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Black Canyon City

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    ZIP Code 85324 is located in Yavapai County

    85324 Street Addresses

    Abbot Aly ((19201-19398)) Abbott St ((19200-19498)) Agate Pl ((33600-33698)) Albins St ((34500-345599)) Albins Way ((19200-19798)) Amethyst Pl ((20301-20799)) Ann Black St ((34300-34499)) April Dr ((35200-35699)) A Whey Det Sa Rd ((20200-20499)) Azlynn Way ((19301-19399)) Bertha St ((34201-34799)) Black St ((18901-19099)) Boyds Way ((19501-33698)) by the Orchard ((24801-24899)) Cactus Cove Rd ((19301-19399)) Cactus Wren Dr ((2-98)) Cam del Sol ((20100-20126)) Canyon Rd ((33162-33299)) Cat Claw Dr ((33800-33899)) Chapo Dr ((20200-20299)) Chapparral ((34600-34698)) Cholla Rd ((19900-34998)) Chrysocolla Rd ((20300-20498)) Church St ((19200-19999)) Coldwater Canyon Rd ((14500-33399)) Coldwater Trl ((19800-33398)) Copper Ct ((35201-35299)) Davenport Ln ((3700-33898)) David St ((19500-34599)) Desert Cove ((34800-34899)) E Agua Vis ((18600-18699)) E Black St ((18901-19099)) E Cactus Way ((19200-19498)) E Coldwater Canyon Rd ((19780-19998)) E Emerald Dr ((20400-20699)) E Frontage Rd ((34401-34699)) E K Mine Rd ((18501-19099)) E K-Mine Rd ((19100-34599)) Ellen Dr ((18800-18898)) Emerald Dr ((20400-20498)) Emerald Dr E ((20300-33598)) E Oasis Dr ((19000-19299)) E Queen's Way ((18901-18999)) E Ridgeway Dr ((19301-33699)) E River Bend Rd ((19701-19899)) E Squaw Valley Rd ((20501-20699)) E Wyatt Way ((19300-33698)) Exit I- 17 ((33401-33599)) Feldspar Ln ((20400-20499)) Garnet Ln ((20301-20499)) Gayla Ln ((33001-33398)) Green Valley Rd ((19501-19899)) Gregory St ((19300-19498)) Hanfelt ((19401-19499)) Hanfelt Way ((19500-19598)) Happy Jack Trl ((32001-32299)) Hasty Wash Ln ((33500-33698)) Ha Wa Si Trl ((33100-33499)) Hill St ((34300-34698)) Incline Dr ((33600-33698)) Indian Hills Dr ((14601-19999)) Indian Hills Rd ((19400-19799)) Ironwood Dr ((19800-19999)) Jeanne Ln ((33300-33399)) Kamins Cove ((33000-33198)) K Field Rd ((34300-344098)) Kings Way ((18200-19098)) Kiva Rd ((20400-20499)) Klammer Rd ((34601-34898)) K-Mine Rd ((12900-19299)) Lapidary Pl ((20801-33698)) Lapidary Rd ((33601-33699)) Lisa Dr ((900-32698)) Luellen Dr ((34000-34399)) Lyle Gulch Rd ((26795-26799)) Mac To Trl ((33100-33499)) Maggie Mine Rd ((31001-32998)) Maren