Wallace, ID 83873 ZIP Code Map


Wallace ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 83873 is located in Shoshone County

83873 Street Addresses

1st St ((2-599)) 2nd St ((1-598)) 3rd St ((101-499)) 4th St ((200-498)) 5th St ((200-599)) 6th St ((200-598)) 7th St ((400-499)) 8th St ((601-699)) Anderson Way ((1-98)) Bank St ((1-999)) Beaver Creek Rd ((2-21198)) Benthams Rd ((1-63099)) Big Creek Rd ((1001-1031)) Blackcloud Rd ((1-199)) Blackcloud St ((1-2399)) Burke-Canyon Creek Rd ((6301-6599)) Burke Rd ((1-7399)) Canyon Ave ((1100-1298)) Caron Ct ((1-199)) Cedar St ((100-799)) Coeur Dalene River Rd ((1482-29299)) Crescent Dr ((1-799)) Crescent Way ((201-203)) Cypress Ave ((100-299)) Dairy Rd ((1-1098)) E 5th St ((500-598)) Eagle Creek Rd ((2-1398)) E Circle Dr ((1-99)) E Eagle Rd ((1300-1398)) Elm St ((100-598)) E St ((1-99)) E Yellowstone Ave ((101-300)) Front St ((200-298)) Garden Ave ((1-99)) Gem Hill Rd ((2-199)) Gorge Gulch Rd ((1-99)) Granite ((1-199)) Grays Bridge Rd ((101-199)) Gruber Ln ((1-199)) High Bank St ((200-499)) High St ((1-599)) Hotel St ((600-899)) I- 90 Bus ((500-599)) Kellway St ((1-99)) King St ((1-298)) Kottkey Way ((2-98)) Main Ave ((1-299)) Maple St ((500-998)) Markwell Ave ((601-898)) Meadow St ((1-99)) Miller Ln ((2-99)) Mine St ((100-298)) Montana Dr ((19-99)) Montgomery Gulch Rd ((2943-2999)) Mullan Ave ((1-62711)) Nat For Dev Rd 152 ((501-1398)) Nat For Dev Rd 208 ((23801-26999)) Nat For Dev Rd 456 ((1-3499)) Nat For Dev Rd 9 ((1482-22498)) N F Eagle Creek Rd ((300-898)) Nine Mile Creek Rd ((326-2698)) N Riverside Homes Rd ((2-299)) Old Hwy 10 ((1-63099)) Old Rd ((1-1098)) Old US Hwy 10 ((200-298)) Olive St ((600-798)) Orchard Ave ((2-98)) Park Ave ((410-700)) Pearl St ((500-1099)) Pine St ((100-599)) Placer Creek Rd ((1-798)) Pole Line Ave ((100-399)) Prichard Creek Rd ((2801-4099)) Prichard St ((100-299)) Queen St ((1-198)) Railroad Ave ((1-299)) Residence St ((600-999)) Revenue Gulch Rd ((200-599)) River St ((1-599)) Shady Ln ((1-499)) Shifters Hill ((2-98)) Silver St ((800-898)) Silver Valley Rd ((59900-60698)) S Riverside Homes Rd ((1-199)) Tomsche Ave ((1-199)) Union ((2-298)) Wehr Gulch Rd ((1101-1199)) Westside Ave ((1-99)) W Fork Eagle Creek ((300-898)) W Fork of Nine Mile Rd ((100-399)) Whitetail Loop ((277-299)) Willow Acres ((1-99)) Woodland Dr ((100-499)) W Pearl St ((200-498)) Yellow Dog Rd ((101-598)) Zanettiville ((2-198))

