Phoenix, AZ 85013 ZIP Code Map


85013 Schools


  • Osborn Middle School
  • Encanto School
  • Clarendon School
  • Madison Meadows School
  • Tumbleweed Transitional Learning Center
  • Phoenix College Preparatory Academy
  • Girls Leadership Academy Of Arizona
  • Amerischools Academy - Camelback
  • 85013 Hotels

  • Extended Stay America - Phoenix - Midtown
  • Hampton Inn Phoenix Midtown - Downtown Area
  • Holiday Inn Phoenix Downtown-North
  • Les Jardins Hotel
  • Maricopa Manor Bandb Inn
  • Raz Inn Bed and Breakfast Villas
  • The Camelback Sahara Hotel
  • The Clarendon Hotel
  • The Phoenix Place Hotel & Suites
  • Census


    ZIP Code 85013 is located in Maricopa County

    85013 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((5400-5499)) 1st Dr ((5400-5499)) 4th Ave NW ((4100-4299)) 5th Ave NW ((4100-4299)) 6th Ave NW ((4100-4199)) Denton Ln ((200-2299)) Ducasse Dr ((100-298)) E Berridge Ln ((48-2599)) Grand Csr ((1-699)) Majestic Dr ((101-299)) N 10th Ave ((3300-6999)) N 10th Dr ((5600-5699)) N 11th Ave ((2900-6999)) N 11th Dr ((5600-6499)) N 12th Ave ((3800-6999)) N 12th Dr ((4500-4599)) N 13th Ave ((3300-6499)) N 13th Dr ((5400-6699)) N 14th Ave ((3800-5899)) N 14th Dr ((5600-6899)) N 15th Ave ((3327-3499)) N 1st Ave ((2851-6899)) N 2nd Ave ((3300-6899)) N 2nd Dr ((4200-5499)) N 3rd Ave ((900-6899)) N 3rd Dr ((6600-6699)) N 4th Ave ((3100-6899)) N 4th Dr ((6200-6399)) N 5th Ave ((2900-6599)) N 5th Dr ((5500-5599)) N 5th Ln ((5500-5599)) N 6th Ave ((2900-6699)) N 6th Dr ((4100-4399)) N 7th Ave ((901-8398)) N 7th Dr ((5600-6699)) N 8th Ave ((2900-29099)) N 8th Dr ((5600-5699)) N 9th Ave ((2900-6299)) N Canterbury Ln ((6300-6499)) N Indian Ln ((4100-4299)) N Maryland Cir ((6500-6599)) N Solano Ln ((5600-5799)) N Valerie Pl ((4500-4599)) NW Monterosa St ((300-499)) W Amelia Ave ((300-1399)) W Avalon Dr ((700-999)) W Berridge Ln ((1-1499)) W Bethany Home Rd ((1-1499)) W Camelback Rd ((1-1499)) W Campbell Ave ((1-1499)) W Campus Dr ((800-999)) W Catalina Dr ((1-7999)) W Cheery Lynn Rd ((400-599)) W Citrus Way ((700-899)) W Claremont St ((300-1099)) W Clarendon Ave ((1-1499)) W Colter St ((1-1499)) W Columbus Ave ((1-99)) W Coolidge St ((1-1399)) W Denton Ln ((200-299)) W de Ville Pl ((1301-1331)) W Ducasse Dr ((1100-1299)) W Earll Dr ((1-899)) W Elm St ((100-1399)) W Fairmount Ave ((800-1199)) W Flower St ((300-1399)) W Flynn Ln ((1-999)) W Georgia Ave ((2-1499)) W Glenrosa Ave ((1-1599)) W Hazelwood St ((300-1399)) W Heatherbrae Dr ((700-1499)) W Highland Ave ((1-1499)) W Indianola Ave ((100-1399)) W Indian School Rd ((1-1499)) W Keim Dr ((1-1499)) W Lamar Rd ((1-699)) W Lawrence Rd ((1-1399)) W Luke Ave ((700-1499)) W Mackenzie Dr ((700-1499)) W Mariposa St ((1-1399)) W Marlette Ave ((1-699)) W Marshall Ave ((1-1499)) W Maryland Ave ((1-1499)) W Mc Lellan Blvd ((1200-1399)) W McLellan Blvd ((1-1499)) W Meadowbrook Ave ((1200-1399)) W Medlock Dr ((1-1499)) W Merrell St ((1-199)) W Minnezona Ave ((1-699)) W Missouri Ave ((1-1799)) W Mitchell Dr ((800-1099)) W Montebello Ave ((1-999)) W Montecito Ave ((200-999)) W Monterosa St ((1-1199)) W Mulberry Dr ((400-1499)) W Ocotillo Rd ((1-1499)) W Orange Dr ((1100-1499)) W Oregon Ave ((1-1399)) W Osborn Rd ((1-1499)) W Palo Verde Dr ((300-1299)) W Pasadena Ave ((1-1499)) W Piccadilly Rd ((800-1099)) W Pierson St ((1-1399)) W Rancho Dr ((300-1499)) W Roma Ave ((100-1399)) W Rose Ln ((1-1899)) W Rovey Ave ((900-1499)) W San Juan Ave ((1-599)) W San Miguel Ave ((700-1499)) W Sells Dr ((1300-1399)) W Sierra Vista Dr ((1-1099)) W Solano Dr ((300-1299)) W Solano Ln ((600-699)) W Solcito Ln ((900-1099)) W Stella Ln ((1-1299)) W Thomas Rd ((1-1499)) W Tuckey Ln ((700-1499)) W Turney Ave ((1-1199)) W United Bank Dr ((1-199)) W Verde Ln ((800-1399)) W Vermont Ave ((300-1399)) W Victoria Sq ((100-299)) W Victoria Sq E ((5300-5399)) W Weldon Ave ((1-1499)) W Whitton Ave ((100-1499))

