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  • Council Jr-Sr High School
  • Council Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 83612 is located in Adams County

    83612 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((100-413)) 2nd Ave ((201-207)) 2nd St ((200-298)) 3rd Ave ((100-305)) 4th Ave ((100-521)) 4th St ((101-124)) Airport Rd ((2000-2199)) Alta St ((100-199)) Berkley St ((201-598)) Bleeker Ave ((101-399)) Brady St ((100-399)) Calf Pen Rd ((1000-1099)) California Ave ((200-799)) Cemetery Ln ((2400-2599)) Central Ave ((200-299)) Chisum Dr ((100-198)) Circle Dr ((100-199)) Cool Creek Loop ((101-199)) Cottonwood Rd ((2200-2398)) Council Cuprum Rd ((2000-4499)) Country Club Dr ((1901-1999)) Cow Creek Rd ((1300-1399)) Dartmouth St ((100-198)) Deer Loop ((2100-2199)) Ditch Creek Rd ((3400-3499)) E Bleeker Ave ((100-199)) E Illinois Ave ((725-899)) E Whiteley Ave ((100-1199)) Fairway ((2201-2299)) Fairway Dr ((2200-2298)) Friendship Ln ((100-199)) Fruitvale Glendale Rd ((2400-3131)) Galena St ((2-499)) Goodrich Creek Rd ((1401-1699)) Goodrich Rd ((1593-2199)) Hells Canyon Rd ((3900-4298)) Hidden Canyon Rd ((1800-1899)) Hoover Ln ((2300-2399)) Hornet Creek Rd ((200-2757)) Illinois Ave ((100-899)) Industrial Ave ((201-299)) Jackson Creek Rd ((2100-2299)) Johnson Creek Rd ((1601-1899)) Kidwell Ln ((1901-1999)) Landore Rd ((4000-4399)) Lappin Ln ((2201-2499)) Lawrence Ave ((200-298)) Lick Creek Rd ((3800-3899)) Little Weiser Rd ((900-1725)) Lost Valley Reservoir Rd ((3400-3498)) Lucille Ave ((100-898)) Main St ((100-298)) Mesa Rd ((1254-2199)) Mesa Spring Rd ((2201-2299)) Michigan St ((101-298)) Middle Fork Rd ((2000-2299)) Mill Creek Rd ((2300-2499)) Missman Rd ((1000-2299)) Monroe St ((2501-2599)) Moser Ave ((200-299)) Mountain View Ln ((200-1998)) Nat For Dev Rd 002 ((2000-4494)) Nat For Dev Rd 038 ((1800-2398)) Nat For Dev Rd 060 ((3400-3499)) Nat For Dev Rd 073 ((1000-1099)) Nat For Dev Rd 105 ((4000-4499)) Nat For Dev Rd 125 ((2501-2599)) Nat For Dev Rd 143 ((3800-3899)) Nat For Dev Rd 165 ((2300-2499)) Nat For Dev Rd 186 ((2200-2299)) Nat For Dev Rd 199 ((2200-2398)) Nat For Dev Rd 454 ((3900-4298)) N Berkley St ((200-299)) N Clarendon St ((200-599)) N Dartmouth St ((201-699)) N Exeter St ((401-598)) N Fairfield St ((100-599)) NFD 618 Rd ((33401-33499)) N Fork Hornet Creek Rd ((2501-2599)) N Fork Ridge Rd ((2601-2699)) N Galena Rd ((2000-2199)) N Grays Creek Rd ((2226-2286)) N Hornet Creek St ((100-399)) N Kuhl St ((100-299)) N Main St ((100-298)) N Railroad St ((103-299)) Old Hornet Rd ((2100-2398)) Old US Hwy 95 ((2400-3073)) Orchard Rd ((2200-2499)) Peaceful Pines Rd ((2600-2698)) Pine Ridge ((3400-3498)) Pineridge Ave ((3400-3499)) Pole Creek Rd ((1800-1999)) Poverty Flats Rd ((2300-2399)) Ridge Rd ((2600-2698)) Russell Rd ((1801-1899)) S Arlington St ((802-898)) Sawmill Rd ((2200-2299)) S Berkley St ((100-198)) School Ave ((100-2398)) S Clarendon St ((101-199)) S Exeter Ln ((101-1999)) S Exeter St ((200-1899)) S Fairfield St ((100-399)) Shaw Ln ((1400-1499)) S Hornet Creek St ((100-499)) S Hornet St ((100-499)) Steves Creek Rd ((3900-3999)) Strawberry Rd ((3200-3299)) Third Fork Rd ((33401-33499)) Upper Dale Rd ((2501-2799)) US Hwy 95 ((100-3599)) Valley View Dr ((1801-1899)) Valley Vw ((1801-1899)) W Bleeker Ave ((101-303)) W Fork Rd ((2600-2799)) Winters Ave ((101-299))

