Tempe, AZ 85282 ZIP Code Map


85282 Schools


  • Evit - Mcclintock High School
  • Mcclintock High School
  • Ward Traditional Academy
  • Intervention Learning Program
  • Meyer Elementary School
  • Mckemy Middle School
  • Hudson Elementary School
  • Evans Elementary School
  • Curry Elementary School
  • Connolly Middle School
  • Carminati School
  • Bustoz School
  • Broadmor Elementary School
  • Arredondo Elementary School
  • Edoptions Aoi Program
  • Edoptions High School
  • Tempe Preparatory Junior Academy
  • Pinnacle Virtual High School
  • Pinnacle High School - Tempe
  • Leona Advanced Virtual Academy
  • Montezuma Middle School
  • Imagine Tempe
  • Tempe Accelerated High School
  • E-Institute - Tempe
  • D.W. Higgins Institute
  • Humanities And Sciences Academy Arizona
  • Humanities And Science High School - Tempe
  • International Commerce High School - Tempe
  • 85282 Hotels

  • Embassy Suites Hotel Phoenix-Tempe
  • Fiesta Resort Conference Center
  • Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Tempe
  • Phoenix Marriott Tempe at The Buttes
  • Residence Inn By Marriott Tempe
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    ZIP Code 85282 is located in Maricopa County

