Coolidge, AZ 85128 ZIP Code Map


Coolidge ZIP Codes

85128 85228

85128 Schools


  • Heartland Ranch Elementary School
  • Hohokam Middle School
  • West Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 85128 is located in Pinal County

    85128 Street Addresses

    Adams St ((100-399)) Almond Ave ((4600-4799)) Arrow Weed Rd ((200-298)) Baldwin Loop ((700-898)) Baptist Church Rd ((1601-1699)) Barrel Cactus ((16501-16599)) Basil Ave ((4600-4799)) Blackwater School Rd ((4000-4098)) Butterfield Cir ((300-398)) Cactus St ((300-398)) Canal Rd ((301-399)) Caroline St ((801-898)) Chapman Rd ((100-198)) Cinnamon Ave ((4500-4799)) Coolidge Ave ((3401-3499)) Coolidge Way ((1500-1598)) Devils Claw St ((4900-4998)) Dewey Ave ((767-898)) Dill Ave ((4600-4798)) Douglas Ave ((100-199)) Dove Rd ((500-4198)) E Arizona St ((800-999)) E Arkansas St ((800-899)) E Bartlett Rd ((1400-10498)) E Bateman St ((4500-5199)) E Baughn Ave ((2600-2898)) E Bealey Ave ((200-299)) E Bell St ((4900-5099)) E Blackwater School Rd ((1-3998)) E Borre Ave ((200-399)) E Broadway Ave ((200-399)) E Burke Ave ((182-399)) E Cameron Blvd ((301-399)) E Canal Rd ((11800-13999)) E Carmichael St ((4700-5099)) E Central Ave ((201-399)) E Chantilly Pl ((5001-5099)) E Christie Pl ((9200-9498)) E Clarence St ((3100-3251)) E Congress Ave ((200-399)) E Coolidge Ave ((200-599)) E Delton Dr ((9901-9999)) E Dirkley Ave ((300-399)) E Graythorn Way ((3600-3899)) E Gurr Ln ((3200-3699)) E Hess Ave ((200-299)) E Hopkins Rd ((9301-9399)) E Kenilworth Rd ((3401-13098)) E Kenworth Rd ((200-299)) E Kleck Rd ((3701-5198)) E Lauren Ln ((1000-1199)) E Lincoln Ave ((400-599)) E Malcolm X St ((4800-5099)) E Martin Rd ((500-6399)) E Newman St ((4800-5099)) E Northern Ave ((1244-2599)) E Saddleback Rd ((4201-4599)) E Starview Ave ((1500-7499)) E Steele Rd ((4900-7999)) E Stetson Ln ((1201-1399)) E Storey Rd ((4300-7298)) E Vah Ki Inn Rd ((9400-12899)) E Walton Ave ((200-299)) E Wilshire Ave ((4057-4298)) Firestation Rd ((1-15999)) Ginger Ave ((4600-4699)) Harding Ave ((1200-1499)) Havalina St ((16501-16699)) Havasup Ln ((700-799)) Huhukam Rd ((2-2799)) Lemon Ave ((4501-4718)) Lincoln Ave ((900-1099)) N 1st St ((200-599)) N 3rd St ((200-1099)) N 4th St ((100-1199)) N 5th Pl ((600-699)) N 6th Pl ((500-726)) N 6th St ((100-399)) N 7th Pl ((500-699)) N 7th St ((204-399)) N 8th Pl ((500-1199)) N 8th St ((300-399)) N 9th St ((300-1098)) N Arizona Blvd ((100-14199)) N Atlantic St ((700-799)) N Attaway Rd ((200-12198)) N Cacy Ct ((13801-13999)) N Christensen Rd ((101-14099)) N Citrus Ln ((1-799)) N Clemans Rd ((7200-8898)) N Cota Ln ((1101-1299)) N Cotswold Ln ((11800-11899)) N Curry Rd ((1300-12498)) N Desert Ln ((1-799)) N Evans Rd ((1-7861)) N Harmony Rd ((13900-13998)) N Havasupai Ln ((1200-1299)) N Ho'kokmal Rd ((1-99)) N Hokokmal Rd ((1-99)) N Hudson Rd ((4000-4399)) N Ironwood Ln ((1200-1299)) N Kennedy St ((3600-4099)) N Kenworthy Rd ((1500-1598)) N Kevins Pl ((1000-1099)) N King St ((3638-3999)) N la Palma Rd ((6500-6799)) N Macrae Rd ((7901-13515)) N Main St ((100-1199)) N Mesquite Ln ((1100-1299)) N Nafziger Rd ((9800-14398)) N Navajo Ln ((700-1299)) N Nutt Park Rd ((200-399)) N Orlando Cir ((400-499)) N Padre Kino Ln ((1100-1299)) N Palm Lane Cir ((1100-1199)) N Palm Ln ((1200-1299)) N Palo Verde Ln ((1100-1299)) N Preston Dr ((13612-13698)) N Reeves Rd ((1200-1298)) N