Glendale, AZ 85301 ZIP Code Map


85301 Schools


  • Glendale High School
  • William C Jack School
  • Don Mensendick School
  • Glendale Landmark Middle School
  • Melvin E Sine School
  • Isaac E Imes School
  • Harold W Smith School
  • Glenn F Burton School
  • West-Mec - Glendale High School
  • Carol G. Peck Elementary School
  • Barcelona Middle School
  • 85301 Hotels

  • Motel 6 Glendale Inn & Suites
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    ZIP Code 85301 is located in Maricopa County

    85301 Street Addresses

    89th Dr ((7200-7399)) 89th Ln ((7200-7398)) 90th Ave ((7301-7399)) 90th Ln ((7200-7398)) Apartment ((5300-6699)) Myrtle Ave ((8900-9036)) N 43rd Ave ((5032-5198)) N 43rd Dr ((5700-7499)) N 43rd Ln ((5700-7499)) N 44th Ave ((5700-7999)) N 44th Dr ((5700-7999)) N 44th Ln ((5700-5899)) N 45th Ave ((5500-7999)) N 45th Cir ((7500-7599)) N 45th Dr ((4400-7899)) N 45th Ln ((5800-5999)) N 46th Ave ((5500-7999)) N 46th Cir ((7300-7799)) N 46th Dr ((5500-7799)) N 46th Ln ((5500-6699)) N 47th Ave ((5500-9299)) N 47th Dr ((5800-7799)) N 47th Ln ((5800-7599)) N 48th Ave ((5800-7799)) N 48th Dr ((5800-7799)) N 48th Ln ((5600-7199)) N 48th Way ((5800-5999)) N 49th Ave ((4800-7999)) N 49th Dr ((5300-7699)) N 50th Ave ((7000-7599)) N 50th Dr ((6400-7699)) N 51st Ave ((5000-8221)) N 51st Dr ((6700-7999)) N 51st Ln ((7700-7899)) N 52nd Ave ((3300-7799)) N 52nd Dr ((6500-7799)) N 53rd Ave ((5600-7999)) N 53rd Dr ((6000-7999)) N 54th Ave ((5000-7899)) N 54th Dr ((5400-7999)) N 54th Ln ((7600-7799)) N 54th Way ((7800-7899)) N 55th Ave ((5000-7999)) N 55th Dr ((6700-7799)) N 56th Ave ((6000-8027)) N 56th Dr ((7700-7798)) N 57th Ave ((5000-7799)) N 57th Dr ((6000-7799)) N 57th Ln ((1-7798)) N 58th Ave ((5000-7799)) N 58th Dr ((6600-7499)) N 59th Ave ((5000-21653)) N 59th Dr ((5000-7699)) N 59th Ln ((7300-7999)) N 60th Ave ((5300-7999)) N 60th Dr ((5000-5299)) N 61st Ave ((5000-8244)) N 61st Cir ((5600-5799)) N 61st Dr ((5000-25798)) N 61st Ln ((5500-5999)) N 62nd Ave ((5000-7699)) N 62nd Dr ((5000-6699)) N 62nd Ln ((5000-6099)) N 63rd Ave ((5000-10599)) N 63rd Dr ((5300-7299)) N 64th Ave ((5000-7599)) N 64th Dr ((5000-7599)) N 64th Ln ((5000-5499)) N 65th Ave ((5001-7999)) N 65th Dr ((6200-8899)) N 65th Ln ((5400-5499)) N 66th Ave ((4700-88299)) N 66th Dr ((5400-8999)) N 66th Ln ((8800-8999)) N 67th Ave ((5000-7999)) N 67th Dr ((6200-6398)) N 69th Ave ((6100-6199)) N 71st Ave ((8500-8749)) N Apartment ((4900-7899)) N Camelback Rd ((5000-5099)) Nicolet Ave ((8900-9099)) N Mobile Home Park ((5500-7399)) N Myrtle Ave ((7200-7299)) Northview Ave ((8900-8999)) N Pvt ((6300-6398)) N Tom Murray Ave ((5100-5699)) N Via Don Juan ((7100-7199)) N Via Monica ((7100-7199)) Phoenix-Wickenburg Hwy ((8401-8599)) Sands Rd ((7900-8099)) State Ave ((8900-9099)) State Hwy 93 ((8500-8598)) US Hwy 60 ((8500-8598)) US Hwy 89 ((8500-8598)) Via Lucia Maria ((7100-7199)) W 51st Ln ((7600-7699)) W 52nd Ln ((7700-7799)) W 59th Ave ((5900-5999)) W 61st Ave ((6100-6199)) W 61st Dr ((6100-6199)) W Apartment ((4300-6699)) W Augusta Ave ((4500-6099)) W Belmont Ave ((4700-6099)) W Berridge Ln ((4300-8599)) W Bethany Heights Dr ((4700-4799)) W Bethany Home Rd ((4301-7239)) W Bryce Ave ((4500-4899)) W Bryce Ln ((5100-5499)) W Camelback Rd ((4300-7299)) W Cavalier Dr ((4400-6499)) W Citrus Way ((4400-6599)) W Claremont St ((4301-6299)) W Colter Ave ((5100-5699)) W Colter St ((4600-6699)) W Crestwood Way ((5900-6099)) W Denton Ln ((5400-6299)) W Desert Crest Dr ((4600-4699)) W Flynn Ln ((4900-6499)) W Frier Dr ((4300-6699)) W Gardenia Ave ((4300-6099)) W Georgia Ave ((4900-6699)) W Glendale Ave ((4300-6899)) W Glenn Dr ((4700-6199)) W Golden Ln ((6500-6699)) W Grand Ave ((8401-8599)) W Hayward Ave ((4500-6299)) W Hayward Cir ((4600-4699)) W Kaler Cir ((4400-5499)) W Kaler Dr ((4900-5099)) W Keim Dr ((4301-6699)) W Kiem Dr ((6900-6999)) W Krall St ((4600-5099)) W Lamar Rd ((4300-6499)) W Lane Ave ((4500-5499)) W Lawrence Ln ((6500-6699)) W Lawrence Rd ((4900-6799)) W Loma Ln ((4827-4875)) W Luke Ave ((4600-5499)) W Market St ((5700-5899)) W Marlette Ave ((4400-6398)) W Marshall Ave ((4500-6299)) W Maryland Ave ((4300-7699)) W McLellan Rd ((4500-6499)) W Mediterranean Dr ((4700-4799)) W Medlock Dr ((2-6599)) W Midway Ave ((4600-5099)) W Missouri Ave ((4300-6998)) W Mobile Home Park ((4300-5899)) W Montebello Ave ((4300-6699)) W Morten Ave ((4300-6299)) W Myrtle Ave ((4400-6699)) W Nicolet Ave ((4700-8299)) W Northern Ave ((4301-6699)) W Northview Ave ((4300-6699)) W Ocotillo Rd ((4300-6699)) W Orange Dr ((5300-6699)) W Orangewood Ave ((4300-6299)) W Oregon Ave ((5900-6699)) W Palmaire Ave ((4300-6199)) W Palo Verde Dr ((4500-4899)) W Pasadena Ave ((4600-6699)) W Peck Dr ((6500-6799)) W Puget Ave ((6500-6699)) W Pvt ((4800-4899)) W Rancho Dr ((4300-6499)) W Reade Ave ((6300-6699)) W Rose Ln ((4301-7599)) W Rovey Ave ((4300-4699)) W Sands Rd ((5000-5499)) W San Juan Ave ((4500-6499)) W San Miguel Ave ((4500-6499)) W Sierra Vista Dr ((4600-6499)) W Solano Dr N ((4300-6199)) W Solano Dr S ((4301-6499)) W State Ave ((4300-8299)) W Stella Ave ((4900-6299)) W Tom Murray Ave ((4400-4799)) W Townley Ave ((6500-6699)) W Tuckey Ln ((4001-6499)) W Vermont Ave ((4900-6399)) W Via Cynthia ((4700-4799)) W Vista Ave ((4300-6099)) W Waite Pl ((5000-5099)) W Windsor Blvd ((1-6599))

