Phoenix, AZ 85032 ZIP Code Map


85032 Schools


  • Pvonline
  • Palomino Intermediate School
  • Paradise Valley High School
  • Polaris High School
  • Foothills Elementary School
  • Vista Verde Middle School
  • Village Vista Elementary School
  • Prospect School
  • Whispering Wind Academy
  • Palomino Primary School
  • Larkspur Elementary School
  • Indian Bend Elementary School
  • Campo Bello Elementary School
  • Arrowhead Elementary School
  • Greenway Middle School
  • West-Mec - Paradise Valley High School
  • Esperanza Community Collegial Academy
  • Crestview College Preparatory High School
  • Student Choice High School Tatum Campus
  • Milestones Charter School
  • Benchmark School
  • Aaec Paradise Valley
  • Ombudsman - Charter Northeast
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  • Embassy Suites Phoenix - Scottsdale
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    ZIP Code 85032 is located in Maricopa County

    85032 Street Addresses

    24th Pl ((14600-14699)) 27th Pl ((1400-14499)) 30th Pl ((16200-18599)) 30th Ter ((16200-16299)) E 27th St ((12200-12299)) E Acoma Dr ((2400-4799)) E Aire Libre Ave ((2500-4699)) E Aldine St ((2400-2799)) E Anderson Dr ((2500-4499)) E Andora Dr ((3700-4699)) E Andorra Dr ((3200-4199)) E Angela Dr ((2600-4799)) E Annette Dr ((4300-4699)) E Aster Dr ((2400-4199)) E Beck Ln ((2400-4599)) E Bell Rd ((1801-4799)) E Betty Elyse Ln ((3400-4599)) E Beverly Ln ((2600-4799)) E Blanche Dr ((2400-4599)) E Bloomfield Rd ((2900-4199)) E Bluefield Ave ((2500-4699)) E Bremen St ((3000-3199)) E Cactus Rd ((2400-4799)) E Calavar Rd ((2800-4199)) E Campo Bello Dr ((2500-4699)) E Capitan Dreyfus Ave ((3100-3199)) E Captain Dreyfus Ave ((2500-4199)) E Carol Ann Ln ((4300-4599)) E Carol Ann Way ((3400-3999)) E Carolina Dr ((4500-4699)) E Charleston Ave ((2600-4799)) E Charter Oak Rd ((3000-4199)) E Claire Dr ((2400-3999)) E Columbine Dr ((3300-4199)) E Contention Mine Rd ((2400-2799)) E Coolbrook Ave ((4000-4399)) E Corrine Dr ((2500-3999)) E Crocus Dr ((2900-4699)) E Dahlia Dr ((2400-4199)) E Danbury Rd ((2400-4699)) E Delcoa Dr ((3200-3799)) E Delgado St ((2400-2599)) E Eberle Ln ((2900-2999)) E Edna Ave ((3400-3999)) E Emile Zola Ave ((2600-4799)) E Eugie Ave ((3600-4199)) E Evans Dr ((2700-4699)) E Everett Dr ((3300-4699)) E Friess Dr ((2700-4799)) E Gelding Dr ((2700-4699)) E Grandview Rd ((2400-16299)) E Greenway Ln ((3200-4399)) E Greenway Pkwy ((1-2799)) E Greenway Rd ((2400-6399)) E Grovers Ave ((2432-5304)) E Hartford Ave ((2500-4699)) E Hearn Rd ((3200-4799)) E Helena Dr ((2401-4099)) E Hillery Dr ((2400-3999)) E Janice Way ((2800-4699)) E Joan de Arc Ave ((2600-4699)) E John Cabot Rd ((2400-3199)) E Juniper Ave ((2600-4599)) E Karen Dr ((2400-4699)) E Kathleen Rd ((2800-4799)) E Kelton Ln ((2600-4599)) E Kings Ave ((2500-4799)) E Larkspur Dr ((2400-4799)) E Lavey Ln ((3200-3499)) E Le Marche Ave ((2700-4799)) E Libby St ((2400-4699)) E Louise Dr ((2500-4299)) E Ludlow Dr ((2800-4699)) E Marconi Ave ((2600-4699)) E Marilyn Rd ((2400-4799)) E Marino Dr ((4200-4399)) E Marmora St ((2400-3799)) E Meadow Dr ((3400-4699)) E Michael Dr ((2800-2999)) E Michelle Dr ((2600-4699)) E Michigan Ave ((2400-4799)) E Monica Ave ((3200-3599)) E Monte Cristo Ave ((2600-4799)) E Montreal Pl ((3000-3599)) E Muriel Dr ((4100-4599)) E Nisbet Ct ((2900-2999)) E Nisbet Rd ((2400-4799)) E Paradise Ln ((2400-4799)) E Paradise Village Pkwy N ((4400-4799)) E Paradise Village Pkwy S ((4400-4799)) E Pepper Ridge Cir ((2500-2599)) E Pershing Ave ((2600-4699)) E Phelps Rd ((2600-4599)) E Presidio Rd ((3200-4199)) E