Phoenix, AZ 85021 ZIP Code Map


85021 Schools


  • Royal Palm Middle School
  • Richard E Miller School
  • Orangewood Elementary School
  • Washington High School
  • Sunnyslope High School
  • West-Mec - Sunnyslope High School
  • West-Mec - Washington High School
  • Phoenix Chic
  • Asdb/Phoenix Day School
  • Pillar Academy Online
  • Cornerstone Charter School
  • Westwind Middle School
  • Mission Schools
  • Westwind Preparatory Academy
  • 85021 Hotels

  • Best Western Metrocenter Inn
  • Budget Lodge of Phoenix
  • Comfort Suites at Metro Center
  • Courtyard Phoenix North by Marriott
  • Homestead Studio Suites - Phoenix - North Metro
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix - Metro Center
  • Sheraton Crescent Hotel
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott Phoenix North
  • Suburban Extended Stay Hotel at Metro Center
  • TownePlace Suites By Marriott Phoenix North
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    ZIP Code 85021 is located in Maricopa County

    85021 Street Addresses

    18th Ave ((9200-9299)) Black Canyon Access Rd ((7001-10499)) E Vogel Ave ((700-799)) Herro Ln ((300-399)) N 10th Ave ((7000-9899)) N 10th Dr ((7000-9399)) N 11th Ave ((7000-10599)) N 11th Dr ((7000-7299)) N 12th Ave ((7200-10399)) N 13th Ave ((7500-10599)) N 13th Dr ((7300-7499)) N 14th Ave ((7000-10299)) N 14th Dr ((7000-9099)) N 15th Ave ((7000-10599)) N 15th Dr ((7100-10299)) N 15th Ln ((8800-10299)) N 16th Ave ((7200-10299)) N 16th Dr ((7200-10299)) N 16th Ln ((7500-7999)) N 17th Ave ((7200-10599)) N 17th Dr ((6800-10299)) N 17th Ln ((8800-8999)) N 18th Ave ((7500-10499)) N 18th Dr ((8600-9599)) N 19th Ave ((4700-13016)) N 19th Dr ((7200-9899)) N 19th Ln ((7600-7799)) N 1st Ave ((7000-10099)) N 1st Dr ((8100-8599)) N 20th Ave ((7100-8899)) N 20th Dr ((7200-8899)) N 21st Ave ((7000-10599)) N 21st Cir ((7100-7299)) N 21st Dr ((2101-9699)) N 21st Ln ((7800-7999)) N 22nd Ave ((8500-9699)) N 22nd Dr ((7000-7499)) N 23rd Ave ((7000-10499)) N 23rd Dr ((7000-7499)) N 23rd Ln ((7000-7399)) N 24th Ave ((7000-9199)) N 25th Ave ((8200-10599)) N 25th Dr ((9800-10499)) N 26th Ave ((8500-8699)) N 26th Dr ((9800-10299)) N 2nd Ave ((7000-9699)) N 2nd Dr ((7000-9499)) N 31st St ((10220-10436)) N 3rd Ave ((7000-9499)) N 3rd Dr ((9001-9799)) N 4th Ave ((7600-9899)) N 4th Dr ((7300-8399)) N 5th Ave ((7600-9999)) N 6th Ave ((7000-9499)) N 6th Dr ((8500-8799)) N 7th Ave ((6900-11099)) N 8th Ave ((7000-10499)) N 9th Ave ((7200-10599)) N Barbados Pl ((7000-7099)) N Black Canyon Hwy ((7001-15399)) N Drey Ln ((8700-8999)) N East Dr ((1500-1599)) N Mobile Home Park ((9000-9099)) N Seldon Way ((8600-8699)) N Why Worry Ln ((8600-8699)) N Wilder Rd ((7000-7299)) Royal Oaks Dr ((1600-1699)) W 17th Ave ((7600-7699)) W Alice Ave ((100-2699)) W Alicen Ct ((2-98)) W Augusta Ave ((200-2499)) W Augusta Cir ((800-899)) W Belmont Ave ((200-2499)) W Beryl Ave ((1-2699)) W Brown St ((1100-2299)) W Butler Dr ((1-2699)) W Cactus Wren Dr ((700-2299)) W Camino Vis ((1-399)) W Camino Vista St ((2-198)) W Carol Ave ((1700-1899)) W Caron St ((400-499)) W Casa Hermosa Dr ((1-99)) W Catus Wren Dr ((1000-1018)) W Cheryl Dr ((1-2299)) W Cinnabar Ave ((300-2299)) W Cochise Dr ((1-1799)) W de Ville Pl ((1301-1331)) W Diana Ave ((100-2599)) W Drey Dr ((700-8798)) W Dunlap Ave ((1-2999)) W Echo Ln ((100-2499)) W el Caminito Dr ((100-2299)) W el Camino Dr ((300-1299)) W Eva St ((1-1799)) W Foothill Dr ((1-2898)) W Freeway Ln ((2300-2699)) W Frier Dr ((1-1899)) W Gardenia Ave ((1300-1499)) W Gardenia Dr ((1-2299)) W Glendale Ave ((1-2499)) W Glenn Dr ((1-2299)) W Golden Ln ((1000-1599)) W Griswold Rd ((1-1799)) W Harmont Dr ((1-1799)) W Hatcher Rd ((1-1899)) W Hayward Ave ((1-2499)) W Ironwood Dr ((900-2599)) W Kaler Dr ((1-1199)) W Lane Ave ((1700-2199)) W Las Palmaritas Dr ((100-2499)) W Laurie Ln ((1700-1799)) W Lawrence Ln ((300-1899)) W Linger Ln ((1-1399)) W Loma Ln ((300-1799)) W Mission Ln ((1-2499)) W Mobile Home Park ((2000-2098)) W Morten Ave ((1-2499)) W Mountain View Rd ((300-2699)) W Myrtle Ave ((1-2499)) W Newcastle Cir ((2000-2099)) W Nicolet Ave ((2100-2299)) W Northern Ave ((1-2499)) W North Ln ((1-10499)) W Northview Ave ((1-2299)) W Onyx Ave ((1600-1799)) W Orangewood Ave ((1-2499)) W Orchid Ln ((1-2599)) W Palmaire Ave ((1-2299)) W Palmer Dr ((1500-1699)) W Puget Ave ((500-1599)) W Purdue Ave ((1200-1699)) W Royal Palm Rd ((1-2499)) W Ruth Ave ((100-1599)) W Seldon Ln ((1-2599)) W Seldon Way ((1500-1899)) W Solar Dr ((1000-1099)) W State Ave ((1-2299)) W Sunnyslope Ln ((1-1899)) W Townley Ave ((300-2699)) W Vista Ave ((1-2499)) W Vogel Ave ((1-1899)) W Wagon Wheel Dr ((300-2299)) W Why Worry Ln ((500-1099)) W Winter Dr ((1500-1699))