    85301 Places and Attractions

    Barcelona Middle School Barcelona North School Barcelona South School Belaire Manor Bethany Grand Mobile Home Park Bethany Villa Adult Mobile Home Park Bethany West Plaza Shopping Center Blue Sky Mobile Estates Carol G Peck Elementary School City of Glendale Delicias Park Don Mensendick Elementary School First Christian Church First United Methodist Church Flamingo Mobile Home Resort Free Methodist Church of Glendale Glendale Glendale Church of Christ Glendale City Hall Glendale Community Park Glendale Family Health Center Glendale Fire Department Station 151 Glendale High School Glendale Landmark Middle School Glendale Memorial Park Glendale Plaza Glendale Plaza Shopping Center Glendale Police Department Glendale Post Office Downtown Station Glendale Public Library Velma Teague Branch Glendale School Number Four Glendale School Number One Glendale School Number Two Glendale Water Tank Triangulation Station Glen Fairs Shopping Center Glenn F Burton Elementary School Glenwood Plaza Shopping Center Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Grace Lutheran School Grand Missouri Adult Mobile Home Park Grandview Plaza Shopping Center Harold W Smith Elementary School Iglesia Bautista Hispana Iglesia de DIOS Camino Isaac E Imes Elementary School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KLFF-AM (Glendale) Lawrence Park Lazy J Trailer Lodge Leisure Time Mobile Park Maryland West Mobile Home Park Maryvale Substation Melvin E Sine Elementary School Midges Court Myrtle Park New Beginnings Assembly of God New Jerusalem Christian Northwest Hospital Nueva Vida Church of God O'Neal Park Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church Palm Shadows Mobile Home Park Paradise Grove Family Park Paradise Grove Trailer Park Pepper Tree Mobile Home Park Purple Sage Mobile Home Park Rambling Rons Mobile Home Park Roles Inn of America Roselane Park Rose Terrace Trailer Park Rovey Park Royal Glen Mobile Home Park Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church Saint John's Lutheran Church Saint Louis the King Catholic Church Saint Louis the King School Santa Grande Mobile Home Park Southwest Poultry Experiment Station Spanish Church of God Temple La Hermosa The Bead Museum The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Three Fountains Tiki Tai Village Triple T Mobilcity Union High School Unit Seven School Valley Pentecostal Church Valley West Mall West Glendale Baptist Church West Side Bible Church West Side Private School William C Jack Elementary School Windsor Park W J Murphy Park World Mission Society Church of God