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  • Duncan Primary
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  • Gift - Duncan High School
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    ZIP Code 85534 is located in Greenlee County

    85534 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((2-1098)) 1st St ((100-298)) 2nd Ave ((1-699)) 2nd St ((1-599)) 3rd St ((2-599)) 4th St ((1-799)) 5th St ((2-398)) Acacia St ((100-198)) Adobe Rd ((801-899)) Angus St ((1-199)) Apache Grove Rd ((2-598)) Archuleta ((1000-1098)) Arroyo Ln ((2-199)) Ash St ((100-198)) Barney Ln ((201-299)) Billingsley Ln ((6-298)) Birdie St ((100-298)) Biscuit Canyon Rd ((100-499)) Bitter Creek Rd ((400-498)) Blue Jay Dr ((2-199)) Bourgeois Ln ((401-898)) Bourgeous Rd ((401-898)) Brittlebush Ln ((2-199)) Bronco St ((1-99)) Burma Rd ((12001-12099)) Busted Bush Blvd ((100-599)) Cactus Wren ((2-198)) Caddy Ln ((1-599)) Callaway Rd ((2-599)) Campbell St ((1-4099)) Carlisle Rd ((1-99)) Carrell Loop ((201-399)) Cart St ((1-799)) Casper Loop ((400-959)) Cazares Dr ((2-199)) CC Herrera Ln ((400-799)) Cemetery Rd ((1-599)) Center Ave ((501-1199)) Center St ((1-99)) Chaparral Rd ((157-199)) Chaparrel Rd ((1-399)) Chaparrel St ((1-399)) Cherokee Dr ((2-599)) Cheyenne Ln ((1-799)) Church Ln ((100-399)) Claridge Ln ((1-99)) Clesa Dr ((1401-1985)) Comanche Dr ((105-199)) Corral Rd ((1-499)) Cosper Loop ((400-1899)) Country Club Rd ((401-1298)) County Line Rd ((3000-3098)) Cowboy Way ((201-215)) Cox Ln ((2-298)) Cricket Way ((100-398)) Crotts Ln ((2-298)) Cueto Ln ((1-99)) Dairy Lp ((101-199)) Damron Ln ((1-198)) Daniels Ave ((2-899)) Davis Ln ((100-399)) Dawson Dr ((1-99)) Day School Rd ((201-499)) Diane Ave ((103-299)) Dinieri Ln ((2-98)) Dove Ln ((1-199)) Downs Dr ((100-198)) Driver Ave ((2-398)) D St ((300-399)) Eagle Dr ((2-299)) East Ave ((100-699)) E Cottonwood Rd ((2-799)) Elmer Dr ((400-899)) Elm St ((100-399)) Escamillas Ln ((200-298)) Fairgrounds Rd ((101-1298)) Fairway Dr ((2-1098)) Faith Ranch Rd ((101-298)) Feild Rd ((900-999)) Fisher Ln ((1-299)) Foot Grove Ln ((2-198)) Foothill Loop ((1-199)) Foster Ln ((1-2499)) Franklin Rd ((101-999)) Frontage Rd ((2-498)) Gale Ave ((200-299)) Goat Camp Rd ((1-99)) Gold Star Dr ((2-198)) Gould Dr ((300-398)) Green Ln ((1-99)) Harmony Dr ((1-199)) Harrington St ((1-499)) Harwell St ((101-199)) Hawk Rd ((100-499)) Hereford St ((2-599)) H & H Dr ((1-99)) High St ((101-499)) Hillcrest Dr ((2-299)) Hill St ((100-299)) Hilltop Dr ((1-99)) Hopi Ln ((1-99)) Huizar Dr ((101-199)) Indian Hill Rd ((200-298)) Iris Dr ((1-198)) Jackrabbit Dr ((900-999)) Kaywood Wash Rd ((200-2298)) Lacey Dr ((201-299)) Lackey Ave ((2-299)) Leah Ln ((200-399)) Lemons Ln ((101-399)) L/e Rapier Ln ((101-199)) Lookout Trl ((2-199)) Lovers Ln ((201-799)) Lunt Ln ((401-1099)) Madison St ((101-499)) Main St ((100-610)) McBiles Ln ((100-299)) McBride Dr ((400-498)) McCarty Trl ((101-599)) McGrath Ave ((100-199)) Mescale Ln ((2-899)) Mescalero Ln ((2-899)) Mesquite Ave ((301-399)) Mesquite St ((301-498)) Model Ave ((201-499)) Montoya Ln ((2-299)) Moore Ln ((1-99)) Mosley Ln ((101-199)) Mustang Ln ((1-99)) Mustang St ((1-99)) N Broken Ln ((1401-1499)) N Cheyenne Ln ((2-154)) Norton Ln ((100-398)) N Shoshone Ln ((100-699)) NW Old West Hwy ((200-699)) Ocotillo Ave ((200-399)) Ocotillo St ((200-298)) Old Clifton Hwy ((115-199)) Old Virden Rd ((1-2398)) Orchard Ln ((200-298)) Ott Loop ((1-599)) Pace Ln ((2-98)) Paint Ln ((1-99)) Palomino Loop ((2-599)) Palomino St ((1-499)) Parks Canyon Rd ((200-298)) Patton Ln ((200-598)) Pawnee Ln ((100-499)) Philpott Dr ((201-399)) Ping Dr ((300-699)) Ponderosa Dr ((2-198)) Ponderosa Trailer Park ((2-198)) Pony St ((1-199)) Porter Ln ((1-299)) Price Loop ((200-298)) Quarter Horse Rd ((301-699)) Quetta Pines Dr ((1-199)) Quiet Moon Dr ((1-398)) Race Track Rd ((201-299)) Railroad Wash Rd ((300-2198)) Ratlif Dr ((2-199)) Reed Ranch Dr ((101-299)) Rio Ranch Rd ((394900-394998)) River View Dr ((1-99)) Rodriguez Ln ((1-99)) Salt Cedar Rd ((2-98)) Sanders Dr ((100-199)) Sands Wash Rd ((101-698)) Santee Ln ((300-398)) S Cheyenne Ln ((2-98)) Seminole Ln ((100-599)) SE Old West Hwy ((201-1199)) Serenity Loop ((101-599)) Serna Ln ((1-99)) Sexton Dr ((1-99)) Shadow Ln ((100-198)) Shadowridge Ln ((1-299)) Shady Ln ((2-198)) Sheldon Loop ((1-2299)) Shoshone Ln ((100-699)) Sierra Ln ((1-99)) Skyline Dr ((101-299)) Slice Lp ((100-198)) South Ave ((301-999)) Sparrow Ln ((2-198)) Stadium Blvd ((101-199)) Stagecoach Loop ((200-2398)) Stauffer Ranch Rd ((4961-4962)) Steeple View Rd ((501-599)) Stevens Loop ((300-3498)) Stinson Ln ((301-898)) Stone St ((1-99)) Sunny Plaza Ln ((1-99)) Sunrise St ((1-99)) Sweetbush Dr ((2-699)) Sweetwater Rd ((601-1699)) Tee St ((100-298)) Tepee Rd ((600-698)) Three Bar Dr ((1-199)) Three Bar Trailer Park ((1-199)) Tiny Rd ((300-398)) Tonto Ln ((300-398)) Tower View Ln ((501-599)) Triangle H Bar Dr ((301-599)) Tumbleweed Rd ((400-998)) Twilight Dr ((2-199)) Tyler Farms Rd ((701-799)) Tyler Ln ((100-298)) US Hwy 70 ((200-998)) Virden Hwy ((1-5398)) Wagley Dr ((101-398)) Waters Dr ((101-199)) Waters Rd ((100-199)) W Cottonwood Rd ((100-398)) Wildflower Dr ((101-299)) Wilkerson Loop ((100-499)) Wilkins Rd ((1-899)) Williams St ((1-498)) Wilson St ((100-202)) York Dr ((2-398)) Yucca Ave ((2-98)) Zumwalt Rd ((401-499)) Zumwalt St ((401-499))

    85534 Places and Attractions

