Phoenix, AZ 85048 ZIP Code Map


85048 Schools


  • Evit - Desert Vista High School
  • Desert Vista High School
  • Kyrene Del Milenio
  • Kyrene De La Estrella Elementary School
  • Kyrene De La Sierra School
  • Kyrene Monte Vista School
  • Kyrene De Los Lagos School
  • Kyrene Altadena Middle School
  • Kyrene De Los Cerritos School
  • Kyrene Akimel A-Al Middle School
  • Sequoia Redwood Charter School
  • Horizon Community Learning Center
  • Keystone Montessori Charter School
  • 85048 Hotels

  • Extended Stay America Phoenix - Chandler - E. Chandler Blvd.
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    ZIP Code 85048 is located in Maricopa County

    85048 Street Addresses

    31st St ((15500-15599)) 39th St ((3801-16298)) 42nd St ((15801-15899)) 43rd Ave ((12800-12898)) E Amber Ridge Ct ((1500-1599)) E Amberridge Way ((2400-2699)) E Amber Ridge Way ((400-4399)) E Amberwood Dr ((100-4799)) E Apartment ((3400-15799)) E Ashurst Dr ((200-4799)) E Barkwood Ct ((1900-2099)) E Barkwood Dr ((2000-2199)) E Barkwood Rd ((2000-2199)) E Bighorn Ave ((2400-3199)) E Briarwood Ter ((300-4799)) E Brookwood Ct ((400-15899)) E Cathedral Rock Dr ((500-2899)) E Cedarwood Ln ((3200-4499)) E Chandler Blvd ((100-5199)) E Clubhouse Dr ((1900-2399)) E Cottonwood Ln ((100-4499)) E Desert Broom Way ((1100-3165)) E Desert Flower Ln ((700-14098)) E Desert Foothills Pkwy ((700-799)) E Desert Trumpet Rd ((800-15099)) E Desert Willow Dr ((1300-3598)) E Desert Willow Rd ((3250-3299)) E Desert Wind Dr ((100-499)) E Dry Creek Rd ((1300-3199)) E Frye Rd ((300-4799)) E Glenhaven Dr ((201-4699)) E Goldenrod St ((600-2599)) E Granite View Dr ((1200-14198)) E Hiddenview Dr ((300-4099)) E Hidden View Dr ((4400-4499)) E Indigo Brush Rd ((2000-2599)) E Indigo Bush ((2000-2098)) E Kyrene Elementary School ((1200-1299)) E Kyrene School ((2600-2799)) E Lakewood Pkwy E ((3600-3899)) E Lakewood Pkwy W ((3350-3598)) E Lavender Ln ((2400-2699)) E Liberty Ln ((1000-4299)) E Long Lake Rd ((3300-3399)) E Lutheran Church ((3500-3599)) E Marketplace SE ((1000-15399)) E Marketplace SW ((1100-1199)) E Mountain Sage Dr ((200-1099)) E Mountain Sky Ave ((1-2799)) E Mountain Sky Ct ((2100-2199)) E Mountain Vista Dr ((800-34698)) E Muirwood Dr ((1-4599)) E Nighthawk Ln ((3300-3499)) E Nighthawk Way ((1-4199)) E Night Hawk Way ((1500-3823)) E Pecos Rd ((1-4899)) E Redwood Ct ((3100-3199)) E Redwood Ln ((1-4499)) E Rockledge Rd ((1300-3099)) E Rock Wren Rd ((1300-3213)) E Rocky Slope Dr ((1200-2699)) E Saltsage Dr ((1400-4399)) E Salt Sage Dr ((16600-16699)) E Sapium Way ((1300-2599)) E Silverwood Dr ((400-4799)) E South Fork Dr ((1-3199)) E Squawbush Pl ((1100-2799)) E Tanglewood Dr ((1300-4799)) E Tapestry Hts ((14200-14499)) E Taxidea Way ((2000-2599)) E Tecoma Rd ((1400-2199)) E Thistle Landing Dr ((1200-1499)) E Thunderhill Pl ((1300-3099)) E Thunder Hill Pl ((900-1199)) E Verbena Dr ((700-3199)) E Wildwood Dr ((200-4599)) E Windmere Dr ((300-82799)) E Windsong Dr ((100-4699)) E Woodland Dr ((2300-4599)) Mountain Vista Dr ((4200-4398)) N Apartment ((16001-16199)) N Kyrene Elementary School ((14500-14799)) S 10th Ave ((16824-16999)) S 10th Pl ((15800-16199)) S 10th St ((14000-16199)) S 11th Pl ((14400-16299)) S 11th Way ((16000-16899)) S 12th Pl ((14000-16699)) S 12th St ((14200-16799)) S 12th Way ((16600-17099)) S 13 Pl ((14400-14499)) S 13th Pl ((14200-16999)) S 13th St ((16200-16799)) S 13th Way ((14200-16999)) S 14th Pl ((14800-16899)) S 14th St ((14100-16999)) S 14th Way ((14500-16399)) S 15th Pl ((15600-15999)) S 15th St ((16400-17099)) S 16th Pl ((15200-15899)) S 16th St ((15600-16899)) S 