    85282 Street Addresses

    Alameda Dr ((1800-1898)) Balboa Dr ((1900-1998)) del Rio Cir ((1-99)) E Aepli Dr ((200-499)) E Alameda Dr ((1-2599)) E Apartment ((1-3799)) E Aspen Dr ((1800-2399)) E Baker Dr ((1200-1799)) E Balboa Cir ((1000-1099)) E Balboa Dr ((1-2699)) E Benjamin Dr ((500-599)) E Bishop Cir ((1000-1699)) E Bishop Dr ((1-92099)) E Broadmor Dr ((1-2399)) E Broadway Ln ((100-502)) E Broadway Rd ((1-2399)) E Cairo Cir ((2100-2199)) E Cairo Dr ((1-2499)) E Campus Cir ((1601-1699)) E Campus Dr ((700-1799)) E Carson Cir ((200-299)) E Carson Dr ((400-2199)) E Carter Dr ((1-1399)) E Concorda Cir ((1800-1899)) E Concorda Dr ((1-2399)) E Coronado Dr ((1400-1699)) E Country Club Way ((1900-1999)) E del Rio Dr ((1-2699)) E Donner Dr ((1300-2199)) E Dunbar Dr ((300-2199)) E Ellis Dr ((1-2199)) E el Parque Dr ((1-2399)) E Erie Dr ((1-799)) E Evergreen Rd ((2600-2699)) E Fairmont Dr ((1-2599)) E Fiesta Dr ((1-199)) E Flores Dr ((1800-1899)) E Fremont Dr ((100-2199)) E Frost Dr ((1000-1099)) E Gaylon Dr ((1600-1799)) E Geneva Dr ((1-2699)) E Golf Ave ((2000-2199)) E Greenway Dr ((400-2199)) E Guadalupe Rd ((1-1499)) E Hermosa Cir ((301-499)) E Hermosa Dr ((1-2599)) E Huntington Dr ((1-2599)) E Kachina Dr ((1800-1899)) E la Diosa Dr ((1-399)) E Laguna ((900-1099)) E Laguna Dr ((300-2199)) E la Jolla Dr ((100-2599)) E Logan Dr ((1500-1699)) E Loma Vista Dr ((100-2399)) E Loyola Dr ((400-2599)) E Malibu Dr ((300-2599)) E Manhatton Dr ((100-2599)) E Meadow Dr ((1900-2099)) E Minton Dr ((100-2199)) E Newport ((1500-1699)) E Palmcroft Dr ((1-2399)) E Palmdale Dr ((1200-1599)) E Patrician Dr ((300-399)) E Pebble Beach Dr ((1-2599)) E Penny Dr ((1600-1799)) E Redondo Cir ((1100-1199)) E Redondo Dr ((1-1099)) E Richards Dr ((1900-1999)) E Riviera Dr ((100-2599)) E Santa Cruz Dr ((100-199)) E Shannon Dr ((2100-2199)) E Southern Ave ((1-2799)) E Verlea Cir ((1300-1399)) E Verlea Dr ((1200-1699)) E Villa Ct ((2100-4899)) E Wesleyan Dr ((400-2599)) Fairfield Dr ((2500-2598)) Hardy Dr ((2000-5199)) Hohokam Expy ((3701-3899)) la Jolla Dr ((1400-1602)) N Logan Ave ((900-1099)) N Roosevelt St ((4700-5099)) Roosevelt St ((4700-5099)) S 48th St ((2100-2299)) S 52nd St ((2700-3199)) S 55th St ((2100-2899)) S Albert Ave ((2901-3299)) S Albert St ((2901-3199)) S Alder Dr ((2600-5099)) S Allred Dr ((2400-4099)) S Alto Dr ((3600-3699)) S Apartment ((2-5199)) S Arizona Mills Cir ((4000-5199)) S Ash Ave ((4600-5199)) S Ave del Yaqui ((5200-7675)) S Azalea Dr ((2600-2799)) S Baker Dr ((4900-5099)) S Bala Dr ((2100-5069)) S Beck Ave ((3900-5199)) S Birchett Dr ((3200-4099)) S Birch St ((4800-5199)) S Bonarden Ln ((2100-3999)) S Broadmor Dr ((2300-2399)) S Butte Ave ((2200-4899)) S Butte St ((4900-5199)) S Calle Los Cerros Dr ((4500-5199)) S Clark Dr ((2400-5199)) S Clementine Dr ((3000-3299)) S College Ave ((2000-4199)) S Cottonwood Dr ((2000-3799)) S Country Club Way ((2000-5199)) S Cutler Dr ((2000-4099)) S Darrow Dr ((4800-4899)) S Dateland Dr ((2000-2099)) S Dennis Dr ((3700-3799)) S Diablo Way ((2700-3299)) S Dorsey Ln ((1700-5199)) S Dromedary Dr ((2000-3199)) S Edward Dr ((2900-3299)) S el Camino Cir ((2300-2399)) S el Camino Dr ((2000-3299)) S Elm St ((2000-5199)) S Evergreen Rd ((2200-4099)) S Fairfield Dr ((2500-5199)) S Fair Ln ((2700-4999)) S Fairway Dr ((2800-3199)) S Farmer Ave ((3900-4099)) S Fiesta Pkwy ((700-799)) S Filer Dr ((4000-4699)) S Forest Ave ((2000-4599)) S Fremont Dr ((4600-5199)) S Gary Ave ((2300-2399)) S Geneva Dr ((1000-3199)) S George Dr ((2700-4099)) S Golf Ave ((3100-3199)) S Golf Dr ((3100-3199)) S Granada Dr ((2000-2299)) S Grandview Ave ((2200-4799)) S Hammond Dr ((1900-2199)) S Hanna Dr ((4000-4699)) S Hansen Cir ((3100-3199)) S Hardy Dr ((2000-5199)) S Harl Ave ((2900-3299)) S Hazelton Ln ((3200-5199)) S Heather Dr ((3800-4899)) S Hohokam Dr ((4000-4099)) S Holbrook Ln ((2600-4099)) S Huesta Dr ((2100-2299)) S Hu Esta Dr ((1-2299)) S Industrial Park Ave ((2000-2699)) S Jentilly Ln ((2500-4499)) S Judd St ((3300-4999)) S Juniper St ((2600-5099)) S Kachina Cir ((2400-2599)) S Kachina Dr ((2200-4899)) S Kenneth Pl ((2600-5199)) S Kenwood Ln ((2800-4999)) S Kyrene Rd ((3300-5199)) S la Corta Dr ((2000-4499)) S Laguna Dr ((3300-3599)) S Lakeshore Dr ((4500-4699)) S la Rosa Dr ((2000-5199)) S Lebanon Ln ((3100-4099)) S Lola Ln ((3400-3499)) S Los Feliz Dr ((1700-4799)) S Loyola Dr ((3000-3099)) S Mae Pl ((2600-2799)) S Maple Ave ((2400-2699)) S Margo Dr ((3000-3999)) S Mariana Cir ((3300-3399)) S McAllister Ave ((3200-4799)) S McClintock Dr ((2000-9599)) S McKemy St ((4000-4099)) S Microage Way ((2100-2899)) S Mill Ave ((2000-5199)) S Minton Dr ((1100-4799)) S Mitchell Dr ((3800-4099)) S Morrow St ((2600-2799)) S Myrtle Ave ((2200-2599)) S Newberry Rd ((2400-4599)) S Nu Vista Ln ((3200-3299)) S Oak St ((2300-5199)) S Orm Dr ((3100-3199)) S Palm Dr ((2300-3899)) S Park Dr ((3000-4999)) S Parkside Dr ((3300-4899)) S Pine St ((2000-3999)) S Poplar St ((3301-4699)) S Potter Dr ((2800-4999)) S Price Rd ((2100-7998)) S Priest Dr ((2000-7675)) S Provo Dr ((2800-2999)) S Pvt ((1600-2299)) S Rita Ln ((2500-4699)) S River Dr ((2000-5199)) S Roberts Rd ((3400-4899)) S Rockford Dr ((4700-5199)) S Roosevelt St ((1300-4099)) S Rural Rd ((1601-5699)) S Shafer Dr ((3300-3999)) S Shannon Dr ((2100-3999)) S Sierra Vista Cir ((2600-2699)) S Sierra Vista Dr ((2000-2299)) S Siesta Dr ((2500-2699)) S Siesta Ln ((3400-4099)) S Stanley Pl ((2100-5199)) S Sunland Dr ((2700-2999)) State Hwy 143 ((3701-3899)) S Taylor Dr ((2200-4999)) S Terrace Rd ((2000-5199)) S Terry Ln ((4800-5199)) Superstition Fwy ((100-299)) S Ventura Dr ((2000-4999)) S Verlea Dr ((2400-2499)) S Wendler Dr ((4000-5199)) S Westcourt Way ((2600-2699)) S Westfall Ave ((3300-4099)) S Willow Dr ((3900-5099)) S Wilson St ((2100-3999)) Tecolote Ranch Rd ((5400-5498)) US Hwy 60 ((100-299)) W 21st St ((400-1399)) W 22nd St ((600-899)) W 23rd St ((1000-1399)) W 24th St ((600-899)) W Alameda Dr ((1-2799)) W Apartment ((2-5099)) W Balboa Dr ((100-199)) W Baseline Rd ((1222-1290)) W Broadway Rd ((1-2799)) W Cairo Dr ((1400-1599)) W Campus Dr ((2001-2599)) W Carson Dr ((1100-2899)) W Carson Rd ((2200-2799)) W Carter Ave ((600-699)) W Carter Dr ((1-2799)) W Concorda Dr ((1-199)) W Cottage Ln ((1-199)) W del Rio Cir ((1-99)) W del Rio Dr ((1-199)) W Desiree Dr ((2000-2399)) W Donner Dr ((1100-1199)) W Dunbar Dr ((1100-2799)) Weidner St ((400-498)) W Ellis Dr ((1-2799)) W Erie Dr ((1-2599)) W Fairmont Dr ((1-2799)) W Fiesta Dr ((1400-1599)) W Fogal Way ((600-1099)) W Fountainhead Pkwy ((1400-1699)) W Fremont Ave ((500-699)) W Fremont Dr ((1000-2799)) W Garden Dr ((2000-2399)) W Geneva Cir ((1-199)) W Geneva Dr ((1-2599)) W Greenway Dr ((1000-1199)) W Greenway Rd ((2400-2699)) W Hermosa Dr ((1-2299)) W Hu Esta Dr ((1-2099)) W Huntington Dr ((1400-2599)) W Inverness Dr ((1500-1699)) W Laguna Dr ((300-1299)) W la Jolla Dr ((300-1602)) W Loma Vista Dr ((1-199)) W Malibu Dr ((500-1299)) W Manhatton Dr ((300-1399)) W Minton Dr ((500-2799)) W Palmcroft Dr ((1-199)) W Palmdale Dr ((1-199)) W Pebble Beach Dr ((300-1299)) W Pvt ((1500-1599)) W Riviera Dr ((300-4499)) W Santa Cruz Dr ((300-1199)) W Southern Ave ((1-2799)) W Village Way ((1602-1899)) W Vineyard Rd ((2000-2799)) W Westcourt Way ((1800-2799))