River Ridge Rd ((14200-14299)) N Sellers St ((13291-13299)) N Signal Peak Rd ((8900-9599)) N Skousen Rd ((8801-15307)) N Sonora St ((700-999)) N Sunset Ln ((1-699)) N Sunshine Blvd ((5800-6899)) N Sunshine Rd ((5800-6899)) N Sunspot Pl ((1700-1898)) N Sylvester Ln ((6500-6599)) N Thunder Mountain Rd ((11201-11798)) N Thunder Mountain Trl ((11400-11478)) N Tweedy Rd ((5600-6598)) Nutmeg Ave ((4600-4799)) N Vail Rd ((3420-4898)) N Valley Farms Rd ((8800-12433)) N Washington St ((200-999)) N Wheeler Rd ((704-4815)) Orange Ave ((4600-4799)) Palm Ln ((4184-4210)) Palo Verde Ave ((900-1099)) Patton Ave ((100-199)) Peach Tree Rd ((1000-17799)) Presbyterian Church Rd ((16500-16598)) Prior Ave ((501-599)) Quail Rd ((0-99)) Raymond St ((802-899)) S 12th St ((501-599)) S 1st St ((100-899)) S 3rd St ((100-1099)) S 4th St ((200-1599)) S 5th St ((2300-7799)) S 6th St ((100-1431)) S 7th St ((100-1899)) S 8th St ((1900-2199)) S 9th St ((2000-2199)) S Adams St ((200-298)) Saguro St ((1200-1299)) S Arizona Blvd ((200-7799)) S Attaway Rd ((200-11153)) S Cactus St ((200-398)) S Carter Ranch Rd ((101-399)) Seagoe Ave ((1200-1299)) S Jefferson St ((500-2808)) Skousen Rd ((15801-15899)) S Main St ((100-1099)) S Navajo Ln ((1300-1698)) S Nutt Park Rd ((100-3498)) S Pacific St ((100-499)) Sparrow Cir S ((1500-15998)) Sparrow Rd ((100-17599)) S Picacho St ((600-1999)) Starview Ave ((900-1099)) State Hwy 287 ((100-1856)) State Hwy 87 ((100-1856)) S Washington St ((100-3498)) S Wheeler Rd ((500-598)) S Wooten St ((1800-1898)) Tamarack Rd ((1-17099)) Taylor Ave ((100-298)) Toki Rd ((1-99)) W Arrow Weed Rd ((401-9498)) W Aztec Dr ((900-999)) W Baldwin Loop ((700-898)) W Bealey Ave ((200-499)) W Bechtel Rd ((2800-4599)) W Broadway Ave ((2100-2299)) W Butterfield Rd ((1-799)) W Byrd Ave ((100-499)) W Cameron Blvd ((2100-2299)) W Caroline St ((500-799)) W Central Ave ((100-2299)) W Congress Ave ((2100-2299)) W Coolidge Ave ((100-800)) W Coolidge Way ((1401-1799)) W Dewey Ave ((501-898)) W Douglas Ave ((600-899)) W Elizabeth Way ((900-1099)) W Elm Ave ((100-1299)) W Gibson Ave ((400-499)) W Harding Ave ((100-1799)) W Hess Ave ((200-1499)) W Hopi Dr ((800-999)) W Hwy 87 ((2632-2666)) Willow St ((4200-4498)) Wilson Ave ((1400-1499)) W Inca Dr ((801-999)) W Iroquois Dr ((600-699)) W Josam Cir ((800-899)) W Kachina Cir ((500-698)) W Kenilworth Rd ((16-784)) W Kennedy Ave ((200-499)) W Kenworthy Ave ((500-799)) W Lincoln Ave ((1-599)) W Lindbergh Ave ((101-1099)) W Locklin Ave ((6813-7151)) W Mance Ave ((6800-7159)) W Martin Rd ((100-999)) W Northern Ave ((100-2599)) W Ocotillo St ((1200-1299)) Wooten St ((1600-1898)) W Padre Kino Dr ((600-1135)) W Palo Verde Ave ((100-699)) W Patton Ave ((600-898)) W Pima Ave ((2-2299)) W Pima Cir ((1700-1799)) W Pinkley Ave ((100-2299)) W Pinkley Way ((1300-1499)) W Prior Ave ((900-1299)) W Raymond St ((500-799)) W Roosevelt Ave ((100-2399)) W Ruins Dr ((400-1199)) W Sanctuary Cove Ave ((7023-7117)) W Seagoe Ave ((1-599)) W Shannons Way ((600-899)) W Shannon Way ((1301-1499)) W Spruell Ave ((300-899)) W Sundance Dr ((200-299)) W Sunset Ave ((400-699)) W Taylor Ave ((300-899)) W Toltec Dr ((800-999)) W Vah Ki Inn Rd ((500-1299)) W Val Vista Rd ((2822-2898)) W Verde Ln ((500-699)) W Walton Ave ((200-1699)) W Whitlow Cir ((500-599)) W Wilson Ave ((100-2199)) W Wilson Pl ((600-699)) W Woodruff Rd ((3500-5699))

