Phoenix, AZ 85051 ZIP Code Map


85051 Schools


  • Washington Elementary School
  • Roadrunner Elementary School
  • Palo Verde Middle School
  • Manzanita Elementary School
  • Cactus Wren Elementary School
  • Alta Vista Elementary School
  • Abraham Lincoln Traditional School
  • Metrocenter Academy
  • Cortez High School
  • West-Mec - Metrocenter Academy
  • West-Mec - Cortez High School
  • Maya High School
  • Life Skills Center Of Arizona Online Education Aca
  • Life Skills Center Of Arizona
  • Imagine Cortez Park Middle
  • Ascending Roots Scholastic & Athletic Premise
  • North Pointe Preparatory
  • E-Institute At Metro
  • Imagine Cortez Park Elementary
  • Ombudsman - Charter Metro
  • Edupreneurship Student Center (Esc) Phoenix
  • 85051 Hotels

  • InnPlace Hotel Phoenix North
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Phoenix
  • Super 8 Phoenix Metro North
  • Census


    ZIP Code 85051 is located in Maricopa County

    85051 Street Addresses

    28th Ave ((7100-7198)) 28th Dr ((7101-7199)) Metro Park E ((9200-10299)) Metro Park W ((9200-10299)) Mobile Home Park ((7000-7299)) N 25th Dr ((7000-7299)) N 25th Ln ((7200-7299)) N 26th Ave ((7000-7899)) N 26th Dr ((7000-7299)) N 26th Ln ((7200-7299)) N 27th Ave ((7000-18471)) N 27th Dr ((8200-10499)) N 27th Ln ((7100-7199)) N 28th Ave ((7000-8899)) N 28th Dr ((7000-10499)) N 29th Ave ((7-9299)) N 29th Dr ((7100-8399)) N 30th Ave ((7000-8999)) N 30th Dr ((7200-8799)) N 30th Ln ((7200-7299)) N 31st Ave ((7000-10599)) N 31st Dr ((7100-8699)) N 31st Ln ((8000-8699)) N 32nd Ave ((3101-9699)) N 32nd Dr ((7700-8699)) N 32nd Ln ((8000-510299)) N 33rd Ave ((7000-10599)) N 33rd Dr ((7600-10099)) N 33rd Ln ((8200-8299)) N 33rd St ((10200-10499)) N 34th Ave ((7000-10099)) N 34th Dr ((7600-10099)) N 34th Ln ((9500-10099)) N 35th Ave ((7000-10599)) N 35th Dr ((7200-10299)) N 35th Ln ((9600-9699)) N 36th Ave ((7100-10299)) N 36th Dr ((7200-10099)) N 36th Ln ((7200-7299)) N 37th Ave ((7200-10499)) N 37th Dr ((7100-10499)) N 38th Ave ((7000-9499)) N 38th Dr ((7300-10499)) N 38th Ln ((10400-10499)) N 39th Ave ((7000-12199)) N 39th Dr ((7300-10299)) N 39th Ln ((10000-10299)) N 40th Ave ((8000-10299)) N 40th Dr ((7300-10299)) N 40th Ln ((10000-10099)) N 41st Ave ((6800-10499)) N 41st Dr ((7200-10499)) N 41st Ln ((7000-10499)) N 42nd Ave ((7700-10099)) N 42nd Dr ((7500-10299)) N 42nd Ln ((7500-8199)) N 43rd Ave ((7105-10599)) N 67th Ave ((18900-19398)) N Acc ((8200-8299)) N Black Canyon Hwy ((7000-10598)) N Metro Pkwy ((9600-10299)) S Burk St ((7100-7199)) W Alice Ave ((2700-4099)) W Augusta Ave ((2500-4199)) W Barbara Ave ((3700-4299)) W Barnes Ln ((3700-3999)) W Belmont Ave ((2500-3899)) W Beryl Ave ((3500-4199)) W Brown St ((3200-4299)) W Butler Dr ((2600-4299)) W Cactus Wren Dr ((2900-4199)) W Cam Acequia ((3800-4299)) W Camino Vis ((3200-3299)) W Camino Vista Cir ((3200-3299)) W Carol Ave ((3300-4299)) W Caron St ((3600-4199)) W Cheryl Dr ((2700-3899)) W Cinnabar Ave ((3200-4299)) W Cochise Dr ((2900-4099)) W Culver St ((3352-3399)) W Dalphin Rd ((3700-4299)) W Davidson Ln ((3500-4099)) W del Monico Ln ((3300-3499)) W Desert Park Ln ((3800-3899)) W Diana Ave ((2800-4299)) W Dunlap Ave ((2700-4299)) W Echo Ln ((2700-4299)) W el Caminito Dr ((2700-4299)) W el Camino Dr ((3200-4299)) W Eva St ((3500-4299)) W Flynn Ln ((2916-2999)) W Frier Dr ((3300-4299)) W Gardenia Ave ((2800-4299)) W Glendale Ave ((2500-54199)) W Glenn Dr ((2800-4199)) W Golden Ln ((2900-4299)) W Griswold Rd ((2700-4299)) W Harmont Dr ((2900-4299)) W Hatcher Rd ((3700-4299)) W Hayward Ave ((2500-4299)) W Ironwood Dr ((3200-4299)) W Kaler Dr ((3400-4299)) W Kariba Dr ((3700-3799)) W Lane Ave ((2500-4199)) W Las Palmaritas Dr ((2700-4299)) W Laurie Ln ((3100-3499)) W Lawrence Ln ((2700-4299)) W Linger Ln ((4100-4299)) W Loma Ln ((2800-4199)) W Malapai Dr ((3200-3999)) W Manzanita Dr ((3101-3199)) W Mission Ln ((3000-4299)) W Morten Ave ((2500-4299)) W Mountain View Rd ((3100-4299)) W Myrtle Ave ((2400-4299)) W Navajo Dr ((4000-4099)) W Nicolet Ave ((4100-4299)) W Northern Ave ((2500-4299)) W North Ln ((2700-4299)) W Northview Ave ((2500-4499)) W Orangewood Ave ((2500-4299)) W Orchid Ln ((2800-4299)) W Palmaire Ave ((2900-4199)) W Puget Ave ((2900-4199)) W Purdue Ave ((3200-4299)) W Royal Palm Rd ((2700-4299)) W Ruth Ave ((2700-4299)) W Seldon Ln ((2800-4299)) W Solar Dr ((3700-4199)) W State Ave ((2500-4299)) W Tangerine Ln ((3300-3499)) W Townley Ave ((2900-4299)) W Vista Ave ((2500-4299)) W Vogel Ave ((3100-4299)) W Wagon Wheel Dr ((4000-4299)) W Winter Dr ((3000-3099))

