • Patagonia Elementary School
  • Patagonia Montessori School
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  • Spirit Tree Inn B&B
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    ZIP Code 85624 is located in Santa Cruz County

    85624 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((101-587)) 2nd Ave ((233-281)) 3rd Ave ((135-791)) 4th Ave ((160-275)) Acorn Dr ((1-199)) Adobe Canyon Rd ((1-199)) Alto Rd ((1-99)) Apache Rd ((300-398)) Aurora Loop ((1812-1899)) Baca Ct ((1-99)) Benedicts Ln ((1-99)) Blabon Way ((300-398)) Blue Haven ((1-199)) Blue Haven Rd ((101-6399)) Brooks Rd ((2-2398)) Brooks Trl ((1-99)) Buck Ranch Rd ((3600-3631)) Cam Los Vientos ((1-31)) Canelo Pass Rd ((1-599)) Casa Blanca Canyon Rd ((1-398)) Copper Ct ((1-99)) Costello Dr ((100-598)) Crosscreek Rd ((2-98)) Cross Creek Rd ((1-99)) Debra Ct ((1-99)) Desert Oaks Ln ((2-98)) Double Tree Ln ((100-199)) Dry Canyon Rd ((2-199)) Dry Gulch ((2-98)) Duquesne Ave ((200-499)) Duquesne Rd ((1-2499)) E Aloha Loop ((1812-1899)) E Buck Ranch Rd ((3600-3631)) Elgin Canelo Rd ((200-398)) Emily Ln ((1-99)) E Ridge Ln ((2-12)) Flux Canyon Rd ((1-99)) Forest Rd 227 ((1801-2499)) Forest Rd 61 ((2401-2499)) Forest Service 143 Rd ((301-399)) Forrest Dr ((100-199)) Fr 799 ((501-599)) Franklin ((300-399)) Gray Hawk Trl ((400-498)) Gringo Rd ((500-598)) Harshaw Ave ((400-564)) Harshaw Creek Rd ((1-399)) Harshaw Ct ((1-99)) Harshaw Ln ((1-698)) Harshaw Rd ((1-1199)) Harshaw Town-Site Rd ((600-698)) High Desert Oaks Ln ((100-198)) Hillcrest Dr ((100-199)) Javalina Ct ((1-99)) Kimball Dr ((1-99)) Klondike ((2-98)) Lenon Way ((200-798)) Longview Loop ((1-199)) Majalca Rd ((2-98)) Mapes Way ((301-399)) McKeown Ave ((201-499)) Mendoza Aly ((301-499)) Naugle Ave ((100-2099)) North Ave ((100-199)) Patagonia Hills Dr ((1-199)) Pennsylvania Ave ((100-598)) Pittsburgh Ave ((300-499)) Rail X Ranch Dr ((201-299)) Rail X Ranch Estates Dr ((1-199)) Rail X Ranch Pl ((2-98)) Rail X Ranch Rd ((1-199)) Red Cloud Ln ((2-98)) Red Mountain Ct ((2-599)) Red Rock Ave ((600-798)) Red Rock Canyon Rd ((1-198)) Red Rock Dr ((1-99)) Roadrunner Ln ((100-398)) Rothrock Aly ((300-498)) Salero Canyon Rd ((1-199)) Salero Rd ((101-125)) San Antonio Rd ((1-99)) San Rafael Valley Rd ((701-1198)) Santa Rita Ave ((200-499)) School St ((101-299)) Sheard Dr ((300-799)) S Lone Mountain Ranch Rd ((11201-11299)) Smelter Ave ((101-499)) Sonoita Ave ((200-499)) Sonoita Ave N ((100-199)) Sonoita Dr ((1-99)) State Hwy 82 ((134-2671)) State Hwy 83 ((960-2085)) Sunset Dr ((1-4)) Sycamore ((1-99)) Tecopa Ln ((1-99)) Temporal Rd ((1-798)) Three R ((100-199)) Tiara B Ranch Rd ((2-2698)) Trailwood Ct ((1-99)) Vaca Ranch Rd ((501-599)) Va Hallai Ln ((1-99)) Vahalla Ln ((1-99)) Waggoner Way ((300-399)) Wessale Ln ((1-99)) W International Rd ((1-9999)) W Lochiel Rd ((7201-7299)) W Montezuma Canyon Rd ((3301-3399)) W North Ave ((200-299)) Wood Canyon Rd ((2-199))

    85624 Places and Attractions