    85128 Places and Attractions

    Arizona Childrens Colony Blackwater Blackwater Census Designated Place Blackwater Community Center and School Blackwater Lateral Bogart Wash Borree Corner Brady Wash Bureau of Indian Affairs Coolidge Office Casa Grande Casa Grande National Monument Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Visitors Center Central Arizona College Coolidge Center Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Bradley Sizer Jr Center for Business Studies Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus C Leroy Hoyt Hall Science - Engineering Building Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Filberto Rudolfo Ortiz Building Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus George Young Activity Center Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Gloria R Sheldon University Center Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Interactive Learning Center Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus James T O'Neil Administration Hall Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Leslie A Wakefield Center for Health and Home Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Library and Communications Building Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Mel A Everingham Student Center Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Paul Pearce Center for Technological Studies Central Arizona College Signal Peak Campus Student Services Center Cholla Mountain Christ Lutheran Church Church of Christ Church of God City of Coolidge Clan House 1 Coolidge Coolidge 9th Grade Academy Coolidge Army Air Field (historical) Coolidge City Hall Coolidge Division Coolidge Fire Department Station 1 Coolidge Fire Department Station 2 Coolidge High School Coolidge High School Success Center Coolidge Municipal Airport Coolidge Police Department Coolidge Presbyterian Church Coolidge Public Library Coolidge Railroad Station Coolidge Square Shopping Center Coolidge Valley Community Fellowship Church of the Nazarene District 1 District 2 East Park First Assembly of God First Baptist Church First Christian Church Florence Canal Florence Casa Grande Canal Gila River Indian Community Fire Department Station 421 Blackwater Granite Knob Heartland Ranch Elementary School Ho Ho Kam Country Club Hohokam School Imagine Elementary and Middle School at Coolidge Indian Assembly of God KCKY-AM (Coolidge) Kenilworth School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KQEZ-FM (Coolidge) La Palma Little Gila River McClellan Wash McClellan Wash New Beginning Bible Church New Hope Community Church of God North Park North School (historical) Olberg Picacho Reservoir Picacho Reservoir Dam Pima Lateral Pinal County Poston Poston Railroad Station Randolph Randolph Railroad Station Saint James Catholic Church Saint Michael's Episcopal Church San Carlos Park Sarita Airport Signal Peak South School South Side Canal Spirit of Joy United Methodist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trinity Baptist Church Twin Buttes Valley Farms Valley Farms Airport Valley Memorial Park Cemetery West Park West School Yellow Peak