    85051 Places and Attractions

    Abraham Lincoln Traditional School Along Side Ministries Alta Vista Elementary School Alta Vista Shopping Center Apollo College Phoenix Campus Arizona Korean Full Gospel Church Assyrian Church of the East Bethany Presbyterian Church Bethel Lutheran Church Cactus Wren Elementary School Christ Rereemer Lutheran School Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church Christ View Church Cortez High School Cortez Park Cortez Park Deer Valley Filtration Plant Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant Desert Chapel Church of Christ Dunlap Village Shopping Center Edupreneurship Student Center First Wesleyan Holiness Church Friends Church of Phoenix Evangelical Garden Park School Glen Canyon Trailer Park Glendale Seventh Day Adventist Church Glenview Adventist Academy Hoshoni Park KJJJ-AM (Phoenix) Love Baptist Church Manzanita Elementary School Mariposa Park Maya High School Metrocenter Academy Metrocenter Shopping Center Metro Marketplace Shopping Center Mission Drive Baptist Church New Apostolic Church New Promise Christian Fellowship North Pointe Preparatory School Orangewood Christian Reformed Church Orangewood Church of the Nazarene Oregon Trail Mobile Home Park Palmaritas Palm Glen Shopping Center Palo Verde Middle School Palo Verde Middle School Phoenix Fire Department Station 30 Phoenix Free Presbyterian Church Phoenix Public Library Cholla Branch Phoenix West Mobile Home Park Queen of the Holy Rosary Church Roadrunner Elementary School Romanian Baptist Church Sahara Mobile Home Park Senita School Solid Rock Redeemed Christian Church The Hotel Westcourt Heliport Thunderbird Shopping Village Trinity United Methodist Church Valley Fair Shopping Center Washington Elementary School West Dunlap Baptist Church