Phoenix, AZ 85029 ZIP Code Map


85029 Schools


  • Tumbleweed Elementary School
  • Shaw Butte School
  • Sahuaro School
  • Mountain View Elementary School
  • Moon Mountain School
  • Lakeview Elementary School
  • Cholla Middle School
  • Chaparral Elementary School
  • Moon Valley High School
  • Rsd Computerized Plus Online Program
  • Rsd Computerized Plus High School
  • West-Mec - Moon Valley High School
  • Intelli-School - Metro Center
  • Academy Of Arizona - North
  • 85029 Hotels

  • Candlewood Suites Phoenix
  • Crowne Plaza Phoenix
  • Days Inn Metro Center
  • Extended Stay America - Phoenix - Metro - Black Canyon Hwy.
  • Holiday Inn North Phoenix
  • Hyatt Place Phoenix -North
  • Census


    ZIP Code 85029 is located in Maricopa County

    85029 Street Addresses

    17th Ave ((13600-13699)) 1st Ave ((13000-13299)) 27th Ave ((11001-11099)) Easement Sewer ((10800-10899)) E Peoria Ave ((1-299)) N 10th Ave ((13000-13099)) N 10th Dr ((10600-11499)) N 11th Ave ((13200-13299)) N 12th Ave ((12800-13299)) N 13th Ave ((1300-11099)) N 13th Ln ((13000-13299)) N 14th Ave ((10600-13299)) N 14th Dr ((12800-13299)) N 15th Ave ((10600-13299)) N 15th Dr ((12800-13299)) N 15th Ln ((10500-11299)) N 16th Ave ((10600-13499)) N 16th Dr ((11001-12899)) N 17th Ave ((10001-13599)) N 17th Dr ((10600-13699)) N 18th Ave ((10600-13799)) N 18th Dr ((10600-13799)) N 18th Ln ((13400-13499)) N 19th Ave ((10600-13799)) N 20th Ave ((11500-13299)) N 20th Dr ((11600-12699)) N 20th Ln ((11500-13699)) N 21st Ave ((10600-13799)) N 21st Dr ((11400-13699)) N 21st Ln ((13100-13699)) N 22nd Ave ((11000-13299)) N 23rd Ave ((10500-13699)) N 23rd Dr ((11000-11099)) N 24th Ave ((10600-13699)) N 24th Dr ((2400-13699)) N 24th Ln ((13400-13699)) N 25th Ave ((10600-13499)) N 25th Dr ((13200-13699)) N 25th Ln ((13200-13299)) N 26th Ave ((1-13499)) N 26th Dr ((12200-13499)) N 26th Ln ((13000-13499)) N 27th Ave ((11000-11099)) N 28th Ave ((10600-11099)) N 28th Dr ((10500-13299)) N 29th Ave ((10800-12899)) N 29th Dr ((10800-12899)) N 2nd Ave ((13000-13399)) N 30th Ave ((10600-12899)) N 30th Dr ((10600-16698)) N 30th Ln ((11400-11699)) N 31st Ave ((9400-13810)) N 31st Dr ((11000-13899)) N 31st Ln ((10800-11699)) N 32nd Ave ((10600-13699)) N 32nd Cir ((10600-10699)) N 32nd Dr ((10600-13899)) N 32nd Ln ((10600-10899)) N 33rd Ave ((10202-13699)) N 33rd Cir ((11800-11899)) N 33rd Dr ((10800-13299)) N 34th Ave ((8436-13099)) N 34th Dr ((11200-13299)) N 35th Ave ((10500-15399)) N 35th Dr ((11000-13499)) N 36th Ave ((3600-13699)) N 36th Dr ((11200-13499)) N 36th Ln ((12600-12699)) N 37th Ave ((3700-13799)) N 37th Dr ((10600-13699)) N 38th Ave ((10600-13399)) N 38th Dr ((11000-12699)) N 38th Ln ((12600-12699)) N 39th Ave ((10501-13999)) N 39th Dr ((10800-13399)) N 39th Ln ((11400-12899)) N 3rd Ave ((13200-13299)) N 40th Ave ((10501-12899)) N 40th Dr ((10800-13799)) N 41st Ave ((10501-12899)) N 41st Dr ((10800-13399)) N 41st Ln ((11600-12299)) N 42nd Ave ((10800-12899)) N 42nd Dr ((10800-13399)) N 43rd Ave ((10601-16581)) N 4Oth Ln ((12200-12299)) N 5th Ave ((13000-13299)) N 7th Ave ((10684-11099)) N 7th Dr ((13200-13299)) N 8th Ave ((12800-13299)) N 9th Dr ((10500-11399)) N Barrel Cactus Way ((12200-12299)) N Biltmore Dr ((10800-11999)) N Black Canyon Hwy ((2-13799)) N Columbine Dr ((12400-12699)) N Dalphin Rd ((10600-10799)) N Metro North Corporate Park ((13000-13799)) N Rosewood Ave ((12600-12699)) N Surrey Cir ((13000-13099)) Pat Cir ((12800-12899)) W Altadena Ave ((2000-4299)) W Andora Dr ((1300-3699)) W Aster Dr ((1100-4299)) W Becker Ln ((900-3999)) W Bloomfield Rd ((2000-4299)) W Cactus Rd ((1901-6699)) W Charter Oak Rd ((2200-4299)) W Cholla St ((1600-4299)) W Christy Dr ((2800-4299)) W Clinton St ((3000-3299)) W Columbine Dr ((2000-4299)) W Corrine Dr ((2000-4299)) W Cortez Ave ((4001-4099)) W Cortez St ((1500-4099)) W Dahlia Dr ((800-4199)) W Desert Cove Ave ((900-4299)) W Desert Hills Dr ((3900-4199)) W Emile Zola Ave ((2400-2699)) W Eugie Ave ((1600-3699)) W Gail Rd ((3000-3099)) W Garden Dr ((3800-4299)) W Gary Rd ((3300-3399)) W Joan de Arc Ave ((1300-4299)) W Larkspur Dr ((1900-3799)) W Laurel Ln ((2100-4199)) W Lupine Ave ((2000-4299)) W Mercer Ln ((900-10999)) W Mescal St ((900-4299)) W Metro North Corporate Park ((2700-2999)) W Paradise Dr ((2100-4299)) W Peoria Ave ((1-5099)) W Pershing Ave ((1-4299)) W Poinsettia Dr ((2100-4299)) W Ronald Rd ((2000-2099)) W Rosewood Ave ((3300-3799)) W Roveen Ave ((2500-2699)) W Rue de Lamour ((2421-2424)) W Rue de Lamour Ave ((2300-13799)) W Sahuaro Dr ((700-3999)) W Shangri la Rd ((900-4199)) W Sharon Ave ((1600-4199)) W Shaw Butte Dr ((2100-4299)) W Sierra St ((2200-4199)) W Sunnyside Ave ((3830-3899)) W Sunnyside Dr ((1600-4299)) W Surrey Ave ((1-4299)) W Sweetwater Ave ((100-4398)) W Thunderbird Rd ((3711-3798)) W Voltaire Ave ((1600-4199)) W Wethersfield Rd ((2200-12299)) W Willow Ave ((1-4299)) W Windrose Dr ((1400-4199)) W Wood Dr ((1-4299)) W Woodridge Dr ((3900-3998)) W Yucca St ((1500-11298))