Ave ((18701-32698)) Mechling Dr ((18700-18899)) Melanie Ln ((20501-33498)) Mesquite Dr ((18959-190898)) Michelle Ln ((65-72)) Mountain View Dr ((33201-33299)) Mountain View Rd ((33401-33699)) Mt Veiw Rd ((3300-33398)) Mud Springs Rd ((19600-34799)) Nasty Basin ((32800-32999)) Nasty Basin Trl ((32700-32999)) Nasty Ridge Trl ((18700-19098)) Oasis Dr ((19001-34998)) Old Black Canyon ((19000-33399)) Old Black Canyon Hwy ((33401-35599)) Old Mud Springs Rd ((33800-33999)) Palm Ln ((1901-19298)) Palo Verde Ln ((19101-34298)) Panorama Cir ((34800-34998)) Park Ln ((33500-33799)) Perry Buchanan Rd ((19800-20999)) Perry Rd ((19800-21498)) Phyliss St ((18701-34698)) Phyllis St ((18701-34599)) Pinnacle Pl ((33300-35399)) Pipeline Rd ((24801-24899)) Quail Ln ((33001-33398)) Reynolds Rd ((34262-34322)) Ridgecrest Dr ((19200-19399)) Ridgecrest Rd ((19400-19798)) River Bend Rd ((19800-33498)) Roadrunner Cir ((34401-34699)) Road Runner Cir ((34401-34699)) Road Runner Dr ((34401-34698)) Rocky Top Rd ((19900-33299)) Rubys Mine Trl ((33000-33098)) S 236th Ave ((5200-5288)) Saguaro Dr ((18901-19499)) Saint Joseph Rd ((1-19698)) Scenic Loop ((19200-19599)) School House Rd ((18700-18798)) School Loop Rd ((34901-34999)) S Gem Pl ((33500-33699)) Shadow Mountain Rd ((32501-32799)) Shangri-la Dr ((32700-32898)) Shangrila Dr ((200-37298)) Siesta Trl ((20901-33398)) Silver Sage Dr ((1-99)) Smitty Way ((21300-21398)) Spencer St ((19100-19499)) Squaw Peak Ln ((19200-19298)) Squaw Valley Dr ((11900-19998)) Squaw Valley Pkwy ((19600-19999)) Squaw Valley Rd ((19500-33599)) S Ridgeway Rd ((33400-33699)) S River Ridge Rd ((33300-96199)) S School Loop Rd ((34901-34999)) S Sunrise Cir ((34800-348299)) S Topaz Rd ((33501-33599)) Summit Dr ((33001-33499)) Sunrise Cir ((34800-34898)) S Wanda Dr ((18701-18727)) S Wanda Rd ((18700-34799)) Ta Do Hoya Trl ((20200-33499)) Ta-Do-Hoya Trl ((20200-33499)) Tara Springs Rd ((20501-33499)) Thalfoher ((3400-34299)) Thompson Rd ((33000-33298)) Todd Evans Rd ((19300-19499)) Topaz Rd ((33501-33999)) Trail Rd ((19800-33298)) Turquoise Dr ((33600-33799)) Valley Cir ((18700-18799)) Valley Dr ((18700-34299)) Velda Rose Ln ((34300-34498)) Velda Rose Rd ((34447-34699)) Vine St ((34500-34698)) Vladimir St ((34300-34998)) Wagon Wheel Cir ((20100-20398)) Wanda Dr ((18601-34799)) Warner Rd ((19201-34598)) Westridge Ln ((34800-34999))