    85282 Places and Attractions

    Arizona Mills Mall Arredondo Elementary School Arrendondo Park Bell Butte Broadmor Elementary School Broadway Plaza Service Shopping Center Broadway Rural Shopping Center Bustoz Elementary School Carminati Elementary School City of Tempe Cole Park College Park Center Shopping Center College Park Shopping Center Connolly Field Connolly Middle School Contempo Tempe CrossPoint Church Curry Elementary School Cyprus Park Danelle Plaza Shopping Center Daumler Park Diamond Park Dobson Montessori School Ehrhardt Park Emmanuel Lutheran Church Emmanuel Lutheran School Evans Elementary School Fair Lanes Village Center First Baptist Church of Tempe First Christian Church of Tempe First Church of Christ Scientist Tempe Grace Community Christian School Grace Community Church Guadalupe Cemetery Hudson Elementary School Huntington Square Shopping Center Interchange One Hundred Fifty Four Interchange One Hundred Fifty Three International Baptist College ITT Technical Institute Joyce Park Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses King of Glory Lutheran Church Lake Country Village Shopping Center McClintock High School McClintock Manor McKemy Middle School Meyer Elementary School Meyer Park Meyer School Normal Junction Oddfellows-Peterson Park Our Lady of Mount Carmel Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Palmer Park Peterson Pinnacle High School Tempe Rancho Tempe Family and Adult Mobile Home Park Resurrection Catholic Church Rio Salado Community College Rural School Selleh Park Shalimar Country Club Golf Course Southern Palms Center Shopping Center Southern Palms Shopping Center Southwest Bible Fellowship Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Sterling Academy of Mathematics and Science Svob Park Tempe Accelerated High School Tempe Christian School Tempe Church of Christ Tempe Community Center Tempe Double Butte Cemetery Tempe Fire Department Fire Station 272 Tempe Historical Museum Tempe Korean Methodist Church Tempe Municipal Stadium Tempe Nazarene Church Tempe Post Office Tempe Preparatory Academy Tempe Public Library The Buttes in Tempe Heliport The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany The Payne Academy Tri - City Christian Academy Twin Butte Twin Buttes Cemetery University of Arizona Experimental Farm University Presbyterian Church Valley Fair Shopping Center Valley Plaza Ward School Ward Traditional Academy Westmark High School