    85021 Places and Attractions

    Alicia Park American Indian College Argosy University Phoenix Campus Arizona Montessori Charter School at Anthem Arizona Public Service Company Heliport Beth El Congregation Bethel School Black Canyon Church of Christ Black Canyon Shopping Center Cardinals Academy Cave Creek Citrus Grove Trailer Park City of Phoenix Cornerstone Charter School Cross Roads United Methodist Church Desert Christian Fellowship Church DeVry University Dragonfeye Science School El Caro Country Club El Monte Shopping Center Everest College Faith United Methodist Church First Baptist Church of Phoenix First Mennonite Church Freeway Baptist Church Good Shepherd Convent Good Shepherd School for Girls Grace Mennonite Church Honan Park Two Hungarian Reform Church Iglesia Bautista Central Iglesia El Shaddal Mission Charter School Montessori Center School Mountain View Park Mountain View School Mountain View Trailer Court Native American Fellowship Assemblies of God Church New Hope Family Church North Central Heights Shopping Center Northern Village Shopping Center North Mountain Hospital Open Door Fellowship Church Orangewood School Ottawa University Phoenix Campus Palmas Royale Palms Gospel Chapel Phoenix Fire Department Station 20 Phoenix Fire Department Station 60 Phoenix Post Office Washington Station Pulice Construction Heliport Richard E Miller Elementary School Royal Palm Middle School Royal Palm Park Royal Palms Baptist Church Royal Palm Travel Trailer and Mobile Home Park Saint Josephs Hospital Huger Mercy Living Center Sunny Slope Mobile Home Park The Art Institute of Phoenix The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Tree of Life Christian Center Trinity Lutheran Church Valley of the Sun School Wesleyan Bible Church Western International University Westwind Academy