16th Way ((15400-15599)) S 17th Pl ((14000-15499)) S 17th St ((14200-17099)) S 18th Pl ((15400-16399)) S 18th St ((14200-16599)) S 18th Way ((16400-17099)) S 19th Pl ((14000-16699)) S 19th St ((14000-15899)) S 19th Way ((14800-15599)) S 1st Ave ((600-14698)) S 1st Pl ((15500-15599)) S 1st St ((14600-16498)) S 20th Pl ((14600-16899)) S 20th St ((14200-15299)) S 20th Way ((16700-16999)) S 21st Pl ((15000-15598)) S 21st St ((15100-16699)) S 22nd Pl ((15400-15599)) S 22nd St ((2217-16999)) S 23rd Pl ((14600-16399)) S 23rd St ((14600-16199)) S 23rd Way ((16400-16499)) S 24th Pl ((7001-16999)) S 24th St ((14600-17199)) S 24th Way ((14000-16299)) S 25th Pl ((14400-16999)) S 25th St ((2400-16899)) S 25th Way ((14600-16299)) S 26th Ct ((15600-15699)) S 26th Pl ((15400-16299)) S 26th St ((15200-17199)) S 26th Way ((14800-15699)) S 27th Pl ((14800-17099)) S 27th St ((14800-16299)) S 27th Way ((14800-15899)) S 28th Pl ((15700-16899)) S 28th St ((2800-16299)) S 29th Pl ((16600-16899)) S 29th St ((15200-16799)) S 29th Way ((16800-17199)) S 2nd Pl ((200-16798)) S 2nd St ((14200-14299)) S 30th Pl ((14800-17099)) S 30th St ((14800-16299)) S 30th Way ((16800-17099)) S 31st Pl ((15300-16399)) S 31st St ((14000-16299)) S 31st Way ((14600-16899)) S 32nd Pl ((15800-17099)) S 32nd St ((13601-17099)) S 32nd Way ((17000-17099)) S 33rd Pl ((15600-16299)) S 33rd St ((15800-16699)) S 33rd Way ((15800-17099)) S 34th Pl ((17000-17099)) S 34th St ((16400-17099)) S 34th Way ((16000-16899)) S 35th St ((16000-16795)) S 35th Way ((15600-16299)) S 36th Pl ((16400-16999)) S 36th St ((15800-16899)) S 36th Way ((16600-16999)) S 37th Pl ((1600-16899)) S 37th St ((15800-16899)) S 37th Way ((15600-16899)) S 38th Pl ((16000-16699)) S 38th St ((15800-16799)) S 38th Way ((16000-16899)) S 39th Pl ((16000-16299)) S 39th St ((16000-16699)) S 39th Way ((16600-16699)) S 3rd Pl ((16600-16899)) S 3rd St ((15600-16898)) S 40th Pl ((15800-15999)) S 40th St ((15600-17199)) S 40th Way ((16001-16299)) S 41st Pl ((16000-16699)) S 41st St ((16216-16699)) S 41st Way ((16800-16899)) S 42nd Pl ((16400-16499)) S 42nd St ((15600-16899)) S 43rd Pl ((15600-16699)) S 43rd St ((15800-16699)) S 43rd Way ((15600-15699)) S 44th Pl ((16000-16899)) S 44th St ((16000-16899)) S 45th Pl ((16000-16899)) S 45th St ((15800-16699)) S 46th Pl ((16400-16699)) S 46th St ((16000-16499)) S 46th Way ((16400-16499)) S 47th Pl ((16400-16499)) S 47th St ((16000-16299)) S 48th St ((15600-16899)) S 4th St ((14200-16699)) S 50th St ((16100-16198)) S 5th St ((14000-15899)) S 6th Pl ((14801-15699)) S 6th St ((15500-16199)) S 6th Way ((15400-16699)) S 7th Pl ((14600-15699)) S 7th St ((14200-16299)) S 7th Way ((14800-14899)) S 8th St ((14000-16899)) S 9th Pl ((14000-16199)) S 9th St ((14000-15999)) S 9th Way ((16100-16299)) S Apartment ((15600-16099)) S Aqua Ct ((16800-16899)) S Beige Ct ((16800-16899)) S Blue Ct ((16800-16899)) S Canyon Dr ((13600-14499)) S Cedarwood Ln ((16900-16999)) S Central Ave ((15600-16999)) S Cyan Ct ((16800-16899)) S Desert Foothills Pkwy ((700-17199)) S Foxtail Ln ((14600-15299)) S Kyrene School ((17000-17099)) S Lakewood Pkwy E ((15800-16899)) S Lakewood Pkwy W ((15800-16299)) S Lutheran Church ((15600-15799)) S Magenta Rd ((16600-16899)) S Marketplace NE ((15100-15499)) S Mountain Stone Trl ((16200-16899)) S Pink Ct ((16800-16899)) S Presario Trl ((14200-14699)) S Ray Rd ((2600-15499)) S Rockhill Rd ((2700-14199)) S Tempe High School Dist ((16600-17099)) S Yellow Ct ((16800-16899)) W Apartment ((1100-16199)) W Chandler Blvd ((676-877)) Wildwood Dr ((300-399)) W Kyrene Elementary School ((1200-1299)) Woodland Dr ((4300-4399))

