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  • Young High School
  • Young Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 85554 is located in Gila County

    85554 Street Addresses

    487 ((700-798)) 54 ((100-298)) Ambush Ln ((100-199)) Ambush Rd ((100-199)) Anderson Ave ((1-898)) Baker Ranch Rd ((101-799)) Blumer Ranch Rd ((801-899)) Broken Trl ((100-199)) Cabin Ln ((1-99)) Cherry Creek Rd ((100-298)) Cline Xing ((100-199)) Cohea Ln ((100-499)) Colt Rd ((101-299)) Cottage Ln ((1-199)) Daggs Rd ((100-198)) Dinosaur Ln ((100-198)) E Buena Vista Rd ((601-9098)) Elk Ridge Rd ((100-599)) Ewing Dr ((101-199)) Freds Rd ((100-299)) FS Rd 512 ((500-798)) Globe-Young Hwy Scn ((28000-47099)) Graham Blvd ((301-799)) Graham Rd ((1-699)) Granny Jones Ln ((100-299)) Hacienda St ((100-198)) Hash Knife Rd ((100-498)) Haught Xing ((301-499)) Hazelwood Rd ((101-299)) Hearthstone St ((100-199)) Hilltop Dr ((100-199)) Hindu Xing ((100-499)) Homesite Ln ((100-198)) Homestead Rd ((201-499)) Hubbard Ln ((100-299)) Hwy 288 ((28000-51999)) Ike Clark Pkwy ((100-498)) Jaeger Dr ((101-299)) Johnson Ln ((101-299)) Little Bit Rd ((100-199)) Mail Trail Rd ((100-399)) Midway Ave ((1-299)) Miranda Ln ((50301-50399)) Moon Dr ((100-299)) Navajo Trl ((1-898)) Neaglin Xing ((101-299)) New Cherry Creek Rd ((801-899)) Nf-152 ((2-298)) Nf-3004 ((801-899)) Nf-487 ((700-798)) Nf-512 ((500-798)) Nf-54 ((266-298)) Nf-63 ((100-399)) Party Ln ((100-199)) Peace Xing ((100-198)) Perkings Museum Rd ((100-299)) Poverty Gulch ((101-199)) Puma Ln ((100-199)) Ranger Station Rd ((100-599)) Rifle Barrel Rd ((2-299)) Rolling Hills Rd ((101-499)) Rose Creek Ranch Rd ((2-298)) Seeley Dr ((100-499)) Sharps Dr ((101-299)) Tewksbury Blvd ((100-699)) Turner Hill ((100-299)) Vendetta Dr ((2-299)) Waldrip Mesa Rd ((100-198)) Walnut Creek Rd ((0-3499)) Whiskey Aly ((1-199)) W Homestead ((2-98)) Winchester ((700-899)) Winchester Dr ((700-898)) Young-Heber Rd ((500-51999)) Zachariae Ln ((201-598)) Zachariae Ranch Rd ((101-499))

    85554 Places and Attractions

    A-Cross Adminstrative Site Airplane Flat Recreation Site Alderwood Campground Allen Tank Ansel Spring Armer Mountain Armer Ranch Armor Corral Spring Asbestos Point Asbestos Spring Asbestos Tank Ash Creek Ash Creek Corral Spring Ash Creek Spring Aztec Lodge Aztec Peak Badlands Baker Mountain Baker Tank Banning Wash Bar Eleven Well Bar X Ranch Bar X Tank Bear Creek Bear Head Canyon Bear Head Spring Bench Tank Bermuda Falls Spring Big Cherry Creek Big Ridge Big Ridge Tank Big Tank Big Turkey Tank Bill Lee Spring Bill Spring Billy Lawrance Trailhead Billy Lawrence Canyon Billy Lawrence Creek Blackjack Tank Bladder Canyon Bladder Spring Blue Ridge Elementary School Blue Ridge Junior High School Board Cabin Draw Board Tank Board Tree Saddle Board Tree Saddle Tank Board Tree Spring Bottle Spring Boulder Spring Box Spring Boyer Cabin Boyer Canyon Boyer Ridge Boyer Trail One Hundred Fortyeight Brady Canyon Breadpan Canyon Breadpan Mountain Breadpan Spring Breadpan Tank Brewer Spring Bronco Canyon