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  • Mountain Vista School
  • Oracle Ridge School
  • Sierra Oaks School
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    ZIP Code 85623 is located in Pinal County

    85623 Street Addresses

    Adrian Way ((2101-2298)) American Ave ((1200-1298)) Anna Lind Rd ((1300-1399)) Azure Sky Dr ((501-1098)) Bachman Wash Rd ((1-198)) Bailey Dr ((22000-22098)) Biosphere Rd ((32500-67798)) Butterfly Ln ((24801-94998)) Callas Dr ((1-298)) Chacanaca St ((200-299)) Charick Rd ((33501-34098)) Church Dr ((100-85365)) Cod Ranch Rd ((47-199)) C O D Ranch Rd ((1-199)) Cody Loop Rd ((301-2098)) Copper Hill Rd ((32500-67552)) Coues Deer Pl ((900-998)) del Rio ((80955-80957)) E Aldwinkle Pl ((1200-1398)) E American Ave ((1-1598)) E Angora Pl ((60700-60799)) E Arroyo Grande Dr ((59700-60899)) E Arroyo Vista Dr ((59900-60899)) E Ave Dios Gatos ((44001-44799)) E Ballesta Rd ((47900-48198)) E Britton Way ((47901-48099)) E Cadillac Wash Rd ((43901-44899)) E Camp Grant Rd ((67401-67501)) E Canada St ((1-398)) E Defiance St ((3700-3899)) E Denny's Ln ((1601-1699)) E Durant Rd ((1600-1898)) E Emilie Cir ((1300-1499)) E Fairmont Dr ((22601-53599)) E Fawn Dr ((44501-44599)) E Fuego Rd ((34200-80299)) E Howard St ((900-1199)) E Ivy St ((1-99)) E Las Piedras Ln ((1600-1899)) E Lincoln St ((800-1098)) E Lobos St ((1400-1599)) E Logan ((1000-1098)) E Logan St ((800-1199)) E Loxia Dr ((4701-48199)) E Maplewood St ((2-299)) E Molasses St ((1800-1899)) E Morris Ln ((1331-1450)) E Mountain View Pl ((501-1998)) E Mount Lemmon Hwy ((3601-3799)) E Mt Lemmon Hwy ((701-3799)) E Nuestro St ((100-1099)) E Our Way ((1600-2399)) E Parkside St ((301-499)) E Persian Dr ((60600-60899)) E Pso Encino ((500-1298)) E Quarter St ((1600-1698)) E Ragels Dr ((1401-1598)) E Rain Water Dr ((22101-22199)) E Revere Rd ((1801-4799)) E Rosendo Rd ((84401-84499)) E Rustlers Trl ((44201-44299)) E Three Buttes Rd ((48843-48899)) E Timberline Way ((1700-1899)) E Tres Lomas Dr ((49200-49298)) E Tulip St ((1-99)) E Vanessa Way ((82000-82399)) E Vega St ((85101-85398)) E Vela Seca Way ((47901-48199)) Gateway St ((900-1098)) Goldbug Rd ((82201-82299)) Guyton Cir ((1001-1099)) Happy Thot Rd ((33701-33799)) Hayden Ave ((200-205)) Hobe Rd ((1-1798)) Hugget Trl ((33401-33898)) Hunter Cir ((1000-1099)) Jones Ave ((100-398)) Kingston St ((701-799)) la Mariposa St ((121-127)) Mark Cir ((1900-1999)) Mount Lemmon Hwy ((900-4899)) N Alice Dr ((3901-4399)) N Alto Loma Dr ((301-699)) N Amator Dr ((1-498)) N Apache Joe Dr ((3200-37599)) N Big Rock Dr ((1-299)) N Blazing Star Dr ((700-1099)) N Blue Ridge Dr ((400-4598)) N Bonito Dr ((300-699)) N Boulder Canyon Dr ((100-299)) N Breezy Acres Dr ((2300-2998)) N Brittanic Way ((200-298)) N Carpenter Dr ((1-799)) N Cedar Ridge Dr ((2-899)) N Chaparral Dr ((401-599)) N Church Dr ((701-799)) N Circle Dr ((400-599)) N Circle Pl ((400-499)) N Cll Coruna ((1500-1699)) N Cll del Rancho ((1000-1098)) N Cll Futura ((600-1998)) N Cll Granada ((1300-1999)) N Cll Manzanita ((2-1199)) N Cll Sin Nombre ((2-199)) N Cll Valencia ((1400-2098)) N Cll Zamora ((1400-1699)) N Cody Loop Rd ((1-899)) N Colleen Dr ((3201-3498)) N College Dr ((1100-1599)) N Decatur Cir ((201-299)) N Dodge Dr ((900-1099)) N Donald Dr ((3100-3398)) N Estill Dr ((1-1198)) N Evergreen Dr ((600-1199)) New Moon ((901-999)) N Frances Ln ((2001-2099)) N Goodman Ranch Rd ((800-1899)) N High Chaparral Dr ((400-599)) N Holiday Dr ((101-298)) N Hunter Cir ((1000-1299)) N Jefferson