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  • Bowie High School
  • Bowie Elementary School
  • Ctd - Bowie High School
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    ZIP Code 85605 is located in Cochise County

    85605 Street Addresses

    4th St ((416-510)) 5th St ((501-624)) 6th St ((601-699)) 7th St ((606-756)) Airport Rd ((700-799)) Apache Pass Rd ((500-3199)) Arizona Ave ((100-799)) Boggs Rd ((1100-1398)) Buckeye Apache Rd ((600-1498)) Cottongin Rd ((1100-1399)) Donahue Rd ((1400-1498)) E 2nd St ((200-299)) E Arizona St ((100-799)) Eastman Ln ((301-399)) E Boggs Rd ((1166-1198)) E Business Loop ((700-798)) E Business Lp ((101-699)) E Fan Rd ((1100-1299)) E Kinchilla St ((100-798)) E Lawrence Ave ((101-299)) E Music Rd ((300-1299)) E Ohio St ((100-799)) E Pistachio Ln ((400-498)) E Railroad Dr ((100-198)) E Railroad St ((2-898)) E Ray Jacobs Rd ((801-998)) E Soaptree Rd ((1101-1199)) E Substation Rd ((801-899)) E Via Mala ((2600-2699)) Fan Rd ((1400-1498)) Hammers Rd ((1100-1399)) Holt Rd ((1101-1171)) I- 10 Bus ((101-699)) J Ave ((301-399)) Kellum Ave ((400-498)) Landfill Rd ((100-698)) Last Outpost Rd ((2501-2599)) N Adams Ave ((400-598)) N Adkins Rd ((2600-2799)) N Airstrip Rd ((700-799)) N Apache Pass Rd ((100-298)) N Central Ave ((100-899)) N Donahue Rd ((1400-1498)) N Eisenhower Ave ((100-298)) N Jefferson Ave ((100-298)) N Kellum Ave ((100-599)) N Lincoln Ave ((501-599)) N Palo Verde Rd ((1500-1599)) N Perez Rd ((501-698)) N Riggs Ave ((100-198)) N Rio Oro Trl ((1300-1599)) N San Simon Ave ((101-698)) N Truman Ave ((101-299)) N Washington Ave ((101-499)) Rio Oro Trl ((13101-13199)) Rodeo Dr ((1200-1298)) San Simon Ave ((401-599)) S Apache Pass Rd ((100-3199)) S Central Ave ((100-599)) S Cleveland Ave ((100-298)) S Cotton Gin Rd ((600-799)) S Eisenhower Ave ((101-499)) S Happy Camp Canyon ((1900-2598)) S Holt Rd ((1101-1199)) Simms Rd ((900-998)) Sims Rd ((900-998)) S Jefferson Ave ((101-599)) S Kellum Ave ((201-399)) Skiles Dr ((1501-1599)) S Lincoln Ave ((100-598)) S Little Emigrant Rd ((3100-3198)) S Long Canyon Rd ((2500-2999)) S Mulkins Ranch Rd ((3101-3599)) S Mv Rd ((1401-1499)) S Nine Mile Ranch Rd ((2000-2299)) S Old Fort Bowie Rd ((2900-3499)) Spring Canyon Rd ((25-99)) S Riggs Ave ((100-198)) S San Simon Ave ((100-498)) S Truman Ave ((200-499)) S Wadi Dr ((1000-1098)) S Washington Ave ((101-598)) W Arizona Ave ((500-699)) W au Ave ((1758-1847)) W Boggs Rd ((100-1098)) W California Ave ((100-298)) West Blvd ((900-1698)) W Highland Park Rd ((2-1898)) Wilson ((400-498)) W Kinchilla St ((100-598)) W Lawrence Ave ((201-599)) W Luzena Rd ((2201-2499)) W Railroad Dr ((100-698)) W Rosewood Rd ((600-698)) W Stuart Trl ((800-1499)) W Wyoming Ave ((200-298))

    85605 Places and Attractions

    Adams Canyon Alamo Spring Angle Canyon Antelope Well Apache Pass Apache Spring Bear Canyon Bear Gulch Bear Spring Bear Spring Ranch Bob Lee Spring Bota Chiquita Spring Bowie Bowie Airport Bowie Census Designated Place Bowie Division Bowie Elementary School Bowie High School Bowie Post Office Bowie Railroad Station Bowie Substation Brushy Canyon Buckeye Apache Mine Buckeye Canyon Buckeye Mill Buckeye Mine Buckeye Wash Camp Bowie (historical) Casa Piedra Spring CCC Camp Well Cedar Log Spring Cement Canyon Cement Spring Cooper Peak Cowboy Swimming Hole Coyote Wells Creighton Dam Creighton Reservoir Curtis Spring Cutoff Canyon Desert Rest Cemetery Dickson Tank Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness East Bowie Interchange East Canyon East Eaton Canyon East Windmill Elefante Spring Elma Mine Emigrant Canyon Emigrant Hills First Fort Bowie Ruins Fisher Hills Fort Bowie National Historic Site Fuller Basin Goodwin Canyon Goodwin Spring Government Peak Government Tank Happy Camp Canyon Happy Camp Wash Holt Overpass Howard Peak Howell Canyon HYL Ranch Jimmie Libhart Library Knape Ranch Little Emigrant Canyon Long Canyon Lower Bear Spring Luzena Interchange Luzena Railroad Station Maggie Tank Maverick Mountain Mexican Spring Mulkins Ranch New Well Ninemile Creek Ninemile Ranch Olga Olga Detention Dam Olga Overpass Olga Railroad Station Overlook Ridge Park Canyon Pass Tank Polecat Canyon Railroad Wash Red Tank Riley Spring Rough Canyon Rough Mountain Shafer Ranch Sheep Canyon Sheep Canyon Spring Silverstrike Mine Silverstrike Spring Siphon Canyon Siphon Canyon Tar Box Canyon Tevs Rocks The Horseshoe Trendt Windmill Tunnel Spring Turkey Spring Upper Bear Spring Virginia Hill West Bowie Interchange West Eaton Canyon West Well West Well Corral West Well Detention Dam Whitehouse Well White Rock Spring Willow Gulch Canyon Woodrow Windmill