Phoenix, AZ 85042 ZIP Code Map


85042 Schools


  • Nevitt Elementary School
  • Cloves C Campbell Sr Elementary School
  • Maxine O Bush Elementary School
  • Amy L. Houston Academy
  • John F Kennedy Elementary School
  • C O Greenfield School
  • T G Barr School
  • South Pointe High School
  • Aaec - Smcc Campus
  • Desert Marigold School
  • 85042 Hotels

  • Legacy Golf Resort
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    ZIP Code 85042 is located in Maricopa County

    85042 Street Addresses

    23rd Pl ((8600-8798)) Allen St ((2300-2399)) Branham Ln ((2700-2799)) Caldwell St ((3000-3198)) E Alicia Dr ((1600-2499)) E Alta Vista Rd ((1-4799)) E Apartment ((4600-4699)) E Apollo Rd ((700-4799)) E Ardmore Dr ((1700-1999)) E Ardmore Rd ((1-1999)) E Baseline Rd ((1-4799)) E Beautiful Ln ((1-3199)) E Beth Dr ((100-2199)) E Beverly Rd ((900-2799)) E Branham Ln ((1300-3998)) E Burgess Ave ((4400-4699)) E Burgess Ln ((1300-4799)) E Cactus Ln ((2500-2599)) E Caldwell Dr ((2100-2199)) E Caldwell St ((900-2799)) E Carson Rd ((700-4799)) E Carter Cir ((700-799)) E Carter Dr ((4000-4799)) E Carter Rd ((1-4599)) E Constance Way ((1201-3999)) E Darrel Rd ((800-4799)) E Darrow St ((2800-4699)) E Desert Dr ((1-2199)) E Desert Dr N ((700-899)) E Desert Dr S ((700-899)) E Desert Ln ((101-2999)) E Dirt Rd ((2800-3999)) E Dobbins Rd ((300-2299)) E Donner Dr ((1800-3198)) E Dunbar Dr ((1300-3099)) E Ellis St ((1800-4399)) E Euclid Ave ((1-8899)) E Fawn Dr ((2000-4299)) E Francisco Dr ((1600-3499)) E Freemont Rd ((1400-1498)) E Fremont Rd ((700-4399)) E Fremont St ((4001-4799)) E Gary Ln ((900-999)) E Gary Way ((900-233698)) E Glass Ln ((2400-2699)) E Greenway Cir ((1700-1799)) E Greenway Rd ((1-1699)) E Gwen St ((100-2099)) E Harwell Rd ((900-3199)) E Hazel Dr ((700-899)) E Hidalgo Ave ((732-732)) E Highline Canal Rd ((700-3799)) E Ian Dr ((1000-2098)) E Irwin Ave ((1400-1599)) E Kachina Trl ((400-599)) E la Mirada Dr ((1-1499)) E Latona Rd ((1800-1999)) E Legacy Dr ((3100-3199)) E Lydia Ln ((500-599)) E Lynne Ln ((1-4599)) E Maldonado Dr ((1400-4499)) E Maldonado Rd ((4000-4499)) E Melody Dr ((3200-3999)) E Milada Dr ((100-1399)) E Mineral Rd ((401-899)) E Minton St ((800-4799)) E Monte Way ((1-799)) E Mountain Village Cir ((3214-3238)) E Nancy Ln ((1300-4799)) E Old Southern Ave ((700-999)) E Park St ((1700-4699)) E Paseo Way ((100-1499)) E Patricia St ((2501-2599)) E Pedro Rd ((900-2099)) E Pickrell Dr ((1600-1799)) E Piedmont Rd ((1-1499)) E Pleasant Ln ((1300-4199)) E Pollack Ln ((4300-4799)) E Pollack St ((1800-3999)) E Ridge Rd ((4100-4199)) E Saint Anne Ave ((1-4799)) E Saint Catherine Ave ((1-4799)) E Saint Charles Ave ((1-4799)) E Saint Kateri Ln ((500-599)) E San Francisco Cana Rd ((100-499)) E Siesta Dr ((624-2299)) E Sophie Ln ((3801-3999)) E Southern Ave ((4001-4799)) E South Mountain Ave ((262-3199)) E St Anne Ave ((1900-2199)) E Thunderbird Trl ((1-799)) E Valencia Dr ((1-2799)) E Valley View Dr ((100-2699)) E Vineyard Rd ((1-4799)) E Winston Dr ((900-2799)) Fawn Dr ((1818-2799)) Ian Dr ((3200-3299)) N 251st Ave ((40412-40798)) N 253rd Ave ((40243-40498)) N 25th Ave ((28424-28599)) N 68th Ave ((457-499)) Park St ((1900-1999)) S 10th St ((6000-9099)) S 11th Pl ((8800-9099)) S 11th St ((6000-8699)) S 12th Pl ((6000-7399)) S 12th St ((6000-9099)) S 12th Way ((7200-7398)) S 13th Pl ((6000-9099)) S 13th St ((6000-8099)) S 13th Way ((8800-8899)) S 14th Pl ((6000-8699)) S 14th St ((6800-9099)) S 14th Way ((6400-6899)) S 15th Pl ((6800-8499)) S 15th St ((6800-9499)) S 15th Ter ((7600-7799)) S 15th Way ((7800-8499)) S 16th Pl ((6200-9099)) S 16th St ((5900-9399)) S 16th Way ((6400-9099)) S 17th Pl ((6200-9099)) S 17th St ((6002-8899)) S 17th Way ((6800-8699)) S 18th Pl ((6800-8699)) S 18th St ((6200-9099)) S 18th Way ((7600-9099)) S 19th Pl ((6000-8699)) S 19th St ((6600-8924)) S 19th Way ((8000-8299)) S 1st St ((6000-9099)) S 20th Pl ((6500-8899)) S 20th St ((5900-8915)) S 21st Pl ((6400-8899)) S 21st St ((6200-8899)) S 22nd Pl ((6400-8699)) S 22nd St ((2200-9099)) S 22nd Way ((6600-6699)) S 23rd Pl ((6000-6699)) S 23rd St ((6000-6699)) S 24th Pl ((6800-8799)) S 24th St ((5901-8799)) S 24th Way ((8000-8799)) S 25th Pl ((8000-8299)) S 25th St ((6800-8299)) S 26th Pl ((6800-6899)) S 26th St ((6200-8299)) S 26th Way ((7600-7699)) S 27th Pl ((6800-7598)) S 27th St ((6800-9099)) S 27th Ter ((7401-7499)) S 27th Way ((7038-8030)) S 28th Pl ((8000-8698)) S 28th St ((6000-7499)) S 28th Ter ((7500-7599)) S 29th St ((8500-8699)) S 29th Way ((7500-8099)) S 2nd Pl ((6275-6299)) S 2nd St ((6200-8299)) S 30th Pl ((7400-7599)) S 30th Run ((7400-7599)) S 30th St ((6000-7299)) S 30th Ter ((7400-7599)) S 31st Pl ((7400-7899)) S 31st Ter ((7501-7899)) S 31st Way ((7400-7599)) S 32nd Pl ((6287-7999)) S 32nd Run ((7700-7799)) S 32nd St ((6132-8399)) S 32nd Ter ((7900-8099)) S 32nd Way ((7700-8098)) S 34th Pl ((8001-8099)) S 35th St ((8000-8299)) S 36th St ((5900-7899)) S 37th St ((6200-6499)) S 37th Way ((7700-7899)) S 38th Pl ((6800-8099)) S 38th St ((6400-7898)) S 38th Way ((8000-8099)) S 39th Pl ((6400-7099)) S 39th Way ((7201-8099)) S 3rd St ((5900-9699)) S 40th Pl ((6200-7899)) S 40th St ((6613-8299)) S 40th Way ((6600-6899)) S 41st Cir ((6000-6099)) S 41st Pl ((6000-7799)) S 41st St ((5900-8099)) S 41st Way ((7000-7499)) S 42nd Pl ((6600-7899)) S 42nd St ((6000-7699)) S 42nd Way ((6600-7099)) S 43rd ((7000-7098)) S 43rd Ct ((7000-7099)) S 43rd Pl ((6000-7499)) S 43rd St ((6000-7499)) S 43rd Way ((7000-7299)) S 44th Ct ((6800-7099)) S 44th Pl ((6200-7099)) S 44th St ((6000-7199)) S 44th Way ((6800-7099)) S 45th Pl ((6000-7099)) S 45th St ((6000-7099)) S 45th Way ((6800-7099)) S 46th Pl ((6001-7499)) S 46th St ((6001-7699)) S 46th Way ((6400-6699)) S 47th Pl ((6200-7299)) S 47th St ((6000-7099)) S 47th Way ((6200-6299)) S 48th St ((7200-7498)) S 4th St ((8800-9899)) S 5th Pl ((6300-6699)) S 5th Way ((6500-6699)) S 6th St ((8600-9099)) S 7th Pl ((7100-9299)) S 7th St ((5900-9299)) S 7th Way ((9200-9299)) S 8th Pl ((6000-9099)) S 8th St ((6800-7299)) S 8th Ter ((7200-7299)) S 8th Way ((7200-7299)) S 9th Pl ((7100-8699)) S 9th St ((6400-8899)) S 9th Way ((7600-7699)) Samantha Way ((2300-2399)) S Caldwell St ((8400-8499)) S Central ((10200-10298)) S Central Ave ((5900-11699)) S Golfside Ln ((7000-7299)) S Jesse Owens Pkwy ((7400-8099)) S Las Lomitas Pl ((9200-9299)) S Las Lomitas St ((9200-9299)) S Lynn Dr ((8600-8699)) Southern Ave ((4400-4799)) S Sahuaro St ((8000-8099)) W Cordia Ln ((2400-2499)) W Dona Rd ((2400-2443)) W Lucia Dr ((2400-2499)) W Roberta Ln ((2400-2498)) W Silver Sage Ln ((2400-2499))