Dr ((1000-1598)) N John Adams St ((300-1598)) N Justice Dr ((1100-1499)) N la Mariposa Pl ((788-826)) N Las Flores Dr ((500-799)) N Linda Vista Cir ((600-699)) N Mint Dr ((500-799)) N Mountain View Dr ((800-998)) N Nathaniel Dr ((2100-2198)) N Oakcliffe Ct ((400-2298)) N Oak Hills Pl ((500-699)) N Oracle Turbine Station Rd ((1500-2399)) N Palo Seca Dr ((101-199)) N Petracci Rd ((401-1098)) N Ramsay Dr ((800-999)) N Rancho Robles Rd ((701-1398)) N Redbud Dr ((600-799)) N Redbud Pl ((500-698)) N Redington Rd ((27610-27654)) N Robles Rd ((500-1199)) N Rockcliffe Blvd ((1801-4299)) N Rockridge Rd ((1800-1998)) N Sherman Drivs ((801-998)) N Sonberg Dr ((2500-2899)) N Stewart Dr ((201-999)) N Sunset Pl ((1600-1699)) N Sunset View Rd ((1601-1798)) N Sycamore Dr ((800-1099)) N Thunder Rd ((800-1299)) N Timberline Cir ((500-698)) N Timberline Dr ((100-899)) N Timberline Rd ((100-1898)) N Triangle L Ranch Rd ((2801-2899)) N Two O Clock Hill Rd ((600-899)) N Two O'Clock Hill Rd ((1000-1098)) N Viento Dr ((101-699)) N Watertank Rd ((1-299)) N Wayne Dr ((4001-4099)) N Western Dr ((1800-1898)) Old Hwy 77 ((701-1598)) Olympic Ave ((16075-16598)) Overlook St ((600-2398)) Owens St ((700-799)) Pablo Ct ((500-698)) Paseo Cir ((1500-1699)) Paseo Verde Dr ((25600-25628)) Purple Sage Pl ((2800-2899)) Rash Dr ((100-199)) Redwood St ((100-199)) Robles Pl ((400-499)) Robles Rd ((301-498)) Rocky Trl ((300-398)) S Agarita Dr ((32000-32398)) San Pedro River Rd ((27610-32698)) Sato Nino Dr ((2400-2498)) S Blazed Ridge Rd ((24600-48499)) S Camas Way ((21300-21599)) Scat Ridge Rd ((200-299)) S Chartreux Ln ((31200-31498)) S Cliff Rd ((700-734)) S Cody Loop Rd ((1-499)) S Coronado Ridge Rd ((600-1099)) S Cottontail Trl ((22601-22699)) S Critter Crossing Trl ((22500-22699)) S Crozier Pl ((21100-21398)) S Desert Pupfish ((32300-32499)) S Enchanted Valley Rd ((25201-25398)) S Escrito Rd ((21600-22098)) S Gulch Pass Rd ((31600-31899)) S Happy Thot Rd ((33701-33799)) S Highjinks Rd ((33301-33898)) S Hobe Rd ((100-698)) Shootingstar Rd ((21800-21898)) S Inspiration Ave ((6700-17298)) S Misty Basin Rd ((31700-31999)) S Mount Lemmon Rd ((2200-36899)) S Mt Lemmon Rd ((2200-36899)) Snoopy's Mopar Trl ((1901-2099)) S Redington Rd ((32189-32698)) S Senda Ave ((21101-21199)) S Serval Dr ((32200-32398)) S Shootingstar Rd ((21801-22299)) S Sombrero Viejo Rd ((33901-34598)) S Suizo Rd ((21200-22698)) S Sunburst Dr ((24500-24990)) State Hwy 76 ((27610-32698)) State Hwy 77 ((719-4801)) S Texas Sage Dr ((21101-21499)) S Tocavo Rd ((47701-47799)) S Tocayo Rd ((47701-47799)) Sunset Ave ((1-1799)) Sunset Point Dr ((600-1799)) S Wildcat Trl ((33600-33698)) S Y Camp Rd ((34400-344498)) Tulip St ((1-99)) Two O'Clock Hill Rd ((700-2198)) Vanessa Way ((83201-83299)) Vega St ((85101-85398)) W Adrian Way ((2101-2298)) W Alex Austin Dr ((1801-1899)) Walnut Pl ((400-499)) W American Ave ((1-2199)) W Amigo St ((2000-2499)) W Apache Joe Ct ((1200-1399)) Wayne ((4001-4099)) W Barbara Pl ((1000-1099)) W Beverly Cir ((1201-2898)) W Britannic Way ((200-298)) W Cam Seco ((1300-1899)) W Cam Yucca ((500-699)) W Chicalote St ((801-1099)) W Cll Encanto ((1900-2399)) W Cll Grato ((2100-2399)) W Cll Medico ((701-799)) W Cll Venado ((1901-1999)) W Cutstone St ((701-899)) W Discover St ((900-999)) W Dungan Dr ((100-85399)) W el Paseo ((1748-2618)) W Galiuro St ((100-199)) W Grant St ((1-399)) W Hackberry Way ((1101-1398)) W Harold Dr ((1801-2299)) W Highview Ave ((601-699)) White Oak Pl ((1000-1399)) Wildlife Dr ((3800-3898)) Willow Springs Dr ((63701-63799)) W Ivan St ((2100-2298)) W Kokopelli Ln ((1100-1198)) W la Mariposa St ((277-760)) W la Osa St ((201-1356)) W Linda Vista Rd ((501-3999)) W Maplewood St ((1-99)) W Michelle Pl ((900-999)) W Neal St ((1200-1298)) W Nectar St ((900-1098)) W Oak Hills Dr ((2-698)) W Olson Dr ((2600-2799)) W Oracle Ranch Rd ((1000-3099)) W Pajaro St ((400-699)) W Pso Redondo ((1801-2399)) W Rito Cir ((800-998)) W Robles St ((500-1098)) W Rockcliff Way ((1300-1398)) W Rockridge Cir ((800-1099)) W Sunset Ave ((1-899)) W Sunset Point Cir ((800-899)) W Truman St ((100-299)) W Valencia Redondo ((2300-2498)) W Ventana Vis ((1701-1899)) W Walnut St ((400-1098))

    85623 Places and Attractions

    Alto Hill American Flag Hill American Flag Ranch American Flag Spring American Flag Tank Anderson Tank Antelope Peak Antelope Tank Antelope Well Apache Peak Ardmore Mine Bachman Wash Beehive Well Big Tank Black Hills Bloodsucker Wash Bloodsucker Wash Bonito Canyon Bonito Mine Browns Wash Browns Well Burn Tank Camp Grant Wash Camp Grant Wash Trail Campo Bonito Campo Bonito Census Designated Place Cañada Del Oro Trailhead Chain Link Tank Chain Link Tank Cherry Valley Ranch Cherry Valley Wash Cielo Wastewater Treatment Plant C O D Ranch Cody Trailhead Copper Hill Wash Corner Tank Coronado Camp Cowhead Tank Cowhead Tank Cowhead Well Cronley Wash Cruz Wash Dead Bull Mine Deep Well Dodge Tank Drew Wash Falcon Valley First Baptist Church of Oracle Fitz Well Flag Wash Ford Mine Fordville Fortified Peak Golder Ranch Fire Station 378 Hackberry Well Hackberry Well Hidden Tank Hidden Well Highjinks Highjinks Mine Horse Foot Ranch Horse Foot Wash Hot Boy Mine Inglish Ranch Irene Wash Irene Well James Wash James Wash James Well Jerky Butte Jerky Wash Jewell Well Jones Tank Jones Well Kannally Ranch KBTR-FM (Oracle) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Last Chance Tank Living Word Chapel Lookout Mountain Lower Holding Tank Lower Oracle Ridge Trailhead Malpais Hill Margaret Wash McKinney Cemetery McKinney Dam Miller Wash Mohawk Mine Mountain View Tank Nelson Well North Well Nugget Canyon Number One Dirt Tank Number Three Dirt Tank Number Two Dirt Tank Old Finch Ranch Old Maudina Mine Oracle Oracle Assembly of God Oracle Census Designated Place Oracle Elementary School Oracle Fire Department Oracle Hill Oracle Microwave Station Oracle Middle School Oracle Park Oracle Public Library Oracle Ranger Station Oracle Turbine Station Oracle Union Church Page-Trowbridge Experimental Ranch Palmer Wash Palmer Well Patterson Tank Pearl Mine Pearl Wash Pela Seca Spring Peppersauce Campground Peppersauce Campground Peppersauce Group Campground Pinal County Highway Maintenance Yard Polecat Wash Putnam Spring Rabbit Ranch Rancho Linda Vista Rattlesnake Tank Ray Spring Ray Spring Hill R-C Ranch Rock House Rock Spring Roys Tank Saint Helen's Catholic Church Salvation Army Camp Wood San Carlos Project Substation Sargent Well Shultz Spring Sierra Oaks School Signal Peak Slash Well Snyder Tank Snyder Well Southern Belle Mine Star Flat Stratton Tank Suffering Gulch Sunnyside Ranch Tar Mine Tar Wash The Big House The Lower Ranch The Ruiz Three C Ranch Threeway Tank Tiger Tipperary Tank Tipperary Wash Tipperary Well Triangle L Ranch Triangle L Ranch Tule Spring Tunnel Ranch Upper Holding Ravine Upper Holding Tank West Well Whitehead Well Willow Springs Willow Springs Ranch Willow Spring Tank Yale Well Yellowjacket Well Young Mens Christian Association Camp Zapata Wash