Bronco Tank Brower Tank Brush Pasture Tank Brush Top Tank Brushy Canyon Brushy Top Mountain Bryant Canyon Bryant Canyon Spring Bryant Canyon Tank Bryant Mountain Bryant Ridge Tank Buckaroo Flats Buck Peak Bull Canyon Bull Canyon Trailhead Bull Tank Canyon Burn Tank Buttes Well Butte Tank Buzzard Roost Camp Buzzard Roost Canyon Buzzard Roost Mesa Buzzard Roost Mesa Tank Number One Buzzard Roost Mesa Tank Number Two Cabin Trail Tank Caine Tank Calf Tank Cane Spring Canyon Creek Fish Hatchery Carr Mountain Carroll Spring Carr Peak Carr Trailhead Cascade Campground Castle Butte Tank Castle Peak Cataract Canyon Cataract Tank Catholic Peak Catholic Peak Tank Cellar Creek Cement Dam Tank Center Mountain Center Ridge Tank Chalk Creek Tank Chalk Creek Well Chalk Mountain Chalk Tank Chamberlain Trail Chapman Ranch Airstrip Charles Williams Spring Cherry Creek Hill Cherry Creek Spring Cherry Creek Tank Cherry Creek Tank Cherry Number One Tank Cherry Number Three Tank Cherry Number Two Tank Chinaman Tank China Spring Creek China Spring Tank Cholla Ridge Tank Cienega Spring Cienega Trailhead Circle Ranch Clark Tank Clay Spring Clear Tank Cline Mesa Cline Pasture Tank Clover Canyon Clover Spring Clover Spring Tank Cochran Tank Colcord Canyon Colcord Mountain Colcord Recreation Site Cold Spring Canyon Cold Water Canyon Connor Canyon Cook Mine Cook Ranch Cooks Trick Tank Coon Creek Butte Coon Creek Spring Coon Creek Spring Coon Spring Trail Cooper Forks Copper Fork Tank Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Tank Cougar Canyon Cow Flat Mountain Cow Flat Tank Creekside Campground Creek Spring Cross Tank Cross Y Tank Crouch Creek Crouch Mesa Crouch Mesa Cunningham Spring Dads Tank Dagger Springs Dead Cow Spring Deadman Canyon Deep Creek Deep Creek Deep Creek Tank Deer Creek Deer Tank Derrick Pocket Devils Chasm Devils Playground Tank Diamond Butte Dinner Canyon Dinner Creek Divided Spring Divided Water Spring Double Corral Tank Double Grantham Tank Double Tank Dripping Spring Dry Bone Tank Dry Creek Dry Creek Tank Dry Creek Trough Dry Creek Well Dry Pocket Wash Duett Branch Tank Duett Tank Dupont Canyon Dust Bowl Tank Dutchwoman Butte Dutchwoman Tank East Fork Spring East Lacy Fork East Spear Creek Ed Spring Edward Spring Elephant Corral Spring Elephant Rock Ellinwood Ranch Ellison Mine Ellison Ranch Elmer Tank El Paso Canyon Falls Campground Fillmore Tank First Water Canyon Flying H Ranch Flying V Ranch Flying W Ranch Fourmile Canyon Fred Tank Frog Pond Fuller Mesa Fuller Mesa Tank Fuller Mesa Tank Number Two Gentry Canyon Spring Gentry Creek Gentry Mesa Tank Gentry Mountain Gentry Tank Gold Creek Gold Gulch Gordon Canyon Granite Basin Spring Granite Tank Grantham Peak Grasshopper Tank Graveyard Canyon Gruwell Canyon Gruwell Spring Gruwell Well Gunsight Butte Gunsight Tank Gun Tank Hackberry Mountain Hackberry Spring Hackberry Spring Haigler Canyon Haigler Canyon Campground Haigler Creek Census Designated Place Haldi Ranch Half Barrel Spring Haught Ranch Haught Tank Header Tank Headquarters Pasture