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  • Cambridge Jr-Sr High School
  • Cambridge Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 83610 is located in Washington County

    83610 Street Addresses

    3rd St ((133-171)) 4th St ((1-69)) 5th St ((13-99)) Advent Gulch Rd ((2200-3698)) Bain Rd ((2800-2999)) Bedrock Flat Rd ((3500-3598)) Burton Ln ((2700-2799)) Cemetery Rd ((300-3099)) Central Blvd ((2-698)) Cove Rd ((2900-3099)) Cow Creek Rd ((3300-3698)) Cutler Ln ((2900-2999)) Cutler Rd ((2900-2999)) Dixie Creek Rd ((2100-2698)) Dixie Rd ((2100-2199)) E Central Blvd ((2-98)) E Haller Ave ((2-98)) E Washington Ave ((1-99)) Ford Ranch Rd ((3401-3499)) Fort Rd ((2800-2899)) Gladhart Lane Rd ((2700-2898)) Gladhart Ln ((2700-2898)) Gladhart Rd ((3201-3287)) Goodrich Rd ((2900-3299)) Gravelle Ln ((2600-2798)) Haller Ave ((2-98)) Hall Rd ((2901-3299)) Hansen Ln ((2900-3098)) Hanthorne Rd ((3600-3899)) Hells Canyon Rd ((4200-4298)) Hog Creek Rd ((2012-2498)) Hopper Ave ((2-98)) Hopper Rd ((2200-2319)) Horse Flat Rd ((2501-2599)) Horse Flats Rd ((2501-2599)) Legg Ln ((2900-3099)) Mc Kinley Ave ((2-84)) Mill Creek Rd ((3600-3699)) Mill Rd ((2800-3099)) N 1st St ((21-198)) N 2nd St ((1-199)) N 3rd St ((2-98)) N 4th St ((113-198)) Nat For Dev Rd 071 ((2774-2784)) Nat For Dev Rd 454 ((4200-4298)) Natl Forest Develop Road 008 Rd ((3600-3699)) Natl Forest Develop Road 031 Rd ((1900-2498)) Natl Forest Develop Road 046 Rd ((2001-2199)) N Commercial St ((100-298)) N Railroad St ((100-298)) N Superior St ((101-399)) Painted Ridge Ln ((2601-2699)) Rexroat Ln ((3800-3898)) Rock Creek Rd ((2801-2899)) Rush Creek Rd ((2800-3599)) S 1st St ((1-274)) S 2nd St ((14-74)) S 3rd St ((24-99)) Salubria Rd ((1-2999)) Schlehuber Rd ((2800-2999)) Schwenkfelder Rd ((3201-3499)) S Commercial St ((2-399)) Seid Creek Rd ((2001-2199)) S Superior St ((101-398)) State Hwy 71 ((74-5099)) Superior St ((1-99)) Thomason Lane Rd ((3390-3398)) Thomason Ln ((3300-3398)) Toney Ln ((2700-2799)) Turnbull Rd ((3275-3299)) US Hwy 95 ((1-3505)) Vickers Ave ((1-99)) Vollie Rd ((3200-3498)) Ward Rd ((3400-3599)) Warfield Rd ((2800-2999)) W Central Blvd ((1-698)) W Hopper Ave ((1-299)) W Indian Valley Rd ((901-1199)) W Pine Cr Rd ((1900-1998)) W Pine Rd ((2400-2498)) W Washington Ave ((1-299))

    83610 Places and Attractions

    Advent Gulch Arrowhead Spring Beaver Creek Benton Creek Benton Saddle Big Flat Blue Spring Creek Board Gulch Box Gulch Box Spring Brownlee Creek Brownlee Ranger Station Brownlee Reservoir Buck Park Buck park Guard Station Calamity Creek Calamity Meadows Cambridge Cambridge Division Cambridge Elementary School Cambridge Fire Protection District Cambridge Junior-Senior High School Camp Creek Camp Creek Cave Creek City of Cambridge Coffee Flat Coffee Spring Conner Gulch Corral Gulch Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Courtright Dam Cove School Cow Creek Cuddy Mine Cuddy Mountain Cuddy Mountains Deer Creek Deer Gulch Devils Slide Dukes Creek East Brownlee Creek East Pine Creek Edna May Creek Flat Creek Galena Creek Garden Gulch Grade Creek Greasewood Flat Grizzly Basin Grizzly Creek Grouse Creek Haystack Gulch Heath Heath (historical) Hit Mountain Ski Area Hitt Mountains Hitt Mountain Ski Area Hornet Creek-Lower Dam Hornet Creek-Upper Dam Hornet Reservoir Jackson Gulch Johnson Creek Park Lime Spring Limestone Gulch Little Weiser River Lone Pine Gulch Lower Hornet Reservoir Middle Brownlee Creek Middle Fork Sturgill Creek Mill Creek Neil Valley Gulch North Creek North Fork Grade Creek Olive Creek Olive Meadows Pine Creek Pine Grass Flat Placer Creek Pyramid Point Rattlesnake Gulch Repeater Station Reservoir Gulch Rock Creek Rush Creek Rush Falls Rush Lake Rush Peak Salubria Salubria Valley Seep Spring Sheep Camp Glacier Sheep Gulch Skookum Chuck Creek South Pine Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Stickney Glacier Sturgil Peak Lookout Summers Point Surdam Gulch Tamarack Creek Telephone Saddle Tool Cache Tribe Gulch Tribe Spring Washington County Wash Pan Creek West Brownlee Creek West Cherry Creek West Pine Creek Willy May Creek