    85013 Places and Attractions

    All Nations Baptist Church All Saints Episcopal Church All Saints Episcopal Day School Amerischools Academy Camelback Campus Barrow Neurological Institute Muhammed Ali Parkinson's Center Movement Disorders Clinic Bethany Bible Church Bethany Bible School Camelback Village Square Shopping Center Chris-Town Golf Course Church of the Beatitudes Clarendon Elementary School Community Church of Hope Crittenton Youth Academy Encanto Elementary School Faith Assembly of God Church First Christian Church of Phoenix First United Methodist Church of Phoenix First United Methodist Church of Phoenix Weekday School Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Good Shepherd Lutheran School Grand Canal Grandview School Guiding Light School Jesus First Church Kingdom Life Christian Church Madison Meadows Middle School Melrose Shopping Center Montessori Childrens House Mount Calvary Lutheran Church Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church Osborn Middle School Park North Shopping Center Phoenix Calvary Temple Phoenix College Phoenix College Downtown Campus Business and English Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Computer Services Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Dalby Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Dental Programs Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Fannin Library Phoenix College Downtown Campus F Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Fine Arts Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Gymnasium Phoenix College Downtown Campus Hannelly Center Phoenix College Downtown Campus H Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Hogan Field Phoenix College Downtown Campus Hoy Stadium Phoenix College Downtown Campus LC Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Liberal Arts Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Music Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Noble Engineering Sciences Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Public Service Building Phoenix College Downtown Campus Science Building Phoenix Junior College Phoenix Post Office Osborn Station Saint Josephs Hospital and Medical Center Saint Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center - Center for Women's Health Saint Josephs Hospital Heliport Saint Josephs Hospital Helistop Second Church of Christ Scientist Select Specialty Hospital - Phoenix Tawa Park Thomas Jefferson High School Valley Lutheran High School Villa Novena Zuni Park