Tank Hells Gate Hells Gate Trail Tank Hellsgate Wilderness Hells Hole Hell Tank Henry Tank Hidden Spring Hinton Creek Hog Canyon Hog Canyon Hog Canyon Tank Hog Mountain Hog Mountain Spring Hog Tank Hog Tank Hog Tank Hole in the Ground Canyon Hole in the Ground Tank Honey Creek Honey Creek Divide Hopkins Mountain Hopkins Spring Horse Camp Horse Camp Creek Horse Camp Mesa Horse Camp Mesa Tank Horse Camp Windmill Horse Canyon Tank Horse Mountain Horse Mountain Tank Horse Tank Creek Houdon Cabin Houdon Mountain Houdon Tank House Spring Hunt Spring Indian Camp Canyon Indian Camp Reservoir Ironside Hill Tank Jack Mountain Jack Shoe Ranch Jakes Tank Canyon Jake Tank Javelina Spring Jerky Butte Jerky Butte Tank Jerky Tank Jim Sam Butte Jim Sam Tank Joes Spring Joe Tank Jones Spring Joy Cabin J R Canyon J R Ranch J Slash X Ranch Juniper Flat Juniper Flat Tank Juniper Tank Juniper Tank Juniper Tank J Z Rogers Spring Kendrick Spring Knoles Hole Spring Lacey Forks Canyon Leaky Tank Leisure Canyon Leisure Canyon Trailhead Leisure Spring Leo Canyon Leo Canyon Tank Liquor Spring Little Copper Mountain Tank Little East Fork Spring Little Sombrero Peak Little Turkey Creek Little Turkey Tank Little Walnut Canyon Little Walnut Tank Lone Pine Divide Lone Pine Tank Lookout Point Lost Camp Canyon Lost Camp Canyon Tank Lost Camp Mountain Lost Camp Mountain Tank Lost Lake Lost Salt Spring Number Two Lost Tank Lower Bell Tank Lower Bull Canyon Tank Lower Corral Lower Corral Tank Lower Corral Tank Number Two Lower Frio Canyon Tank Lower PV Trick Tank Lower Sparky Tank Lower Thompson Mesa Tank Lucky Strike Mine Magnet Tank Mailbox Mesa Marsh Creek Marsh Creek Ranch Marsh Creek Tank Martin Tank Maxwell Spring Maxwell Tank McBride Tank McDonald Mountain McDonald Mountain Tank McDonald Pocket McFadden Creek McFadden Horse Mountain McFadden Peak McFadden Peak Lookout McInturf Spring McInturf Trick Tank McKenney Spring McKinney Tank Meddler Wash Well Mesa Tank Mesa Tank Mesa Tank Number Two Mexican Canyon Mexican Hat Tank Mexican Tank Middle Mountain Middle Pasture Tank Middle Spring Middle Tank Middleton Mesa Middleton Mesa Spring Middleton Mesa Tank Middle Trap Spring Middle Trap Spring Mine Canyon Mineral Tank Mine Tank Montague Spring Moody Point Moody Trailhead Moonshine Gulch Moonshine Tank Mud Spring Mud Spring Mud Tank Mule Creek Mule Creek Point Murphy Ranch Murphy Tank Murphy Trailhead Mystery Spring Naegelin Rim Naegelin Rim Tank Naegelin Spring Naegelin Spring Canyon Nail Ranch Natural Tank Needed Tank Never Go Dry Tank No Name Tank North Buzzard Roost Mesa Tank North Cooper Fork Tank North Fork Brady Canyon North Fork Cooper Forks North Fork Parker Creek Number One Dam Oak Creek Oak Creek Tank Oak Creek Trailhead Oak Spring Olliger Mesa Tank OW Ranch Oxbow Mountain Oxbow Mountain Tank Oxbow Tank Oxbow Tank Parallel Canyon Park Creek Parker Creek Parker Creek Experiment Station Parker Creek Trailhead Park Tank Pasture Tank Paul Tank P B Creek P B Ranch P B Spring Peach Flat Peach Flat Tank Peach Hollow Tank Pendleton Mesa