Redfield Rd ((2700-4799)) E Robert E Lee St ((2400-4799)) E Rose Marie Ln ((4200-4399)) E Roveen Ave ((3069-3399)) E Roven Ave ((3000-3106)) E Saint John Rd ((2700-4799)) E Sandra Ter ((2600-4799)) E Sandra Terrace Rd ((4200-4299)) E Shady Glenn Ave ((2701-2799)) E Sharon Dr ((3300-4699)) E Sheena Dr ((3800-4799)) E Sierra St ((2500-2699)) E Spring Rd ((2600-2699)) E Sunnyside Ln ((3200-4699)) E Surrey Ave ((2800-4099)) E Sutton Dr ((3500-3599)) E Sweetwater Ave ((2400-4298)) E Sylvia St ((2400-2999)) E Thunderbird Rd ((2800-4799)) E Tierra Buena Ln ((2500-4699)) E Tracy Ln ((2400-2899)) E Victor Hugo Ave ((2600-2999)) E Villa Maria Cir ((4200-43098)) E Villa Maria Dr ((2400-4799)) E Villa Rita Dr ((2400-18098)) E Villa Theresa Dr ((2500-4699)) E Vista Dr ((2400-41298)) E Voltaire Ave ((2800-4799)) E Wagoner Rd ((2500-4499)) E Wallace Ave ((2600-2699)) E Waltann Ln ((2400-4699)) E Wethersfield Rd ((3000-3999)) E Whitney Ln ((3800-4499)) E Willow Ave ((2800-4799)) E Winchcomb Dr ((2700-14298)) E Windrose Dr ((2600-4299)) E Woodridge Dr ((4300-4499)) Ladd Ave ((4500-8179)) N 101st Ave ((4635-4639)) N 24th Pl ((14600-18499)) N 24th St ((10700-13099)) N 25th Pl ((12201-18299)) N 25th St ((12200-18498)) N 25th Way ((18000-18599)) N 26th Pl ((12200-18299)) N 26th St ((12200-18499)) N 26th Way ((12200-12299)) N 27th Ct ((14000-14199)) N 27th Pl ((12200-17399)) N 27th St ((12800-17699)) N 27th Way ((12400-18499)) N 28th Pl ((1400-18299)) N 28th St ((11101-19399)) N 28th Way ((12600-16699)) N 29th Pl ((12400-16499)) N 29th St ((12200-18599)) N 29th Way ((15600-16499)) N 2nd Dr ((18800-18999)) N 30th Pl ((13000-18499)) N 30th St ((10500-18499)) N 30th Way ((17800-17899)) N 31st Pl ((13200-18099)) N 31st St ((3000-18599)) N 31st Way ((13200-13299)) N 32nd Pl ((14000-17699)) N 32nd St ((9100-19617)) N 32nd Way ((15800-17699)) N 33rd Pl ((12200-17699)) N 33rd St ((3001-17699)) N 33rd Way ((16200-17699)) N 34th Pl ((12600-17899)) N 34th St ((12200-17699)) N 34th Way ((14000-17899)) N 35th Pl ((12600-17999)) N 35th St ((3501-17999)) N 35th Way ((16200-17699)) N 36th Ct ((17000-17099)) N 36th Pl ((12200-14899)) N 36th St ((11200-17699)) N 36th Way ((14000-14299)) N 37th Ct ((12800-14499)) N 37th Pl ((12400-16499)) N 37th St ((12200-914899)) N 37th Way ((12400-15299)) N 38th Pl ((12200-16499)) N 38th St ((12200-16899)) N 38th Way ((12600-16499)) N 39th Pl ((12200-16499)) N 39th St ((12200-16499)) N 39th Way ((12200-14699)) N 40th Pl ((4000-917698)) N 40th St ((8101-78299)) N 40th Way ((12800-17699)) N 41st Ct ((14400-14499)) N 41st Pl ((12400-18199)) N 41st St ((13000-18599)) N 42nd Pl ((13800-18599)) N 42nd St ((12200-18599)) N 42nd Way ((14800-14999)) N 43rd Pl ((13800-18599)) N 43rd St ((13400-18017)) N 43rd Way ((14200-18099)) N 44th Pl ((13600-18599)) N 44th St ((12900-18599)) N 44th Way ((18000-18599)) N 45th Pl ((13800-18599)) N 45th St ((13200-18599)) N 45th Way ((14800-18599)) N 46th Pl ((4600-18599)) N 46th St ((13000-18499)) N 46th Way ((18200-18499)) N 47th Pl ((13200-18299)) N 47th St ((13400-18499)) N 47th Way ((17700-18499)) N 48th St ((12200-28199)) N 49th St ((16600-17198)) N Cave Creek Rd ((14800-18599)) N Joan de Arc Ave ((13000-13599)) N Larkspur Dr ((12200-12699)) N Paradise Park Dr ((17100-17999)) N Paradise Village Pkwy W ((12200-12999)) N Tatum Blvd ((11500-29504)) N Victor Hugo Ave ((13000-13499)) N Villa Rita Dr ((18000-18099)) Paradise Village Pk E ((13006-13099)) Park Boundary ((2600-2630)) Rustic Trl ((800-898)) Schiliro Cir ((2700-2799)) Squaw Peak Fwy ((12200-16299)) State Hwy 51 ((12200-16299)) Voltaire Ave ((2600-2799))

