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    ZIP Code 85611 is located in Santa Cruz County (49.60%) Pima County (37.50%) Cochise County (12.90%)

    85611 Street Addresses

    Biscuit View Pl ((28500-28598)) Blue Sky Ln ((1-198)) Brendans Way ((0-98)) Brushy Canyon Rd ((1-99)) Callison Ln ((13-4298)) Camby Ln ((2-98)) Cam del Corral ((63-99)) Canelo Pass Rd ((1-198)) Canelo Rd ((2-398)) Cattle Ranch Ln ((1-99)) Chelsea Ln ((22601-22699)) Cimarron Rd ((200-498)) Clyne Ranch Rd ((17800-17898)) Covert Ln ((2-198)) Crestview Dr ((1-99)) Cypress Ln ((1-99)) Duffers Ln ((200-349)) Dusty Boots Ln ((22001-22199)) Elgin Canelo Rd ((292-380)) Elgin Rd ((2-499)) E Mountain Rain Trl ((22400-22498)) E Papago Springs Rd ((101-199)) E Rain Valley Loop ((2-98)) E Rain Valley Loop Rd ((17800-17898)) E Ridge Ln ((2-98)) E Whetstone Ranch Dr ((22500-28699)) Fairview Ln ((1-6698)) Fr 799 ((136-198)) Frazier Ln ((1-98)) Fruitland Ln ((1-99)) Granite Peak Rd ((2-44)) Green Ridge Pl ((2-98)) Harrison Ln ((101-199)) Hay Canyon ((2-98)) Hillcrest Dr ((1-199)) Homestead Ln ((2-98)) Horseshoe Ct ((2-98)) John Deere Ln ((1-99)) Loma de Paz Ln ((1-198)) Lower Elgin Rd ((1-599)) Lyle Canyon Rd ((2-398)) Martha's Ln ((1-99)) McCarthy Ln ((2-98)) McKenzie Ln ((2-98)) Mellor Rd ((1-99)) Membrillo Ln ((2-199)) Mountain Rain Trl ((22101-28099)) Mountain Ranch Rd ((1-99)) Mountain Thunder Ln ((2-98)) Mustang Ranch Rd ((1-198)) Old Country Ln ((1-99)) Omega Ln ((2-98)) Page Ln ((1-199)) Prairie Ln ((1-99)) Pronghorn Ln ((2-98)) Pt Pleasant ((1-99)) Rain Valley Loop Rd ((1-28799)) Red Line Rd ((2-98)) Red Man Dr ((2-98)) Red Mule Ln ((1-99)) Research Ranch Rd ((300-398)) Research Rd ((300-398)) Rochelle Rd ((1-99)) Roundup Ct ((1-99)) S Coronado Trl ((7900-7999)) S Hwy 83 ((6801-7599)) S Lake Rd ((7900-8098)) S Moreland Pl ((1-99)) S Rain Valley Loop Rd ((22401-28298)) S Sunnyside Rd ((8601-8699)) State Hwy 82 ((3978-4299)) State Hwy 83 ((17-1492)) Sunrise Ln ((1-99)) Sunset Dr ((1-99)) Sycamore ((1-99)) Terrace Ln ((1-99)) Thunder Mountain Rd ((1-99)) Umpire Ranch Rd ((1-99)) Upper Elgin Rd ((1-499)) Vahalla Ln ((2-98)) Valhalla Ln ((2-98)) Valley Ln ((1-99)) Vaughn Loop Rd ((41-399)) Viking Ln ((2-98)) Wagon Rim Trl ((22501-28199)) W Canelo Hills Trl ((401-9199)) W Coronado Trl ((6801-7599)) Whetstone Ranch Dr ((22500-22598)) W Hinckley Rd ((16701-16855)) Wildlife Ln ((1-99)) W Montezuma Canyon Rd ((8900-8998)) Wood Dr ((2-98)) Woodland ((1-99)) Yellow Rose Ln ((22600-22699))

    85611 Places and Attractions

    A Bar Draw Tank Alfalfa Well Algerita Canyon Anderson Mine Apache Canyon Apache Spring Babocomari Ranch Bald Hill Bear Spring Bear Spring Canyon Bear Tank Becker Ranch Bishop Tank Black Oak Cemetery Blacktail Spring Bootlegger Spring Bootlegger Spring Bootlegger Well Boss Ranch Boulder Tank Boulder Tank Brushy Canyon Canby Ranch Canelo Canelo Hills Ranch Canelo Pass Canelo Ranger Station Canille School Cedar Canyon Cemetery Tank Chapo Ranch (historical) Cherry Canyon Cienega Ranch Cieneguita Windmill Cinco Canyon Cinco Windmill Clark Ranch Clyne Ranch Collins Canyon Collins Spring Collins Tank Cottonwood Spring Crystal Well Crystal Well Death Trap Canyon East Tank Elgin Elgin Census Designated Place Elgin Elementary School Empire Gulch Everhart Ranch Ewing Ranch Ferosa Canyon Finley Tank Flying B Ranch Forest Tank Frazier Ranch Frazier Tank Freeman Spring Fresno Canyon Fruitland Cemetery Gardner Canyon Gary Well Goat Spring Goat Well Greaterville Gulch Great Spring Tank Hay Canyon Haystack Mountain Hilton Wash Huachuca Mountains Joiner Camp KAVV-FM (Benson) Korn Canyon Lake View Recreation Site Lightning R Ranch Little Nogales Spring Lobo Pass Lookout Knoll Los Posos Gulch Los Posos Gulch Lower Hilton Windmill Lower Spring Water Windmill Lower Wakefield Spring Lyle Canyon Trail One Hundred Twenty Manila Canyon Maverick Well McDaniel Well McNalley Tank Menefee Windmill Merritt Canyon Mesa Tank Middle Canyon Middle Canyon Montosa Canyon Mount Bruce Mud Spring Mud Spring Canyon Mustang Mountains Mustang Peak Nogales Spring North West Dome Oak Tree Canyon O'Donnell Canyon Oil Well Canyon Oil Well Tank O'Leary Canyon Page Ranch Papago Spring Parker Canyon Dam Parker Canyon Lake Parker Lake Parker Ranch Pauline Canyon Pauline Well Peterson Peak Peterson Ranch Post Canyon Pyeatt Ranch Pyeatt Tank Rain Valley Ranch Ramsey Well Rancho Costa Plente Research Ranch Headquarters Roadside Well Rock Bluff Recreation Site Rose Tree Ranch Rough Canyon Sands West Camp Santa Cruz County Scotia Canyon Shellenberger Canyon Sierra Vista Ranger District Silver Spring Simpson Spring Smitty Spring Sonoita Hills Community Church Spring Water Canyon Sunnyside Ranch Swinging H Ranch Sycamore Gulch T 4 Springs The Narrows Tom Willis Camp Triangle Ranch Turkey Creek Turners Ranch (historical) Umpire Ranch Upper Spring Water Windmill Vaughn Canyon Wakefield Canyon Wakefield Spring Welch Spring Western Canyon Western Well Whitney Ranch Wild Cow Canyon Wild Cow Spring Willow Canyon Willow Spring Wind Tank Wood Ranch Woodyard Canyon