Pendleton Tank Peters Corral Peters Corral Canyon Peters Corral Spring Peterson Ranch Peterson Trailhead Peveler Chimney Spring Pine Creek Pine Creek Well Pine Flat Tank Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Tank Pine Spring Pine Spring Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Airstrip Pleasant Valley Ranger District Pleasant Valley Ranger District Office Pleasant Valley School Pocket Creek Pocket Spring Pocket Tank Potato Butte Pottery Point Primrose Spring Pringle Wash Pueblo Canyon Pueblo Mine Q Ranch Quail Spring Quail Spring Canyon Quell Spring Canyon Ramer Tank Rascoe Tank Red Lake Adminitrative Site Redman Cave Redman Mesa Redman Mesa Tank Reg Tank Reservation Tank Reynolds Creek Reynolds Creek Recreation Site Reynolds Creek Trailhead Reynolds Trailhead Rhinehart Tank Ridge Tank Ridge Tank Rim-Moody Point Trail Rim Tank Roadrunner Tank Robbers Roost Mountain Rock Creek Rock House Rock Spring Rock Spring Rock Spring Rock Spring Rock Tanks Spring Rodgers Tank Rose Creek Rose Creek Campground Rose Creek Lodge Rose Creek Spring Round Mountain Round Mountain Ruth Tank Salome Creek Salome Wilderness Salt Canyon Salt Log Canyon Sand Tank Sand Tank Canyon Saunders Canyon Saunders Spring Scarlet Spring Sevenmile Canyon Shack Tank Sheep Corral Spring Sheep Creek Sheep Creek Point Sheep Wash Shell Mountain Shell Mountain Tank Shipping Pasture Tank Short Chops Canyon Sidehill Tank Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest Sierra Ancha Wilderness Skid Tank Slide Spring Smoky Hollow Smoky Hollow Tank Snow Tank Sombrero Butte Tank Sombrero Peak South Buzzard Roost Mesa Tank South Copper Fork Tank South Fork Cooper Forks South Fork Parker Creek South Horse Mountain Tank Sparky Spring Spring Creek Spring Creek Mine Spring Creek Ranch Spurlock Squaw Mesa Squaw Peak Squaw Tank Steve Tank Stone Tank Sycamore Canyon Sycamore Spring Sycamore Spring Tanner Peak Tanner Ranch Tewksbury Spring The Switchbacks Spring Thomas Canyon Thomas Spring Thompson Mesa Thoroughbred Pasture Tank Thurlo Tank Thurlo Wildlife Tanks Tin Shack Spring Tonto Basin Division Trailside Spring Trail Tank Trail Tank Tucker Box Tunnel Spring Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Turkey Spring Turkey Spring Upper Bell Tank Upper Bryant Canyon Tank Upper Canyon Creek Campground Upper Frio Canyon Tank Upper Tank Upper Tank Upper Thompson Mesa Tank Valentine Canyon Valentine Ridge Valentine Ridge Recreation Site Valentine Tank Vosburg Mesa Vosburg Tank Vosburg Trick Tank Waldrip Airstrip Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Walnut Spring Walnut Well Warm Creek Well Camp Tank West Copper Mountain Tank West Fork Oak Creek West Lacy Fork West Prong Gentry Creek Whiskey Tank Whiskey Tank White Ridge Tank Wild Cow Tank Willow Spring Willow Spring Wilson Creek Winter Camp Winter Camp Well Winter Pasture Tank Wolf Spring Workman Creek Workman Creek Falls Yellow Jacket Spring YMCA Camp Young Young Census Designated Place Young Teaching High School Zachariae Tank Zimmerman Point Z T Ranch