    85324 Places and Attractions

    Agua Fria National Monument American Gulch Antelope Tank Arrastre Creek Ash Spring Baby Canyon Badger Spring Interchange Barbara Spring Batt Tank Benchmark Mountain Bird Spring Black Canyon Black Canyon City Black Canyon City Census Designated Place Black Canyon City Community Library Black Canyon City Medical Center Heliport Black Canyon City Post Office Black Canyon Creek Black Canyon Fire Department Black Canyon Greyhound Park Black Canyon Interchange Black Canyon School Blackjack Point Blackjack Tank Blackjack Tank Black Mesa Bland Hill Bland Mine Bobs Tank Boteler Peak Boulder Creek Brooklyn Mine Brooklyn Peak Brooklyn Tank Brooklyn Well Brush Basin Tank Brushy Canyon Buck Tank Bull Spring Bull Tank Bumble Bee Creek Bumble Bee Interchange Burnt Hole Canyon Burnt Hole Spring Number One Burnt Hole Spring Number Two Calvary Chapel Camp Canyon Canon Elementary School Castle Creek Cavness Hole Cavness Spring Chino Corral Spring Circle Tank Cooks Mesa Cooks Mesa Tank Cooks Ranch Copper Creek Copper Creek Administrative Site Copper Creek Tank Copper Spring Copper Tank Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Gulch Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Tank CP Butte CP Tank Cross Y Ranch Airport Doss Windmill Double Corral Tank Dyke Canyon Dyke Tank East Branch Squaw Creek Eightyeight Mine Fifty One Ranch Fifty One Ranch Gillette Goat Camp Spring Grapevine Canyon Grapevine Mesa Grapevine Spring Grapevine Tank Hackberry Wash Head of Canyon Tank Head of New River Tank Hidden Tank Hogan Cabin Hogan Spring Hogan Tank Number One Hogan Tank Number Two Holmes Canyon Holmes Creek Homestead Spring Horseshoe Bar Howard Copper Mine Hummingbird Spring Hutch Mesa Hutch Tank Hutch Tank Indian Creek Indian Spring Island Mesa Tank Jack Brooks Spring Jacks Gulch Jim Creek Joes Gulch Joes Hill Joes Ridge Joes Tank Joes Tank Johns Tank Juniper Spring Juniper Tank Juniper Tank Kay Mine Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KUET-AM (Black Canyon City) KVET-AM (Black Canyon City) Larry Creek Latimore Tank Laurel Hole Spring Lime Creek Spring Lion Canyon Lion Canyon Spring Little Hutch Spring Lockwood Mesa Lockwood Mesa Tank Locust Spring Lousy Canyon Lousy Tank Lower CP Tank Magazine Tank Number One Maggie Mine Manzanita Canyon Manzanita Spring Mescal Pit Tank Mexican Gulch Middle Fork Spring Middle Fork Squaw Creek Middle Fork Tank Mormon Tank Mud Spring Mud Springs Mud Springs Underpass Mule Spring Narrows Tank New Cabin Corral New Windmill North Campbell Tank North Cedar Mountain Tank North Fork Rock Creek North Fork Squaw Creek North Fork Tank North Pass Spring North Pass Tank Number One North Pass Tank Number Two North Pasture Spring Perry Mesa Perry Mesa Tank Perry Tank Canyon Perry Windmill Picket Corral Tank Picnic Spring Picnic Tank Piedmont Well Pinto Cow Canyon Pipe Tank Pipe Tank Number Two Poison Creek Pothole Tank Number Four Pothole Tank Number One Pothole Tank Number Three Quinine Bush Tank Rattlesnake Canyon Red Hole Red Mountain Red Ridge Red Ridge Tank Renner Spring Richinbar Mine Rincon Spring Rock Creek Rockhouse Tank Rock Springs Rock Springs Interchange Rock Springs Substation Rosalie Mine Rosalie Mine Trail Number Eight Rosalie Spring Rosalie Tank Round Spring Roundtree Spring Ruins Tank Seventysix Mine Shamrock Tank Sheep Gulch Shirttail Spring Shortt Smith Spring Shortys Canyon Silver Creek Six Bar Hole Six Bar Mesa Tank Six Bar Ranch Six Bar Ridge Slate Creek Soap Creek South Campbell Tank South Fork Canyon South Fork Mud Spring Creek South Fork Rock Creek South Fork Squaw Creek Squaw Creek Squaw Creek Mesa Squaw Mountain Stone Camp Spring Sunset Point Interchange Sunset Point Rest Area Surprise Spring Sycamore Canyon Sycamore Creek Sycamore Spring Tank Creek Tank Number Five The Island The Rincon Tiger Canyon Tin Trough Spring Tip Top (historical) Tiptop Mine Top of the Mountain Canyon Top of the Mountain Tank Trails End Airstrip Trail Tank Tunnel Spring Turkey Hole United Arizona Mine (historical) Upper Ranch Walnut Spring Wanda Seep White Dyke Canyon White Dyke Spring Williams Mesa Willow Creek Willow Spring Willow Spring Canyon Windy Saddle Tank Wood Camp Cabin