    85042 Places and Attractions

    91st Psalm Christian School Amy Houston Academy Arizona Agribusiness and Equine School Arizona Council of American Youth Hostel Awakening Seed School Baseline Missionary Baptist Church Camp Sombrero Casa de Francisco Mobile Home Park Central Place Shopping Center Church of God in Christ Cimarron Citrus Hills Cloves C Campbell Sr Elementary School C O Greenfield School Desert Marigold School Desert Valley Church of God El Reposa Park Escondido Park Fisher Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Greater Bethal African Methodist Episcopal Church Heard Scout Pueblo Heaven Gate Praise Fellowship Holy Archangels Orthodox Church John F Kennedy Elementary School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KOY-AM (Phoenix) KSUN-AM (Phoenix) La Montana del Sur Las Lomitas Picnic Ground Las Ramadas Picnic Ground Lazy D Trailer Ranch Maxine O Bush Elementary School Mitchell Lodge Mystery Castle Neighborhood Canyon Nevitt Elementary School Nevitt Park North Highline Lateral Canal Our Lady of Quito Our Lady of Sorrows Church Phoenix Fire Department Station 28 Phoenix Fire Department Station 32 Phoenix First Apostolic Church Phoenix Gun Club Phoenix Police Academy Phoenix Post Office South Mountain Station Phoenix South Mountain Park Headquarters Piedras Grandes Picnic Ground Puerto Park Rio Vista Baptist Center Riverside Missionary Baptist Church Rosemary Lodge Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church Saint Catherine of Siena School Saint Luke's at the Mountain Church Saint Stephen Missionary Baptist Church San Francisco Xavier Sierra Vista Elementary School Sky Ridge Mobile Homes SouthGate Church South Mountain Baptist Church South Mountain Community College South Mountain Community College Art Building South Mountain Community College Business Education Building South Mountain Community College Gymnasium South Mountain Community College Learning Resource Center South Mountain Community College Liberal Arts Building South Mountain Community College Life Sciences Building South Mountain Community College Music Building South Mountain Community College Physical Sciences Building South Mountain Community College Student Services Building South Mountain Community College Student Union Building South Mountain Community College Technology Center South Mountain Trailer Park South Phoenix Adult Center South Phoenix Church of Christ South Plaza Shopping Center South Pointe Elementary School South Valley Academy T G Barr School The Hideout The Lookout Thunderbird Country Club Trinity Baptist Fellowship Church Twin Butte Baptist Church Western Canal