    Apache Creek Apache Grove Apache Gulch Ash Peak Canyon Ash Peak Mine Bee Tree Spring Bee Tree Spring Bens Tank Big Mesa Big Tank Big Tank Detention Dam Bitter Creek Blackfield Canyon Blackjack Campground Black Jack Group Campground Black Jack Spring Blackjack Tank Bobcat Hills Burleson Canyon Burro Wash C A Bar Canyon C A Bar Creek China Camp Canyon Cold Spring Colmonero Canal Corner Spring Corner Tank Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Coyote Corral Coyote Spring Coyote Tank Daniels Camp Canyon Davis Ranch Day Ranch Deer Canyon Democrat Mesa Divide Tanks Dromedary Creek Duncan Duncan Division Duncan Elementary School Duncan Municipal Airport Duncan Post Office Duncan Primary School Duncan Railroad Station Duncan Union High School Duncan Valley Cemetery Duncan Valley Rural Fire District Dunigan Spring Erve Adams Flat Fox Fox Railroad Station Franklin Franklin Census Designated Place Franks Tank Gillispie Canyon Goat Camp Canyon Godfrey Mines Grayhorse Canyon Grayhorse Dam Greaser Wash Greenlee Country Club Greenlee County Airport Greenlee County Fairgrounds Gus Spring Guthrie Tank Hardy Harris Camp Canyon Harris Camp Spring Harris Wash Hells Hole Hells Hole Canyon Hells Hole Peak Hells Hole Spring Hells Hole Spring Hells Hole Spring Hunter Flat Indian Rocks Iron Canyon Jackpot Mesa Kaywood Wash K Six Mountain Lazy B Ranch Airstrip Linden Creek Little Grayhorse Canyon Little Sand Wash Lop Ear Creek Lop Ear Spring Lost Lake Lost Spring Lower Bee Tree Spring Maverick Basin Maverick Hill Maverick Hill Tank Maverick Trailhead McKeon Ranch Mexican Spring Mexican Spring Middle Linden Spring Miner Spring Mule Mountain Murphy Well Old Collett Tank Olney Dam Palace Peak Park Tank Peach Tree Tank Peloncillo Mountains Wilderness Study Area Phillips Tank Pig Pen Spring Playas de los Pinos Purdy Railroad Wash Railroad Wash Rainville Ranch Rainville Wash Robs Well Rocky John Canyon Rocky Tank Round Mountain Round Mountain Dam Number Two Sanders Wash Sandia Wash Sand Wash Sexton Canyon Shamrock Shaft Sheldon Sheldon Mountain Skully Creek Skully Creek Ranch Starvation Tank Stateline Corral Stateline Dam Stewart Canyon Stocks Canyon Stove Wash Sweet Spring Tank Number Five Tank Number Four Tank Number One The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thompson Draw Thompson Draw Tillie Hall Canyon Tollhouse Canyon Town of Duncan Twin Dam Twin Peaks Upper Hells Hole Spring Upper Linden Spring Walnut Canyon Walnut Mountain Walnut Springs Wampoo Wash Waters Wash West Coal Creek Corral West Coal Creek Well Wes White Canyon Whitefield Wash White Mule Windmill White Mule Windmill Whitlock Peak Willis Ranch Willis Spring Willow Creek Willow Creek Willow Springs Canyon Willow Springs Ranch Winchester Canyon Winchester Peak Wire Corral Mesa Woods Canyon Yellow Bull Spring Yellow Bull Spring York York Census Designated Place York Railroad Station York Valley