    A Bar Draw Adams Canyon Adobe Canyon Agua Caliente Saddle AJ Tank Akes (historical) Alisos Well Alta Mine Alto Group Alto Mine Alum Canyon Alum Gulch American Mine American Peak Anaconda Spring Antonio Canyon Antonio Tank Apache Tank Arizona Pittsburg Mine Arlene Tank Armada Mine Armour Spring Ashburn (historical) Ashburn Mountain Augusta Mine Aztec Group Mines Aztec Gulch Aztec Mill (historical) Bagby Ranch Bailey Ranch Baldwin Tank Baldy Saddle Baldy Spring Barriles Tank Basin Mine Basin Spring Bat Cave Tank Bathtub Tank Bathtub Water Bear Spring Bell Mare Mining Camp (historical) Bellows Spring Belmont Mine Bender Mine Bennett Tank Benton Mine Benton Spring Bercich Ranch Bergier Ranch Big Casa Blanca Canyon Bill Woods Tank Black Eagle Mine Black Eagle Mine Blacktail Canyon Bland Mine Blue Eagle Mine Blue Nose Mine Bog Hole Tank Bog Springs Bog Springs Campground Bonanza Mine Boundary Mine (historical) Box Canyon Burro Mine Burro Tank Candelerio Peak Canelo Hills Canyon Tank Casa Blanca (historical) Castle Butte Cave Canyon Trail One Hundred Forty-Seven Cave Creek CCC Canyon Cherry Creek Chet Spring Chief Mine Chino Basin Chino Draw Chino Seven Tank Chino Spring Chino Spring Number Two Chino Tank Christmas Gift Mine Collie Well Compadre Mine Connecticut Mine Copper Canyon Copper Mountain Corral Canyon Corral Canyon Cottonwood Spring Cott Tank Cox Gulch Crescent Spring Crittenden Daniels Mine Dan Tank Dark Canyon Devils Cash Box Ditch Mountain Dixie Mine Domino Mine Double F Tank Double Header Mine Double Tank Dove Canyon Dove Tank Down Under Tank Dragon Z Mine Dripping Spring Dry Canyon Dudley Mine Duquesne Duquesne Mine Duquesne School Earthen Pond East Compadre Shaft East Tank East Ten Tank East Three Tank East Two Tank Elephant Head Elevation Group Mines El Pilar Tank El Pilar Tank El Plomo Empire Mine Endless Chain Mine Eureka Mine Eureka Mine Everett Windmill Exposed Reef Mine Farrell Spring Far Tank Finley and Adams Canyon Florida Peak Florida Saddle Florida Spring Flower Tank Flux Canyon Flux (historical) Flux Mine Flying R Ranch Fortune Ranch Four Metals Mine Fray Marcos de Niza Historical Monument Fresno Spring Gate Spring Gatlin Jones Cemetery Gatlin Ranch Goldbaum Canyon Great Silver Mine Green Dam Greene Ranch Grennan Tank Gringo Gulch Guajalote Peak Guajolote Flat Gunther Tank Haist Mine Hampson Mine Happy Jack Mine Hardshell Mine Harshaw Harshaw Creek Hayfield Draw Headquarters Tank Heady-Ashburn Ranch Heifer Tank Henry Tank Hermits Home Mine Hermosa Canyon Hermosa Hill Hermosa Mine Holland Mine Homestake Mine Hosey Mine Houston Ranch Huachuca Tank Hudson Ranch Humboldt Mine Indian Head Mountain Inez Tank Iron Spring Ivanhoe Mine Jackalo Mine Jack Mountain Jack Tank Jefferson Mine Johnson Spring Jones Canyon Jones Canyon Jones Mesa Jones Ranch Joplin Mine Josephine Peak Josephine Saddle Josephine Saddle Madera Trail Number 134 Judy Tank Juniper Flat Juniper Well Kansas Mine Kennedy Spring Kenny Tank Kent Spring Kent Spring Trail 156 Ki-He-Kah Ranch KMSB-TV (Nogales) Kunde Mountain KZAZ-TV (Nogales) Lampshire Canyon Lampshire Tank Lampshire Well La Plata Mine La Plato Well Last Chance Mine Lazy RR Ranch Lead Queen Mine Lee Shaft Leslie Tank Lewis Ranch Line Boy Mine Line Boy Spring Little Casa Blanca Canyon Little Casa Tank Little Joker Mine Little Outfit Ranch Little Shot Mine Lochiel Lookout