Scottsdale, AZ 85251 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 85251 is located in Maricopa County

85251 Street Addresses

65th St ((4600-4699)) 72nd Way ((4601-4899)) Apartment ((2900-8199)) Double Bar Rd ((32973-32999)) E 1st Ave ((6600-7799)) E 1st St ((6500-7599)) E 2nd St ((6500-7799)) E 3rd Ave ((7000-7399)) E 3rd St ((6500-7799)) E 4th Ave ((7200-7299)) E 4th St ((6500-7799)) E 5th Ave ((6800-7299)) E 5th St ((6500-6999)) E 6th Ave ((7100-7599)) E 6th St ((6500-7799)) E 81st St ((8100-8199)) E 83rd St ((2900-3099)) E Alta Hacienda Dr ((6200-6399)) E Amelia Ave ((8100-8799)) E Angus Dr ((6700-8799)) E Avalon Dr ((6100-8799)) E Camelback Rd ((6000-8799)) E Catalina Dr ((6100-8599)) E Cheery Lynn Rd ((6600-8799)) E Cherry Lynn Rd ((6701-6799)) E Clarendon Ave ((8000-8799)) E Cll Camelia ((6000-6499)) E Cll del Media ((6000-6599)) E Cll del Norte ((6000-6399)) E Cll del Paisano ((6000-6499)) E Cll del Sud ((6000-6199)) E Cll Redonda ((6200-6799)) E Cll Redondo ((6400-6799)) E Cll Rosa ((6000-6499)) E Cll Tuberia ((6000-6199)) E Columbus Ave ((8000-8799)) E Coolidge Ave ((7600-7799)) E Coolidge St ((7500-8499)) E Devonshire Ave ((7800-8899)) E Earll Dr ((6200-8699)) E Exeter Blvd ((6000-6999)) E Fairmount Ave ((8000-8799)) E Gainsborough Rd ((6400-6599)) E Gainsborough St ((6400-6499)) E Glenrosa Ave ((6900-8399)) E Goldwater Blvd ((4800-4999)) E Granada Ave ((7200-7299)) E Hazelwood St ((7500-8799)) E Heatherbrae Ave ((7700-8799)) E Heatherbrae Dr ((8100-8199)) E Highland Ave ((6800-8799)) E Highland St ((7500-8399)) E Hillcrest Blvd ((6200-6399)) E Indianola Ave ((8000-8699)) E Indian Plz ((7300-7499)) E Indian School Rd ((6000-8799)) E Lafayette Blvd ((6000-6999)) E Mackenzie Dr ((7800-8799)) E Main St ((6801-7799)) E Mariposa Dr ((6900-8799)) E Mariposa St ((6000-6399)) E McKnight Ave ((7500-7599)) E Meadowbrook Ave ((7600-8699)) E Minnezona Ave ((7300-8799)) E Mitchell Dr ((6300-8799)) E Montecito Ave ((6000-8799)) E Monterey Way ((3700-8799)) E Monterosa St ((6200-8899)) E Mulberry Ln ((8200-8299)) E Mulberry St ((8100-8799)) E Northland Dr ((7300-8699)) E Ocotillo Rd ((7800-7999)) E Olive Ave ((8700-8799)) E Osborn Dr ((7300-7399)) E Osborn Rd ((6100-8799)) E Paradise Pkwy ((6800-6999)) E Phoenician Blvd ((4700-6499)) E Piccadilly Rd ((8100-8799)) E Pinchot Ave ((6100-8799)) E Rancho Vista Dr ((6900-8799)) E Roma Ave ((6700-8699)) E Rose Circle Dr ((6100-6399)) E Rosewood Ln ((8400-8499)) E Scottsdale Mall ((7300-7399)) E Sells Dr ((6600-8799)) E Shoeman Ln ((7200-7399)) E Stetson Dr ((7100-7499)) E Terrace Dr ((8700-8799)) E Thomas Rd ((1200-8899)) E Thornwood Dr ((7300-8799)) E Turney Ave ((8200-8799)) E Verde Ln ((7600-8499)) E Weldon Ave ((6300-8799)) E Whitton Ave ((6200-8799)) Jojake Dr ((4300-4499)) Mobile Home Park ((2900-6699)) N 1st Ave ((3900-3999)) N 60th Pl ((3800-3899)) N 60th St ((3800-4499)) N 61st Pl ((2900-4599)) N 61st St ((3800-4499)) N 62nd Pl ((3000-4699)) N 62nd St ((3000-4699)) N 63rd Pl ((3100-4299)) N 63rd St ((3000-4299)) N 64th Pl ((4100-4199)) N 64th St ((3000-4999)) N 65th Pl ((3900-4199)) N 65th St ((3900-4899)) N 66th Pl ((3200-4199)) N 66th St ((3100-4999)) N 67th Pl ((2900-3299)) N 67th St ((3300-3399)) N 68th Pl ((4200-4899)) N 68th St ((900-5399)) N 68th Way ((4700-4799)) N 69th Pl ((3000-4899)) N 69th St ((3600-4899)) N 69th Way ((4300-4399)) N 70th St ((2900-4899)) N 71st Pl ((3100-3199)) N 71st St ((2900-3399)) N 73rd St ((2900-4999)) N 74th Pl ((4500-4899)) N 74th St ((2900-4999)) N 75th Pl ((2900-4899)) N 75th St ((3201-4699)) N 75th Way ((4500-4899)) N 76th Pl ((2900-4999)) N 76th St ((2900-5198)) N 77th Pl ((4600-4999)) N 77th St ((2900-2999)) N 78th Pl ((4100-4899)) N 78th St ((2900-4999)) N 78th Way ((4100-4299)) N 79th Pl ((4200-4899)) N 79th St ((4100-4999)) N 80th Pl ((3100-3899)) N 81st Pl ((2900-4949)) N 81st St ((3000-4599)) N 81st Way ((4600-4859)) N 82nd Pl ((3100-4099)) N 82nd St ((2900-4999)) N 83rd Pl ((2900-3399)) N 83rd St ((2900-4899)) N 84th Pl ((2900-4799)) N 84th Way ((4600-4799)) N 85th Pl ((3000-4499)) N 85th St ((3000-4999)) N 85th Way ((3100-3199)) N 86th Pl ((3000-4599)) N 86th St ((2900-4999)) N 86th Way ((3000-4299)) N 87th Pl ((3000-4599)) N 87th St ((3000-4599)) N 87th Way ((3000-4399)) N Apache Way ((3500-3899)) N Bishop Ln ((3600-3799)) N Brown Ave ((3400-4499)) N Buckboard Trl ((3900-4499)) N Carhill Ave ((3500-6598)) N Chambers Ct ((3500-3599)) N Civic Center Blvd ((401-4399)) N Civic Center Plz ((2900-4499)) N College Ave ((900-998)) N Craftsmans Ct ((4100-4299)) N Creighton Ct ((3500-3599)) N Drinkwater Blvd ((3201-7299)) N el Dorado Ln ((3800-3919)) N Exeter Blvd ((6600-6799)) N Goldwater Blvd ((3400-4799)) N Granite Reef Rd ((2900-4999)) N Hayden Rd ((2900-7669)) N Hopi Way ((3500-3599)) N Jokake Rd ((3800-4499)) N Kachina Ln ((3400-3799)) N Kalarama Ave ((3400-4099)) N Mackenzie Dr ((4200-4299)) N Marshall Way ((3500-4299)) N Miller Rd ((2900-5198)) N Mohave Way ((3600-3699)) N Monte Vista Dr ((5000-5399)) N Navajo Trl ((3400-3799)) N Paiute Way ((3400-3599)) N Paradise Ln ((4500-4699)) N Paradise Way ((4100-4299)) N Parkway Ave ((4000-4499)) N Phoenician Blvd ((4500-4799)) N Phoenicia Pl ((4500-4599)) N Picadilly Rd ((3800-3999)) N Pima Rd ((2900-8999)) N Pinto Ln ((3400-3899)) N Portales Pl ((4800-4999)) N Pueblo Way ((3500-3899)) N Reddell Ave ((4000-4099)) N Rose Circle Dr ((3400-6399)) N Saddlebag Trl ((4400-4499)) N Scottsdale Rd ((2900-7199)) N Spur Cir ((1-51)) N Supai Way ((3400-3599)) N Wells Fargo Ave ((3300-4399)) N Winfield Scott Plz ((4200-4399)) N Woodmere Fairway ((4800-5099)) Pima Rd ((3500-4999)) S Private Dr ((4100-4299)) S Ve Ella Cir ((1000-4098))

