Bayview, ID 83803 ZIP Code Map


Bayview ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 83803 is located in Bonner County (82.80%) Kootenai County (17.20%)

83803 Street Addresses

3rd St ((30400-30400)) Almas Ct ((16701-16898)) Bayview Rd ((1837-1999)) Bishop Ln ((34801-35299)) Bluebird Ln ((34300-34499)) Cape Horn Dr ((1-499)) Cedar Creek Farms Ln ((1-299)) Cedar Dr ((1-298)) Collins Rd ((300-35598)) Co Rd 20 ((1501-2099)) Co Rd 22 ((29-132)) E 1st St ((16000-16399)) E 3rd St ((201-18099)) E 4th St ((16000-34098)) E 5th St ((16000-16699)) E 6th St ((16400-34299)) E Arapaho Rd ((17400-17598)) E Bannock Dr ((17500-17699)) E Boileaus G Dock ((16864-16999)) E Cape Horn Cir ((34100-34399)) E Cape Horn Peak Rd ((1-499)) E Cape Horn Rd ((16600-34398)) E Chopunnish Dr ((17700-17999)) E Clipper Ln ((19800-19999)) E Duwamish Dr ((17800-18398)) E Emerson Dr ((16300-16499)) E Hudson Bay Rd ((16601-18699)) E Humboldt Ave ((16901-17299)) E Humbolt Ave ((16901-17299)) E Hwy 54 ((17001-17798)) E Jds E Dock ((16800-17099)) E Jds F Dock ((16700-16999)) E London Ct ((20500-20599)) E Lower Cape Horn Rd ((20400-20699)) E Mt Eager Lp ((16100-18699)) E Navigator Ct ((17400-17499)) E North Shore Ln ((17300-17899)) E Perimerter Rd ((16000-20149)) E Perimeter Rd ((1400-20545)) E Pier Rd ((16701-16998)) E Scenic Bay Dr ((18900-19298)) E Slide Bay Rd ((17200-20599)) E Waller Rd ((16400-16899)) Fir Rd ((33600-34199)) Fort George Rd ((2-198)) Glacier Loop Rd ((101-898)) Grandview Ln ((1-199)) Kilroy Bay ((1-4699)) Kilroy Beach ((1-4699)) Lakeview Rd ((0-599)) Lonesome Pine Ln ((1-499)) Lonsesome Pine Ln ((1-499)) Main St ((0-598)) Meriweather Ridge ((701-998)) Merriweather Ridge ((701-998)) Moonbeam Ct ((33901-33999)) N Bardill St ((34100-34399)) N Bayview Marina ((33900-34399)) N Bishop Ln ((401-499)) N Bluebird Ln ((34300-34499)) N Cherokee Rd ((34400-41398)) N Cool Winds Ct ((34300-34399)) N Corbin St ((101-34278)) N Fir Ave ((33600-34199)) N Flattery Rd ((34230-34398)) N Good Hope Rd ((30135-30199)) N Horseshoe Ln ((34300-34399)) N Jeepster Rd ((34200-34299)) N Kilroy Bay ((1-199)) N Lakeside Ave ((34101-34299)) N Limekiln Rd ((17101-34799)) N Lyvel Ave ((16400-34598)) N Macdonalds 1st Dock ((33500-33699)) N Macdonalds 2nd Dock ((33500-33699)) N Macdonalds 3rd Dock ((33500-33699)) N Macdonalds Dr ((33400-33596)) N Macdonalds K Dock ((33400-33599)) N Main Ave ((33900-34299)) N Marietta Rd ((34100-34199)) N Merriweather Rd ((3401-34798)) N Moonbeam Ct ((33800-33899)) N North Star Ln ((34400-35398)) N Pend Oreille Dr ((33901-34099)) N Pend Oreille Pines Dr ((34000-34399)) N Pine Ave ((33200-34098)) N Raven Pl ((34200-34499)) N Redspire Rd ((33600-33898)) N Robin Ln ((34400-34599)) N Salee Creek Rd ((1-1199)) N Scenic Bay A Dock ((34100-34299)) N Scenic Bay C Dock ((34000-34299)) N Scenic Bay D Dock ((34000-34299)) N Spruce Ave ((33600-34199)) N Stubs St ((33701-33799)) N Terrace Dr ((34400-35798)) Old Maids Creek ((1-399)) Old Maids Rd ((1-399)) Osprey View Ln ((1-199)) Pend Oreille Ave ((33901-34160)) Pine Cove Rd ((600-898)) Pine St ((33200-34098)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((1501-2099)) Rus Rd ((2-98)) Salee Creek Rd ((1-1299)) Salee Cr Rd ((1-1198)) Scenic Bay Rd ((16701-16998)) Schaeffer St ((16000-16299)) S Kilroy Bay ((1-4699)) Smylie Blvd ((13250-18099)) South St ((1-199)) Spruce St ((33600-34199)) Spyglass Hill Rd ((301-560)) State Hwy 54 ((13250-34299)) Stubs St ((33701-33799)) V-77 Rd ((1501-2099)) Vis Bay ((18000-18098)) Whiskey Rock Rd ((301-499)) W Main Ave ((34001-34299))

83803 Places and Attractions

Bayview Bayview Creek Beaver Bay Swim Area Bellville Mine Bennion Gampground Bernard Overlook Bernard Peak Bernard Point Blackwell Point Brig Campground Brush Creek Button Hook Group Camp Canyon Creek Cape Horn Cape Horn Creek Cape Horn Peak Cat Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cheer Creek Chloride Gulch Clara Cemetery Deadman Point Deer Gulch Derr Creek Dry Gulch Cabin (historical) Eagle Boat Launch Echo Bay Echo Rock Falls Creek Farragut State Park Farragut Wildlife Management Area Gilmore Camp Gold Creek Graham Point Granite Granite Creek Granite Point Gray Creek Green Monarch Mine Green Monarch Mountain Green Monarch Ridge Grey Brothers Lime Quarry Halfway Creek Hill Campground Honey Creek Honey Mountain Idaho Lakeview Mine Idlewilde Bay Indian Point Jakes Mountain Jinks Gulch Johnson Creek Johnson Point Vista Keep Cool Mine Kestrel Campground Kilroy Bay Kilroy Creek Kilroy Lakes Lakeview Lakeview Mines Lakeview Sanitary Landfill Locust Grove Picnic Area Naval Training Station Farragut (historical) Nighthawk Campground North Gold Creek North Twin Creek Old Doe Draw Old Maid Creek Peterson Campground Pine Cove Prospect Creek Prospect Peak Sawpit Creek Scenic Bay Schafer Gulch Schafer Mine Schafer Peak Scott Campground Sherman Ridge Snowberry Campground South Twin Creek Steamboat Rock Sullivan Spring Sunrise Day Use Area Tepee Gulch The Old Maids Clearing Thimbleberry Group Area Timberlake Fire Protection District Station 5 Toms Gulch Tumbledown Creek Tumbledown Guard Station Vulcan Mine Waldron Campground Ward Campground West Gold Creek Whiskey Rock Whiskey Rock Bay Whiskey Rock Recreation Site White Quartz Ridge Whitetail Campground Willow Day Use Area Windy Point