    85032 Places and Attractions

    Aire Libre Mobile Home Park Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center Arrowhead Elementary School Bell Road Assembly of God Church Benchmark School Cactus Calvary Chapel of North Phoenix Calvin Presbyterian Church Campo Bello Elementary School Church of Christ on Tatum Boulevard Church of God of Prophecy Copper Kettle Trailer Villa Cornerstone Baptist Church Cross in the Desert United Methodist Church Desert Dawn Private School Destiny Center International Church El Camino Mobile Home Park First Southern Baptist Church of Paradise Valley Foothills Elementary School Gan Yeladeem - The Looking Glass School George L Campbell Library Greenway Middle School Greenway Park Plaza Shopping Center Iglesia Nueva Vida Indian Bend Elementary School Indian Bend Park Kino Plaza North Shopping Center Korean American Presbyterian Church of Arizona Larkspur Elementary School Lookout Mountain Maricopa County Superior Court Northeast Regional Center Mayflower Terrace Michigan Palms Mobile Home Park Montclair Terrace Montgomery Substation Mountain Vista Northern Hills Community Church Palm Lakes Village Palomino Elementary School Palomino II Elementary School Paradise Mount Christ Academy Paradise North Mobile Home Park Paradise Springs Community Church Paradise Square Shopping Center Paradise Valley Paradise Valley Baptist Church Paradise Valley Community Church Paradise Valley Community College Paradise Valley Community College Administration Building Paradise Valley Community College Business and Information Technology Division Building Paradise Valley Community College Fitness Center Paradise Valley Community College George L Campbell Library Paradise Valley Community College Kranitz Student Center Paradise Valley Community College L Building Paradise Valley Community College Learning Resources Complex Paradise Valley Community College Life Sciences Building Paradise Valley Community College M Building East Wing Paradise Valley Community College M Building West Wing Paradise Valley Community College Music Building Paradise Valley Community College Science and Mathematics Divisions Building Paradise Valley Community College Science Building Paradise Valley Community College Shoenhair Field and Track Paradise Valley High School Paradise Valley Hospital Paradise Valley Hospital Emergency Department Heliport Paradise Valley Lutheran Church Paradise Valley Mall Paradise Valley Miranda Paradise Valley Mobilhome Park Paradise Valley Oasis Paradise Valley Park Paradise Valley Park Golf Course Paradise Valley School Parde Jewish Day School Pepper Ridge Phoenix Fire Department Station 27 Phoenix Fire Department Station 37 Phoenix Post Office Cactus Station Phoenix Public Library Mesquite Branch Plaza de Campana Shopping Center Polaris High School Prospect Middle School Quail Valley Rancho San Carlos Rancho Santa Fe Redeemed Christian Fellowship Church Roadrunner Park Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Preschool and Kindergarten Saint John of the Desert Melkite Catholic Church Saint Mark Lutheran Church Sandalwood Santa Maria Adult Day Health Care Scottsdale Christian Academy Shadow Mountain Son Life Community Church Southwestern College Star Technology Professional Center Sunnyside School Sweetwater Garden Sweetwater Park Tatum Point Shopping Center The Covey The Phoenix-Scottsdale Mobile Home Park Thirty Sixth Street Missionary Baptist Church Venturoso Park Villa Carmel Mobile Home Park Village Fairways Village Plaza Shopping Center Village Square II Shopping Center Village Vista Elementary School Vista Verde Middle School Whispering Wind Academy