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    ZIP Code 85321 is located in Pima County (90.30%) Maricopa County (9.70%)

    85321 Street Addresses

    Alley Rd ((100-1999)) Ash Pl ((1200-1299)) Ash St ((700-799)) Ball Rd ((100-199)) Brady St ((1100-1399)) Cedar St ((1200-1399)) Cholla St ((101-199)) Copper St ((1-1399)) Darby Well Rd ((100-1999)) E 1st Ave ((100-399)) E 2nd Ave ((100-399)) E 3rd Ave ((100-299)) E 4th Ave ((100-299)) E 5th Ave ((100-199)) E Adelaide Dr ((1491-1525)) E Arroyo Ave ((100-399)) E Cholla Ave ((100-299)) Elm St ((700-1199)) Elota St ((200-298)) E Pastime Rd ((219-294)) E Taladro Ave ((100-399)) Hospital Hill Rd ((1-999)) Indian Village Rd ((1-999)) Iron Wood Ave ((600-698)) Ironwood St ((600-698)) Jefferson Ave ((1500-1799)) Maple St ((1700-1799)) Mary K Bair Rd ((300-599)) Montecito St ((100-699)) Morondo Ave ((700-799)) Myers Ave ((32800-32898)) N 2nd Ave ((410-2199)) N Ajo Gila Bend Hwy ((1800-3799)) N Ajo Sonoita Hwy ((500-598)) N Ajo Well No 1 Rd ((1-1799)) N Ajo Well Rd ((1-1799)) N Berry Rd ((1800-3199)) N Brannon Dr ((401-1599)) N Cameron Ave ((300-1599)) N Connolly Ave ((1-1199)) N Copper Dr ((1-199)) N Cunada St ((100-599)) N Darmitt Ave ((600-1599)) N Elliott Rd ((2000-3799)) N Kilbright Ave ((401-1599)) N Lak A Yucca Rd ((5104-5199)) N Lyons Ave ((500-1199)) N Malacate St ((100-599)) N McKinley Ave ((700-1399)) N Mesquite Ln ((101-199)) N Mesquite Rd ((701-799)) North St ((1100-1199)) N Palm St ((1700-1799)) N Perro de Nieve ((100-699)) N Pizal Ln ((100-299)) N Plaza St ((1-299)) N Railroad Dr ((1-1399)) N Roberts Rd ((1800-1999)) N Rosedale Ave ((1-1399)) N Rosser Rd ((2000-3999)) N Sahuaro St ((1-799)) N Sartillion Ave ((600-1599)) N Sonoita Hwy ((500-598)) N Tecolote St ((200-699)) N Telera St ((100-599)) N Thompson Ave ((600-1599)) N Tucson-Ajo Hwy ((2-598)) N Well Rd ((1-1259)) N Whale Mountain Rd ((200-2499)) N Yermo Ave ((300-399)) Octillo St ((100-198)) Olive St ((1700-1799)) Palm St ((700-1899)) Palo Verde Ave ((300-899)) Plaza ((1-99)) Roberts Rd ((1700-1799)) Rosedale Ave ((901-1698)) Sahuaro St ((1-698)) S D St ((601-699)) S Elota Ave ((100-299)) S Mission Rd ((1-199)) Solana Ave ((100-1099)) S Sahuaro St ((1-799)) State Rte 85 ((100-3799)) State Rte 86 ((2-598)) SW Guest House Dr ((1-799)) Tonelado St ((100-599)) Topawa Sch Rd ((2-98)) Tucson-Ajo Hwy ((400-499)) W 10th St ((1-459)) W 11th St ((1-499)) W 1st Ave ((100-499)) W 1st St ((100-1099)) W 2nd Ave ((100-399)) W 2nd St ((600-899)) W 3rd Ave ((1-399)) W 3rd St ((600-1099)) W 4th Ave ((1-399)) W 4th St ((500-1099)) W 5th St ((200-1099)) W 6th St ((300-1099)) W 7th St ((300-1909)) W 8th St ((1-499)) W 9th St ((1-499)) W Apache ((1-99)) W Arroyo Ave ((100-599)) Water St ((300-399)) W Ball Rd ((100-199)) W Brady St ((1400-1599)) W Briggs Rd ((700-1499)) W Center St ((1200-1599)) W Childs St ((1101-1799)) W Cholla Ave ((501-999)) W Clymer St ((701-1899)) W Cushing St ((78-498)) W Denning Rd ((100-199)) W Desert Rd ((1200-1299)) W Dorsey St ((1100-1999)) W Esperanza Ave ((700-999)) W Estrella Ave ((100-599)) W Fees Rd ((900-1299)) W Gillard St ((1500-2199)) W Greenway Dr ((1-799)) W Grijalva St ((1500-2199)) W Guest House Rd ((1-799)) W Guinn Rd ((114-198)) W Hammons Rd ((2-199)) W Hayworth Rd ((900-1299)) W Higgins Rd ((100-199)) W Hoover St ((900-1799)) W Hospital Hill Rd ((1-999)) W Hospital Rd ((500-599)) W Indian Village Rd ((1-558)) W Jones St ((1400-1699)) W Kater Rd ((2-199)) W Keener Rd ((900-1499)) W la Mina Ave ((100-599)) W Lewis Rd ((1-1299)) W Lomita Ave ((100-599)) W Longacre Rd ((101-199)) W Martin St ((1200-1499)) W McMahon Rd ((900-1499)) W Morondo Ave ((100-999)) W Nelson Rd ((900-1499)) W North St ((1-1699)) W Ocotillo Ave ((200-899)) Wolsey St ((1431-1499)) W Pajaro St ((1-99)) W Pastime Rd ((1-130)) W Placer St ((200-399)) W Rasmussen Rd ((1-1499)) W Rocalla Ave ((100-1999)) W Schwartz Rd ((900-1499)) W Snyder Rd ((900-1499)) W Solana Ave ((100-1099)) W Vananda Ave ((200-599)) W Walker Rd ((800-1299)) W Welcome St ((1100-1999)) W Wolsey St ((1100-1899))