    85048 Places and Attractions

    Adventure Community Church Ahwatukee Foothills Montessori School Arizona State Highway Patrol Tower Bridgeway Community Church Casa Vida School Church at South Mountain Desert Foothills United Methodist Church Desert Vista High School Esperanza Lutheran Church Family of Christ Child Development Center Family of Christ Church Foothills Baptist Church Gila Range Gila Valley Lookout Goat Hill Gods Garden Child Development Center Horizon Community Learning Center Horizon Presbyterian Church Interchange 161 Interchange One Hundred Sixty KAET-TV (Phoenix) KAET-TV (Phoenix) KDKB-FM (Mesa) KESZ-FM (Phoenix) Keystone Montessori Charter School KFLR-FM (Phoenix) KHEP-FM (Phoenix) KIAI-FM (Phoenix) KJZZ-FM (Phoenix) KKFR-FM (Glendale) KKLT-FM (Phoenix) KKLT-FM (Phoenix) KMCR-FM (Phoenix) KMEO-FM (Phoenix) KMLE-FM (Chandler) KMXX-FM (Phoenix) KNIX-FM (Phoenix) KNNN-FM (Phoenix) KNXV-TV (Phoenix) KOOL-FM (Phoenix) KOY-FM (Phoenix) KPAZ-TV (Phoenix) KPHO-TV (Phoenix) KPNX-TV (Mesa) KPNX-TV (Mesa) KQYT-FM (Phoenix) KSLX-FM (Scottsdale) KTSP-TV (Phoenix) KTVK-TV (Phoenix) KTVW-TV (Phoenix) KUPD-FM (Tempe) KUTP-TV (Phoenix) Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School Kyrene Altadena Middle School Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School Kyrene de la Sierra Elementary School Kyrene del Milenio Elementary School Kyrene de los Cerritos Elementary School Kyrene de los Lagos Elementary School Kyrene Monte Vista Elementary School KZZP-FM (Mesa) Lamb of God Lutheran Church Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company Tower Mount Suappoa New Life Foursquare Church Phoenix Fire Department Station 43 Phoenix Fire Department Station 46 Phoenix Post Office Pecos Station Phoenix Proving Grounds Phoenix Public Library Ironwood Branch Phoenix South Mountain Park Plaza at Mountainside Shopping Center Saint Benedict Catholic Church South Mountains Telegraph Pass