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  • Aguila Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 85320 is located in Maricopa County (65.30%) Yavapai County (34.70%)

    85320 Street Addresses

    1st Pl ((51301-51399)) 1st St ((51301-51399)) 3rd St ((50401-50415)) 4th St ((50002-51199)) 507 Rd ((50101-50199)) 513th Ave ((48201-48899)) 6 Powerline Rd ((37200-37348)) 6th St ((49600-49698)) Black Eagle Rd ((49201-50199)) Church Dr ((51301-51399)) Dog Rd ((51900-51998)) Donald Rd ((51100-51499)) Eagle Eye Rd ((47301-51599)) Eagle View Dr ((49501-50099)) Farmers Ln ((200-298)) Forepaugh Park Rd ((53001-53299)) Hector Rd ((51500-51899)) Iver Rd ((5101-51298)) Long Rifle Rd ((50703-50999)) N 1st Ave ((50400-50999)) N 1st St ((47800-50499)) N 2nd Ave ((47400-50999)) N 2nd St ((48600-49098)) N 3rd St ((50300-50599)) N 491st Ave ((51700-51798)) N 4th St ((47400-50598)) N 507th Ave ((50101-50698)) N 508th Ave ((4801-4899)) N 510th Ave ((47001-47099)) N 518th Ave ((47400-47799)) N 523rd Ave ((49400-50199)) N 525th Ave ((46901-46999)) N 6th St ((49800-50599)) N 7th St ((4801-48599)) N Belmont Ranch Rd ((22200-36599)) N Black Eagle Rd ((50101-50698)) N Centennial Cir ((48200-50599)) N Donald Rd ((47800-48199)) N Eagle Eye Ave ((47602-51199)) N Eagle View Dr ((47001-50599)) N Forepaugh Peak Rd ((53001-53299)) N West Rd ((48501-48599)) Pete Rd ((50801-50999)) Ray St ((40501-51398)) Rider Rd ((37200-37348)) Robson Ranch Rd ((1-99)) School Ave ((50200-52099)) State Hwy 71 ((53600-53698)) US Hwy 60 ((2-85099)) Valley Rd ((51000-52199)) W 3rd Ave ((50300-50399)) W Abbot Rd ((45401-45499)) W Alvin Rd ((50700-51699)) W Centennial Cir ((41000-42799)) W Church Dr ((51100-51899)) W Church St ((50700-51099)) W Donald Dr ((51500-51599)) W Donald Rd ((5101-51798)) W Harcuvar St ((51500-51699)) W Harquahala St ((1-51698)) W Hector Rd ((50300-51299)) William Rd ((51401-51499)) W Iver Rd ((48801-57199)) W Luray Rd ((45500-51799)) W Pete Rd ((50800-51898)) W Powell St ((50900-51499)) W Ray St ((50900-51799)) W Valley Rd ((51000-51098)) W William Rd ((50700-52798))

    85320 Places and Attractions

    Aguila Aguila Census Designated Place Aguila Elementary School Aguila Microwave Relay Station Aguila Post Office Aguila Railroad Station Aguila Substation Aguila Volunteer Fire Department Alaska Mine Ambrosia Landing Field Ambrosia Mill Apache Mine Arrastre Gulch Barrons Cabin (historical) Big Horn Mountains Black Diamond Mine Black Hawk Mine Black Nugget Mine Black Queen Mine Black Queen Mine Black Rock Mine Blue Hope Mine Blue Tank Canyon Browns Canyon Browns Canyon Wash Bullard Mine Bullard Pass Bullard Peak Cottonwood Spring Date Creek Well Desert Rose Mine Desert Tank Diamond Mountain Dushey Canyon Dushey Tank Eagle Eye Mountain Eagle Eye Peak Eagle Eye Ranch Eagle Eye Substation Eagle Eye Substation Eagle Roost Airpark East Tank Eight Tank El Tigre Mine El Tigre Mine Evening Star Mine Flying Dares Ranch Airport Fogle Tank Forepaugh Peak Gladden Gold Bullion Mine Gold Cord Mine Goose Lake Harcuvar Tank Harquahala Mountains Wilderness Haydons Tank Hillair Dirt Strip Airport Holder Tank Hultman Well (historical) Knabe Mine Lapham Tank Linda Mine Lions Den Mine Little Bighorn Peak Little Big Horn Well Little Horn Peak Little Horn Well Little Pimberton Tank Lucky Mine Maricopa County Library District Aguila Branch Massey Well Miller Wash Miller Well Milton Ray Tank Mollie Davenport Mine Monterey Mine Myers Tank Natural Arch Nellie-Meda Mine North Tank Pegrin Well Pollack Well Pollock Well Pump Mine Wash Pump Mine Well Purple Pansy Mine Rainbow Mine Red Hill Tank Rogers Well Round Tank Well Rudy Pass Sampley's Airport Seep Spring Sixteen Tank Snowball Mine Sunset Canyon Sunset Pass Sunshine Mine T-Bone Tank The Eagles Beak Thirtyfive Tank Tiger Well Tom Walder Memorial Park Tunnel Spring Twin Tanks Weldon Hill West Fork Sunset Canyon Wisconsin Mine Wood Tank Wood Well