    85321 Places and Attractions

    Acuna Well Aguajita Spring Ajo Ajo Calvary Baptist Church Ajo Cemetery Ajo Census Designated Place Ajo Copper Mines Ajo Elementary School Ajo Federated Church Ajo First Assembly of God Ajo High School Ajo Landfill Ajo Post Office Ajo Recreation Center Ajo Window Alamo Canyon Alamo Wash Ali Chuk Ali Chuk Census Designated Place Ali Chuk Valley Ali Wua Pass Arch Canyon Arkansas Mountain Armenta Well Baker Mine Barajita Valley Batamote Mountains Batamote Well Bates Mountains Bates Well Black Circle Mountain Black Mountain Bonita Well Boulder Canyon Boy Scout Campgrounds Bud Walker Park Bull Pasture Bull Pasture Spring Burro Gap Burro Spring Camelback Mountain Camerons Tank Canyon Diablo Cardigan Peak Castle Mountains Cement Tank Cerro Blanco Charco Charco Census Designated Place Cherioni Wash Childs Childs Ranch Chiulikam Chupan Mountain Cimarron Peak Cipriano Hills Cipriano Pass Cipriano Well Coffeepot Mountain Coffeepot Well Concentrator Hill Copper Mountain Mine Cuerda de Lena Curley School Daniells Well Darby Arroyo Darby Well Dennison Picnic Ground Diablo Mountains Diablo Tank Diaz Peak Diaz Spire Dos Lomitas Ranch Picnic Area Dowling Ranch Dripping Springs Dry Well Dunns Well East Dam Tailings Pond Eberling Tank Emika Estes Canyon Evelen Charco Tank Full Gospel Fellowship Church Gadsden Peak Gakolik Mountains Gibson Gibson Arroyo Gibson Neighborhood Park Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church Grass Canyon Greenway Cross Growler Canyon Growler Pass Gunsight Gunsight Cemetery Gunsight Valley Gunsight Wash Gu Vo Gu Vo District Gu Vo Hills Hickiwan Hickiwan District Hickiwan Peak Hickiwan Valley Hoa Murk Hocker Well Hotason Vo Hotshot Tank Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Kaka Kaka Census Designated Place Kaka Valley Kaka Wash Kavolik Kerwo Well Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Ajo Congregation Kino Peak KTTZ-FM (Ajo) Kuakatch Wash La Abra Plain Lewis Well Little Ajo Mountains Little Eberling Tank Lost Cabin Mine Lukeville Manuels Well Marine Mine Martinez Mine Menagers Lake Mexican Town Milton Mine Moivayi Montezuma Head Mount Ajo Needle Valley New Cornelia Branch Hospital (historical) New Cornelia Mine New Cornelia Tailings Dam North Ajo Peak North Dam Tailings Pond Organ Pipe Cactus Family Picnic Ground Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Visitors Center Organ Pipe Family Campground Palo Verde Camp Pia Oik Pia Oik Pass Pima County Public Library Salazar Ajo Branch Pima County Sheriffs Office Pinkley Peak Pinnacle Peak Pitahaya Canyon Plaza Shopping Center Pozo Nuevo Well Pozo Redondo Mountains Pozo Redondo Valley Pozo Salado Well Puerto Blanco Drive Puerto Blanco Mountains Puerto Blanco Pass Quitobaquito Hills Quitobaquito Springs Red Tanks Well Rio Cornez Roadrunner Mountain Rowood Salt Well Schuchuli Senita Basin Senita Pass Sierra de la Nariz Sierra de la Nariz Sierra de Santa Rosa Sierra de Santa Rosa Sikort Chuapo Sikort Chuapo Mountains Sikort Chuapo Wash Siovi Shuatak Siovi Shuatak Pass Siovi Shuatak Wash Slit Rock Sonoyta Mountains South Dam Tailings Pond Stinson Peak Stoa Pitk Surprise Mine Sweetwater Sweetwater Pass Tatai Toak Tillotson Peak Tohono O'Odham High School Tonoka Valley Totopitk Twin Peaks Valley of the Ajo Vaya Chin Ventana Ventana Pass Victoria Mine Well Number One West Twin Peak Why Why Census Designated Place Why Fire Department Wild Horse Tank Williams Spring