85251 Places and Attractions

Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center Banner Behavioral Health Hospital Scottsdale Bethany Lutheran Church Brownmoor School Camelback and Miller Plaza Shopping Center Camelback Christian Church Camelback Mall Camelview Plaza Shopping Center Chestnutt Park Christian Science Reading Room Continental Golf Course Coronada School First Baptist Church of Scottsdale First Church of Christ Scientist God's Grace Church Grace Chapel Hindu Temple of Arizona Holy Cross Lutheran Church Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt Indian River Plaza Indian River Shopping Center Indian School Park Kaibab Elementary School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses El Dorado Park Congregation KOPA-AM (Scottsdale) Lafayette Parkway Lo Loma Elementary School Lo Loma School LoLoma School Los Arcos Crossing Shopping Center Miller Plaza Shopping Center Navajo Elementary School Open Arms Church Orange Tree Shopping Center Osborn Park Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Paiute Elementary School Paiute Park Pima Elementary School Pima Park Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Salt River Power Plant Scottsdale Baptist Fellowship Scottsdale Church of God Scottsdale Congregational Church Scottsdale Culinary Institute Scottsdale Fashion Square Shopping Center Scottsdale Fire Department Station 2 Scottsdale Healthcare - Osborn Medical Center Scottsdale High School Scottsdale Mall Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Scottsdale Presbyterian Church Scottsdale Public Library Civic Center Branch Scottsdale Shopping Center Scottsdale Stadium Scottsdale Trailer Corral Scottsdale United Methodist Church Scottsdale Village Shopping Center Stetson Plaza Shopping Center Thomas Road Rest Stop Villa Monterey Golf Course Villa Montessori School Scottsdale Campus Water Users Yaqui Camp Winfield Scott School