Mine Lowells (historical) Lower Four Tank Lower One Tank Lower Thirteen Tank Lower Three Tank Lower Two Tank Lucky Ledge Mine Madera Canyon Maggies Canyon Maine Mine Malony (historical) Mammoth Mine Mansfield Canyon Mansfield Group Mansunita Marche Mine Mary Kane Canyon Max Tank McBeth Spring McCleary Peak Meadow Valley Meadow Valley Flat Meadow Valley Mine Meadow Valley Tank Mesa Tanks Middle Two Tank Miller Spring Mine Tank Mohawk Mine Monkey Canyon Montosa Basin Morning Glory Mine Mount Hopkins Mount Hughes Mount Washington Mount Wrightson Mowry Mine Mowry Wash Mt. Wrightson Wilderness Neighbor Spring Nettle Tank New Tank New Well New York Mine New York Mine North Eight Tank North Fourteen Tank North Saddle Mountain North Six Tank North Tank Number Three Tanks Number Two Tank Oak Grove Spring Old Baldy Old Baldy National Recreation Trail Loop Old Madera Mine Olive Mine Onal Recreation Trail Paloma Spring Paradise Canyon Mine Parker Canyon School Parker Ranch Pasture Well Patagonia Patagonia Cemetery Patagonia Community Church Patagonia Division Patagonia Elementary School Patagonia Mountains Patagonia Public Library Patagonia Ranger Station Patagonia School of Montessori Patagonia Union High School Paymaster Mine Paymaster Spring Pete Mountain Philadelphia Mine Pigeon Tank Pinto Tank Piper Gulch Post Well Pride Mine Quantrell Mine Ralph Tank Ranger Station Spring Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Dam Red Bank Well Red Hill Red Mountain Redrock Canyon Redrock Ranch Red Tanks Ridge Tank Riley Saddle Roath Ranch Rock Candy Mountain Mine Rosario Mine Rosemary Tank Roundup Picnic Ground Royal Blue Mine Saddle Mountain Saddle Mountain Tank Saint Louis Mine Saint Theresa of Lisieux Roman Catholic Church Salero Mine Salero Mountain San Rafael de la Zanja San Rafael (historical) San Rafael Valley San Ramon Mine Sansimon Mine Santa Cruz Mine Santa Rita (historical) Santa Rita Lodge Santo Niño Mine Sawmill Canyon Tank Sawmill Canyon Trail 146 Sawmill Spring School Canyon Seibold Ranch Seven Tank Shaffer Ranch Sheehys (historical) Sheehy Spring Sheep Ranch Canyon Silver King Mine Siphon Well Smith Canyon Smith Gulch Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Soldier Basin South Fourteen Tank Sprung Spring Squaw Peak Stevens Canyon Stevens Ranch Sunnyside Canyon Sweetwater Baldy Saddle Trail 143 Sweetwater Spring Sylvester Spring Temporal Gulch Texas Mine Three R Mine Three R Tank Thunder Mine Thunder Mine Road Tiajuana Mine Titus (historical) Town of Patagonia Town of Patagonia Landfill Trask Ranch Treasure Vault Mine Trench Camp Trenton Mine Tungo Tank Tunnel Spring Turner Ranch Twelve Tank Ultimo Mine Upper Four Tank Upper One Tank Upper Thirteen Tank Upper Walker Tank Vaca Ranch Vault Mine Trail One Hundred Forty Viceroy Mine Victor Mine Wadsworths (historical) Walker Basin Walker Basin Trail Number One Hundred Thirty Six Walker Canyon Walker Mine Walnut Spring Walnut Spring Wandering Jew Group Washington Camp Washington Gulch Weatherhead Ranch West Nine Tank West Six Tank West Two Tank White Tank Wildcat Mine Williamson Tank Willow Spring Canyon Winifred Mine Wood Canyon Worlds Fair Mine