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83604 Schools


  • Rimrock Jr-Sr High School
  • Bruneau Elementary School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 83604 is located in Owyhee County

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    Alder Creek Alder Dam Al Sadie Ranch Antelope Basin Arendt Homestead Austin Butte Badger Reservoir Barinaga Lake Bat Hot Spring (historical) Beeroth Canal Bengoechea Place Benham Canal Bieroth Canal Big Bend of Sheep Creek Big Draw Big Hill Big Holes Bighorn Country Big Jacks Creek Big Lake Big Lake Big Lake Draw Billings Dam Billings Reservoir Bitterbrush Reservoir Black Leg Box Canyon Black Leg Creek Black Leg Reservoir Black Rocks Blackstone Desert Blackstone Ranch Blackstone Reservoir Broken Wagon Draw Broken Wagon Flat Broken Wagon Flat Reservoir Browns Basin Browns Basin Bruneau Bruneau Arm Bruneau Canyon Bruneau Division Bruneau Duck Ponds Bruneau Dunes State Park Bruneau Elementary School Bruneau Fire Department Bruneau Guard Station Bruneau River Bruneau Valley Brush Corral Reservoir Number Two Brush Creek Buckaroo Dam Buckaroo Ditch Buck Camp Buck Flat Draw Buckhorn Buckhorn Corrals Buckhorn Reservoir Buck Pasture Bull Creek Bull Creek Crossing Bull Creek Point Bull Creek Reservoir Burnt Lake Buster Butte Cat Creek Cat Creek Crossing Catholic Butte Catholic Lake Cat Spring Cavannah Spring Cave Draw Chalk Hills China Hat Cinnabar Reservoir City of Rocks C J Strike Reservoir C J Strike Wildlife Management Area Clover Creek Clover Flat Clover Flat Ranch Correction Reservoir Cottonwood Campground Cottonwood Creek Cove Arm Lake Cove Recreation Site Coyote Pup Spring Crabb Butte Crane Falls Lake Crater Lake Crowbar Gulch Dans Place Deadman Gulch Deer Water Dew Drop Place Dickens Place Dry Hole Spring Dunes Lake Eagle Cove East Fork Bruneau Canyon East Fork Bull Creek Edgington Island (historical) Eds Spring Emigrant Crossing (historical) Falls Hot Springs Fivemile Lake Flying H Ranch Fork Meadow Frost Place Goat Pens Grasmere Grasmere Airport Halfway Gulch Happy Home Place Harris Creek Harris Dam Harris Lake Hart Ranch Heifer Spring Heifer Springs Heifer Springs Creek Hodge Station (historical) Horse Hill Horse Trap Hot Creek Hot Spring Canal Hot Springs Hot Springs Cemetery Indian Bathtub Indian Cove Wildlife Habitat Area Indian Creek Indian Creek Reservoir Indian Hot Springs Jacks Creek James Lake James Place Johnstons Camp J-P Desert J-P Point Juniper Draw Juniper Tree Draw Katies Desert Place Krutschmer Field Little Jacks Creek Little Valley Little Valley Compressor Station Little Valley School Long Butte Lookout Butte Louse Creek Loveridge Gulch Lower Swale Martin Spring Marys Creek Miller Water Miller Water Table Monument Butte Monument Lake Moorcastle Creek Moorcastle Springs Narrows Ninefoot Rapids (historical) Nit Creek Old Man Canyon Otter Reservoir Owen Ranches Inc Airport O X Cemetery Parker Place Parker Ranch Parker Spring Pence Hot Spring Pole Creek Portlock Ranch Ratliff Place Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake Draw Riddle Riddle Airport Rizzi Spring Roberson Trail Rock Lake Rough Mountain Roy Johnson Ranch (historical) Sage Hen Springs Salvador Lake Scarborough Waterhole Seventy One Gulch Sheep Creek Sheepshead Draw Sheep Trail Canyon Shoofly Creek Slate Reservoir Snow Creek Snow Creek Dam South Side Canal Squaw Creek Squaw Creek Dam Squaw Creek Reservoir Squaw Flat SS Field Stiff Tree Draw Stone Cemetery Strickland Dam Sugar Creek Sugarloaf Sugar Valley Sugar Valley Wash Tate Place Teds Spring Three Forks Timber Draw Timber Draw Reservoir Tindall Dam Tindall (historical) Tindall Ranch Tindall Ranch Tindall Reservoir Tindall Trail Tindall Water Hole Two Tokembamy Ranch Trout Creek Turk Meadow Twenty-Two Bar Desert Place Twin Butte Twin Buttes Twin Lakes Twin Springs Two Mile Limit Reservoir Tyrrel Island (historical) Upper Swale Upper Twin Lakes Wagner Field Waterhouse Gulch Waterspout Draw West Fork Bull Creek Whiskey Draw White Homestead White Lake Wids Meadow Wilkins Gulch Windy Point Winter Camp Young Landing Area