    83612 Places and Attractions

    Adams County Alaska Mine Alder Creek Alder Gulch Allison Creek Anchor Creek Anderson Gulch Arbuckle Basin Bacon Creek Badger Gulch Barber Flat Bar Creek Bear Bear Campground Bear Creek Bear Creek Falls Bear Guard Station Bear Gulch Beaver Creek Big Bar Big Creek Big Tamarack Spring Bisbee Creek Black Imp Black Lake Black Lake Campground Black Point Blue Creek Bluejacket Mine Blue Jay Gulch Bob Creek Boulder Creek Bryan Mountain Bucks Basin Bull Gulch Bull Gulch Butte Creek Butterfield Gulch Cabin Creek Cabin Creek Cabin Creek Campground Cabin Creek Trail Calf Pen Gulch Camp Creek Camp Creek Carbonate Hill Casey Mountain Casey Spring Chipmunk Spring City of Council Cliff Mountain Cliff Mountain Rapids Clifton Spring Cold Spring Cold Spring Gulch Cold Springs Campground Cold Spring Summit Cookhouse Gulch Cool Creek Copper Cliff Mine Copper Cliffs Tailings Dam Copper Creek Copper Creek Corral Creek Cottonwood Basin Cottonwood Basin Trail Cottonwood Cemetery Cottonwood Cemetery Cottonwood Corrals Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood School Council Council Division Council Elementary School Council Junior - Senior High School Council Lookout Council Mountain Council Municipal Airport Council Ranger Station Council Volunteer Fire District Cow Creek Cow Creek Cows Horn Gulch Coyote Gulch Crooked River Crooked River Point Crystal Lake Cuprum Curren Mountain Dale (historical) Dean Spring Decorah (historical) Deep Creek Deep Creek Trail Deer Creek Degits Creek Dentene Creek Derrick Creek Deseret Cabin Devils Hollow Dick Ross Creek Ditch Creek Doe Creek Dry Creek Dry Gulch Dutch Oven Gulch Dutch Oven Spring Eagle Bar Eagle Island Eagle Island Eagle Island Creek East Fork Weiser River Eckels Creek Elk Creek Ellsworth-Middle Dam Emerald Lake Emery Creek Emmett Mountain Evergreen Evergreen Campground Fall Creek Fawn Creek Ferguson Basin Filly Creek Finn Creek Fir Creek Fire Gulch Fir Point Spring First Gulch Flat Creek Flying Y Ranch Airport Fort Hall Hill Fort Hall Ridge Fourth Gulch Fourth of July Creek Fruitvale Fry Pan Creek Garnet Creek Gaylord Creek Gladheart Gulch Glendale Goodrich Goodrich Creek Gore Gulch Granite Basin Granite Creek Trail Grassy Ridge Grizzly Creek Grossen Canyon Grouse Creek Grouse Creek Grouse Spring Haley Ridge Hanson Creek Happy Hollow Ranch Airport Hardrock Gulch Harrington Spring Hathaway Gulch Heady Creek Helena Helena Post Office (historical) Hells Canyon Dam Hells Canyon Dam Hells Canyon Park Hells Canyon Reservoir Hibble Gulch Hitchcock Gulch Holbrook Saddle Homestead Spring Hoover Hoover Station Hornet Creek Hornet Ranger Station Hornet Ridge Horse Flat