83873 Places and Attractions

34 Creek Alder Creek Argentine Creek Argentine Mine (historical) Avery Creek Nocelly Gulch Saddle Avery Creek Picnic Area Avery Saddle Barton Gulch Beaver Creek Beaver Station Bell Gulch Black Bear Blackcloud Blackcloud Creek Bloom Peak Bloom Spring Bobtail Creek Bobtail Peak Bobtail Ridge Bridge Creek Bunn Burke California Gulch California Mine Canyon Creek Carbon Center Carbon Creek Carpenter Gulch Cascade Gulch Cedar Creek Cement Gulch City of Wallace Clee Creek Cleveland Gulch Coeur d'Alene Saint Joe Divide Cornwall Cottonwood Creek Cranky Gulch Custer Mine Custer Peak Daly Gulch Dam Creek Day Mine Tailings Dam Deer Creek Delta Dexter Gulch Dobson Gulch Dobson Pass Dry Gulch Dry Gulch Dudley Creek Duncan Gulch Eagle Eagle Creek East Fork Eagle Creek East Fork Lost Creek East Fork Ninemile Creek Experimental Draw Ferguson Ferguson Creek Flora Gulch French Gulch Frisco Frisco Mine Fulkerson Peak Galena Mill Number One-Upper Dam Galena Mill Number Three-Lower Dam Galena Mill Number Two-Middle Dam Galena Mine Gem Gentry George Gulch Glidden Pass Goat Gulch Golconda Gold Run Goose Peak Gorge Gulch Granite Gulch Granite Mine Granite Peak Hat Creek Hawkseye Camp Haystack Creek Haystack Mountain Haystack Saddle Hecla Mine Hercules Mine Hopkins Creek Hord Gulch Humboldt Gulch Hurricane Gulch Hutchins Gulch Idaho Gulch Interstate Mine Jackass Trail Jack Waite Forks Jupiter Creek Keystone Gulch Kid Gulch Kings Pass Kings Point Lake Creek Lake Gulch Last Creek Line Gulch Little Baldy Littlefield Little Haystack Little Haystack Creek Loading Creek Lost Creek Ridge Lost Lake Lost Peak Lower Glidden Lake Mace McCarthy McComber Gulch Military Gulch Miners Union Cemetery Missoula Gulch Missouri Gulch Monarch Gulch Monarch Mine Moonshine Gulch Moore Gulch Mount Pulaski Murray Cemetery Ninemile Creek Nocelly Gulch No Name Gulch North Fork Avery Creek North Fork Haystack Creek O'Neill Gulch Ophir Gulch Osburn-Wallace Division Pennsylvania Gulch Perry Gulch Pioneer Gulch Placer Creek Placer Gulch Plover Creek Pony Gulch Pony Peak Poorman Gulch Potosi Gulch Prichard Prichard Creek Prichard Peak Prospect Gulch Rabbit Gulch Raven Raven Gulch Red Oak Gulch Revett Lake Ridge Trail Rock Gulch Sawmill Gulch Scott Gulch Shehee Gulch Short Creek Shoshone Camp Work Center Shoshone County Fire District 1 Shoshone Creek Guard Station Shoshone Forest Camp Shoshone Opportunity School Silver Creek Silvertip Mine Silver Valley High School Sixteen-to-One Mine Sonora Gulch South Fork Falls Creek Stack Creek Standard Mammoth Mine Star Tailings Number Five Dam Star Tailings Number Four Dam Star Tailings Number One Dam Star Tailings Number Six Dam Star Tailings Number Three Dam Star Tailings Number Two Dam Stull Sunset (historical) Sunset Mine Sunset Peak Tamarack Saddle Taylor Peak Taylor Saddle Thiard Thompson Pass Thompson Pass Tiger Gulch Tiger Peak Tiger-Poorman Mine Trail Creek Tributary Creek Trouble Creek Trowbridge Gulch Trowel Gulch Ucelly Gulch United Cemetery Unknown Gulch Upper Glidden Lake Vendetta Gulch Wallace Wallace Intermediate School Wallace Senior High School Watson Gulch Webb West Fork Eagle Creek West Fork Placer Creek West Fork Prichard Creek Weyer Gulch White Creek White Creek Saddle White Peak White Rock Gulch Wilson Creek Woodland Park