    85029 Places and Attractions

    Academy of Arizona North Campus Accommodation School Ascending Roots Scholastic and Athletic Premise School Cactus Park Calvary Community Church Central Campus Canyon Village Capilla Calvario Phoenix Cave Creek Park Chaparral Elementary School Cheyenne Village Cholla Middle School Church for the Nations Church of Jesus Church on Fire Covenant of Grace Christian Fellowship Church Desert Cove Assembly of God Church Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran Church Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran School Feed My People Freeway Chapel Grant Plaza North Shopping Center Heritage Highlands Highland Terrace Mobile Home Park Hi View Mobile Home Park Iglesia de Cristo Intelli - School Metro Center Kaplan College Phoenix Campus KEZC-FM (Glendale) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses of Alta Vista KJJJ-FM (Glendale) KMLE-FM (Chandler) KNAI-FM (Phoenix) KPHF-FM (Phoenix) Lake Biltmore Estates Lakeview Elementary School Larkspur Christian Church Las Palmaritas Park Loma Vista Substation Lutheran Church of the Master Mariners Village Shopping Center Metro Village Shopping Center Moon Mountain Elementary School Moon Valley High School Mountain View School Northminster Presbyterian Church North Mountain North Mountain Flood Detention Dam Number Two A North Mountain Park North Mountain Village Shopping Center Paradise Village Shopping Center Peoria Underpass Phoenix Bible College and Seminary Phoenix Fire Department Station 33 Phoenix Police Department Cactus Park Precinct Phoenix Post Office Shaw Butte Station Romanian Pentecostal Church Sahuaro Elementary School Saint Andrew Lutheran Church Saint Jerome Catholic School Saint Jerome Church Shaw Butte Shaw Butte Elementary School Shaw Butte Microwave Relay Station Shaw Substation Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thunderbird Square Shopping Center Trinity Bible Church Tumbleweed Elementary School Westown First Southern Baptist Church Westown II Shopping Center Westown Park Westown Shopping Center West Park Dam