Horse Mountain Horse Pasture Basin Horse Spring Hot Springs Huntley Gulch Independent Order of Oddfellows Cemetery Indian Creek Indian Valley Rural Fire Department Station 3 Iron Springs Jackley Mountain Jackley Mountain Lookout Jackson Creek Jacobs Ladder Creek Joes Gap Johnson Creek June Creek Kerrs Rapids Kerrs Rapids Kessler Cemetery Kinney Creek Kinney Point Kirby Creek Ladder Creek Lafferty Campground Lake Basin Lake Creek Lake Fork Lake Winifred Lakey Creek Lamont Spring Landore Landore Post Office (historical) Larkspur Gulch Leeks Pond Left Fork North Hornet Creek Lester Creek Lick Creek Limepoint Creek Limestone Gulch Little Creek Little Dry Gulch Little Johnson Creek Little Sheep Peak Lockwood Saddle Log Cabin Gulch Lonesome Creek Long Gulch Long Gulch Long Gulch Long Gulch Ridge Lost Basin Lost Creek Lost Creek Falls Louise Creek Louse Creek Lynes Ranch Lynes Saddle Mann Creek Meridian Gulch Mesa Siding Middle Fork School Middle Fork Weiser River Middle Mountain Mill Creek Mill Creek Mill Creek Mill Creek Trail Monument Peak Moonshine Creek Myra Tree Creek Negro Bill Gulch Negro Jim Gulch No Business Canyon No Business Creek North Fork Cottonwood Creek North Fork Fourth Gulch North Fork Mill Creek North Hornet Creek North Hornet Mine Orchid Canyon Oxbow Creek Oxbow Dam Oxbow Saddle Oxbow Spring Pactolian Gulch Paradise Cabin Paradise Creek Paradise Flat Paradise Flat Pearl Creek Peck Mountain Peck Mountain Spring Pepperbox Hill Pin Creek Pine Ridge Placer Basin Placer Creek Pleasant Ridge Pole Creek Purgatory Saddle Pyramid Peak Railroad Creek Rankin Mill Rapid National Wild River Red Gulch Red Ledge Red Ledge Mine Red Ledge Trail Ridge School (historical) Ritchie Gulch Road Creek Robison Gulch Rock Creek Rock Creek Rocky Comfort Flat Rocky Gulch Rough Creek Ruth Lake Salt Creek Satan Lake Sawpit Creek School Creek Schoolmam Gulch Second Gulch Seven Devils Airport Seven Devils Ranch Landing Strip Sheep Creek Sheep Creek Sheep Peak Sheep Rock Sheep Rock National Recreation Trail Sheep Rock Overlook Shingle Creek Shingle Flat Silver King Mines Number One Dam Six Lake Basin Skunk Cabbage Flat Slim Creek Smoky Spring Sonner Creek South Fork Mill Creek South Peacock Mine Spring Creek Spring Creek Squaw Flat Starkey Starkey Hot Springs Starkey Post Office (historical) Starveout Creek Steen Creek Stevens Stevens Saddle Steves Creek Stockade Spring Stony Point Strawberry Spring Sucker Gulch Summit Creek Summit Gulch Surprise Creek Tamarack Gulch Tarantula Creek The Flatiron The Oxbow Third Gulch Thorn Creek Timber Gulch Towsley Spring Traction Gulch Trail Creek Trail Creek Trail Creek Trail Hill Trestle Creek Tussel Ridge Upper Dale School Warm Spring Creek Warm Spring Gulch Warm Springs Weasel Gulch Weasel Spring West Fork Weiser River West Mill Creek White Licks White Monument White Mountain White School Wickiup Creek Wildhorse Wildhorse Falls Wildhorse Rapids Wildhorse River Williams Creek Willow Spring Windy Ridge Winkler Cemetery Wood Gulch Woodland Woodland Creek